Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 99.2 Reunion (2)

Mu Chongyan and Bai Rong were both dumbfounded at first, but soon after, Bai Rong pressed the corners of his lips down for fear that he would break out into a laugh in this atmosphere.

Mu Chongyan was embarrassed and helpless, but after thinking about it, he didn’t immediately correct his dad’s ‘nickname’ for him.

‘Forget it, I will just correct it in two days’…He thought to himself.

“Dad, this is Bai Rong, we are currently in a relationship…” Mu Chongyan gazed at Bai Rong with a gentle look, and held his hand gently, completely wrapping his soft delicate hands into his own palm. His face was a little reserved but the tips of his ears were slightly red.

Sure enough, introducing your lover to your parents would be a little embarrassing…


Bai Rong was also the same, feeling a little reserved when Mu Chongyan held his hand. His face was slightly red as he looked at Xia Qingshu and quickly said, “Hello, uncle…I…I’ll treat Mu Chongyan well!!”

Mu Chongyan: “?????!!!”

Mu Chongyan: “……………………”

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Mu Chongyan was immediately delighted when he heard it, and quickly brought the pocket watch to Bai Rong. Hearing that the pocket watch had a soothing effect on the spirit, he thought it suitable for his Little Sweet Cake!


“Thank you Dad, Rongrong happens to be an S-level Spell Card Master.”

“S-level Spell Card Master?!!!”

Xia Qingshu was evidently shocked. This young man seemed to be younger than his son, how could he be an S-level Spell Card Master?!!

None of the S-level Spell Card Masters he had seen or heard of was younger than eighty years old!!!

“Yes, Rongrong had advanced into an S-level Spell Card Master three months ago. He’s a smart and extremely rare talented genius.” Mu Chongyan looked proud as he doted on Bai Rong. After putting the pocket watch on him, he couldn’t help but tidy up the bunch of hair that had curled up by his ears.

Xia Qingshu slowly raised the corners of his lips after being stunned by his son’s gentle eyes and actions. He could see that his son loved this youth named Bai Rong very much, and this youth was also extremely remarkable. To have a person like this as his partner, eased his worries a lot…

However, this boy was only 19 years old so he had yet to turn into an adult… Why did seeing his son do all of this feel a little insincere…

There was a feeling of taking advantage of the young and tender boy…

“Thank you for the gift, uncle…” Seeing that this pocket watch could not be rejected, Bai Rong quickly thanked him, “I like it very much!”

“As long as Rongrong likes it.” Xia Qingshu smiled lovingly, but this smile appeared on a face that looked to be about only 30 years old (about 60 or 70 years old according to interstellar age) so Bai Rong couldn’t help but feel it was a little weird.

He remembered that his father-in-law should be older than 80 years old…

Obviously, Mu Chongyan also discovered this problem. He asked euphemistically, “Dad, you seem to not have had any big changes compared to twenty years ago. You still look especially young.”


“This…” Xia Qingshu was startled for a moment before smiling, “That’s because my aptitude seems to have had a breakthrough after I came here.”

“A breakthrough?!” Surprise flashed across Mu Chongyan’s eyes.

“Yes, it’s probably due to the gravity and radiation here. After I got used to it, it changed my aptitude.” Xia Qingshu smiled softly, looking just as gentle and handsome as he did in the photo Bai Rong searched for in his optical computer before. The passage of 20 years didn’t seem to have left any traces on him.

“I reckon that the lifespan of a SSS-level person can reach up to about 300 years old.” Xia Qingshu looked at Mu Chongyan with much pleasure, “Dearie’s aptitude is SSS-level in Shengya, and might be able to achieve a breakthrough once you have fully adapted to this place. In short, it’s definitely not inferior to me. Dearie will also look very young after you turned one hundred or two hundred years old.”

“…” Mu Chongyan was embarrassed at first, and then smiled again.

When can his father stop calling him dearie?!!

He could already feel his Little Sweet Cake trying hard not to laugh so badly that his palms were quivering slightly!

Was calling him, a man with a height of 196cm and an eight-pack abs, dearie suitable?!!

However, Xia Qingshu only felt it very appropriate, and turned to Bai Rong, “Rongrong, have you made any spell cards recently?”

“No.” Bai Rong shook his head quickly, “I’ve recently been trying to learn how to make weapons, and……even if I wanted to make spell cards, I don’t have the tools for it. When we fell in here, we didn’t bring any spell card tools or materials.”

The look in Xia Qingshu’s eyes changed all of a sudden. He had been so happy to see his little dearie that he had forgotten to ask how they fell into this place!

“Dearie, how did you fall in and when did you fall in?!”


Seeing that Mu Chongyan was in a daze, and there was panic in his eyes, Xia Qingshu patted Mu Chongyan’s shoulder with some worry, “Dearie, what’s wrong?”

