The Remaining Life Has Its Limits

Chapter 21

By the time the two of them got home, it was almost nine o’clock.

After washing up, Qin Nan, as usual, slept on the floor mat while Ye Sibei lay on the bed. She felt a bit of happiness in her heart, mixed with an indescribable sense of guilt.

She was lost in her thoughts about Qin Nan’s feelings and their future. She felt unworthy of someone’s affection, yet she longed to be liked and accepted.

Conflicted by various thoughts and exhausted from the day, she eventually fell into a deep sleep.

Meanwhile, in the Fan family living room, Zhao Shuhui was sitting on the sofa, wiping her tears. Tao Jie was beside her, gently patting her back, while Song Ming sat on a single sofa nearby, smoking with his head down.


“She wouldn’t even accept the money and just insisted on pursuing the case. What kind of grudge does she hold that she has to go this far? I know Lao Fan’s character. How could he possibly do something like rape?”

Crying, Zhao Shuhui looked at Song Ming. “Brother Song, Lao Fan followed you when you left to start Fuqiang all those years ago. For so many years, he’s been working as a store manager for you, always at your beck and call. Even if he hasn’t done anything extraordinary, he has worked hard, right? Brother Song, you can’t just leave him like this.”

“Shuhui, calm down first,” Song Ming said, tapping his cigarette. “The company will handle this matter fairly. The problem is, if Lao Fan really committed the crime…”

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“Xod qyxkzu?” Hbys Fbwbwk, blyakdt Mys Kkl’p osaep, zssjle wr yv bla czydjzu. Gqvla y zsdt xsxldv, pbl qkdyzzu wdelapvsse: “Zsw esd’v oydv vs blzr, es usw?”

“Fkpvla-kd-zyo,” Mys Kkl blze Hbys Fbwbwk’p byde, “Tso nswze ol dsv blzr usw? Jwv vbkp xyvvla dllep vs cl bydezle pzsozu…”

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“Fbwbwk,” Fsdt Ykdt’p qynl eyajldle wrsd blyakdt vbkp. “Zsw’al clkdt wdalypsdyczl. Rq ol eked’v oydv vs blzr, obu oswze R…”

“Then do something,” Zhao Shuhui stared at Song Ming, her tone carrying a hint of threat. “It’s not just Ye Sibei who knows how to use the internet. Think clearly, Song Ming, how long has Lao Fan followed you.”


This made Song Ming freeze. He looked at her for a long time, then smiled, extinguishing his cigarette in the ashtray. He stood up and pointed at Zhao Shuhui. Zhao Shuhui stared at him, and Song Ming’s tone was filled with gritted teeth: “Zhao Shuhui, do you know how many women Fan Jiancheng has had over the years?”

“Lao Fan isn’t that kind of person,” Zhao Shuhui stubbornly replied, looking at Song Ming. “I don’t believe it.”

Song Ming sneered, “Have you been a housewife for so long that you’ve become naive?”

Zhao Shuhui’s face remained expressionless, and she didn’t respond. Song Ming walked out directly, with Tao Jie quickly following: “Sister-in-law, I’m leaving now.”

Saying this, she hurriedly chased after him.

After they left, Zhao Shuhui painfully covered her face with her hands, hunching over and swallowing all her sobs.

A girl of seven or eight opened the door to the children’s room, holding a doll, and stood quietly in the doorway, watching her mother.

After crying for a while, Zhao Shuhui noticed the child. She quickly wiped her tears, stood up, walked to the child, squatted down to look her in the eye, and asked gently, “Wenwen, why are you up? Did you have a nightmare?”

“Mom,” Fan Wenwen looked at Zhao Shuhui, her face confused, “Is Dad not coming back?”

“How could that be?” Zhao Shuhui forced a smile. “Dad is on a business trip. He’ll be back soon.”

“But one of my classmates said,” Fan Wenwen’s face showed some confusion, “Dad did something bad and was taken away by the police.”

“That’s not true,” Zhao Shuhui immediately replied, “Dad would never do anything bad. Your classmate is talking nonsense. Just wait,” Zhao Shuhui’s face was firm, “Dad will be back soon.”



Early in the morning, Ye Sibei got up and was taken to the police station by Qin Nan.

