Love Ignites A Prairie Fire

Chapter 5 . I’m sick. The doctor says I won’t live to be thirty……

The lights were bright and there was a moment of silence in the box.

Qi Huan’s heartbeat felt suffocated and she looked at Qu Jian Shen in a daze.

“Don’t you know my selfish thoughts?” Qu Jian Shen suddenly smiled, “I’m really grateful for this sudden engagement. It saved me so much trouble.”

Qi Huan gritted her teeth, looking at Qu Jian Shen’s piercing smile. She really wanted to throw the peanut rice in her hand in his face.

“You are so annoying! I can’t even eat my rice!”


Qu Jian Shen laughed lightly and lifted his chin to look at the table, gesturing, “Most of the dishes on the table were eaten by you, and you even ate two bowls of rice.”

Qi Huan:”…..”

Did she need his reminder?

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Ck Twyd:”…..”

Then she must break off the engagement before it spreads!



The comic had finished, and Qi Huan had a rather long break. Plus, the one she drew earlier, My Lord of the Brocade, suddenly exploded and was picked up by the film and TV company. She signed the contract and sent it back to the comic company along with it.

A new comic story was still being conceived, and in her spare time, she would always take her sketchbook with her and find a place to sit where people came and went. She observed the demeanour and movements of pedestrians and recorded them as inspiration.

At noon, Qi Huan collected her sketchbook.

Jiang Ruixia worked in a nearby building and it was lunch break, so Qi Huan asked her to join her for lunch.

In the restaurant, Qi Huan couldn’t help but sigh, “Xia Xia, what do you think I should do? I’m going to be married at a young age.”

Jiang Ruixia held back her laughter and teased, “It’s good that God has given you a quality husband for free. That’s Qu Jian Shen, the husband of many people’s dreams.”

Qi Huan glared at her, “Why are you even praising him?”

“Sister Huan, tell me the truth. You don’t like Qu Jian Shen at all?” Jiang Ruoxia asked curiously.

Qi Huan immediately raised her right hand and swore, “I, Qi Huan, swear that if I like Qu Jian Shen, I will be struck by lightning.”

“Not so much.” Jiang Ruoxia waved her hand, then couldn’t help but turn sideways to look out the window again.

Qi Huan blinked, a little confused: “What are you looking at?”


“To see if lightning is coming to strike you.” Jiang Ruixia replied quickly.

Qi Huan:”…..”

Jiang Ruixia was shocked to realise that she had let her mouth slip and laughed sarcastically, “It seems that the oath you took is true.”

“What do you think I should do?” Qi Huan held her cheeks with a resistant look, “I really want to break this engagement, but my parents say it was set by my grandfather’s generation, and Qu Jian Shen’s side won’t let go.”

As Jiang Ruoxia thought for a while, she said, “It seems that the problem lies with Qu Jian Shen. As long as he lets go, this matter might be solved.”

“I think so too!” Qi Huan pursed her lips and her dark eyes were full of dissatisfaction, “But I’ve talked my mouth off and he won’t even do it because he wants to use me as a shield!”

“Or ……” Jiang Ruixia’s voice paused slightly, then she reached out and wiped her hand on her neck, “Get rid of him!”

Qi Huan just happened to pick up her orange juice at this time and took a sip. She almost spewed it out because of these words. Luckily, she swallowed it in time, but she also coughed violently because of it.

“Cough cough cough …… Xia Xia, you should watch less TV. I don’t want to have to visit you in the bureau for the rest of my life.” Qi Huan said with a smile as she smoothed out her breath.

Jiang Ruixia puffed out a laugh, “Okay, I’m not kidding anymore, but I think there’s still a way.”

“What solution?” Qi Huan hurried over to ask.

“Pretend to be sick.” Jiang Ruixia came up with the idea, “And the kind that is terminally ill.”


A hint of hesitation crossed Qi Huan’s face. “How can I fake it? It will be easy for Qu Jian Shen to see the flaw, right?”

“Just make a fake medical record. I can do that.” Jiang Ruixia spoke up enthusiastically, “It’ll be just like the real thing. Qu Jian Shen won’t be able to tell.”

As if seeing a bright future, Qi Huan held Jiang Ruixia’s hand and said, “When it succeeds, I will definitely treat you to a good meal.”


It was late afternoon.

When Qi Huan went back, she saw that Qu Jianyi had sent a message to her, saying that she wanted to ask for her help.

Although she didn’t like Qu Jian Shen, she liked his sister, Qu Jianyi. They were five years apart, but they could talk about a lot of things, especially on the topic of trolling Qu Jian Shen. They had a lot of empathy.

Qi Huan called Qu Jianyi, and she was quickly connected.

“Sister Huanhuan, do you have time tomorrow? Our club has an event, but we haven’t been able to find anyone to take pictures, and I know that Sister Huanhuan has good photography skills.” Qu Jian Yi spoke sweetly, “Can you do me a favour, please Sister Huanhuan? I can treat Sister Huanhuan to a delicious meal.”

Qi Huan had been tied up with trivial matters for the past two days and needed a change of mood, so she agreed with a smile, “Sure, send me the time and place. I’ll bring my SLR tomorrow.”

“I knew Sister Huanhuan was the best!” Qu Jian Yi boasted happily.

The next day, Qi Huan went to Xichuan University, which was also her alma mater. She felt at ease everywhere she went on campus.


Today, she was wearing a cropped top with a floral one-line neck and light-colored jeans. Her long hair was tied up in a high ponytail and tied with a grass-green hairband, and her white and delicate face would not look different even if she blended in with the students.

When Qu Jian Yi saw Qi Huan, she waved at her, and the students next to her were stunned.

They all knew that Qu Jian Yi had found a sister she knew to help out, but they didn’t expect Qi Huan to be so beautiful.

