Love Ignites A Prairie Fire

Chapter 23. Behave yourself… there should be some punishment

There was a moment of silence in the living room.

Qi Huan spent dozens of seconds standing in place, but she couldn’t digest this fact.

“How is it possible? It’s impossible… ” Her voice got smaller and smaller, and finally she lost her breath.

Qu Jian looked at her calmly. “Otherwise, come and see for yourself.”

Qi Huan shifted her steps reluctantly. Originally, she could only see some red marks from a long distance, but now that she got closer, the teeth marks were very clear.


Qu Jianshen’s skin was very fair, and his collarbone was clear, so the row of teeth marks were particularly obvious.

“Did I really bite you?” She still couldn’t believe it.

Qu Jianshen raised his eyebrows at her: “Did I bite it myself?”

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Ck Twyd:”…..”

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Ck Twyd: “……”

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“Are you Qu Jianshen?” She slapped her hand on Qu Jianshen’s face with such force that it could almost be described as a punch to the face.


Qu Jianshen grabbed her hand and helplessly held her waist, “Be good.”

“I won’t.” When Qi Huan squeezed Qu Jianshen’s face, her eyes were hazy, as if they contained watery mist, “Qu Jianshen is a son of a bitch, don’t you think so?”

Qu Jianshen sighed helplessly, “If this can make you feel happy, then you can say yes.”

Qi Huan instantly curled her eyes and said happily, “Then for a bastard, there should be some punishment!”

Before Qu Jianshen could react, Qi Huan had already opened her mouth and bit him on his collarbone.

He frowned slightly, but did not push her away.

On the other hand, the culprit, Qi Huan, even spat out after biting into it, “It’s so hard. It’s not tasty at all!”

Qu Jianshen laughed in exasperation, but there was nothing he could do about Qi Huan.

When the lift arrived, he carried Qi Huan to the door, but Qi Huan covered her mouth and started to dry heave again.

Qu Jianshen quickly opened the door, but before he could help Qi Huan go to the bathroom, she vomited in the living room.

“I wanted to send you back and leave, but you threw up all over the floor, causing me to clean up for a long time.” Qu Jianshen said with a wry smile, “Should I be glad that at least you didn’t throw up on me this time?”

Qi Huan:”…..”


Her face was full of disbelief, but all the evidence proved that she had really done those things.

Qu Jianshen raised his eyebrows slightly and asked, “Huanhuan, will you still drink in the future?”

Qi Huan pursed her lips tightly, then shook her head obediently.


A good while passed.

Only then did Qi Huan come out of her self-imposed isolation. She carefully glanced at Qu Jianshen and said, “You won’t retaliate against me, right?”

“I’m not as petty as some people.” Qu Jianshen deliberately straightened his collar, but instead, it made the teeth marks at his collarbone even clearer, “Naturally, I won’t retaliate.”

“……” Qi Huan maintained a smile on her face and said, “You can hold a boat in the belly of a prime minister [1], so you have plenty in common with me.”

Qu Jianshen laughed lightly, “I’m here for breakfast. It shouldn’t be too much to ask, right?”

Qi Huan pursed her lips and said, “Then promise me that you won’t tell anyone about what I did when I was drunk, and I’ll let you have breakfast here.”

Qu Jianshen gave her an amused look, “Don’t worry. I won’t say anything.”

Qi Huan was relieved. She ordered breakfast while she went to the bathroom to take a shower.


When Qu Jianshen received the takeaway from the delivery man, Qi Huan was just coming out after taking a shower.

“Do you usually order takeaway and have it delivered to your door?” Qu Jianshen asked abruptly.

Qi Huan brushed her hair and also froze for a moment, then said, “I usually let them hang it on the door handle, and I’ll get it when they leave. Besides, I know you’re here today, so don’t worry.”

Qu Jianshen’s eyebrows relaxed a little at these words, “You live alone, so you still have to be a little more careful.”

This was a perfectly normal statement. If it was any other time, Qi Huan would only nod her head and not have a single ripple in her heart.

