Love Ignites A Prairie Fire

Chapter 1. Why Did You Now Come, Childhood Sweetheart?

Late at night, all was silent.

Qi Huan finished drawing the last frame of the manwha, and after colouring and touching up, she stretched her back in satisfaction.

Originally, she didn’t want to stay up late, but she thought that since she had already reached the end of the story, she might as well finish it in one go. She didn’t expect it to be 3 a.m. all of a sudden.

Qi Huan sent the file to her editor and left it alone.

The next day, she slept until eleven o’clock before waking up, because of Jiang Ruixia’s phone call.


Hello? Xia Xia.” Qi Huan’s voice was slurred, and she sounded as if she hadn’t woken up.

 Jiang Ruixia immediately heard it and asked helplessly, “Did you stay up late last night to draw manwha?”

 Qi Huan yawned, rolled around on the bed again, and replied, “It just happened to be the finale, so I thought I’d finish it and then rest. I didn’t expect it to end so late.”

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When she saw her eating, Jiang Ruixia couldn’t help looking at her and wondered, “You say you’ve eaten a lot, but why don’t I see any meat growth?”


As she said that, her eyes glanced down, “Or is it that your meat picks the right place to grow?”

Qi Huan raised her eyebrows and said dejectedly, “Because I’m naturally beautiful.”

Jiang Ruixia couldn’t argue with that. She was almost amazed when she first saw Qi Huan. At that time, in the dormitory of Xichuan University, Qi Huan was the last one to come over. With her dark hair, fair skin, and delicately soft features, she was hard to forget at first sight.

Even now, when she saw Qi Huan’s smiling crescent eyes, she was subconsciously softened to the core.

Jiang Ruixia couldn’t help but sigh, “Sister Huan, you should be glad you’re good-looking, otherwise you’d have been beaten up a hundred times by me for saying that.”

Qi Huan touched her cheek, not feeling the least bit shy. She curled her eyes and smiled, “I really have to thank my mother for being so good at giving birth.”

Jiang Ruixia burst out laughing and then shook her head helplessly, “You said earlier that a film and television company was in contact about your manwha. What happened now?”

When she mentioned this, Qi Huan’s eyes instantly lit up, “We’ve already made a deal. We’re just waiting for the contract.”

Jiang Ruixia’s eyes widened, and then she said, with a smile on her face, “Then I should have brought a bottle of wine today to celebrate.”

“When the contract is signed, I’ll treat you to a nice meal!” Qi Huan said, with arched eyebrows.

Manwha had been Qi Huan’s hobby since her childhood. She had started serialising her manwha on websites when she was in college. Her initial level and results were not good, but she never thought of giving up.

She was surprised but not surprised when her last book suddenly became a hit, as she had put a lot of effort into it.


Her hobby had turned into a career. Although her daily life could be a bit boring, she never got bored of doing what she loved, no matter how many times she did it.

“How about tonight?” Jiang Ruixia suggested, her eyes abruptly ambiguous, “I’ll take you to see the world and find some handsome men to accompany us for a drink?”

Qi Huan was moved for a moment, then shook her head and said, “There’s a high school reunion tonight, no.”

Jiang Ruixia raised her eyebrows, “What about Qu Jianshen?”

“How could he possibly go? He’s a busy man.” Qi Huan grunted in dissatisfaction.

Jiang Ruoxia looked at her and smiled. “You still have a strong opinion of Qu Jianshen, don’t you?”

Qi Huan pursed her lips, “Other people’s child? Of course not.”

After all, she grew up with the most annoying phrase, constantly being compared to him: “Look at other people’s Qu Jianshen ……”


The city of Xichuan had developed rapidly in recent years and had long since squeezed into the ranks of first-tier metropolises. Business opportunities were everywhere. The most famous, He Yuan Group in Xichuan City, has almost become a benchmark for the business world.

Especially after Qu Jianshen took over. The old western part of Xichuan was transformed into a large-scale park with ecological and cultural landscapes, and a business district has been formed around it, with shops lined up, making it the most prosperous area in Xichuan.

Qi Huan took a taxi to the outside of the Star Lake Hotel and got off the bus. She couldn’t help but sigh. Another day of giving money to Qu Jianshen.


Although it was a high school reunion, not many people came. They were all on good terms with Qi Huan, which was why she was willing to come over.

As soon as she entered the box, Ao Ziyue greeted her first, smiling and saying, “You are getting prettier and prettier now.”

Qi Huan was wearing a black and white camisole dress, which further enhanced her delicate white skin, and her slightly puffy cheeks were so soft and fair that they seemed to be able to pinch out water.

Ao Ziyue couldn’t help but extend her hand, “Qi Huan, can I pinch your cheeks like before? How come you haven’t changed at all!”

Qi Huan arched her eyebrows and said, “Just now you said I was getting prettier and prettier, and now you’re saying I haven’t changed, so have I become prettier or not?”

Next to her, Ji Wei also smiled and said, “It seems that your narcissistic personality hasn’t changed at all.”

Everyone else in the box laughed along with them.

Apart from Qi Huan, there were four people here, all girls, and all of them were close friends from high school.

Although they hadn’t seen each other for several years, they were not at all rusty when they met again, chatting about recent events and their student days.

“I heard that you’ve become a manwha artist now. You can do that. ” Ke Yafan looked at her in surprise.

Qi Huan said modestly, “It’s just a hobby actually.”

Ao Ziyue sighed, “It’s good to have an interest. Think of us as social animals. Just going to work is tiring, and we have to look at the leader’s eyes.”