“Huh?!” Mu Chongyan quickly regained his senses, “I’m fine, what did you just say?”

He just suddenly thought that if he could live more than 300 years after breaking through SSS, but his Little Sweet Cakei’s aptitude was definitely not as good as his, probably only about SS level or S level, what was he going to do…when time came?!!!

He definitely couldn’t stand living the days without his Little Sweet Cake, but how could he raise his aptitude to about SSS or even beyond SSS?!!!

“Uncle is asking, how did we fall into this place in the beginning.” Bai Rong pulled on Mu Chongyan’s hand, “Why don’t we go inside and talk?”


Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s hair, and Bai Rong raised his head. He was slightly startled when he met Mu Chongyan’s eyes, the tips of his ears turning a little red. Why did he feel that Mu Chongyan’s gaze on him was growing more gentle…

“Also, Kuku and the others are still in the restaurant, I’ll go and call them back, Chongyan, you can take uncle inside first.” Bai Rong pushed Mu Chongyan ahead and told Xia Qingshu, “Uncle, I’m going to call my brother and the others. They’re still in the restaurant. You can go in with Chongyan first.”

“Alright, Rongrong can go.” Xia Qingshu couldn’t help but like Bai Rong the more he looked at him. How can this child be so excellent and sensible? He didn’t have the least bit of arrogance at all! Truly such a lovable child.

Fortunately, his dearie had abducted him. Otherwise, such a good boy would have gone to someone else’s house. Even if he became someone else’s son-in-law, he would have abducted this child himself to take home….

While Bai Rong was going off to call Kuku and the others, Mu Chongyan opened the door, and immediately, what caught their eyes was Ze La’er who was still standing next to the tree, and he suddenly started to writhe crazily upon spotting Xia Qingshu.

“Um… Um…” Ze La’er burst into tears in his heart. His teacher had really come to save him, and even subdued Mu Chongyan to open the door himself, allowing his teacher to come in honestly!


His teacher was indeed the most powerful. He must tell his teacher about Mu Chongyan’s evil deeds and let his teacher help him suppress him so he could beat up Mu Chongyan!!!

“Ze La’er?” Having not expected to see his apprentice tied to a tree in such a miserable manner as soon as he entered, Xia Qingshu glanced at Mu Chongyan, and saw his dearie calmly look at him without speaking. He quickly hurriedly over and gently tore off the tape on Ze La’er’s mouth.

However, even if Xia Qingshu’s actions were very gentle, it had still torn away a lot of hair from Ze La’er’s mouth, and he painfully gasped for breath. After taking away the cloth stuffed in his mouth, he immediately let out a howl of anguish as if he had finally seen his childhood friend, all his grievances rushing out.

“Teacher…this person is Mu Chongyan. He beat me and tied me up, let’s teach him a lesson!”

“…” Xia Qingshu’s actions paused for a second, and he silently took off the ropes restraining Ze La’er. He glanced at Mu Chongyan, “Dea-…”

Before his dad uttered the rest of the word, Mu Chongyan quickly said, “I didn’t beat him. I only gave him a light greeting when I caught him.”

“You’re lying, you call this a light greeting?! Moreover, you were even planning to beat and treat me at the same time. You’re simply…simply too ruthless!”

“But I didn’t do it, I just wanted to scare you at the time.” Mu Chongyan looked at Xia Qingshu with a calm face, “Dad, I didn’t intentionally beat him.”

“You…what?!!!” Ze La’er’s eyes nearly bulged out of his sockets and he yelled with a furious face, “Who are you calling dad?!! Teacher, he…”

“Ze La’er.” Xia Qingshu suddenly spoke up, “This person was the son I told you before that I got separated from. I’ve finally found him today.”

Seeing the rare joy and satisfaction appear on his teacher’s face, Ze La’er suddenly felt his heart stop beating. Mu Chongyan was actually the teacher’s son, how… how is this possible?!!

It was simply outrageous, unbelievable, and unacceptable!!!

But before he could finish digesting this news, he heard another series of footsteps coming. Among them, walking in the front was the delicate-looking teenager, who was smiling and looking at his teacher.

“Uncle, these are the members of our mercenary group.”

When the others began to respectfully greet him, Ze La’er’s pupils suddenly shrank.

Was the thing on the boy’s chest… actually the blue agate pocket watch?!!!

Because his teacher had defeated the top grade 10th level Mutant Beast King with a single blow, he had obtained one of the three as well as the largest piece of blue agate pocket watch that could comfort the spirits of at least one hundred 10th level mercenaries?!!!

Seeing his teacher look at the youth and Mu Chongyan with loving eyes, Ze La’er suddenly felt… his skies turn gray.

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