But today, Qi Huan couldn’t help but look at Qu Jianshen’s serious face for a few more moments before lowering her head with a tremble in her heart, “I understand.”

“Do you still remember what day tomorrow is?” Qu Jianshen asked in an abrupt voice.

Qi Huan was slightly stunned before she answered, “The day we go to the amusement park.”

The corners of Qu Jianshen’s lips curved slightly: “Good if you still remember, I’ll pick you up tomorrow.”

When Qi Huan saw Qu Jianshen get up, she couldn’t help but ask out loud, “Are you leaving?”

She didn’t know what prompted her to say this, but it was a strange emotion because Qu Jianshen was leaving.

Qu Jianshen paused slightly and asked with a smile, “Don’t want me to go?”


Qi Huan’s face was hot and she hurriedly waved her hand, “I just want you to go quickly!”

Qu Jianshen laughed lowly, “Then I’ll come and pick you up tomorrow.”


After Qu Jianshen left, Qi Huan touched her cheek. Her temperature was amazing.

She fanned with her hand, not even knowing why she reacted like that.

Coincidentally, at that moment, Jiang Ruixia called and diverted her attention as well.

“Sister Huan, how was last night?”

Qi Huan said, with some chagrin, “I shouldn’t have had those two glasses of wine. Also, how come I was sent back by Qu Jianshen?”

“I drank a lot myself, so I was afraid I couldn’t take you with me. I used your phone to call Qu Jianshen.” Jiang Ruixia explained and then couldn’t help but spit out, “Seriously, with this level of drinking, you should stop drinking in the future. It’s a disgrace to me. I’ll lose all face.”

Qi Huan:?

She almost had a heart attack and said angrily, “I didn’t want to drink in the first place, but you tempted me!”

Jiang Ruixia couldn’t help but laugh, and then asked, “You still haven’t told me. How did you and Qu Jianshen go last night?”

“You’re asking a bit of a strange question?” Qi Huan sensed it keenly, “What do you think Qu Jianshen and I could do?”

“A lonely man and a woman in the same room ……,” Jiang Ruixia said, and then stopped, as if to give people infinite room for fantasy.

Qi Huan was silent for a moment as she remembered the teeth marks on Qu Jianshen’s neck. She rubbed her hair in chagrin and said, “I threw up in front of him again. Is that a big deal?”

“That was close. It’s a good thing I asked Qu Jianshen to take you away, otherwise you would have thrown up all over me.” Jiang Ruoxia said thankfully.

Qi Huan:?

She wanted to cut ties with Jiang Ruixia!

Jiang Ruixia smiled and said, “But Qu Jianshen is quite nice. You threw up twice in front of him and he still managed to keep his face unchanged and clean up after you. Are all bamboo horses this nice?”

Qi Huan’s heart beat erratically again, but she couldn’t help but refute: “How can it be so good? You are just confused by his skin!”

“But who doesn’t like that skin?” Jiang Ruixia tsked, “You’re in the midst of happiness and you don’t even know you’re in the midst of happiness. I can eat two bowls of rice just by looking at Qu Jianshen’s face. It’s called “beautiful and delicious.” [2]

Qi Huan couldn’t help but think of Qu Jianshen’s open shirt and slightly dishevelled hair. It was obviously that cold and ascetic look, but it made people blush.

She tried to calm herself down, “I’m not going to talk to you anymore. I’m going to think of a new comic plot!”

As a result, the face Qi Huan drew when she was conceiving the new manga’s main character was unmistakably like Qu Jianshen.

She was stunned for a moment. She tried it a second time and painted his face again.

Qi Huan thought that she might really be a bit abnormal.



Cheng Yubai had set up a bureau and gotten Qu Jianshen, Jiang Ye, and Xie Xin to drink with him, but Xie Xin didn’t come.

“This guy. I don’t know what he’s busy with all day long.” Cheng Yubai hung up the phone, “Let’s drink first.”

