Little Sea Otter Became Popular

Little Sea Otter Became Popular 97

Chapter 97

The announcement of Qiao Dai joining the crew of “The Ocean” instantly caused a stir online.

【Isn’t Roman known for documentaries? Why would he choose Qiao Dai as an actress?】

【Documentaries have scripts too, you know. Watch a few awarded European documentaries, and you’ll understand】

【Sorry, can someone tell me who Roman is? I’ve never heard of him】


【If you’ve watched documentaries, there’s a 90% chance you’ve seen Roman’s work】

【I won’t even start on the awards, let’s just say he’s an honorary international advisor for CCTV’s documentary channel】

【Wow, is he that impressive?!】

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On the ocean surface, continuous nets trapped the undulating waves, immobilizing the fish that collided with them. Predators cut off the fins of sharks and threw them back into the sea, where blood oozed from their wounds, diffusing into the water and staining the azure realm crimson. The finless sharks slowly sank into the darkening depths, descending further until other fish consumed them, a sight of desolation and sorrow.


Qiao Dai gazed at the monitor’s display, and a crew member, struggling with his Mandarin, offered, “Qiao Dai, you can look away if it’s too much.”

Even though they had followed Roman in documenting many natural selections and survival of the fittest, understanding the harsh realities of life, there were always moments of compassion. However, documentary ethics prohibited interference; their role was merely to capture these scenes and expose them to a wider audience. But how could Qiao Dai, a young girl, endure such brutality?

To his surprise, Qiao Dai turned to him with a composed expression, saying, “It’s okay.”

Her gaze fell on the shark being devoured, not her kin and indeed a predator to her otter counterparts, but this did not prevent her from feeling emotionally stirred.

“Isn’t seeing and remembering our purpose?”

Qiao Dai spoke softly, her voice gentle yet her tone firm and resolute, leaving no room for doubt.

The crew member was momentarily speechless, admiration filling his eyes as he looked at her.

“See and remember…”

Nearby, Roman murmured Qiao Dai’s words to himself, then chuckled, “That’s a good title.”

That day, Roman posted the scene online with the title “See and Remember,” writing, “I am neither a professor nor a politician, and I don’t lecture on environmental protection or critique. I aim to emotionally touch the audience through my lens, which is far more significant than any lesson or sermon. Memory ensures we do not forget, and genuine emotion has lasting, eternal impact.”

“For me, the only important thing is profound emotion. We need to coexist peacefully with nature because humans cannot live alone on this Earth.”

“Qiao Dai is right. To see and remember is something all of us can do for this blue planet.”


Upon viewing this footage and Roman’s statement, those who had doubted Qiao Dai’s selection were silenced, realizing that this seemingly delicate Chinese girl possessed a much stronger spirit than they had imagined.

This incident sparked global curiosity about Qiao Dai’s performance in “The Ocean.”

When “The Ocean” premiered at a film festival, it unexpectedly drew immense attention.

The film begins with a child’s dream, narrating his childhood encounter with a beautiful mermaid in the sea.

In the dream, Qiao Dai swims gracefully, her clear eyes reflecting the ocean’s azure, like a favored creature of creation, a sprite of the sea, the most vibrant shadow in the waters.

In that moment, she became the daughter of the ocean.

Within this tender, entwining dream were schools of jellyfish, agile orcas, beautiful corals, revealing to the audience a grand and mysterious underwater world.

At the film’s end, the child has grown into an elderly man with white hair, entering an oceanic museum filled with animal fossils. His adorable granddaughter, looking up at him with innocent curiosity, asks, “Grandpa, have you ever seen a mermaid?”

“Yes,” he replies, “many years ago.”

This wasn’t strictly a documentary. Roman infused it with his artistic creativity, yet this didn’t detract from the powerfully moving scenes capturing the ocean’s depths.

Those foreign netizens who had initially questioned Roman’s choice to cast a Chinese person fell silent, as the sight of Qiao Dai in the film led them into the bewildering depths of the sea, much like the mermaid in the child’s dream, guiding them through the ocean’s splendor.

“Qiao Dai!”


“Beautiful mermaid lady!”

Guests at the film festival excitedly shouted Qiao Dai’s name. Though her appearance in “The Ocean” lasted only two minutes, it was enough to make her the unforgettable mermaid in the eyes of viewers worldwide. International fans even began referring to her as the “Mermaid Miss” from China.

