Love Ignites A Prairie Fire

Chapter 25. It’s a date. I’m going to bed with Huanhuan, good night.

There was one more sentence in this wish that she crossed out.

—kissing under the fireworks.

Qi Huan’s heartbeat seemed to match the sound of the fireworks, thumping and pounding, each one more intense than the other.

When Qu Jianshen saw that Qi Huan hadn’t said anything, he couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong? Don’t you like it? “

Qi Huan’s lips pursed slightly as she asked, “I wrote this in my diary. How did you know about it? “


“You showed me your wish diary on your birthday and asked me to pick one of them to help you achieve it. Did you forget that? ” Qu Jianshen smiled lightly.

Qi Huan remembered, but many of the wishes she wrote in that diary were ridiculous and unrealistic, such as going for a walk on the moon and catching stars in the Milky Way.

She had forgotten about them and never thought that they would come true, but what she didn’t expect was that Qu Jianshen would still remember them.

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After the fireworks show was over, it was time to leave the amusement park.

“How can the day go by so quickly?” Qi Huan was a bit reluctant to part with it.

Qu Jianshen looked at her and smiled, “You don’t want to leave? Do you want to stay overnight? “

Qi Huan was a bit excited. “A tent seems good!”

As the two of them talked, they also arrived at the entrance of the amusement park.

There was a row of crane machines placed here for visitors to relax.

Qu Jianshen glanced towards Qi Huan and asked, “Didn’t you like catching dolls a lot before? Do you want to try it now?”

Once Qi Huan saw the crane machines, she looked a bit wan, “I used to like it, but not after spending so much money on it.”

There was a time in her junior high school days when she was crazy about crane machines. She went there every day after school with coins, but after investing thousands of dollars in them, she hadn’t caught a single doll.

She even begged Ye Songlan to buy a crane machine for her to play with at home, only to be ruthlessly rejected.

After being cheated out of her money and heart, Qi Huan gave up and learned the hard way that it was better to buy dolls than to catch them. At least you’d be in a better mood!

“Why don’t we try the ones here? Maybe we can catch them.” Qu Jianshen suggested.


Qi Huan hummed, “You think I don’t know that the crane machines outside are all tuned? I can’t catch them at all.”

Qu Jianshen smiled and said, “The amusement park hasn’t opened yet, so maybe it’s not tuned?”

Qi Huan’s eyes lit up and she jumped at the chance, “That makes sense!”

She took out her phone and swiped the code to pay five yuan and had three chances to catch a doll.

Qi Huan had her eye on a puppy doll that looked like a Maltese inside. After moving her wrist a bit, she started to manipulate the joystick, dangling her paws precisely over the doll. Then she pressed the button.

As it was the first time, Qi Huan didn’t have much hope. And, as expected, the paw only caught the doll’s ears before falling off.

“Are you sure you didn’t tune it?” She couldn’t help but question.

Qu Jianshen looked as normal, “There are still two more chances.”

Qi Huan’s cheeks puffed out slightly, and she breathed a sigh of relief again. Then, she picked herself up to start the second challenge.

But the claw picked up, but the doll fell again when the claw hit upwards.

“This cheating machine!” Qi Huan was so angry that she hammered her fist on the crane machine.

Qu Jianshen gave a clear cough, “One more chance.”


Qi Huan pushed her anger down and decided to try one last chance.

She couldn’t help but leap in her heart as she watched her claws grip the doll, then she folded her hands in silent prayer.

The claw gripped the doll and slid wobbly towards the exit, looking very unsteady as it only caught a small part of the doll’s head.

“Hang in there, hang in there ……”

Qi Huan silently prayed in her heart.

Finally, the claws clamped the doll to the exit, and with a gentle release, the doll fell and rolled straight out.

Qi Huan: !!!

She froze for three seconds, then reacted, “Qu Jianshen, did you see that? I caught it!”

Qu Jianshen laughed afterwards, “I saw it, it was awesome.”

Qi Huan picked up the Maltese and looked at it back and forth. Then she hugged it in her arms. Her eyes curved as she smiled, “This is the first time I’ve caught a doll from a crane machine! I’m so lucky today. I’m going to take a picture and post it to my friends!”

Qu Jianshen curled his lips, “I’ll go and bring the car over.”

Qi Huan’s attention was not on Qu Jianshen’s side at all. She took a picture and sent it to her circle of friends with pride.


She had now learned a new truth. The dolls she could buy without spending money were the happiest, and the dolls she caught with her own hands were even happier!


The first comment was received within a few seconds after the circle of friends was sent.

The first comment I received was [Ye Songlan]: You can still catch dolls?

Qi Huan was very angry when she saw it, and because she was being questioned. She directly sent an invitation for a video call to Ye Songlan.

When the video opened, Ye Songlan was putting on a mask.

Qi Huan directly showed her the crane machine at the back and explained, in a huff, “See, I caught it from here. You are not allowed to slander my achievements!”

Ye Songlan was a little surprised, “You can catch it even at that level? Then would I have to empty the crane machine if I were to go?”

Qi Huan:?

She didn’t believe it!

