Little Sea Otter Became Popular


Chapter 98 Extra 1

The farewell concert of the eleven girls went smoothly on North Island. The four mentors of “Pick Eleven” also came to the scene to support them. The atmosphere was unprecedentedly high. When Qiao Dai and her teammates finished singing their last song, the excited screams of the fans almost lifted the roof of the venue.

“Encore! Encore!”

Some fans with low emotional thresholds started crying while chanting. This was the last song of the day and also the final performance before the disbandment of the eleven girls.

More than a year, it may be long or short, but the members of the limited-time group seemed to always be involved in hidden struggles. Many fans were eagerly waiting for the one-year contract to expire so that they could disband at lightning speed.


However, the eleven girls seemed to be an exception. During the “Pick Eleven” program, the divine sisterhood among the members attracted the envy of many netizens. During the year-long activity period, they loved and supported each other, so fans were deeply reluctant to say goodbye.

“From now on, the eleven girls will embark on their own new journeys. Thank you all for your companionship.”

In the end, Qiao Dai and her teammates bowed on stage to express their gratitude, marking the end of their one-year journey as part of the eleven girls.

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[Thinking about how the girls no longer have teammates, but now they can have boyfriends, it doesn’t seem so sad anymore.]


[I’m getting angry! Why only boyfriends? Can the girls consider having girlfriends too?]

[??? Something’s not right with the previous comment.]

[Wow, are we skipping straight to finding a partner for the female goose?]

While netizens continued to discuss online, Qiao Dai was about to leave for home after the end of the performance.

Walking side by side, Cheng Su and Qiao Dai headed towards the parking lot. The night breeze brushed against their hair, and he caught a glimpse of Qiao Dai, who seemed lost in thought. Unable to resist, he asked, “What are you thinking?”

The pathway they were walking on was an internal passage for North Island staff, so there were no outsiders around. The soft and thick carpet provided excellent sound insulation, making it feel like walking on a path covered in fallen leaves, serene and gentle.

The passage was silent, and the sound of their footsteps echoed like a breeze passing through a cave, finally reaching Qiao Dai’s ears, causing her to instinctively shrink her neck.

“I didn’t think much, I just feel a little reluctant.”

Qiao Dai looked up at Cheng Su across from her. Although she didn’t burst into tears during the concert, she couldn’t help but have red eyes when she returned backstage. Now, as she said goodbye and left with the others, she started to feel her eyes stinging as soon as it quieted down around her.

A faint blush spread at the corners of Qiao Dai’s eyes. Her black, bright eyes shimmered even more with tears, and she looked extremely pitiful, like a small animal in desperate need of protection.

Cheng Su’s heart softened, and instinctively he took a step forward, placing his hands on Qiao Dai’s shoulders. Qiao Dai naturally buried her head in Cheng Su’s embrace, leaning it against his chest.

Thump, thump.


In an instant, Cheng Su’s heartbeat echoed in her ears, enveloping Qiao Dai like the sea, leaving her with nowhere to escape.

One beat, two beats, three beats…

Cheng Su’s strong heartbeat shattered Qiao Dai’s rationality. It was as if an invisible hand had grasped all her thoughts, forcefully dragging her into a turbulent sea, causing her emotions to rise and fall with the rolling waves.

Cheng Su could feel the body in his arms growing warmer.

Unconsciously, he tightened and then released his grip on Qiao Dai’s hand. He took a deep breath, as if trying to detach himself from this intense atmosphere. He spoke in a deep voice, “I’ll take you home.”

The lights in the hallway were not fully turned on, so it appeared somewhat dim. Qiao Dai gently pushed Cheng Su’s chest with her palm. Cheng Su lowered his head and could even see the reflection of Qiao Dai’s eyelashes in the light.

Qiao Dai gently tilted her head back, her smooth skin radiating a cold, pale glow under the hazy light. It reminded Cheng Su of a snowflake floating in the vast ocean, small and beautiful. Most importantly, he liked it.

“Cheng Su.”

A warm breath brushed lightly against Cheng Su’s face, making him feel slightly itchy. Unconsciously, he tightened his jaw, and his serious gaze seemed like a gentle hand caressing a lover, tracing over Qiao Dai’s forehead, between her eyebrows, and finally delicately cupping her face, resting on her eyes.

