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  • Love Ignites A Prairie Fire

    Chapter 8. Wait For Me to Come Back. Do You Know What Weaknesses Qu Jianshen has?

    Almost without hesitation, Qi Huan tugged on Qu Jianshen’s sleeve and pouted, “Qu Jianshen, please help~”

    Unlike the usual refreshing voice, this one had a little more sweetness to it, making people’s hearts flutter.

    Qu Jianshen’s eyes flickered slightly, and he said with a smile, “Continue.”

    Qi Huan:”…..”

    There were people around who had noticed the arrival of the two of them, and at this moment, their gazes were almost all on the two of them. There were eyes filled with amazement, curiosity, and inquiry. All of them fell around them without concealment.


    Qi Huan gritted her teeth and whispered a warning, “Don’t go too far; it was clearly stated that you could be used as I please today!”

    Qu Jianshen grabbed her hand and then took it and walked forward.

    As soon as the warm, broad hand wrapped around Qi Huan’s hand, she was stunned for a moment, and then it was as if a tingling tremor reached her heart, followed by a shocking ripple.

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    After saying that, Qi Xiuran whispered to Qi Shihua’s ear again, “I heard that the two of them just got engaged.”


    Qi Huan:”…..”

    This sentence was fine without saying anything.

    Qi Shihua looked at the two of them and laughed aloud, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a compatible couple.”

    Qu Jianshen immediately answered, “Thank you.”

    Qi Huan:?

    Qu Jianshen then spoke again, “Huan Huan likes Teacher’s work very much, so she has always wanted to meet with her.”

    Once Qi Shihua heard this, she smiled and looked at Qi Huan, “Very few people like my work. They all say that my work is flashy and has no substance.”

    “No, it’s not!” Qi Huan opened her mouth and retorted, “Teacher’s works are full of life, flourishing and exuberant. They are works that make people very happy just by looking at them.”

    When she was in junior high school, Qi Huan first went to see a painting exhibition at an art museum and immediately fell in love with Qi Shihua’s “Spring in Bloom”.

    Later, she came across other works and realised that she was good at turning all the trivial things in life into paintings, rich in girlishness, fun and soulfulness.

    Qi Huan would later choose the path of painting as a result of Qi Shihua’s inspiration, as well as her desire to use her works to bring joy and happiness to those who saw them.

    In the lounge, Qi Huan boldly expresses her thoughts to Qi Shihua.


    While outside the lounge, Qi Xiuran was smiling and looking at Qu Jianshen. “Actually, I was already surprised that you answered the invitation, so there was another reason.”


    Today, Qi Huan was content to fulfil what she had always dreamed of.

    Qi Shihua was getting older, and with her recent return to China, she soon became tired. She was sent back by someone.

    The dinner party had long since started, and the hall was filled with goblets and people, almost all gathered in groups.

    Qi Huan narrowed her eyes, and for a moment she couldn’t find where Qu Jianshen was.

    The banquet was supposed to be a hunting ground for some people, and as soon as Qi Huan appeared in the hall, a number of eyes fell on her.

    Some of them couldn’t resist, so they came up to her with their glasses and struck up a conversation.

    “Alone? Do you want to have a drink together?”

    Qi Huan frowned at the man in front of her. Although he looked well-mannered, the way he looked at her up and down made her very uncomfortable.

    “I can’t drink. I only drink with good-looking people.” She disliked him outright.

    The man’s face changed, “You’re calling me ugly?”


    Qi Huan blinked her eyes and asked innocently, “Do you think so yourself? Then our views are unified.”

    The man was about to raise his hand when someone who recognised Qi Huan rushed over and said something to the man, who immediately apologised with a frightened look and then left in a huff.

    Qi Huan bristled, “Trash.”

    “I thought you were going to hit someone just now.” Qu Jianshen happened to come over at this time and teased her with a smile.

    Qi Huan looked down at her gown and pursed her lips, “If it weren’t for the inconvenient clothes I’m wearing, humph, it would be cheaper for him.”

    Ye Songlan and Qi Hao had sent Qi Huan to learn taekwondo and some self-defense techniques when she was young. They knew that girls were at a relative disadvantage in this society and were afraid that Qi Huan would be bullied when they were not around.

    Although she dreamed of being an athlete but did not have the talent to be athletic, she was very serious about learning self-defense. She wanted to protect herself and the people around her.

    Qi Huan raised her eyes and couldn’t help but ask Qu Jianshen, “When are we going back?”

    Qu Jianshen lowered his eyes to look at her and said with a smile, “What? You want to leave now that your wish has been fulfilled?”

    Qi Huan had a momentary moment of guilt, and then coughed dryly to cover it up, “I’m hungry.”

    Qu Jianshen curled his lips, “Follow me.”

    The banquet hall offered a variety of desserts and drinks, and next to it was a lounge area where one could sit and chat.


    After Qu Jianshen brought Qi Huan over, Xu Ling also followed him and whispered something in his ear.

    Qi Huan noticed and waved her hand and said, “Hurry up and get to work. I’ll wait for you here.”

    Qu Jianshen was a bit uneasy and admonished word for word, “Don’t run far, don’t talk to strangers, and don’t drink. Remember to call me if you encounter anything.”