There was no shortage of boys in the club, and their eyes were almost all on Qi Huan at this moment, unable to move away.

“Sister Huanhuan, here!” Qu Jian Yi almost jumped up.

Qi Huan was a friendly person, so she wasn’t too reserved when she saw a large group of people, smiling and saying, “Hello, my name is Qi Huan. I’m Jian Yi’s sister.”

Qu Jian Yi immediately took Qi Huan’s arm and introduced the rest of the club one by one.

This was a dance club, and they had been asked to help Qi Huan take more photos for an event they were performing at today. It was not like they hadn’t asked other people to help them, but the pictures they took were almost too blurry to look at.

Qu Jian Yi knew that Qi Huan had studied photography before and had taken part in some events when she was at school, so she was the first person she thought of.

It was the first time that Qi Huan saw this kind of dressing for a performance. The black suspenders slimmed the body and showed off the curves, while the red pleated skirt neutralised the strength and added a bit of girlish playfulness.

This mix and match style was very different from the Qu Jianyi that Qi Huan usually saw. She smiled slightly and said, “Are you hiding it from Qu Jianshen?”

Qu Janyi folded her hands and begged for mercy, “Sister, help me keep it a secret.”


The performance was held outside a shopping mall, and many people were invited to the opening performance. Qu Jianyi and the girls were among them.

The songs they danced to were all by popular girl groups, which Qi Huan had heard of, but this was the first time she had seen Qu Jianyi on stage in such a reckless and open manner.

Qi Huan took a lot of photos of Qu Jianyi in the C-seat. In her opinion, Qu Jianyi was just a little bit short of a professional girl group’s idol.

In the evening, Qi Huan treated them to a hot pot and showed them the photos. “I’ll fix them for you guys when I get back and send them to Jian Yi then.”

“Wow, Sister Huanhuan is so good at taking photos, I feel like I look like an idol!”

“The shot makes me look really good hehehe.”

Qu Jian Yi also saw her own. She took a picture of herself on it. It was blurry, but she happily said, “I’ll send it to my mum to see.”

 “Aunt Ying knows?” Qi Huan was surprised.

Qu Jian Yi whispered back, “My brother is the only one at home who doesn’t know, and my parents are helping me hide it. I was scolded by my brother for wanting to enter the entertainment industry, so now I don’t dare say anything.”

Qi Huan snorted coldly, “Who is he to meddle with other people’s dreams? I support you!”

Qu Jian Yi happily hugged Qi Huan, “Thank you sister Huanhuan, when will you become my sister-in-law? Then someone will be able to control my brother!”

Qi Huan:?

Qi Huan was stunned at Qu Jian Yi’s opinion. She said with a smile, “Sister Huanhuan doesn’t think I know. My mum told me a long time ago. If I had to choose, I would also choose Sister Huanhuan.”

The corners of Qi Huan’s mouth twitched. “Have you forgotten all those years when we spat on Qu Jian Shen together? I don’t like him.”

Qu Jian Yi couldn’t help but nod. “It seems that my brother’s temper is really unpleasant, so what about Sister Huanhuan?”

“Of course, I should break off the engagement with your brother.” Qi Huan curled her eyes, “Don’t worry, it’s only a matter of time.”


On Saturday, Jiang Ruixia came to the house with her fake medical records and helped Qi Huan put on her sickly makeup.

When Qi Huan took a look in the mirror, she almost thought she was really suffering from some incurable disease.

With her pale, bloodless cheeks, sunken eyes, and dark circles, she looked like a patient who was about to collapse and die.

“Wow, Xia Xia.” Qi Huan couldn’t help but give Jiang Ruixia a thumbs up.

Jiang Ruixia put away her make-up tools and also reminded, “Later on, you should try to speak in a lower voice, in a thin tone, so that it sounds like you will break at any moment.”

Qi Huan squeezed her throat and opened her mouth in a thin voice: “Ahem… is that… like this ……”

This time it was Jiang Ruixia who gave Qi Huan a thumbs up, “Yes, keep it up.”

Qi Huan asked Qu Jian Shen to meet up in a coffee shop. When she went out, she even wore a hat and a mask, so as to not scare others.

When Qu Jian Shen first arrived, she shook her upper body and coughed several times afterwards.

A voice as thin as a silk slowly spoke: “You’re here ……”

Qu Jian Shen surveyed her and also followed with a frown: “What’s wrong? Where are you not comfortable?”

Qi Huan sighed in a small voice: “I went to the hospital for a checkup two days ago.”

At that, Qu Jian Shen’s face suddenly tightened up. “What about the test results?”

Qi Huan pretended to cough twice more, “The doctor said I won’t live past thirty. I don’t want to get you involved, so let’s break off the engagement.”

Qu Jian Shen’s expression softened slightly. He leaned back slightly, then smiled and said, “Which quack doctor said that? Others have high fevers in the rain, while you are alive and well in the rain [1]. I don’t believe it.”

Qi Huan:”…..”

Seeing that he didn’t believe it, Qi Huan decided to pull out the trick. First, she took off her hat and mask, then took out her medical records with a forlorn look, “Look at it yourself; I may not really live long. Today you promise to break off the engagement. Good for you, good for me, and good for everyone.”

Qu Jian Shen stared at her face for a long time before looking down at the medical records.

Qi Huan quietly raised her eyes to look at Qu Jian Shen’s face. Seeing that he had not said anything, this heart was also in a state of flux.

“Have you finished reading it?” She asked in a small voice.

Qu Jian Shen looked up with a light smile under his eyes, “Huanhuan, do you know what ALS is?”


“Also, your attending doctor’s name is Jiang Ruixia, right?”


[1] It means that she is perfectly healthy and doesn’t get sick, even when others would in the same circumstance.

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