Ji Wei nodded, “That’s why I resigned and prepared to take the public exam.”

Ke Yafan smiled, “Linghui has something happy to tell everyone.”

Guo Linghui pursed her lips and lowered her head somewhat shyly, “I’m getting married this year.”

Qi Huan was startled and hurriedly looked at her along with the others.

“It’s set so soon?”

“It seems like you guys have been talking for years; it’s about time.”


The four of them raised their glasses together to congratulate her.

Qi Huan knew that Guo Linghui was the same age as her. She was only 25 this year, so it was unexpected for her to get married so early.

Guo Linghui was embarrassed and said, “The wedding will be held on National Day. If you want to come, I will hand you the invitation. It’s okay if you don’t want to come. We’re all busy with work and life now, so I don’t want to cause you any trouble.”

Ao Ziyue spoke first, “I’m sure I’ll have time for National Day. I’ll definitely go!”

The others also responded in turn.

Qi Huan also smiled and said, “Of course we’ll go. Congratulations.”

Guo Linghui’s cheeks blushed, “Thank you.”

At this point, the conversation shifted to talking about the student days, and then it came to Qu Jianshen.

“Speaking of which, this hotel seems to be owned by the He Yuan Group, and Qu Jianshen is now the god of the hearts of thousands of girls in Xichuan.” Ji Wei said.

Qi Huan was still smiling with her eyes slightly raised, but when she heard this she instantly frowned: “Is it that exaggerated?”

Ke Yafan smiled and looked at her, “That is, you are a childhood friend of his and are immune to him. We all know how popular he was at school before, and now with the filter of being worth a hundred billion dollars, he is simply the recognised husband candidate of the Xichuan maidens.”

Qi Huan:”…..”

“Yeah, the girls who used to chase him at school could go around the school playground several times, right?” Ji Wei poked Ao Ziyue beside her and said with a smile, “Didn’t you also like Qu Jianshen before?”

Ao Ziyue laughed graciously, “I did like him, but I knew the difference between us, so I ended my crush a long time ago.”

Qi Huan couldn’t help but take a few more sips of wine, secretly upset that Qu Jianshen was so popular.

Guo Linghui also looked at Qi Huan curiously at this time and asked, “You’ve known Qu Jianshen for so long and you’ve never had a crush on him?”

“Yes, after spending so much time together, his face would make your heart flutter even if you looked at it a few more times, right?” Ji Wei was a little puzzled.

Qi Huan couldn’t help but shake the goosebumps on her body, and then frowned in disgust: “Stop it guys, it’s weird. You guys are the only ones who have a filter on him. I even remember how he looked when he was a kid with a runny nose. I can’t get my heart pumping at all.”

Everyone else: “..”

Thanks, filter shattered.

“You guys know what? Qu Jianshen he… ” Qi Huan’s drinking capacity was already poor. This would be a few more drinks on the head. The words would also follow more.

Ao Ziyue cautiously asked, “Huan, aren’t you drinking too much?”

“No, no.” Qi Huan slurred her words and shook her head, “Qu Jianshen is a vicious capitalist. You guys don’t have any filters on him. He used to squeeze me as a child and make me run errands for him. Even my change was taken away by him. Just a robber ooooooooo……. “


Kikawa Airport.

The man slowly emerged from the exit in a tailored high-fashion suit. His eyebrows were clear and deep, his jawline clear and sharp, his broad shoulders, narrow waist, and long legs all showing his proportions.

“Which star is this?” A passer-by could not help but whisper the question.

Some people dared to look, others stopped to peek.

Qu Jianshen looked straight ahead and ignored these looks. It was only after he got into the car that he slightly rubbed his brow.

Xu Ling, his assistant, turned the temperature inside the car to the right level and then said, “Boss, you haven’t slept all night for this case. Let me take you back to rest.”

Qu Jianshen gently nodded his head.

Inside the Star Lake Hotel box, it was time for the party to end. Only Qi Huan had drunk several more glasses of wine and was now unsteady on her feet.

Ji Wei laughed helplessly, “You’re so drunk and cursing Qu Jianshen. Let me take you back.”

Qi Huan shook her head and took out her phone from her bag with difficulty, “I…I won’t hold you up. I’ll get my sister to pick up ……”

Her eyes blurred as she used her fingerprint to unlock her phone’s password before opening her recent call history. Then she twisted and turned to tap Jiang Ruixia’s name.

Qu Jianshen had closed his eyes to get some rest, but he hadn’t expected to get a call from Qi Huan. He immediately picked it up and Qi Huan’s drunk voice came through.

“Xia Xia Xia… I’m at the Star Lake Hotel. Come pick me up.”


The phone hung up.

The tip of Qu Jianshen’s eyebrows twisted slightly, and he spoke with little hesitation, “Go to the Star Lake Hotel.”

“But ……,” Xu Ling wanted to say that Qu Jianshen had stayed up all night and needed to rest, but he was lost under his eyes.

Qi Huan was helped out of the hotel left and right by Ao Ziyue and Ji Wei, who wanted to let her sober up with a breeze. Ke Yafan and Guo Linghui went back first because it was too late and their homes were far away.

When Qu Jianshen arrived, he saw Qi Huan leaning on a bench outside the hotel, her fair skin shining brightly in the light.

He turned from a fast pace to a slow one and walked helplessly in Qi Huan’s direction.

Qu Jianshen was slightly relieved and spoke in a slightly cold tone, “Such a poor drinker, and you still have the guts to drink so much?”

At this time, Qi Huan gently raised her eyes, but her dark pupils contained a hint of aggrievement, “Why did you only come? I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

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