Love Ignites A Prairie Fire

Chapter 15. Good memory. To die in the same year and month as him.

Qi Huan almost thought she had an ear problem or else there was something wrong with her comprehension.

“Are you now saying that I’m eating with Senior and you’re going to tag along?” She repeated.

Qui Jianshen nodded calmly, “What’s the problem?”

“……” It was a big problem!

Qi Huan sized up Qu Jianshen. She was unable to believe that this was something Qu Jianshen could say, but her thoughts didn’t change a bit, “No, I’m meeting Senior for dinner. What kind of words does it look like to bring you along?”


Qu Jianshen was not surprised and then asked, “You’re right, so are you free tomorrow night?”

“I’m going to have dinner with Senior tomorrow night, huh?” Qi Huan looked at him in confusion.

However, Qu Jianshen said, “The time after dinner. You’re not going to eat with that senior all night, are you?”

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“You really don’t want to stay anymore?” Qu Jianshen asked again, undeterred.


Qi Huan looked at him askance, then threatened, “If you say one more word, you’ll give me back my earring.”

Qu Jianshen covered the earring with his hand and obediently shut his mouth.

Seeing that this worked, Qi Huan also smiled smugly.

When the lift came up, she went up while threatening, “Don’t follow me, or give me back my earrings right away!”


Until the lift doors closed, Qu Jianshen was still standing there.

Qi Huan raised her eyebrows provocatively at Jim, and then waved again.

Seeing this, Qu Jianshen also laughed helplessly and went back to his office from the next lift.

When she arrived at the ground floor, Qi Huan was ready to leave He Yuan directly, but she didn’t expect to run into Xu Ling. With a twinkle in her eye, she dragged Xu Ling to the corner.

Xu Ling asked in confusion, “Miss Qi Huan, is there something wrong?”

“How long have you been working beside Qu Jianshen?” Qi Huan asked directly.

Xu Ling didn’t hide anything and answered truthfully, “About two years.”


“That’s not too short.” Qi Huan pondered, “That means you’ve been following Qu Jianshen around almost 24 hours a day for the past two years?”

Xu Ling coughed dryly, “Not 24 hours either ……”

“Then you know everything that happened to him, right?” Qi Huan’s eyes lit up, “Is it that you even know how many times he goes to the bathroom every day?”

Xu Ling: “…… not really know in that much detail.”

“Then you must know what he’s afraid of and what his weaknesses are?” Qi Huan asked in a hurry.

Xu Ling shook her head with a serious expression, “Miss Qi Huan, I’m the boss’s assistant, I can’t reveal these private things.”

“What is there not to reveal? It’s not like Qu Jianshen and I are outsiders, right? At least I’m his fiancee. What does it matter if you tell me.” Qi Huan was able to stretch and bend.

Xu Ling shook her head again, “I don’t know what the boss is afraid of either.”

“How much do you get paid as an assistant here at Qu Jianshen? Come to Ze’an. I can pay you twice as much.” Qi Huan said, “With your ability, isn’t it condescending to be an assistant?”

Xu Ling had to admit that he was moved, but he still had professional integrity.

Qi Huan didn’t expect Xu Ling to regard money as dirt, and left He Yuan disappointed.

When Xu Ling returned to his office, he reported the incident to Qu Jianshen.


Qu Jianshen said with a smile on his face, “If she asks you this question again next time, you should answer her with two words.”

“Which two words?”

“Qi Huan.”


The corners of Qu Jianshen’s lips curled slightly, “With her nature, she’ll probably be so scared that she won’t dare to ask again in the future.”


When she returned home, Qi Huan hadn’t even taken a sip of water when Ye Songlan’s call followed.

“I heard you went to He Yuan today?”

Qi Huan wanted to roll her eyes. Where on earth did her mother get so many information channels? Almost every one of her travel activities was mapped out.

“Did you install surveillance on me?” She couldn’t help but spit out, “How come you know everything I do?”

“I’m not telling you.” Ye Songran hummed, “Just tell me if you really ate with Jianshen at Het Yuan today?”

“I ate with him.” Qi Huan’s tone wilted, “It’s not a big deal. Is it worth a special phone call from you?”