The live stream of the festival was filled with ecstatic comments.

【So beautiful!】

【Ah, truly our Daidai】

【Honestly, when Daidai appeared, I felt like I was transported to the bottom of the sea】


【Our Daidai must really be a sprite of the ocean!】

As the producer of “The Ocean,” Roman was naturally invited to speak on stage. With his silver hair and still-bright blue eyes, he calmly thanked everyone involved in the production. His gaze finally rested on Qiao Dai.

“I know some have asked why I chose Qiao Dai to play in ‘The Ocean.’ I believe those who have seen the film now understand the answer. She is the mermaid from my dreams; no one could be more perfect.”

At that moment, she was indeed the daughter of the ocean.

In this gentle, lingering dream, there were schools of jellyfish, agile orcas, and beautiful corals, showcasing a vast and mysterious underwater world.


Roman then explained his sole criterion for choosing the cast member, revealing that he sought someone who truly loved the ocean. Over the past few months, Qiao Dai had accompanied the filming team across more than fifty regions worldwide for “The Ocean,” indicating the extent of her commitment and effort.

【My God! Was it that tough?】

【I remember Daidai’s words during the shark scene, ‘see and remember.’ It was really touching】

The comments were filled with emotions.

And Qiao Dai was deeply moved as well.

When she first arrived in this world, knowing nothing and nearly destitute, her only thought was to stay and save money to return to the Pacific. After experiencing so much, she gained friends, fans, and Cheng Su. Her role evolved from merely surviving to delivering stunning performances, exploring new endeavors, and giving back to the ocean that nurtured her.

As an idol, she used her platform to proclaim the world’s beauty as much as she could.

After the film festival, many people surrounded Qiao Dai for autographs.

“Oh, you’re that magic girl!”

Someone exclaimed, studying her face before realizing, and asked if she was the girl who performed the bamboo raft dance.

“Amazing! It felt like watching a movie!”

They excitedly recalled the promotional video of eleven girls, which had featured various intangible cultural heritage elements, especially Qiao Dai balancing on a bamboo pole over water, which had amazed them, appearing unedited and incredible.

Someone even eagerly asked Qiao Dai, “Do you know kung fu?”

As Qiao Dai listened to the various languages, she initially understood their questions, but soon it became a blur. Seeing Qiao Dai bewildered in the crowd, the live chat burst into frenzy.

【All these foreigners have stunned our Daidai】

【Wow, foreigners actually call our Daidai ‘Mermaid Miss’】

At that moment, she truly embodied the daughter of the ocean.

Following the film festival was the routine celebration banquet. By the time Qiao Dai exited the venue, the night had fallen, with stars scattered across the sky like a vast cosmic sea.

“Come here.”

As if timed perfectly, Qiao Dai’s phone buzzed with a message from Cheng Su just as she stepped out of the venue. The message contained a location, seemingly near the seaside.

The film festival was held on a small island in the Pacific Ocean, with the event site on a coastal hill. Standing on the steps, Qiao Dai’s gaze followed the path down to the seaside, illuminated by the distant lights.

Cheng Su was on a yacht docked at the harbor, looking up at Qiao Dai.

Separated by the evening breeze and the hill, their gazes intertwined and settled on each other.

The night sea breeze picked up, creating a glittering effect on the water’s surface, its shimmering light reflecting in Qiao Dai’s clear eyes, tingeing them with shades of the ocean’s blue.

Cheng Su watched her from afar.

Without hesitation, Qiao Dai descended the steps, her flowing dress billowing in the sea wind, evoking the island’s timeless maritime charm.

“Where are we going?”

Qiao Dai asked Cheng Su curiously. Looking back, the island of the film festival was now just a vague outline. The moon was exceptionally bright that night, and with the lighthouses on the surrounding islands, the sea shimmered under the moonlight, casting delicate silver beams through the blue water.

The sound of waves filled her ears, and for a moment, Qiao Dai almost felt like she was still a little otter, sleeping on the ocean surface with her companions.

The moon and stars were reflected on the undulating sea, lending a dreamlike quality to the dark waters.

A splash of cold water hit Qiao Dai’s face as a fierce-eyed orca smacked the surface with its tail, saying, “Come down.”

