Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 96.1 New Flavored Dog Food (1)

After receiving the stakes, the people left. Little did the gang know that this incident was transmitted back to the several organizations at an extremely fast speed. Within a few minutes, all the families and mercenary groups in Zone B knew that someone was able to deal with the terrifying person that was Leonard within 4 seconds. In fact, some people from Zone A even started shifting their attention to them.

Bai Rong walked gallantly on the streets, appearing like a proud peacock. Such a powerful person was his wife. As expected, he was the most powerful, most iron-blooded and the most attractive of all the tough guys!

Seeing Bai Rong’s proud and happy look, Mu Chongyan’s lips unconsciously curled up, his heart filled with soft emotions.

“Rongrong… shall we buy another car?”

“Buy a car?” Bai Rong was taken aback, “Our car hasn’t broken down yet.”


“It’s not for this reason.” Mu Chongyan smiled. “I want to divide the mercenary group into two teams, and go our separate ways when we take on tasks.”

“Going on separate tasks?!”

“Yeah.” Realizing that Bo Ke and the others had also turned their gazes over, Mu Chongyan said candidly, “We’ll divide into two teams and take on different tasks. This way, it would benefit our mercenary group.”

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“Alright.” Mu Chongyan nodded in understanding, “I suggest that you mainly take on tasks involving fifth-level high-level beasts or sixth-level low to intermediate level beasts.”


“Understood.” Lu Kun and the others immediately replied.

Seeing that there were no objections raised, Mu Chongyan turned his head and said, “Rongrong, let’s go to the mechanical car shop now.”

“Okay.” Seeing that Mu Chongyan solved the problem of the team division within three sentences, Bai Rong couldn’t help but lament that his wife was really suited to become the boss.

The group of people rushed to the largest mechanical car shop in Zone B. The car shop had a total of six floors, among which the fifth and sixth floors were for intermediate mechanical vehicles. Now that Bai Rong already knew that the so-called intermediate mechanical vehicles were only vehicles equipped with some intermediate weapons and they cost several times more than low-grade advanced mechanical vehicles, they decisively stopped on the fourth floor.

After choosing a low-grade advanced level mechanical car with a perfect configuration and a motive power setting comparable to an intermediate car, Bai Rong quickly took out 83,000 ash coins and paid the full amount in one lump sum.

After driving the car out of the shop, Mu Chongyan took Bai Rong to a mall that specialized in selling weapons and materials. Thanks to the accidental gain of wealth, Bai Rong boldly bought five liters of energy liquid, and eight boxes of rather more precious materials, spending a total of more than 31,000 ash coins.

After putting all the things into the spatial button, the elated Bai Rong suddenly recovered from the delight of his crazy shopping spree, and realized that he had actually spent more than 110,000 ash coins today!!

His little face blankly glanced at the spatial button that only had 50,000 ash coins remaining and immediately, his face turned ashen.

H-h- h-… How did he become such a spendthrift?!!!

Seeing Bai Rong look blank, Mu Chongyan couldn’t help but pinch his face in amusement, “What’s wrong?”

“……” Bai Rong recovered his senses and looked at Mu Chongyan, he replied a little listlessly, “I seem to have spent too much…”

“What do you mean too much?” Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s hair and said softly, “We can make more.”


“I know…..” Bai Rong pursed his lower lip, “I just feel empty seeing the ash coins we’ve accumulated for a long time disappear in an instant…..”

Mu Chongyan couldn’t help but smile, his Little Sweet Cake was becoming more and more like a little hamster who loved storing food.

“It’s fine. We didn’t spend all our money right? But…” Mu Chongyan slowly hooked up his lips, “We’re about to use it all up since we have one more thing to buy.”

“Ah, there’s something else?”

Mu Chongyan merely smiled and did not speak, stepping on the accelerator.

He drove the car straight to the Nuo Le Shopping Mall before coming to a stop. Mu Chongyan took Bai Rong through a winding path from a small entrance in the mall to the black market and bought a halved set of learning materials for advanced weapon making.

This couldn’t be helped. The materials were too expensive. The halved set cost two people 50,000 ash coins, emptying Bai Rong’s little vault clean.

However, Bai Rong was very satisfied. Under normal circumstances, the first half of this learning material contained all the production theories and the production process of a few advanced weapons, and the second half contained the production process of dozens of advanced weapons.

And the theory was enough for him. As for the production process… he didn’t care for them very much. In fact, he could confidently say that he had the confidence to create even more innovative advanced weapons that were better than those taught in the materials!

“Thank you Chongyan…” Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan, who had spent his ash coins for him without batting an eye, and felt extremely moved. Like cotton candy, his heart felt soft and sweet….

“What are you thanking me for…” Mu Chongyan held Bai Rong’s hand and gently wrapped it in his palm. “Rongrong has made so many weapons for our mercenary group that we’ve managed to save so much ash coins, not to mention…” Mu Chongyan lowered his head, kissed the corners of Bai Rong’s lips, whispering, “To me, spending a little more for my Rongrong is only natural.”