“Mom, you don’t have to brag.” Qi Huan grunted, “It takes skill.”

“Where did you get the crane machine?” Ye Songlan asked curiously.

Qi Huan immediately showed her the carousel in the background, saying, “This is the Star Lake Amusement Park that hasn’t opened yet. Oh, Qu Jianshen brought me here. I played here all day today and there was not a single person. It was only open to me!”

Ye Songlan looked closer and then exclaimed, “You’re dating Jianshen! It’s only been so long since we’ve seen each other and you’ve already gone this far?”

Qi Huan instantly panicked, then retorted, “What dating? We’re not dating.”

Ye Songlan was puzzled: “Going to an amusement park together is not a date?”

Qi Huan’s heart skipped a beat, and she hurriedly said, “Mom, don’t talk nonsense.”

“You’re still shy.” Ye Songlan gave a tsk.

At that moment, Qu Jianshen just drove the car over and parked it right in front of Qi Huan.

Seeing him staring at her, Qi Huan always had a feeling of being seen through.

She said, in a small voice, “Mom, I’m going back. I won’t talk anymore, bye.”

When she got into the car, Qu Jianshen asked, “Calling Aunt Lan?”

Qi Huan’s mind instantly rang with Ye Songlan’s words and her cheeks couldn’t help but follow, “I was showing her the doll I caught. She doesn’t even believe me.”

Qu Jianshen’s lips curved slightly as he started the car and left.

On the way home, Qi Huan hugged the doll and never let go of it.

Qu Jianshen glanced over and couldn’t help but say, “I gave you a doll. How come I didn’t see you like it so much.”

Qi Huan was in a calmer state of mind and replied with curved eyes, “This is something I caught with my own hands. It means something completely different.”

Qu Jianshen shook his head helplessly.

When they arrived at the bottom of the block, the two of them got out of the car together.

Qu Jianshen walked around the front of the car and prepared to walk Qi Huan into the lift.

“Just drop me here.” Qi Huan stopped. She looked up at Qu Jianshen and said, with arched eyebrows, “Thank you for granting my wish today, so let me give you a gift.”

Qu Jianshen was slightly stunned when he saw Qi Huan handing the Maltese doll to him, “Didn’t you like it very much?”

“It’s because I like it so much that I’m giving it to you.” Qi Huan finished and threatened, “If you lose it, I will be angry.”

Qu Jianshen took it and smiled lightly, “Can I give it a name?”

“As long as it’s not called Qi Huan, it’s fine.” Qi Huan said immediately.

Qu Jianshen laughed lowly, “Good, then I’ll call it Huan Huan.”

Qi Huan:?

She was starting to regret giving it away.


After returning home, Qi Huan took a shower.

As soon as she came out, Jiang Ruuxia also called.

“You’ve been catching dolls? It doesn’t look like you’re alone, huh?” She asked gossipingly.

Qi Huan pursed her lips and said, “I went to Star Lake Amusement Park with Qu Jianshen and caught them there.”

Jiang Ruixia froze, then said in confusion, “Didn’t they say that the park would only open next month? I remember it seemed to be officially open on National Day?”

Qi Huan smiled and said, “Star Lake Amusement Park is also owned by He Yuan, so Qu Jianshen took me there in advance.”

“This isn’t a chartered park anymore. This is an amusement park that is owned by his family, ah.” Jiang Ruixia couldn’t help but snicker, “This is simply inhuman!”

Speaking of today’s experience in the park, Qi Huan was inexplicably excited. “I experienced all the facilities in the park. I went bungee jumping several times, and the restaurant’s taste was also very good. I also watched a fireworks show at night; it was really good. Beautiful!”

Jiang Ruixia listened silently and caught a key point, “So you’re kind of going on a date with Qu Jianshen today, huh?”

At that, Qi Huan’s heart jumped, and she retorted, “This is not a date. Why are you saying the same thing as my mother ……”

“A man and a woman going to an amusement park together. How is that not a date?” Jiang Yuxia tsked twice, “Who else would go to that place with friends of the opposite sex?”

Qi Huan instantly fell silent.

“Not to mention the fact that you two have a marriage contract.” Jiang Ruoxia added another flame, “What’s with this three-month dissolution of marriage? You might as well just get married.”

Qi Huan:”…..”

“Isn’t that what they do in dramas? Within three months, you guys will be good together.” Jiang Ruixia heatedly laughed, “Anyway, all your schemes have been discovered by Qu Jianshen. Don’t struggle, Sister Huan. Be brave!”

Qi Huan was speechless: “You go away.”

After saying goodnight to Jiang Ruixia, it took Qi Huan some time to calm down her racing heart. She was all set to go to sleep when her phone vibrated.

She opened it and found that Qu Jianshen had sent a photo over.

It was the Maltese doll she had caught today. Qu Jianshen had placed it on his bed and taken a picture to send to her.

Qi Huan even clicked on the picture to look at it. The more she looked at it, the better she felt.

While she was still immersed in the thought that this was the doll she had caught and she was so good, a new message came through at that moment.

[Qu Jianshen]: I’m going to bed with Huanhuan. Good night.

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