Chapter 4: Move Out

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Zhou Ran could not tell what ran through Duan Chen’s mind as he stared at Yan Rui. His heart tightened, afraid that he will be captivated by that fool.

Zhou Ran met Duan Chen when he was just twelve years old, because of an incident, Duan Chen took great care of him in every way. He thought Duan Chen would eventually marry him. In the end, Yan Rui appeared and took his place. Looking at Yan Rui’s charming face, Zhou Ran’s heart couldn’t help but feel jealous.

What is the use of having a beautiful appearance when one is dumb. With this thought, Zhou Ran felt better but kept his eyelids low to hide his emotions. In a sickly voice, he asked: “Ah Chen, can I stay at your place for a short while?”

Worried that Duan Chen would disapprove, Zhou Ran continued: “My assistant is on leave. I’m unwell but no one is around. I wanted to stay at your place so that you can take care of me.”

Duan Chen looked back at Zhou Ran and saw that his face was still so pale and ached for him. Zhou Ran’s illness would recur from time to time and was fatal if he wasn’t careful. He was able to discover the recurrence in time. Otherwise, Zhou Ran would have been in danger.

“Of course, when you are discharged from the hospital, move into my place.”

Zhou Ran looked at him with disbelief: “Really? But you and Yan Rui just got engaged. Will I be imposing?” As he spoke, he looked over at Yan Rui.

“Not at all.” Duan Chen dotingly stroked his head and when he mentioned Yan Rui, his lips curled up into a smirk. “He is still schooling, I will let him move into the dormitory.”

“But your place is also his home, it’s not nice to let Yan Rui move out right?”

Duan Chen replied in a cold tone: “That’s my home and not his. If you move in with me, it’ll be both our home.”

Zhou Ran listened with a gleeful heart. He continued to hug the man’s arm: “Ah Chen, you’re so good to me. I’ll go home with you when I get out of the hospital.”

He was fearful that Yan Rui would be an obstacle but good thing, Duan Chen did not let him down. Although he was engaged to Yan Rui, he paid no attention to him. Zhou Ran believed that as long as he continued to stay close to Duan Chen, he would firmly grasp his heart.

As for Yan Rui …… He was no competition. There were many ways to deal with a fool like him.

Yan Rui who was grinding the medicine overheard their conversation and his movement stiffened. Despite telling himself to ignore it, he still felt so terrible.

Ah Chen’s words caused him even more pain than draining his blood and removing his scales. His nose turned a little sore and his eyes welled up. Afraid that Duan Chen would notice, he didn’t dare to sniffle and could only hold his breath until his nose was not as sore before he took a shallow breath.

After grinding the snake scale into powder, Yan Rui poured the powder onto a clean paper towel and handed it over.

“Ah Chen, I’m done grinding.”

Duan Chen took it without even looking at him: “Bring a cup of warm water over.”

“…… Okay.” Yan Rui obediently went to pour the water but due to the wound on his leg, he walked with a limp. Because it was pitiful but yet comical in a way, Zhou Ran lowered his eyebrows and jeered in his heart.

Yan Rui quickly brought the water over in a glass held by his two shaking hands: “Ah Chen, water ……”

“Why are you so slow? It’s bad enough that you are stupid. You can’t even move fast and have no other merits. I really don’t know what’s the use of having you around.” When facing Yan Rui, Duan Chen was always in a bad mood and exposed all of his negative characteristics without holding back.

Yan Rui lowered his head in shame, his both hands clinging to the corners of his shirt so tightly that his knuckle joints turned white.

Duan Chen took the water with one hand, checked the water temperature to make sure it would not scald Zhou Ran’s lips and coaxed: “Come, eat the medicine.”

Zhou Ran opened his mouth and sipped the water before swallowing the medicine. The white powder melted in the mouth and tasted like nothing.

Watching as Zhou Ran finished the medicine, Duan Chen asked: “How is it, do you feel better?”

Zhou Ran nodded: “The pain in my chest is not as bad anymore.” He was unsure where Yan Rui got the medicine from, but it did work wonders. This was probably the sole purpose of Yan Rui, to cure his illness.

After feeding the medicine to Zhou Ran, naturally there was no need for Yan Rui to be around. No matter how large the ward was and distance between them, Yan Rui’s presence was an eyesore to Duan Chen. 

“You can go back.”

Yan Rui nodded, his duty was done for the night and it was time to go back.

It was 4am in the morning and it was dark outside. The snow had not yet stopped but as he turned around to leave, Zhou Ran spoke. This time, he did not ask to keep Yan Rui around but said to Duan Chen: “Ah Chen, please see him off.”

“Troublesome.” Duan Chen frowned for a moment, seemingly dissatisfied with the suggestion.

“Yan Rui came all the way to save me without complaints. Besides, I’m not asking you to send Yan Rui home. Just send him to the hospital entrance.”

Duan Chen grimaced but agreed after a pause.

Zhou Ran was not upset that Duan Chen was going to send his rival off. On the contrary, he was still pleased that Duan Chen obeyed him. Duan Chen is known to be a stubborn man who honours his words and decisions.

“Come back quickly after sending Yan Rui. I can’t seem to fall asleep. Come back and watch the snow with me.”

“Okay.” Duan Chen got up and walked in front, Yan Rui followed closely behind.

The promise was to send Yan Rui to the hospital entrance, but Duan Chen stopped at the elevator.

“Go back and pack up your things and get out. Zhou Ran is going to move in after he is discharged from the hospital. I don’t want him to see any of your dirty belongings.”

“Ah Chen, I don’t want to move out.”

When the man heard Yan Rui’s words, he raised his brows and his eyes widened as if there were no end to its darkness. From the time Yan Rui suddenly appeared in his life, he had obeyed his every word and did whatever he said which was peculiar.

He was able to keep him precisely because he was compliant, but now Yan Rui actually dared to answer back.

“Ah Chen, may I stay? I don’t want to go to school. I promise to behave at home without disturbing you and Zhou Ran.” Yan Rui continued to plead with a pair of tearful eyes which held a cowering prayer.

Duan Chen narrowed his eyes and frowned even more. He was clearly enraged with Yan Rui’s words. His thin lips opened to deliver cold and heartless words to Yan Rui.

“If you don’t move out, the engagement will be annulled.”


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