Qiao Dai didn’t avoid Cheng Su’s gaze. She stared at him intently, shaking her head, and with an unusually resolute tone, she said, “I don’t want to go back today.”

Today, just today, she particularly didn’t want to return to the villa where she lived with the Eleven Girls. It carried too many memories, and if she were to go back now, she would definitely lose control and cry.

Cheng Su’s breath hitched, a glimmer of light flickered in his pitch-black eyes. He looked at Qiao Dai, seeming uncertain, as he asked repeatedly, “Really? Then where do you want to go?”


Asking a question he already knew the answer to.

Hearing Cheng Su’s question, Qiao Dai replied without hesitation, “Your house.”

She looked straight at Cheng Su, her clear eyes seemed to twinkle with stars, and she asked in return, “Is that not allowed?”

Cheng Su looked at Qiao Dai and gradually felt a similar sense of loneliness emanating from the girl.

Neither of them truly belonged here, nor did they belong to the vast ocean. So, whether for animals or humans, they were both outsiders, never truly belonging anywhere.

As someone who had hidden his identity and lived alone in human society, Cheng Su could understand Qiao Dai’s current feelings very well.

Qiao Dai may not be worldly-wise, but she was not devoid of emotions or the feeling of loneliness.

Thinking about this, Cheng Su suddenly felt a little sad.

If they could have met each other, just a bit earlier, would it have made Qiao Dai feel a little less lonely?

This was a question that couldn’t be answered, but at this moment, Cheng Su felt that the distance between them had become closer once again.

They shared the same loneliness, the same sense of being outsiders, which made them naturally a perfect match.

The cold, subdued lighting cast a sharp and three-dimensional silhouette of the man, adding an extra touch of danger to his appearance. He lowered his head and kissed Qiao Dai’s lips.


With a firm grip, his right hand pressed slightly on Qiao Dai’s delicate neck. The neck is one of the most vulnerable areas of an animal, and in an instant, Qiao Dai felt as if a wild beast had seized her throat. She instinctively tried to step back, but Cheng Su’s left hand had already wrapped around her waist, leaving her with no escape. She could only allow him to passionately kiss her.

Nibbling, licking, an overwhelming dominance.

After the intense kiss ended, Qiao Dai felt a slight dizziness in her brain, as if she were lacking oxygen. Thankfully, Cheng Su caught her around the waist, preventing her from falling to the ground.

Then, Cheng Su lowered his head and whispered in her ear, “Let’s cancel tomorrow’s plans.”

“Cheng Su.”

Soft lighting outlined their intertwined figures as Cheng Su bowed his head and kissed Qiao Dai. Her damp hair, slightly disheveled, clung to her face. Tiny droplets of water, like pearls, slid down her hair and disappeared into the soft pillows.

Qiao Dai’s body was soft, as if it could engulf a person.

Who knows what Cheng Su was thinking, as his rough voice carried a hint of warmth, like hot sparks falling into Qiao Dai’s ears. “Call me brother.”

As soon as he lowered his head, he met Qiao Dai’s clear eyes. The gaze of a young girl filled with innocence. She looked up at Cheng Su, her voice trembling slightly as she said, “But you said I could only call you Cheng Su.”

Her gaze was filled with innocence, resembling a well-behaved little animal. But her words stirred up a sense of annoyance and confusion in Cheng Su. His breath became slightly rapid, and for a moment, he had an urge to go back in time and punch himself.

In the next moment, Qiao Dai, lying on the bed, reached out and embraced Cheng Su’s neck.

When her soft palm pressed against Cheng Su’s neck, he instinctively narrowed his eyes. But he was like a tamed beast. When his master touched his vulnerable spot, he didn’t explode in rage. Instead, he obediently lowered his head, allowing his master to toy with him.

Qiao Dai pulled Cheng Su closer and tilted her head to kiss his cheek. A faint smile appeared on her face, and the warm lighting reflected in her eyes, shining with a radiant glow that also mirrored Cheng Su’s figure.

Then, she softly called out, “Brother Cheng Su…”

Her voice carried a hint of shyness, unconsciously elongating the tone, like honey dripping from a jar, with thin strands of sweetness, causing confusion and fascination.

Qiao Dai still wore an innocent expression, which infuriated Cheng Su to the point that he couldn’t help but lower his head and bite her.

Who said that a little otter couldn’t have a mischievous side?

He could see that his little otter had quite a mischievous streak.

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