Love Ignites A Prairie Fire

Chapter 13. Not keeping male virtue. Can’t have it.

Almost instantly, everyone’s eyes fell on Qi Huan again.

Qi Huan was still eating melons and watching the drama, and when she heard Qu Jianshen reply like that, she was so angry that she wanted to punch him. However, she held back when she thought of the plan afterward.

The girl glanced toward Qi Huan, pretended to look regretful, and left.

Qi Huan knew that the time had come for her to make her appearance.


“Qu Jianshen, do you know why I want to break off my engagement with you?” Her voice trailed off and her face was even thick with disappointment, “We really don’t fit. This face of yours is too accident-prone, just like just now.”

The tip of Qu Jianshen’s eyebrows knitted slightly, “I refused just now.”

“This is just the first, it will never be the last!” Qi Huan said, “A good-looking man like you will attract butterflies at first glance, and is most likely to misbehave with male virtue, so I can’t keep you.”

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Ck Twyd:?

“It’s not my fault, but I’m sorry that I have such a face.” Qu Jianshen spoke with a rather serious expression.


Qi Huan: ????


The waiter served the food, and the conversation between the two of them thus ended.

But Qi Huan knew that her second plan seemed to have failed again.

The main focus of this shop was the hot, paper-wrapped fish. The taste was not bad, so the customers who came, even though they were interested in this shop because of the photos, would come again because of the taste.

Qu Jianshen usually ate differently than the average person, but Qi Huan was much more casual. As long as it was tasty, she could eat it all.

“Is it not to your liking?” Qi Huan was not surprised to see Qu Jianshen put down her chopsticks after two bites.

Qu Jianshen nodded, “The fish is not fresh.”

Qi Huan knew that Qu Jianshen was right, but that didn’t stop her from using it to accuse him again. “You see, we’re not suitable for each other, right? You’re only fit to go to five-star hotels to eat those chef-made dishes, while I want someone to eat roadside stalls with me.”

She tried to make it sound pretentious and annoying, “I just want an ordinary life, not to accompany you to those parties where you have to maintain a smile on your face at all times, like a dummy.”

Qu Jianshen didn’t say anything but fell into a deep thought because of it.

Qi Huan watched this scene, and her heart went up and down instead.


Then she saw Qu Jianshen pick up his chopsticks again and start to eat the fish.

Qi Huan was startled and quickly asked, “Didn’t you say that the fish wasn’t fresh?”

“It wouldn’t kill me to eat it.” Qu Jianshen smiled and said, “I can try to stick close to your preferences and habits.”

“……” How else could she go on with this?

Qi Huan lowered her head sickly and sighed deeply again, “Qu Jianshen, why are you so difficult? When can I break off my engagement… “

Qu Jianshen raised the tip of his eyebrows, but was not surprised, “Sure enough, you asked me to come here for dinner today with an ulterior motive.”

Qi Huan was stunned and a little puzzled by Qu Jianshen’s reaction, “You don’t seem surprised?”

“I guessed.” Qu Jianshen put down his chopsticks and smiled back.

However, Qi Huan was startled, “When did you know?”

She thought she was acting quite well. How could she be found out?

“When the girl asked for my number,” Qu Jianshen replied.

Qi Huan was startled, “So early?”


Qu Jianshen looked at her and smiled, “Your look of looking around was too obvious. Remember to hide it next time.”

Qi Huan:”…..”

***Ding ding


Qi Huan went to see Jiang Ruixia, and because of her frustration, she was in a sad mood at the moment.

Jiang Ruixia saw her look depressed and guessed a few things, “Failed again?”

Qi Huan nodded feebly, “He found out straight away, and then just kept watching me acting there.”

“You tell me in detail.” Jiang Ruixia was surprised, “That schoolmate told me that Qu Jianshen said he had a family when he rejected her, and looked at you to say so.”

The moment she mentioned this, Qi Huan hated him again. “He’s so bad, using me as a shield at all times!”

Then, all the details of what happened in the restaurant were given.

“I really did what you said, no matter what. I just accused him.” Qi Huan scratched her head, “As a result, he was very cooperative with me. At a glance, he knew I was acting and started pretending with me.”

Jiang Ruixia stroked her chin and said, with a sigh of relief, “Qu Jianshen is worthy of being the president of the He Yuan Group. He is worthy of being the husband of choice in the hearts of Xichuan’s young girls, and his ability to see and remove tricks is excellent.”


Qi Huan had a question mark on her face, “Am I here to hear you praise him?”

“Sister Huan, you’ve really met your match.” Jiang Ruixia’s face gloated, “He seems to be determined not to break off the engagement.”

Abruptly, Qi Huan’s rebellious spirit came to the fore, “He doesn’t want to break it off. I’ll do it!”

“It seems that this trick won’t work. We have to think of something else.” Jiang Ruixia said.

But Qi Huan sighed deeply, “I’ve tried all the soft and hard tricks, but none of them work. Why is he so difficult to deal with? “

“Let’s think of another way.” Jiang Ruoxia proposed

Qi Huan frowned, “I think he might just want to torture me on purpose, because he’s so perverted.”

Jiang Ruixia couldn’t help but laugh, “Maybe he likes you so much that he just wants to be with you.”

Qi Huan puffed out her cheeks and was silent for a long time before she looked up and said, “It’s not dark yet. Don’t tell me ghost stories. I’m scared.”

“Why don’t you think it’s because he likes you?” Jiang Ruixia asked with a smile.

