100 Reasons to Kill My Husband

Chapter 6

The b!tch Yu Haiqiao was the live manifestation of the term “shameless”. In the end, I didn’t do anything that night. I originally even wanted to look at a few resumes that were pushed to me, appearing professionally diligent, because even though my manager was a fool, the performance bonus was not a lie.

After taking a shower at night and turning off the lights, before going to bed, I faintly felt that something seemed to be amiss. For example-

I reached out from underneath the quilt and turned on the bedside lamp, asking seriously, “Do you remember the time I asked you to accompany me to a concert the year before, why did you reject me?”

Yu Haiqiao turned his back to me on the bed and reached out to turn the light off from his side, even complaining, “You’re so noisy.”

I turned the light back on, refusing to yield, “You said you had to go to work, you loved work, and that work made you happy.”


Yu Haiqiaoin turned the light off and said in a very tired and sleepy voice, “What time do you think it is right now. I still have to go to work tomorrow.”

Yes, this b!tch Yu Haiqiao really loved working too much.

I calmly continued to turn the light on, “In the end, I accidentally caught you dressed up pathetically on my way to a scenic spot…” When I recalled this matter, my impression of this b!tch’s despicability reached a new high.

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I had bought the concert tickets first because I wanted to go. I bought a ticket for him because seeing that he was under a lot of pressure at work, I thought it would be nice for him to go out and relax. In the end, this person loved work too much so could I even force him against his will? Of course not. I immediately sold the ticket at a price higher than the price I purchased it at.


I took a high-speed train to the next city to watch the concert. Because I haven’t been there before and I heard that there were a lot of scenic spots, I went to visit each one of them. Moreover, my work at that time wasn’t in the peak period of recruitment, so I asked my boss for two days off.

Thanks to that, during the two days I stayed there, I was able to visit some famous scenic spots in the evening. I had taken a few photos with my mobile phone, and when I took a look at the photos I had just taken and was in the middle of admiring my camera skills, I accidentally found a very familiar person in the photos.

That’s right. It was the b!tch Yu Haiqiao. He was wearing a hood on his head and a mask on his face, his attire making it easy for other people to mistake him as some big celebrity..

I zoomed in on the picture, and stared carefully for a while, then looked for this b!tch in the crowd. I wanted to know how he had managed to come here from working overtime.

Ultimately, I found this man beside a tree covered in small light bulbs. I walked around from behind to in front of him and stared at him for a long time before calling out, “Dog Yu.”

He who only had his eyes faintly exposed, blinked at me. Just when I thought this b!tch was going to accuse me of calling out the wrong person, his eyes curved slightly and he smiled innocently and cutely, “Hey, you caught me, I thought you’d be lonely all by yourself so I came to accompany you.”

I don’t think even a dog would believe Yu Haiqiao’s words. Moreover, he was wearing an expression that said “I am definitely not telling the truth”. At that time, a big fat “cheating” word popped up in my head and just as I was about to turn serious, thinking about how to break his leg and then divorce him, making him compensate me for mental damages and other things, not far behind, a male voice sounded, “Brother Yu.”

I then saw the look in Yu Haiqiao’s eyes change, realizing that this b!tch actually used work as an excuse to go out with another man. As someone who had known him for almost 30 years. I didn’t know that he could swing both ways!

The man who called out to Yu Haiqiao, walked towards me, “Sister-in-law, you’re here too. Brother Yu said that you didn’t like to play games, so I didn’t call you.”

“…” As soon as he approached, I realized that this person was a colleague of Yu Haiqiao from the company. He had just graduated from university, and was an otaku who loved to play games. He came to our house for a meal one time and during the meal, he would passionately talk about games I didn’t understand with Yu Haiqiao, his spit flying everywhere.

“What plans are you guys having?” I glanced at him.

Yu Haiqiao, a 24K purebred fool, deceived me saying that he was going to work overtime because he wanted to watch a professional league game.


This b!tch even played games in the study until twelve o’clock every night, and even told me righteously that he was working overtime.

After I got married to this dog, I really did as he told me the day we got married and that was “to not care about him as I don’t have the right to”. But up until today, I still haven’t figured out the reason as to why he had lied to me about this.

Before the marriage, he was still playing games in my living room until the sky turned dark. I didn’t do anything except insult him as a crazy b!tch.

I was really confused, unable to understand for two years. Moreover, I still upheld the principle of “not caring for him” and did not attempt to understand the abstract that was his brain until now.