Jiang Ye clinked glasses with him and asked, “Is Jianshen coming? Hasn’t he been very busy lately?”

Cheng Yubai nodded smugly. “How can he not come if I invite him? What’s more, I’ve told him all about my methods of chasing people.”

As he spoke, the door to the box opened.

Qu Jianshen was wearing a black shirt with a slightly exposed collar, which clearly showed off his teeth marks.

Jiang Ye’s eyes were sharp and he noticed it right away, smiling and teasing, “It’s not the kitten’s bite again, is it?”

“Huanhuan bit it.” Qu Jianshen didn’t have the slightest idea of hiding it, and there was a light smile between his eyebrows.

Cheng Yubai was shocked: “You’ve developed to that point? Is my method so effective?”

Qu Jianshen gave him a faint look and said, “Don’t put gold on your face [3]; this is just Huanhuan’s drunken bite.”

Cheng Yubai laughed, “Then you guys are really good at it.”

“I heard that the Star Lake amusement park has been completed, but the opening is next month. Give me a day. I want to take my girlfriend in.” Jiang Ye said.

Qu Jianshen nodded slightly, “Yes, but wait a few days. I’ll take Huanhuan tomorrow.”

“That’s fine, you’re fast.” Jiang Ye raised his eyebrows.

Cheng Yubai, however, was dissatisfied on the side, as he was the only single dog here.

“I asked you guys to come for a drink today to make me happy. How come it feels like I’m more upset instead?”

Jiang Ye looked at him and smiled, “Maybe because you don’t have a girlfriend?”

Cheng Yubai: “……”

Qu Jianshen picked up his glass and took a sip of wine, then said, “I came here today to tell you, don’t shout at me for future parties. I’m very busy and don’t have time.”

“Then I am also very busy, I have to accompany my girlfriend after all.” Jiang Ye followed and said, then looked at Cheng Yubai, “Maybe you don’t have a girlfriend, so you can’t experience this feeling.”

Cheng Yubai:?

As a result, in this world, he was the only one who was hurt!


After being sent home by Xu Ling, Qu Jianshen, who had always been a good drinker and hadn’t had much to drink, looked at the large living room and frowned.

The feelings of emptiness and loneliness seemed to squeeze at him instantly.

He collapsed on the bed, but suddenly missed the sofa in Qi Huan’s living room, which was small but inexplicably comfortable.

As if by magic, Qu Jianshen made a phone call to Qi Huan.

The call was answered quickly, and even Qu Jianshen himself was a bit surprised.

But when Qi Huan, on the other hand, saw that Qu Jianshen was hesitant to speak, she muttered, “It couldn’t be a wrong number, could it?”

Qu Jianshen slightly curved his lips and said in a voice: “I want to ask if I can go to your place for breakfast tomorrow.”

“You have an aunt at home who cooks specifically for you, and you want to eat takeaway at my place?” Qi Huan was puzzled.

Qu Jianshen smiled and said, “Can’t I take you to the amusement park and eat breakfast from you?”

“I thought you were going to take me to eat something delicious, but it turns out you’re still thinking about my wallet.” Qi Huan grunted, but after a few seconds, she said, with a smile on her face, “Tomorrow I’ll make breakfast myself. Come if you dare!”

Qu Jianshen naturally knew how catastrophic Qi Huan’s cooking skills were, so he smiled and said, “If I have problems eating, then I’ll stay at your house and you’ll take care of me.”

Qi Huan pooh-poohed, “Think better of it.”

Qu Jianshen curled his lips in a pleasant manner, “See you tomorrow.”

[1] The proverb “the prime minister can hold a boat in his belly” is often used to praise a person for being broad-minded and tolerant.

[2] She’s saying that his face value is high enough that she could eat plain rice and still be happy just looking at him.

[3] The phrase “to put gold on your face” can mean a few things, but the general idea (particularly in this line) is “don’t give yourself more credit than you deserve” or “don’t think too highly of yourself”.

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