    Qi Huan frowned and spoke with some dissatisfaction, “I’m a 25-year-old adult, not a 5-year-old. Don’t treat me like a child!”

    Qu Jianshen reached out to rub the top of Qi Huan’s hair, but finally held back and just smiled and said, “Wait for me to come back.”


    Although the party was lively, Qi Huan was at ease in the corner with no one to disturb her.

    After filling her stomach halfway with dessert and drinks, Qi Huan didn’t have time to divert her attention to other things before she saw Cheng Yubai walking towards her from afar.

    “I said everyone was talking about the marriage contract outside, but it turns out you and Jianshen are here together.” Cheng Yubai sat down. He picked up a piece of dessert from the table and put it in his mouth.

    Qi Huan wanted to roll her eyes. She didn’t expect everyone to be so gossipy.

    Since she sat here, no less than five groups of people had passed by her, as if she was some kind of zoo animal.

    Qi Huan glanced at Cheng Yubai, who was eating non-stop, then rolled her eyes and asked with a smile, “Cheng Yubai, you and Qu Jianshen are very close, right?”

    Cheng Yubai immediately nodded, “That goes without saying.”

    “Then do you know if Qu Jianshen has any weaknesses or fears?” Qi Huan hurriedly handed Cheng Yubai another drink, very attentive.

    Cheng Yu Bai froze for a moment, staring at Qi Huan for a long time.

    Qi Huan’s heart was weak and her eyes flickered, “Don’t you know?”

    “How long have you and Jianshen known each other?” Cheng Yu Bai asked.

    Qi Huan replied in a daze, “It should be twenty years since I can remember.”

    “I’ve only known Jane Shen for ten years or so, not as long as you have, and you don’t even know what his weaknesses are. How can I know?” Cheng Yu Bai pouted.

    He added, “If I had known, I would have used it to threaten him.”

    Qi Huan was greatly disappointed and instantly lost the enthusiasm she had just felt.

    “But ……” Cheng Yu Bai suddenly remembered something, “I’ve seen the most panicked expression he’s ever had in his life.”

    Qi Huan became interested again and hurriedly asked, “What is it?”

    “One morning in his sophomore year, he suddenly ran out in a panic without taking any leave, and then didn’t come back to class all morning.” Cheng Yu Bai recalled, “Later I asked him what happened, but he never said anything. I remember it was raining heavily that day, and when he returned to school again, he was soaked through, but he still didn’t say a word. Even when the teacher asked him about it, he didn’t say anything.”

    Qi Huan was slightly stunned, her head feeling like it had caught some flash of an image.

    She frowned slightly at the tip of her eyebrows and asked, “Do you remember exactly what date it was?”

    “Then how could I possibly remember?” Cheng Yu Bai shook his head, “It was probably May? Because it was wearing long sleeves, if I remember correctly.”


    It was as if the faucet of memory was instantly turned on, and Qi Huan went back to the second semester of her sophomore year of high school.

    She and Qu Jianshen were in the same school but different classes in high school. Going to school had changed from going to school together to going to school separately. But it so happened that Qi Huan’s parents were on a business trip, and she and her nanny were the only ones at home. Jian Heying had asked Qi Huan to come to her house for dinner and let her and Qu Jianshen go to school together to take care of each other.

    Both Qi Huan and Qu Jianshen were reluctant, but they listened to Jane He Ying’s words.

    But that morning, Qi Huan slept late, so Qu Jianshen left without her, and Qi Huan had a car accident on her way to school.

    Fortunately, her injuries were not serious; only her leg was hurt.

    At that time, what made her sad was not that she had been injured, but that during those days in the hospital, Qu Jianshen had not visited her for a single day.

    For this reason, Qi Huan held a grudge for several months.

    She remembered that it was raining heavily on the day of the accident. Could it be that Qu Jianshen had gone to look for her that day?

    Cheng Yubai’s gaze fell on Qi Huan’s wrist at that moment. The string of diamonds in the bracelets looked familiar. “The bracelet was given to you by Jianshen, right?”

    Qi Huan was slightly stunned as her thoughts followed, “How did you know?”

    “Because I was the one who helped inquire about it. I couldn’t help it after losing the bet.” Cheng Yu Bai picked another piece of dessert from his plate and ate it. His words didn’t stop there. “This kind of blue diamond is quite hard to find. Although it’s not big, this one has reached the brilliant colour level of coloured diamonds, so it goes without saying that it’s precious. The key is that it’s hard to buy even with money. I got the news from a collector.”

    Qi Huan froze again as she touched the bracelet, her heart beating rapidly and indisputably along with it.

    After a moment, she arched her eyebrows and said, “Then I really didn’t lose out on this trip.”

    “But why are you asking about Jane Shen’s weaknesses?” Cheng Yu Bai asked curiously.

    Qi Huan replied with a straight face, “Of course, I want to hold on to him and threaten him!”

    “Excellent.” Cheng Yu Bai gave a thumbs up, “Then remember to tell me when you know. I want to threaten him too.”

    Qi Huan had a righteous look on his face and pretended to be surprised, “You’re going too far. Aren’t you his brother? How dare you try to do such a thing.”

    Cheng Yubai:?

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