Love Ignites A Prairie Fire

Chapter 27. Going to Huanhuan’s house. Is this being abandoned by Qi Huan?

For a while, the atmosphere in the office was almost stagnant.

The two of them were facing each other, not giving way to each other.

After hearing this sentence, Qu Jian’s expression changed slightly, and she couldn’t help but feel a little more hurt when she looked at Qi Huan. “Huanhuan…”

Qi Huan looked away, pretending she didn’t see it, and continued: “I hate your sex as much as Jianyi. Even though she is your sister, she is an independent person. Why are you using your thoughts to interfere with her life? “

Qu Jianshen spoke helplessly, “I just want her to have a smoother life. Is that wrong too? “


Qi Huan sniffed at this sentence. After a slight sniff, she immediately got angry and said, “Your idea is right, but your approach is wrong. You hope that she can live well, but it should be to protect her from the wind and rain, not to lock her up at home.”

She didn’t show any mercy, “That’s a funny way to think!”

Qu Jianshen was slightly stunned for a moment, suddenly unable to find the words to retort.

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“Rv pllxp zkjl vblu alyzzu bye y qktbv, lb?”

“What did the president do to upset Miss Qi Huan?”


“I can be sure that Miss Qi Huan’s blush this time is from being angry. It’s not the same as last time, eh? “

The crowd muttered in whispers, and Xu Ling also had quite a headache. He immediately said, “Everyone disperse. Go to work.”

After dispersing the crowd, Xu Ling went into Qu Jianshen’s office, “Boss, do you still need to greet Miss Jianyi about the matter?”

Qu Jianshen pinched his brow, his face showing fatigue, “Not for now.”

Xu Ling didn’t know what the two had argued about inside the office, but still spoke out to comfort, “Boss, if you have a good chat with Miss Qi Huan, she shouldn’t be angry anymore.”

Qu Jianshen let out a bitter smile, “I hope so.”


When Qi Huan was out of the He-Yuan building, Jiang Ruixia happened to call.

“Sister Huan, I quit. Fuck that bullshit!” Jiang Ruixia gave a fierce scolding.

Qi Huan was also in a bad mood, so she said, “Xia Xia, why don’t you come sleep at my place today. I’ll call another person and we’ll have hot pot together to vent.”

Although she was not a good cook, a hot pot with a hot pot base would be all right.

After the deal was made, Qi Huan first went to the supermarket to buy some ingredients.


Soon after she arrived home, Jiang Ru Xia and Qu Jianyi arrived almost at the same time.

The two looked at each other, both unfamiliar with each other.

“Qu Jianyi, Qu Jianshen’s younger sister.” Qi Huan introduced the two to each other, “Jiang Ruixia, my good friend.”

“Hello, Sister Xia Xia.” Qu Jianyi greeted her nicely.

Jiang Ruixia took a look at Qu Jianyi and said with a smile, “Looks like Qu Jianshen’s family has good genes. Everyone is so good looking.”

“Don’t associate me with that person.” Qu Jianyi pursed her lips and said unhappily, “I hate him!”

Jiang Ruixia immediately turned her gaze to Qi Huan, asking with her eyes why.

Qi Huan pulled the two of them into the living room and then told them the whole story, “I even went to Qu Jianshen’s company this afternoon and had a fight with him.”

Qu Jianyi looked at her in amazement, “Sister Huanhuan, you really went there, huh?”

“You’re good. What was the result?” Jiang Ruoxia asked from the side.

Qi Huan sighed sullenly. “No result.”

Seeing this, Qu Jianyi comforted Qi Huan instead, saying, “It’s okay, my brother has had this idea for a year or two. He is an old-fashioned person. But I’m already happy to hear that you yelled him.”


Jian Ruixia also frowned, “People who interfere with other people’s lives are the most annoying.”

“Exactly!” Qu Jianyi immediately echoed.

 Friendship came very quickly after the girls reached a consensus.

As the hot pot was cooking, Qu Jianyi and Jiang Ru Xia chatted away as they drank.

“Jianyi’s appearance will definitely become popular when she enters the entertainment industry. Qu Jianshen is really capable of doing this kind of thing. I remember when he gave resources to Ji Xiao. He was so quick to do so!”

Qi Huan had just raised her beer can to take a sip when it was replaced with juice by Jiang Ruixia.

She bristled, then took a sip of the juice and said, “That’s what I said to him. He said it was for Jianyi’s own good. “

“Help me. I’m most afraid of people who come to dictate other people’s lives under the guise of doing what’s best for you. ” Jiang Ruixia patted Qu Jianyi’s shoulder and said, “You have a long life ahead of you. It is most important to do what you like. I unilaterally yelled at the leader today. Even if I resign, it doesn’t mean I can’t live. I’m used to them. “

Qu Jianyi was slightly stunned, then her mind turned and she nodded, “You guys are right. I have to show my brother my determination!”

As the three of them chatted happily, they became drunk.

Qi Huan stole a glass of wine and was already nearing her limit.