Seeing Cheng Su in his orca form, Qiao Dai felt a surge of excitement, yet she knew the difference between her gentle otter nature and the dominant orca. The dark, unfamiliar waters seemed too perilous for her on such a night.

Before Qiao Dai could respond, Cheng Su added, “Sit on my back.”

Startled, she glanced at his dorsal fin and repeated, “On your back?”

Seemingly embarrassed or perhaps impatient, the formidable orca smacked the water with its tail again and said, “What else?”

Even without the presence of sea otters’ natural predators, Cheng Su couldn’t bring himself to leave Qiao Dai alone in the water. Ideally, he would have preferred to carry her, but knowing that might scare her, he decided against it.

At Cheng Su’s suggestion, Qiao Dai blushed slightly, hesitating before transforming back into her small sea otter form and cautiously climbing onto the orca’s back. Embracing Cheng Su’s dorsal fin with both curiosity and fear, she settled in, and he began to swim slowly, allowing her to adjust and relax.

Qiao Dai, now feeling more at ease, observed their surroundings with wide, curious eyes, marveling at the realization of her fantasy where the majestic orca carried the tiny sea otter through the ocean’s expanse.

As she stealthily lowered her head, Qiao Dai noticed a change in the dorsal fin she clung to, recalling its lone, slightly curved silhouette from their first encounter, now straightened and firm like a sharp blade.

Before she could ponder further, Cheng Su’s flustered voice interrupted, “Don’t touch randomly!”

Qiao Dai quickly withdrew her paws, holding onto the fin properly, settling obediently on Cheng Su’s back. They glided through the azure waters, creating ripples that danced with the reflected stars and moonlight, crafting a dreamlike scene.

Cheng Su reflected on his life, realizing how dull it would have been without Qiao Dai. He would have remained a solitary orca in a pool, never encountering another of his kind until the day the naïve sea otter stumbled into his world and life.

Together, the orca and the sea otter roamed freely through the ocean, under the starry sky, living out what seemed like a beautiful dream.

Unaware of when she drifted off, perhaps lulled by the familiar scent of the sea or the comfort of being close to Cheng Su, Qiao Dai fell asleep. If not for Cheng Su’s quick response, she might have been carried away by the ocean currents.

As the warm sunlight filtered through the window, casting a golden glow on Qiao Dai’s serene face, she stirred and slowly opened her eyes, realizing she had been resting in Cheng Su’s embrace, wrapped in a thin blanket on the yacht’s seat.

Noticing Qiao Dai’s movements, Cheng Su, who had been resting with his eyes closed, opened them and asked, “You’re awake?”

Blushing, Qiao Dai nodded and looked out the window, where the early morning sky was painted with streaks of dawn light, casting a fiery brilliance over the undulating sea waves. She said, somewhat flustered, “It’s not morning yet; we should head back.”

Cheng Su chuckled softly, squinting as if amused by a thought, then asked, “Do you know what’s trending today?”

A strange premonition swept over Qiao Dai.

What could it be?

She took out her phone, looked at the screen, and gasped in surprise.


Qiao Dai was astonished.

Scrolling through, she saw an image of a serene ocean surface where a small sea otter sat atop an orca, tightly hugging its dorsal fin as they moved through the water, creating a scene straight out of a fairy tale.

The comments were filled with amazement and admiration.

【I’m so touched!】

【Am I seeing a love story between an orca and a sea otter?】

【Aren’t orcas supposed to eat sea otters? How did the ocean’s apex predator become a sea otter’s ride?】

【What else could it be? Love, of course!】

Although aware that the netizens didn’t know the orca and sea otter were actually Cheng Su and her, Qiao Dai blushed with a mix of joy and embarrassment. It was unexpected that their first public appearance was in their animal forms.

But then, they were indeed an orca and a sea otter, so it somehow made sense.

Seeing Qiao Dai lost in thought, Cheng Su leaned in to kiss her, then said, “There’s something the netizens got right.”

Curious, Qiao Dai snuggled closer into Cheng Su’s chest and asked, “Which is?”

“How the ocean’s apex predator became a little sea otter’s ride.”

Cheng Su, with a soft embrace, pulled Qiao Dai closer into his arms and whispered, “Because he loves this little sea otter.”

Thus, a whale fell in love with a sea otter, and she became a part of his ocean.

End of the main story


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