Love Ignites A Prairie Fire

Chapter 29. You Like Him. You really treat him differently.

Qi Huan blinked in surprise. She didn’t expect Qu Jianshen to learn to sell meng[1] as well.

“Come in.” In view of his good attitude in admitting his mistake, she decided to forgive him.

Qu Jianshen looked at Qi Huan carefully and took out his slippers from the shoe cupboard. He couldn’t help smiling: “I thought you had thrown them away. I didn’t see them when I came here last time. “

“Xia Xia and Jianyi were here. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to explain, so I put them away.” Qi Huan replied.

Qu Jianshen’s lips pursed lightly, “Am I that much of a liability to you?”


Qi Huan didn’t expect Qu Jianshen to be so serious, so she patiently explained. “It’s because they like to ask questions. I’m afraid they’ll think too much. That’s why I did it.”

Qu Jianshen kept asking, “What will they think when they see it?”

“They’ll just think that you and I are together ……” Qi Huan was about to answer, but then she realised it, and she immediately stopped talking.

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Qu Jianshen’s smile faded. “Why are you so insistent on breaking off the engagement?”


“Didn’t we agree? Three months?” Qi Huan said, in confusion.

Qu Jianshen raised his eyebrows, as if he had lost his memory, and said, “What three months?”

Qi Huan was shocked. She pursed her lips and questioned, “Qu Jianshen, what kind of trick are you trying to play? Do you really want to marry me?”

Qu Jianshen replied quietly, with deep eyes, “Yes, I want to.”


The entire day, Qi Huan could not do anything. Her mind was full of Qu Jianshen’s figure and his reply.

She threw away her pen, cursing Qu Jianshen, who had caused her mind to be disturbed.

At that moment, Xu Muqing’s phone call came just at the right time.

Qi Huan adjusted her mind and picked up the phone. “Senior?”

“Are you free tomorrow? Let’s have dinner together. ” Xu Muqing asked with a smile.

Qi Huan was slightly stunned. Thinking that Xu Muqing wanted to talk about the script, she nodded her head and agreed, “I’m free tomorrow.”

Xu Muqing said with a smile in his voice, “Then I’ll go book a table now. I remember there’s a restaurant that just opened and it tastes pretty good.”


“Senior, it’s better for me to book it.” Qi Huan said abruptly, “We agreed that I would treat you next time. After all, senior has helped me so much.”

Xu Muqing was silent for a long time before he said, “In that case, can I choose the restaurant?”

Qi Huan hurriedly nodded, “Of course you can.”

“Is the Star Lake Hotel okay?” Xu Muqing said with a smile.

Qi Huan:”…..”

“So you really agreed to go to the Star Lake Hotel for dinner with Senior Xu?” Jiang Ru Xia looked at Qi Huan, feeling a little shocked.

Qi Huan sighed, “Of course I tried to find a way to get Senior to change places, but he insisted on eating there, so I couldn’t do anything about it.”

Jiang Ruoxia gave a tsk, “I think Senior Xu did it on purpose.”

“Hm?” Qi Huan raised her eyebrows, slightly confused.

Jiang Ruixia gave her an analysis. “Think about it. Xichuan is so big. There is no shortage of restaurants and hotels. Why did he choose the Star Lake Hotel, owned by He-Yuan? Obviously, he was deliberately letting Qu Jianshen know. “

Qi Huan nodded in understanding: “So why deliberately let Qu Jianshen know?”

Jiang Ruoxia held her forehead, “Why are you so stupid? Because he likes you. He’s deliberately provoking Qu Jianshen. “


Qi Huan’s eyes widened in shock. “Are you sure you’re not joking?”

“That is why you’re stupid.” Jiang Ruixia was speechless, “Think about what a man asks you out to dinner every day for.”

“To talk about work.” Qi Huan replied, “I’ve been talking to senior about the script these few times.”

“That’s how smart he is. It’s under the banner of talking about work, but in reality, he’s chasing you.” Jiang Ruixia rubbed her chin and couldn’t help but sigh again. “He will pay great attention to the boundary line and handle it very well, so that you will not feel uncomfortable.”

Qi Huan frowned slightly, having also fallen into contemplation because of these words.


The next day.

Qi Huan went to the Star Lake Hotel as promised.

The top floor of the hotel had an open-air restaurant with a view of Xi Chuan and a full view of the Star Lake amusement park in the distance, making it a perfect place to eat and chat.

When Qi Huan arrived at the top floor, Xu Muqing had already arrived early and waved at her as well.

When she went over and sat down, she asked, “I heard that the cast final photos have been taken. Can I take a look? “

“So anxious.” Xu Muqing smiled helplessly, “Let’s eat first.”


Qi Huan froze for a moment before slowly nodding, “Okay.”

There was no staff up and down the Star Lake Hotel who did not know Qi Huan, so when they saw Qi Huan and a man coming to dinner together, they instantly felt a sense of crisis for Qu Jianshen.

Qi Huan felt strange when she was ordering. The waiter kept staring at her as if she had something on her face.

“I’ve finished ordering. Do you want to order, senior?” Qi Huan asked.

Xu Muqing smiled lightly and said, “I’ll eat whatever you order.”