His words were clearly not some corny terms of endearment yet it still made the listening Bai Rong’s cheeks flush slightly. He paused for a moment and suddenly went on his tiptoes, raising his head to kiss Mu Chongyan’s lips. His arms held tightly onto Mu Chongyan’s back and with red ears, he stuck out his tongue, lightly licking Mu Chongyan’s lips.


Mu Chongyan was taken aback at first for a moment, and then, the color of his eyes suddenly darkened. He immediately caged the person in his arms, and kissed him fervently…

Ten minutes later, Mu Chongyan finally let go of Bai Rong. Bai Rong’s cheeks were red, and his eyes were misty. He pursed his slightly swollen lips and looked up at Mu Chongyan with a hint of dissatisfaction.

“Chongyan…you-you can’t use this much force next time. If my lips are swollen…Kuku and the others will see through us.”

They wouldn’t be a good influence on them. After all, Kuku and Lu Ya were still children!

“It’s okay, they won’t be able to see through it.” Mu Chongyan responded casually, “Even if they did, it doesn’t matter. Kuku and Lu Ya even asked me how to chase after someone before.”

“Ah?!!!” Bai Rong’s eyes grew wide from surprise.

“Yeah.” Mu Chongyan’s face was neither nor panting, maintaining a serious expression, “They’ve both already grown up, and know how to chase after people so you don’t need to worry too much.”

“That can’t be true?!” Bai Rong frowned after being shocked. “They haven’t met any new girls so far.”

“Well…maybe it’s not a girl.” Mu Chongyan casually said, taking Bai Rong into his arms, “Okay, okay, even if you worry so much, it’s useless. Moreover, growing kids need their privacy. Don’t ask them about it rashly. If you ask too much, they’ll grow a rebellious mentality.”

“…I know.” Bai Rong said unconvinced.

He had scored full marks in an adolescence psychology class he had taken before!

There was no helping it. Not getting full marks was too difficult for him!


By the time the two had returned home, Lu Ya had already finished preparing dinner. Seeing that Bai Rong had returned, he immediately held up the plate in his hand as if to ask for praise.

“Brother Bai Rong, look, this is the chocolate syrup cake that I made. It’s for dessert, do you want to try it out first?”

Looking at Lu Ya’s expectant eyes, Bai Rong picked up a piece in a complicated mood and bit it lightly. One bite, and the rich and sweet chocolate flavor immediately filled his taste buds, carrying with it a silky and beautiful romantic flavor.

The child really had someone he liked.

“What’s wrong, Brother Bai Rong?” Lu Ya gulped, seeing Bai Rong’s complicated gaze, “Is it not delicious…?”

“No, it’s delicious.” Bai Rong took another piece as he flattered him, then asked in a gentle voice, “Lu Ya…have you been seeing any beautiful or cute girls as of late?”

“Beautiful or cute girls?


“No…” Lu Ya shook his head with innocent eyes.

“Then… have you seen any beautiful and cute boys?” Bai Rong’s expression was very natural as he asked.

“Boy?” Lu Ya blushed suddenly, “ as well.”

“Hm?!” Bai Rong narrowed his eyes, feeling that he had discovered something, but was suddenly called by Kuku. “Brother, you came back. Where did Mu Chongyan take you that he even stopped us from following!”

Kuku appeared angry. That playboy wouldn’t have taken his brother to a place unsuitable for children, did he! Otherwise, why didn’t he allow them to follow?!!

“We didn’t really go anywhere. I just bought some materials for weapon making.” Bai Rong smiled and rubbed Kuku’s head. Looking at Kuku, who was already 1.8 meters tall, he couldn’t help but feel proud and envious.

Sigh…to think that in the beginning, he was also a good man who was 1.8 meters tall.

“Oh…” Hearing that they had gone to buy materials, Kuku felt a lot more relieved, “Brother, shall we go hunting seventh-level mutant beasts tomorrow?”

Bai Rong thought for a while and nodded. “Alright, It’s good to train ourselves by hunting seventh level low-grade beasts, but we would have to return a little earlier as I have to study some materials. Before we go hunting for giant crocodile beasts, I’ll make seventh level weapons for you guys.”

“Seventh-level weapons?!”

“Yeah. Why? Don’t you believe in your brother?”

“No, no, it’s that…..I hope that brother doesn’t tire himself out.” Kuku scrunched his brows in worry.

Ever since his brother started learning weapon making, he had lost weight. If he learned how to make advanced weapons, his brother would become too skinny!

“I won’t be tired this time. I have already promised Chongyan that I wouldn’t make low-level weapons by myself. I will buy low-level weapons of high quality for energy tempering and rune engraving.” Bai Rong patted Kuku’s shoulder, “Don’t worry, Kuku.”

“Okay.” Kuku lowered his head, and suddenly said, “Brother, I realized that you seem to have grown taller.”

“I did?!” Bai Rong’s eyes lit up, his face beaming with joy, “Really?!”

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