Love Ignites A Prairie Fire

Chapter 6. Vile and shameless. You just know how to bully me.

Qi Huan thought nothing of snatching the medical records from Qu Jianshen’s hand, then flipped them open to read them.

When Jiang Ruixia brought the medical records today, she didn’t read them carefully. Firstly, because she trusted Jiang Ruixia, and secondly, because she thought the contents were too complicated and looked like a headache.

Who knew that this person was fooling her like this?

When Qu Jianshen saw that she lowered her head and didn’t say anything, he laughed lightly again, “Huanhuan, the makeup on your face is really ugly.”

Qi Huan:”…..”


Since she had already been poked, she decided to give up on herself. She took out an agreement from her bag and slapped it in front of Qu Jianshen. “Sign it and say that you voluntarily break off the engagement. I will take it back to my parents and this will be over.”

He leaned back lazily and said, in a leisurely tone, “No, I won’t sign.”

Qi Huan gritted her teeth and threatened him, “If you don’t sign it, I’ll come to your office every day from now on, so you won’t be able to work.”

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When she reached the sink, Qu Jianshen asked, “Did you bring your make-up remover?”


Qi Huan was surprised: “You still know about make-up remover?”

She did bring it with her. She wanted to remove her makeup after she saw Qu Jianshen. After all, she didn’t want to leave this kind of makeup on her face for too long.

Qu Jianshen held out his hand, “I also know how to remove makeup.”

There was no mirror here, so Qi Huan thought better of it and took out the makeup remover and cotton pads from her bag and handed them to Qu Jianshen. Then she said, with some hesitation, “Then you mustn’t use bad intentions.”

He said, “You think I’m you, drawing on someone’s face while they’re sleeping.”

Qi Huan looked away sheepishly, knowing that Qu Jianshen was insinuating what she had done to him when she was a student, so she didn’t say anything.

For this sickly makeup, the powder was applied so thickly that even Qi Huan herself could feel it.

Qi Huan’s eyes were closed at this time, and Qu Jianshen’s force was not light or heavy, so she did not feel uncomfortable. On the contrary, she also felt a little comfortable, so she smiled and said, “You are very good at this. Did you help someone remove their makeup? A girlfriend? “

As soon as she said that, Qu Jianshen retaliated by increasing her strength, causing Qi Huan to hiss and say, “You did that on purpose!”

“Yes, on purpose.” Qu Jianshen warned in a low voice, then reached out and cupped Qi Huan’s cheek, “You still dare to talk nonsense?”

Qi Huan’s eyes widened, and she tried to break free, but her chin was tightly squeezed by Qu Jianshen, so she could not move at all.

She spoke in a huff, “Qu Jianshen, let go of me!”


Qi Huan’s face had been cleaned, and the whiteness of her skin was a hundred times better than the thick powder she had applied.

I don’t know if it was because of Qu Jianshen’s pinching or his anger, but the originally fair skin had turned pink, and her puffy cheeks had turned into a blowfish.

Qi Huan clenched her fist and punched Qu Jianshen in the stomach, only to have her hand hurt from the shock of his hard abdominal muscles.

“Woo woo… you just know how to bully me.” When her plan failed, she had to pull out her best move.

Qu Jianshen immediately let go and sighed, “Alright, alright, I won’t tease you anymore.”

At that moment, a passer-by happened to pass by.

“Couples nowadays are so interesting, showing off their love in public.”

Qi Huan:?

Where do they look like a couple? What was it like a love show? She was obviously being bullied by Qu Jianshen!


When she got home, Qi Huan hadn’t even called Jiang Ruixia before this person automatically showed up at the door.

“How did it go? Did Qu Jianshen believe it? Did you agree to break off your engagement?” Jiang Ruixia had been thinking about this all day, so when she heard that Qi Huan had returned, she immediately rushed over.


Qi Huan had many, many things she wanted to say, but she was so angry she didn’t know where to start. She tossed the medical records at her first, “Did you find nothing wrong when you read it yourself?”

Jiang Ruixia took the medical record and flipped through it. She kept sighing at her PS skills, “It’s perfect. I even googled terminal illnesses, and all that came up was ASL, saying that the current medical technology can’t cure it.”

“Then didn’t you look at the symptoms of its onset?” Qi Huan’s head hurt.

Jiang Ruixia froze, “No, I don’t have time to look at it.”

Qi Huan:”…..”

Jiang Ruixia looked at Qi Huan’s face and cautiously opened her mouth to ask, “Was it figured out by Qu Jianshen?”

“More than that.” Qi Huan flipped to the last page again, pointed to the attending doctor’s name, and asked, “Since when did you become my attending doctor?”

Jiang Ruixia scratched her head, “I was careless. I didn’t think much about it at the time, so I just wrote a name on it, thinking that Qu Jianshen wouldn’t look that closely..”

Qi Huan sighed and sat down. “Not only did he not believe me, he even laughed at me.”

Jiang Ruixia asked excitedly: “How exactly did he laugh at you? Tell me.”

Qi Huan tilted her head, suddenly feeling that something was wrong, “Why do I feel that you seem to be quite happy?”

Jiang Ruoxia coughed dryly, “I’m just curious. What was his expression after seeing that makeup of yours?”


“He forced me to take off my makeup.” Qi Huan pursed her lips, “He said it was because his eyes were uncomfortable.”

“Hahahaha!” Jiang Ruoxia leaned back and laughed for three long minutes.

Qi Huan was so angry that she hit Jiang Ruixia several times, “Why are you laughing? Didn’t you have the idea to put on my makeup!”

“Pfft…… Sister Huan, you believe me,” Jiang Yuxia said, shaking her head, trying not to laugh. “Give me another chance. I promise I will make up for my mistakes.”