The waiter’s alarm bells went off instantly, and she said, “Hello, Miss Qi Huan, all your purchases here are free of charge, and your favourite after-dinner dessert will also be brought to you later. These were all ordered by President Qu!”

She deliberately increased the tone of the last sentence.

As expected, Xu Muqing’s face changed slightly. “President Qu is very thoughtful.”

The waiter said with a smile, “Of course, Miss Qi Huan and President Qu have a marriage contract and they are childhood friends, so naturally their relationship should be close.”

After speaking, the waiter saw that Xu Muqing’s expression was wrong and left with a triumphant smile.

Qi Huan laughed helplessly, “My relationship with Qu Jianshen is indeed rather complicated.”

“But you didn’t even talk to me about it.” Xu Muqing said with a frown.

However, Qi Huan also frowned, “I don’t feel the need to report this matter to senior, ah.”

Her relationship with Qu Jianchen was already complicated enough. She had wanted to break the engagement. Should she have introduced Qu Jianchen as her fiancé when she saw him?

Xu Muqing eased his expression and then apologised, “I’m sorry. It was me who shouldn’t have spoken like that.”

Qi Huan’s eyebrows arched, “Senior doesn’t need to apologise either. Qu Jianshen and I grew up together, so it’s true that our relationship is a little more complicated than normal. I can’t explain it, so I didn’t say anything.”

Xu Muqing’s heart was blocked. First of all, he had lost too much in terms of time.

After the meal was over, Qi Huan thought she was going to talk about the script, but as a result, Xu Muqing brought her outside the Star Lake amusement park.

“Why did Senior bring me here?” Qi Huan was slightly stunned.

Xu Muqing unbuckled his seatbelt and said with a smile, “We’re not talking about work today. Let’s go in first and have some fun.”

Qi Huan followed her into the park, still a little surprised. “Senior actually likes amusement parks. It’s the same as my preference!”

Xu Muqing smiled and looked at her. “I know you like it, so I brought you here.”

Qi Huan suddenly remembered what Jiang Ruixia had said. At this time, she was shocked. She couldn’t believe it but wondered how to refuse without hurting Xu Muqing.

After entering the park, Xu Muqing pointed to the carousel not far away and asked, “I see many girls like to ride the carousel. Do you want to go for a ride? I’ll take a picture for you. “

Qi Huan collected her thoughts and hurriedly said, “I prefer roller coasters and bungee jumping to the carousel. It’s more exciting. I played it several times when I came over with Qu Jianshen last time!”

Xu Muqing’s expression changed, “You’ve been here with him before?”

Qi Huan nodded, and not noticing Xu Muqing’s face, she continued, “Do you want me to recommend some of the more fun games for you? Bungee jumping is really exciting, and so are bumper cars. You don’t know, but Qu Jianshen was particularly funny. His legs were too long in the car instead of being able to stretch out, so it didn’t work.”

She still felt particularly funny when she remembered that image now, and couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Xu Muqing looked at the smile on her face. It was bright and sunny in a way he had never seen before, but it wasn’t because of him.

Almost every time she reached a game item, Qi Huan could recall her memories of being here with Qu Jianshen before. She couldn’t help but say them all, but Xu Muqing at her side was getting silent.

“Huanhuan, you like Qu Jianshen, don’t you?” Xu Muqing stopped in his tracks and directly asked this question.

Qi Huan’s whole body was frozen in place. The shock caused by these words was even greater than when she first learned about the marriage contract. She wanted to deny it immediately, but then Qu Jianshen’s face suddenly appeared in her mind, making her lost in thought.

Xu Muqing gave a bitter laugh, “It seems I guessed right.”

Qi Huan opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but her mind was so confused that she couldn’t say anything.

“You really treat him differently.” Xu Muqing sighed, “It seems like even if I have the intention of competing, the one who loses is bound to be me.”


On the way back, Qi Huan kept looking out of the car window in a trance. To her, Xu Muqing’s words were like a bomb, causing shocking waves in her originally peaceful heart.

She denied this possibility countless times in her mind, and found countless excuses to explain it, but nothing seemed to help.

When the taxi arrived outside the community, Qi Huan paid and got out.

It was only when she reached the bottom of the flat that she saw a familiar vehicle parked there.

At that moment, Qi Huan’s heart beat wildly.

She was expecting it, but she couldn’t believe it.

At that moment, Qu Jianshen got down from the car. His gaze was heavy as he looked at Qi Huan: “You’re finally back. I thought you and Xu Muqing had dinner and forgot to go home. “

“How did you know that I had dinner with Senior?”

Qi Huan had just finished asking when she suddenly felt silly. She had eaten in someone else’s place. How could they not know?

She pursed her lips and asked, “But why did you come to my house?”

Qu Jianshen spoke in a leisurely tone, “I was afraid that you would be abducted, so I rushed here.”

Qi Huan’s heart jumped, and she couldn’t help but say, “What if I was going to be back late?” 

Qu Jianshen replied with a smile in his eyes, “Then I will continue to wait until you come back.”

[1] Meng means cute. When they say “selling meng@, they mean selling cuteness or, like in this case, pitifulness.

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