Qi Huan’s eyes dropped slightly, remembering the time in high school when Qu Jianshen had been asked to name his ideal type because he had lost a game.

“He said it himself; he likes the quiet and gentle type.” She spread her hands, “Isn’t that the complete opposite of me? Just don’t take a wild guess in that direction. He just wants to torture me at first glance!”


The He Yuan Group

Xu Ling knocked on the door, then pushed the door into the office.

He handed over the black velvet box in his hand, “Boss, the earrings have been changed.”

Qu Jianshen was still reading the documents, but when he heard this, he immediately lifted his head, “Give me a look.”

He couldn’t wait to take the black velvet gift box from Xu Ling’s hand and open it immediately. The brooch wasn’t anything special, but this one was different. It was made from Qi Huan’s earring instead.

It was still the same style with vine circles and diamonds. They could not only be used as earrings but also as a brooch to hang on a suit.

Naturally, Qi Huan didn’t forget that her earrings were still with Qu Jianshen, so she called him straight away, “When are you going to give them back to me?”

When Qu Jianshen saw that Qi Huan had called at that exact moment, his lips curved slightly. While playing with the earrings in his hand, he asked with a smile, “What is it?”

When Qi Huan saw that he was still pretending to be stupid, she became even more furious in her heart, “Don’t pretend with me. Where are my earrings? Give it back to me!”

Qu Jianshen said with a smile in his voice, “If you want it, come find me.”

“Where are you?” Qi Huan immediately took the bait.

“The company.”

“You wait for me!”

Qi Huan hung up the phone and went out.

Qu Jianshen put down the phone and then said to Xu Ling, “Huanhuan will come over later, instruct her to come directly to me.”

Xu Ling nodded and immediately went out to do this.

Qu Jianshen, on the other hand, picked up the earring and put it directly on his suit.

Qi Huan took a taxi to the He Yuan Group’s building and went almost all the way without the slightest hindrance. The security guard even took her to the president’s special lift.

Just as she got off the lift, Xu Ling was already waiting at the door, “Miss Qi Huan, the boss is waiting for you in the office.”

But Qi Huan abruptly stopped in her tracks and said with a hesitant expression, “He suddenly asked me to come over. Did he set some kind of trap to wait for me?”

Xu Ling smiled calmly and said, “How would the boss do such a thing?”

Qi Huan did not believe him, but thinking that her earrings were still in Qu Jianshen’s hands, she thought about it and said, “Then you lead the way in front.”

Xu Ling gestured to his secretary to open the door, and then obediently led the way in front.

Qu Jianshen’s office was at the far end. Outside was the secretary’s office. The staff was not too small, at this time also they quietly peeked out gossiping eyes to look at Qi Huan.

Qi Huan didn’t care about those eyes. She only had one thought in her mind. She would grab her earrings and run away.


It was human nature to gossip.

The news spread like wildfire in all the groups just a few minutes after Qi Huan arrived at the He Yuan Group.

[I heard the president’s fiancée is here. Is it true?]

[It’s true, I just went to the ground floor to do some work and saw her get on the lift for the president!]

[Isn’t she pretty? I heard she’s better looking than a starlet!]

[A childhood sweetheart and a match for a family. Even idol dramas don’t dare to write that.]

[I heard that our CEO is in love with Ms. Qi Huan. I wonder if that’s true?]

[According to reliable information from the secretary’s office, the president gave Ms. Qi Huan a bracelet worth tens of millions of dollars!]



[The way rich people express their love is really direct……]

[Thank you]

Qi Huan did not know that when she got on the lift, there was already a group of CP fans with Qu Jianshen.

Xu Ling opened the door for her and also called out towards the inside, “Boss, Miss Qi Huan is here.”

Qi Huan came to Qu Jianshen’s office for the first time. It had a simple and sharp style. She looked around the room and was surprised to see the gift she gave to Qu Jianshen last year.

 “This succulent hasn’t died yet?” She walked over to the window sill in surprise.

Qu Jianshen walked up to her and laughed softly again, “I’m very good at raising anything.”

Qi Huan pursed her lips, not wanting to respond to his smugness.

She flicked her gaze and it landed right on Qu Jianshen’s suit. Her earrings were prominently on display.

“You’re using my earrings as your brooch?” Qi Huan was shocked and was about to reach out for it, but Qu Jianshen avoided it.

Qu Jianshen’s eyebrows contained a smile, “Doesn’t it fit?”

 “It fits you, my ass!” Qi Huan stretched out her hand and tried to grab it, “Give it back to me!”

Qu Jianshen grabbed her hand and said with a smile, “Consider it my birthday present for next year; give it to me. Huanhuan, we’ve known each other for so many years at least. Is an earring more important than me?”

Qi Huan nodded honestly, “It’s more important than you.”

Qu Jianshen:”…..”

After a while, he spoke again, “Anyway, it’s just about lunch time. Let’s have a meal together, and I’ll return the earring to you then as well.”

“Really?” Qi Huan was a little afraid to believe it.

Qu Jianshen nodded with a bland expression, “Really.”

“Where will we have lunch?” Qi Huan asked curiously.

Qu Jianshen smiled meaningfully, “The company restaurant.”

Qi Huan agreed. Eating with Qu Jianshen was not a difficult task, not to mention she had always known that the food at the He-Yuan Group restaurant tasted comparable to that of the big hotels outside. She was not losing out.

It wasn’t until she appeared in the company restaurant with Qu Jianshen that she felt something was wrong.

Why were there so many people?

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