“I’m curious about you and Jian Shen getting along.” Ye Songlan couldn’t help saying, “Look at the situation. Aren’t you and Jianshen getting along well? You’re having dinner together again, and you’re giving each other tokens of affection?”

Qi Huan was shocked: “You knew all this?”

“I also know that that earring is your favourite, right?” Ye Songlan smiled smugly.

Qi Huan: “……”

She was silent for a while and said, “Mom, can you remove the surveillance installed on me?”

Ye Songlan laughed out loud, “Huanhuan, you’re so cute.”

Qi Huan had no happy feeling of being praised at this moment. She only felt as if her mother was mocking her?

“Isn’t it amazing that you seem so repulsed by the engagement, yet you can have dinner with Jianshen and even exchange gifts?” Ye Songran suddenly spoke up, “Do you really hate Jianshen that much?”

Qi Huan’s heart thumped and she immediately retorted in a moment of panic, “Of course, I hate it!”

Ye Songlan laughed: “Remember what happened when you were kids? You smashed your father’s favourite teapot. In the end, Jianshen took the blame for you, and he was beaten up by his father for it. You saw him lying in bed and thought he was going to die, so you started crying that you wanted to die in the same year and month as him.”

Qi Huan almost broke into a scowl and said disgruntledly, “Mom, there’s no need to bring out the black history ……”

“Since you were little, I don’t know how many times Jianshen has taken the blame for you. He’s been beaten up more times than you’ve ever even cried because of you.” Ye Songlan sighed abruptly, “Huanhuan, even if you don’t have that kind of feeling for Jianshen, you should not hate him.”

Qi Huan pursed the corners of her lips and didn’t reply.

“If you really don’t like this engagement, I will find a way.” Ye Songlan said.

Qi Huan was silent and didn’t say another word.


The next day.

Qi Huan woke up early in the morning and felt some discomfort in her stomach, but thought that she was going to have dinner with Xu Muqing today, so she endured it.

“Huanhuan, I’ll send you the restaurant address, see you tonight.”

Qi Huan hung up the phone and immediately entered the restaurant’s address into the map. She found that, surprisingly, it wasn’t too far from where she lived.

“Since it’s Senior Xu asking you to dinner, do you want to dress up a bit?” Jiang Ruixia suggested over the phone.

Qi Huan went to change into a red floral dress with a ruffled hem, which made her look even more sweet and cute.

Jiang Ruixia wailed on the other side of the video, “Let’s go with this one, Sister Huan! It’s cute!”

Qi Huan didn’t dwell on it and listened to Jiang Ruixia’s opinion.

In the evening, Qi Huan got in her car to go to the Italian restaurant they had decided on, and Qu Jianshen’s phone call followed.

This was the 33rd phone call Qu made today.

Qi Huan was speechless.

“You have nothing to do all day, right?” she asked when she picked up the phone. 

Qu Jianshen laughed lazily, “I happened to be having dinner and wanted to ask if you had eaten.”

“No.” Qi Huan was about to scold him when her stomach hurt again, so she wanted to scold Qu Jianshen even more. “It’s all your fault for causing my stomach to start hurting.”

“Is this my fault too?” Qu Jianshen couldn’t help but smile.

Qi Huan hummed and hung up the phone.

As a result, not long after, Qu Jianshen’s call came again.

Qi Huan deliberately picked up for a second and hung up again.

But Qu Jianshen persistently called again.

“You’re so annoying.” Qi Huan picked up the phone and said.

The driver happened to stop and look back at Qi Huan, and he incidentally gave the name of the restaurant, “Little girl, this is the place, right?”

Qi Huan whispered a warning, “I’m going to have dinner with my senior. Don’t call here, ah, or I’ll beat you up.”

She hung up the phone and asked, “How much is it?”

The driver quoted the price and then advised, “Little girl, did you have a fight with your boyfriend? Don’t argue, peace makes money.”

Qi Huan was scanning the code, and her face stiffened for a moment. When she finished paying, she hastily left with a thank you.


When she entered the restaurant, Qi Huan realised that Xu Muqing had already arrived.

She thought she had come early, but she didn’t expect the other party to be even earlier than her.