“Sister Huanhuan, you really shouldn’t be with my brother. He’s not good enough for you at all.” Qu Jianyi had drunk too much and was already on top of her head by now. She began to count Qu Jianshen’s flaws, “He’s arrogant and rude. You won’t be happy with him!”


“Yes, what if after you marry him, he locks you up at home and doesn’t let you go out? Then says he’s protecting you. That’s not the end of it.” Jiang Ruixia also added after her.

Qu Jianyi nodded, “My brother could definitely do it. He’s a devil!”


In the following days, Qu Jianshen called and sent messages to Qi Huan, but they were all ignored.

Qu Jianshen looked at the information on the mobile phone. He was sending it unilaterally, but there was no response from her. He had no choice but to bend his lips and finally had to make an appointment with Cheng Yubai and the three of them to drink and get drunk.

When Cheng Yubai saw Qu Jianshen enter, he couldn’t help but tease him, “I remember someone said that he wouldn’t drink with us anymore. What’s wrong? Is this a case of being abandoned by Qi Huan?”

He narrowed his eyes slightly and he looked at Cheng Yubai with a warning look.

Cheng Yubai was already depressed about something, so at this moment, he was also frantically bouncing on Qu Jianshen’s thunder point. He even provocatively said, “I can tell by the look on your face that I’ve got you right, hahaha!”

Qu Jianshen didn’t reply to his words. Without saying a word, he took out his mobile phone and said, “Hello, is this Uncle Cheng?”

Cheng Yubai’s face changed and he immediately went over to grab the phone, “Qu Jianshen, you don’t have to do that!”

He didn’t dial the number at all: “If you say it again, I’ll really call.”

Cheng Yubai: “..”

Damn, he had been set up again!

Xie Xin and Jiang Ye also rarely saw Qu Jianshen so aggressive at times and asked with a smile, “What’s wrong with you today? Aren’t you used to this kind of provocation from Yubai?”

“Jianyi wanted to enter the entertainment industry and was criticised by me. I threatened her that if she wanted to enter the entertainment industry again, I would let her not get a single role.” Qu Jian said in a low voice.

Jiang Ye raised his eyebrows: “You’re really great.You are actually treating Jianyi like this?”

Qu Jianshen rubbed his brow and continued, “I’m just worried that she’ll be bullied in the entertainment industry.”

Cheng Yubai grunted next to him and muttered discontentedly, “With a brother like you, who would dare to bully her? Who doesn’t know how miserable it is to be targeted by you? I think anyone who has a mind to do so is fed up of living.”

“That’s right, Jianshen, you’re too worried about her.” Xie Xin also nodded.

Qu Jianshen frowned slightly and sighed softly again. “Huanhuan came over to me after she found out about this. She was unhappy with what I did, then scolded me and said she hated me.”

“Qi Huan is worthy of being a warrior. She’ll be my role model in life from now on.” Cheng Yubai spoke up again in a sinister manner.

Qu Jianshen didn’t bother to pay attention to Cheng Yubai’s words, and silently picked up his glass of wine and drank it down.

Jiang Ye gave Cheng Yubai a wink to keep his mouth shut and then said comfortingly, “Qi Huan and Jianyi are already close, so it’s inevitable that she will be angry when you do this. I think you still need to think about how this matter should be resolved, otherwise both sides will be a problem.”

Xie Xin also glanced towards Qu Jianshen, “You’re also too strict with Jianyi. She will definitely be unhappy. “

“Qi Huan is right; if you’re born to die, don’t you still want to live.” Cheng Yubai wanted to give Qi Huan a round of applause.

Qu Jianshen pursed his lips and didn’t say anything, picking up his glass of wine again and drinking it.


The party was over and everyone dispersed.

Qu Jianshen had too much to drink and could not help rubbing his eyebrows as soon as he got in the car.

At this time, Xu Ling also handed Qu Jianshen all the information about the investigation of Qu Jianyi and then said: “In addition to her daily extracurricular activities, Miss Jianyi will go to two acting classes and one dance class every week. She will also take part in stage performances with friends when she has time on weekends, some of which are free, and some of which are paid.”

Qu Jianshen flipped through the information and there were some pictures of Qu Jianyi on it. Even though the classes were packed and rushed, she almost always had a smile on her face, as if she didn’t feel tired at all.

“There is also a video of Miss Jianyi dancing here. It was uploaded to the internet by a passerby who watched it live. Would the boss like to see it?” Xu Ling opened the tablet and asked afterwards.

 Qu Jianshen took it and pressed the play button.

It was a dress that was not at all like the usual Qu Jianyi. She was looking radiant, smiling on the stage, as if she was doing the happiest thing.

“Miss Jianyi has gone to Film City several times as a group actress, and got her first role with lines just a while ago.” Xu Ling took a look at Qu Jianshen’s face and couldn’t help but say, “It looks like Miss Jianyi really likes this job.”

Qu Jianshen put the tablet and the information aside, then closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair, “Drive.”

Xu Ling didn’t dare continue saying anything, and started the car to set off.

Abruptly, Qu Jianshen then spoke out again, “Go to Huanhuan’s house.”

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