Afterwards, I even happily said goodbye to him, thinking that he could go ahead and watch his professional game league while I would resume my visits to the scenic spots, everyone tacitly agreeing to see each other at home again.

In the end, after saying “Goodbye”, the b!tch Yu Haiqiao suddenly decided he didn’t want to watch the game. He left his colleague behind and trailed behind me for two days, eventually taking the same bus I did going home. However, I ignored him on the road. After all, bumping into each other in this city was outside of the original plan, and acting as strangers was quite refreshing.

It was after I got home that I asked Yu Haiqiao to buy me a bottle of yogurt. He appeared inexplicably relieved when he handed me the yogurt and snacks.

But after that, he no longer worked “overtime” in the study, and from time to time, he would talk to me about who was watching a concert recently and asked whether I was interested.

Whenever he asked me this, for 0.01 seconds, I would sometimes lament that Yu Haiqiao acted quite adorably.

Of course, most of the time, he was a b!tch, especially on such a night like this. At 11 o’clock in the night, he turned his head and glanced at me, roasting me with a look of disdain on his face, “Why are you so petty, this happened like hundreds of years ago, why are you still bringing it up?”

I flashed this b!tch a small smile and suddenly remembered a very important thing that I had forgotten to say, “Speaking of things from hundreds of years ago, I still have something to mention that happened today. I almost forgot about it because you kept changing the subject.”

Yu Haiqiao eyed me warily, “Why are you laughing like that? You look like a pervert.”


I continued to smile, “A junior high school classmate added me on WeChat when I was at work this afternoon, and I didn’t recognize them in the beginning.”

Yu Haiqiao responded with half-closed eyes, waiting for the punchline, “Oh?”

At that time, I was busy with work so the replies came in pretty long intermittents, I asked Yu Haiqiao, “They asked me if I can organise a junior high school reunion this year during Chinese New Year. Didn’t anybody add you?”

Yu Haiqiao said through his nose, “I set up my WeChat so that they can’t add me from the same group.”

I clicked my tongue and felt that he was playing his pretentious act well.

“Then the person who added me on WeChat asked me if I remember him. He said he had a crush on me when he was in junior high school,” I said.

Yu Haiqiao’s eyes were half drooping. Without batting a lash, he asked with extreme concern towards his former classmate, “So did you ask him whether his eyes have been completely cured?”

As though I was not shaken by this b!tch’s inhuman words, I continued, “I asked who he was.”

Yu Haiqiao chuckled in a low voice.

“Then I asked him if he remembered the name Yu Haiqiao.” I remained unmoved.

Yu Haiqiao cast me a quick side glance, and made a noise with his nose.

“He said of course he knew him, if it weren’t for you, he would have definitely confessed to me.” I smiled at Yu Haiqiao.


Yu Haiqiao raised his eyelids and looked at me very suspiciously, his eyes seemed to say, “What bullshit are you talking about?”

I said, “That’s right, it’s Yang Wei.”

“…” Yu Haiqiao blinked at me very innocently, and tsk-ed slowly, “Ohh——why was it him out of all the people who liked you?”

I kept wearing the small smile, “Yeah, it’s the guy named Yang Wei who had an unusual hairstyle, wore unusual clothes, never passed an exam in junior high school, would only reply “hello” and “goodbye” every time the English teacher called on him, and was shorter than me by half a head when he stood up.”

Yu Haiqiao feigned a look of surprise at me and sighed, “You have such a good memory, Shi Ran.”

I stared at Yu Haiqiao, still maintaining a warm expression and asked, “Do you know why he didn’t chase after me back then?”

Yu Haiqiao blinked his eyes very cutely, “Is it because I cured his eyes?”

I gave him a hard slap on the back of his shoulder. “Because you motherfucking told him that I had stinky feet!!!”

I was working hard in the office today when I saw this WeChat message and almost leapt up from my workstation. That b!tch Yu Haiqiao had started rumors behind my back. Try asking those little boys which of them wouldn’t like fairies who smelled good and even better, didn’t know how to shit. Who would fucking like a girl who was said to have ‘stinky feet’ back in school?

Yu Haiqiao, this b!tch didn’t deserve to live!!!

I was so angry that I wanted to skip work and stand in front of that b!tch to question him but this asshole was in the middle of a date with his ex-girlfriend in the afternoon, and didn’t reply to my fucking message.

Now that the situation has reached this point, I think the matter really can’t be justified unless I killed him.

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