Before leaving, she looked in the mirror and suddenly thought of Dachun and Tao Jie. After hesitating for a moment, she put on a mask and a hat before heading out.

Qin Nan glanced at her, finding it a bit strange. “Why are you so bundled up?”

“I caught a cold,” Ye Sibei said as she got into the car. “I get a bit anxious in crowded places.”

Qin Nan paused but didn’t say much more. As he drove her there, looking at the bustling streets, he thought for a moment. “Sibei.”


“Don’t look for a job for now. Stay home and prepare for the civil service exam for another year.”

Ye Sibei turned to him, stunned. Qin Nan smiled at her. “After all, you did go to college. Don’t let it go to waste, right?”

Ye Sibei didn’t respond. Qin Nan’s voice was calm. “Try for the provincial capital this year. If you pass, it’ll be easier to transfer your household registration. If we have kids in the future, their household registration can follow yours.”

Hearing Qin Nan talk about the future, Ye Sibei lowered her head. “What if I still can’t pass?”

“If you don’t try, how will you know you can’t pass?”


Qin Nan encouraged her, “Give it another year.”

Ye Sibei turned to look at him. He kept his eyes on the road. Though he didn’t say much, Ye Sibei understood that he wasn’t concerned about her becoming a civil servant. He just feared she couldn’t handle everything that was happening.

She lowered her head, thought for a while, and finally spoke, “Okay.”

“Then we’ll go buy books this afternoon.”

“But it’s not because I’m afraid of those people,” Ye Sibei looked up at him. Qin Nan turned to glance at her, seeing her seriously tell him, “It’s because I want to try for myself.”

“I understand.”

Qin Nan smiled.

Qin Nan dropped Ye Sibei off at the police station. Ye Sibei turned to remind him, “You should go to the store. Don’t keep following me. We still need to keep the household running.”

“And you…”

“I’ll take the bus back.”

Ye Sibei smiled, “Don’t worry.”

Qin Nan hesitated, then nodded. “Okay.”


After giving Qin Nan instructions, Ye Sibei walked into the police station and saw Lin Feng coming to meet her from a distance.

Seeing her fully armed appearance, Lin Feng was momentarily taken aback, then smiled. “Got a cold today?”


Ye Sibei shook her head. Lin Feng understood immediately without asking further and nodded. “Come with me.”

Having been here before, Ye Sibei was less nervous when she sat in the interrogation room again.

As usual, it was Zhang Yong and Lin Feng. After confirming her identity, Lin Feng briefly explained the purpose of today’s inquiry. “We need you to provide some additional information, which is why we called you in.”

Ye Sibei nodded.

Lin Feng thought for a moment before asking, “What is your relationship with Fan Jiancheng?”

“He is my supervisor,” Ye Sibei answered truthfully. “I work in the finance department of Fuqiang Realty, and he is the manager of our main store in the southern city.”

“Is he your direct supervisor?” Zhang Yong asked curiously. Ye Sibei shook her head. “No. My direct supervisor is the finance director, Tao Jie. Fan Jiancheng is Tao Jie’s direct supervisor, but he is indeed the highest-ranking manager at the main store.”

“Do you have any personal interactions with him?”

“No.” Ye Sibei vaguely sensed the direction of their questioning and shook her head. “I never chat with him privately. He only discusses work-related matters with me. In public, he sometimes shows concern for my personal life, like an elder, but he does that with everyone.”

“What is your attitude towards him?”

“I am very grateful to him and respect him.”

“Grateful?” Zhang Yong seized on the keyword. “Do you have any relationship outside of work?”

“No,” Ye Sibei was somewhat irritated by Zhang Yong’s insinuation, but she remained calm after the first experience. “I struggled to find a suitable job. Actually, Fuqiang Realty didn’t want to hire me because of my age. It was Fan Jiancheng who spoke to the HR department on my behalf, which is why I got the job. For this, I am very grateful to him.”

“Why did he speak to the HR department to get you into the company?” Zhang Yong asked, implying ulterior motives.

Ye Sibei felt this question suggested there was another reason behind Fan Jiancheng’s help, but she pretended not to notice and answered honestly. “I asked him. He said I was a capable college graduate, and it would be a pity if I couldn’t join because of my age. Whether that was the true reason, I don’t know.”