“How come senior is here so early?” Qi Huan was surprised.

Xu Muqing smiled and said, “If I didn’t come earlier, wouldn’t I have caused you to wait for me.”

Qi Huan sat down opposite Xu Muqing and also took out a gift that she had prepared a long time ago, “It’s been so long since Senior returned to China and I didn’t even send a gift. I’m really embarrassed.”

She had gone to the mall with Jiang Ruixia yesterday and finally chose a pen. She remembered that Xu Muqing could write well.

“I hope Senior will like it.” Qi Huan handed the gift over.

Xu Muqing’s eyebrows dropped slightly and he curled his lips and smiled at the pen: “Thank you, I like it very much.”

As they ate, they chatted about some interesting stories from their college days.

Qi Huan looked at Xu Muqing sitting across from him and couldn’t help but sigh, “I remember when I first arrived at the photography club, I was even scolded by the senior. Now I can actually sit and eat with senior like this. It’s so amazing.”

Xu Muqing abruptly froze for a moment, “Did I scold you?”

“The incident where I almost dropped my camera.” Qi Huan reminded, “At that time, I thought Senior was too mean and wanted to quit the club right away.”

Xu Muqing then remembered and said with a smile, “It was too long ago, it wasn’t a big deal, why do you still remember it?”

Qi Huan said with a smile on her face, “Maybe I have a better memory?”

After dinner was over.

Qi Huan also asked for some ice cream for dessert.

Xu Muqing kept looking at his mobile phone, so Qi Huan couldn’t help but ask, “Is senior busy? Do you want to go back first?”

“Sorry, the company does have some things I need to take care of. Did I make you unhappy?” Xu Muqing said, with an apologetic look up.

Qi Huan shook her head, “No, work is more important.”

Xu Muqing put down the phone and said with a smile: “I hear that you are drawing comics now. Maybe we will have the opportunity to cooperate in the future.”

Qi Huan was stunned: “A chance to cooperate?”

Xu Muqing did not continue talking, but asked with a smile, “There is a park nearby. Do you want to go there for a walk?”

Qi Huan had just finished eating the ice cream, and just as she was about to serve it, her stomach hurt violently.

“Senior, wait for me outside, I want to go to the bathroom first.” Her expression changed and she said quickly.

Sure enough, her period came.

Because there were always sanitary napkins in her bag, there was no need to worry about this. However, she had just finished eating ice cream, which invisibly aggravated the pain.

Qi Huan regretted it now. She shouldn’t have been greedy.


After staying in the bathroom for nearly ten minutes, Qi Huan covered her stomach and left the restaurant.

She originally wanted to explain to Xu Muqing and go home directly, but she didn’t expect to see someone unexpected.

“Qu Jianshen?”

Qi Huan almost thought she was blind.

Qu Jianshen caught a glimpse of her covering her stomach with her hands, and directly draped her suit jacket over her.

“Have you eaten something cold?” he asked with a frown.

Qi Huan hung her head in embarrassment because she was exposed.

Seeing this scene, Xu Muqing also asked aloud, “What’s wrong? Are you uncomfortable?”

Qi Huan explained: “Senior, I’m sorry, I might not be able to go to the park with you.”

As she was talking, there was another burst of pain in her abdomen, which made her expression change.

Seeing this, Xu Muqing hurriedly asked, “Do you want me to take you to the hospital?”

Qi Huan was supported by Qu Jianshen, so that she did not fall to the ground. She shook her head and said, “I’ll be fine after I go back to rest. You go back first. I’ll take Qu Jianshen’s car back.”

Xu Muqing’s face changed slightly as he glanced towards Qu Jianshen before driving off.

Qi Huan got into the car and had only just fastened her seat belt when Qu Jianshen handed over a box of medicine.

She looked at the ibuprofen handed over and was also a little surprised: “How come you have this medicine?”

“Didn’t you say you had a stomachache before? So I bought it on the way.” Qu Jianshen handed over the water again.

Qi Huan’s heart trembled, and she asked, somewhat incredulously, “How do you remember me?”

Qu Jianshen’s lips held a smile, “I have a better memory.”

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