Qi Huan wanted to cry, “I don’t even dare to go see Qu Jianshen now, just in case he continues to laugh at me ……”

Jiang Ruixia vowed: “Don’t worry, I will think of other ways for you to get rid of Qu Jianshen sooner.”

In this regard, Qi Huan remained skeptical.

At this time, Ye Songlan called, asking Qi Huan to come home for dinner tomorrow night, and Qi Huan obliged.



Jian He Ying asked Qu Jianshen to come home for dinner in the evening for a family get-together.

The photos Qi Huan took of Qu Jian Yi were also sent to her, so she hurriedly showed them to Jane He-Ying.

“Sister Huanhuan is really good at taking photos. I want to wash these photos for my collection!” Qu Jianyi said happily.

Jian Heying also smiled, “Send me the photos, I’ll set them as my phone’s screensaver.”

Qu Shuyuan came over from the side and also smiled, “Then send them to me too. I’ll set my baby daughter’s photos as my phone’s wallpaper too, and show them off to everyone.”

Head to head, the three of them sat on the sofa picking out the photos, not even noticing that Qu Jianshen had already entered the room.

“What are you looking at?” The clear and deep voice was obviously very melodious, but at this moment it was like the voice of the devil from hell.

The three of them trembled in fear, and Qu Jianyi hid her phone in a panic before she stiffened and turned her head back, “Brother, you’re back?”

Qu Shuyuan cleared his throat, got up, and said to Qu Jianshen, “Jianshen, there’s something about the company that I want to talk to you about. Let’s go to the study.”

As he said that, he gave a wink to Jian Heying and Qu Jianyi.

Only after Qu Shu Yuan pulled Qu Jianshen away did Qu Jian Yi let out a sigh of relief, “That was terrible. It was so close to being discovered.”

“Jianshen strongly opposes you getting involved with the entertainment industry,” Jian He Ying sighed helplessly. “If he knew about it, he would definitely be angry.”

Qu Jinyi was a little upset: “It’s my life. Why does brother have to interfere so much! I wish someone would fix him!”

Jian He-Ying patted her on the shoulder and said, with a smile, “There’s Huanhuan. I think Huanhuan can eat him to death.”

“But Sister Huanhuan says she doesn’t like my brother and says she wants to break off the engagement.” Qu Jian Yi said.

Jian He Ying blinked in surprise, “Huanhuan really said that?”

Qu Jian Yi nodded her head.

Jane He-Ying smiled amusedly, “Then it’s more interesting. There’s going to be a good time for Jianshen.”

After the meal.

Qu Jianyi made a special trip to Qu Jianshen’s room.

“Brother, can I come in?” She knocked on the door.

Qu Jianshen answered from inside, “Come in.”

Qu Jianyi entered the door and her eyes rolled before she spoke, “Brother, I want to ask you something.”

“Speak.” Qu Jianshen put down his book and looked at her.

Qu Jian Yi boldly asked, “Brother, what is your relationship with Sister Huanhuan now?”

“Why are you asking this?” Qu Jianshen asked in return.

Qu Jian Yi pretended not to care while surreptitiously checking out Qu Jianshen’s face, “It’s nothing. Two days ago, when Sister Huanhuan came to help me at school, a male friend of mine fell in love with Sister Huanhuan at first sight and asked me if Sister Huanhuan had a boyfriend. He also asked if I could give him her contact information or something.”

Qu Jianshen looked slightly changed, pursed his lips, and asked, “You gave it?”

 “Not yet. I’m just asking you for your opinion, brother.” Qu Jianyi replied with a smirk.

Qu Jianshen pretended to speak carelessly, “Huanhuan shouldn’t like someone that much younger than her.”

“But youth is capital!” Qu Jian Yi opened her mouth to retort.

Qu Jianshen raised his eyes lightly, and his tone took on a hint of displeasure. “Do you think I’m old?”

Qu Jian Yi’s scalp was numb, and she quickly shook her head, “Brother is not old. Since Sister Huanhuan would not like it, I will definitely not give him the contact information. I’ll go out first if there’s nothing else, brother. You’re busy!”

After saying that, Qu Jian Yi scurried out as fast as if someone was chasing after him.


Qi Huan had finished eating at home, and after listening to Ye Songlan and Qi Hao’s nagging, she also took the opportunity to sneak out. She just didn’t expect to meet Qu Jianshen right after she left the house.

The fake medical records were only a day old, so Qi Huan didn’t want to see Qu Jianshen. She turned around and closed the door.

But then Qu Jianshen followed her, “Why are you running away when you see me?”

Qi Huan muttered in a low voice, “You know what you’re doing.”

Qu Jianshen lowered his eyes and said with a smile, “Next Thursday’s dinner party, you’ll go with me.”

Hearing him bring up this matter again, Qi Huan still subconsciously refused, “I’m not going.”

After she finished speaking, she wanted to close the door and go home, but Qu Jianshen followed her closely.

“What are you doing?” Qi Huan asked in an unpleasant manner.

Qu Jianshen spoke in a leisurely tone, “I haven’t seen my aunt and uncle for a long time, so I’d like to talk about your pretending to be sick.”

When Qi Huan heard this, her head almost exploded. She immediately pushed Qu Jianshen to the door, “You are really despicable and shameless!”

Qu Jianshen’s expression remained unchanged as he raised his eyebrows and returned, “You just saw that?”

Qi Huan gritted her teeth and was forced to nod her head, “Go, go all right.”

Qu Jianshen hooked his lips pleasantly: “When are you going back, I can send you.”

Qi Huan raised her eyes in surprise, “Do you think I will still take your car after you threatened me?”

Qu Jianshen’s eyes tilted slightly, “It’s possible.”

Half an hour later, Qi Huan was firmly seated in Qu Jianshen’s passenger seat.

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