“Are you in need of money recently?”

This question made Ye Sibei fall silent. She lowered her head, feeling that this topic was very disadvantageous to her, but she couldn’t hide the truth. After a while, she nodded.

“Yes, my brother is getting married and needs to buy a house. I took out a 50,000 yuan loan using a credit loan,” Ye Sibei said, providing the information they wanted. “I asked Fan Jiancheng to approve a work certificate for me because I wanted to show a higher salary to facilitate the loan.”

“He approved it?”

“Yes, he did. He’s always been kind in the company and would help with such small favors.”

Hearing this, Lin Feng and Zhang Yong exchanged a glance. This small detail made Ye Sibei nervous again, but she pretended not to notice, keeping her head down and staying silent. Zhang Yong thought for a moment before asking, “Before this incident, how much alcohol could you usually handle?”

“I’m not sure,” Ye Sibei shook her head. “I rarely drink and have never been completely drunk before.”

“What’s the most you’ve ever drunk before?”

“Thirteen small cups of 53-degree Feitian Maotai.”

Zhang Yong paused and looked up at her. “Not completely drunk? What was it like?”

“I would feel a bit dizzy but very excited, wanting to talk. My mind was clear, and at most, I might stagger a bit.”

“You can hold your liquor,” Lin Feng murmured. Ye Sibei smiled shyly. Realizing he had spoken too much, Lin Feng quickly changed the subject. “Did you call Fan Jiancheng on the day of the incident?”

Ye Sibei thought for a moment. “I called him the next day to ask for leave.”

Zhang Yong nodded upon hearing this and asked a few more scattered questions about Fan Jiancheng. After finishing the questions, Lin Feng escorted Ye Sibei out of the police station.

At the entrance, Ye Sibei hesitated before asking, “I heard that Fan Jiancheng has been arrested. Does that mean I should wait for the trial?”

“It’s still under investigation. Once it’s transferred to the prosecutor’s office, they will decide whether to transfer it to the court,” Lin Feng responded officially. Noticing Ye Sibei’s apparent disappointment, she added, “But don’t worry. We’ve already applied for an arrest warrant from the prosecutor’s office. Once they approve the arrest, we’ll try to submit the prosecution opinion to the prosecutor’s office within two months. The prosecutor’s office will then file the public prosecution, and the court will handle the case and issue a verdict within one to one and a half months. You should have a result in about five months.”

Hearing this, Ye Sibei’s heart raced. With a glimmer of hope, she looked at Lin Feng and asked, “Officer Lin, what are my chances of winning this case?”

Lin Feng’s expression stiffened. Realizing the difficulty of her question, Ye Sibei quickly corrected herself, “I understand, everything is uncertain until the court makes a ruling. Officer Lin, thank you and Officer Zhang for your hard work. I’ll head home now.”


Lin Feng nodded. Watching Ye Sibei walk away, she called out, “Miss Ye.”

Ye Sibei turned around. Lin Feng pressed her lips together before speaking, “This matter should be in the past for you. It’s now in our hands to resolve. You don’t need to stay stuck in the past. You can look forward.”

Hearing this, Ye Sibei smiled.

“I understand,” she said calmly. “I’m preparing for an exam, planning to take the civil service exam. Thank you.”

Seeing Ye Sibei’s smile, Lin Feng felt reassured and waved.

“Take care.”

Ye Sibei left the police station and boarded a bus with her hat on.

At that moment, Qin Nan was lying under a car, repairing it. Using a wrench, he tightened a screw forcefully when he heard a familiar call, “Brother Nan.”

Glancing to the side, Qin Nan saw a sturdy man lying on the ground, smiling happily.

“Dachun?” Qin Nan laughed upon seeing him. “Have a seat; I’ll be right out.”

Ye Sibei took the bus home. Carrying her bag, she went upstairs. As she reached the door, she saw a somewhat familiar woman standing in front of her home.

She stopped in her tracks as the woman turned around.

The woman looked somewhat fatigued, holding a designer bag and wearing a floral fitted dress that made her plump figure appear even bulkier.

Ye Sibei looked at her, and the woman smiled tiredly, “You’re back, Ye Sibei?”

Ye Sibei clenched her bag tightly and called out the woman’s name, “Zhao Shuhui.”

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