Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 95.2 His wife!!! (2)

“They actually dared to scold you?” The big man grew angry, sweeping a knife-like gaze over to them, but as soon as he laid eyes on Bai Rong, a flash of surprise flitted across his eyes and he paused for two seconds, his face tensing up.

“I’m Lei Nade, the head of the Thunderstorm Mercenary Groups. May I dare ask why you people hurt my friend?!”

Jia La’er stiffened when he heard Lei Nade call him “friend”, his face turning slightly pale. He immediately raised his head and looked at Lei Nade, seeing a look of amazement and favor hidden within his eyes. As a result of this, a wave of anger instantly washed over him.

He could tolerate Leonard’s hypocritical show of affection towards him, as long as Leonard was still tied to him, he could care less about it, but he absolutely wouldn’t allow him to be hooked by some other slut!

Jia La’er’s spiteful eyes pierced Bai Rong, and Bai Rong sensed it immediately, casting a cold look back at him.


This man really was crazy, suddenly cursing them and even making a false charge against them, treating them as if he was the enemy who killed his father. Was there a screw loose in his head!

“Do you really not know why we wounded him at all?” Seeing through the man’s fake act, Mu Chongyan sneered, “He wanted to hurt my beloved person first, so I taught him a lesson. It’s that simple. If you want to take revenge for him, we can take this outside. If not, take your friend and leave, don’t let it out and allow it to randomly bite anyone.”

“You…” Not expecting that Mu Chongyan would actually be this blunt, Lei Nade nearly lost control of his face. He clenched the long sword in his hand tighter and snarled, “It was clearly you who wounded my friend first but now you’re making a false charge, do you think of us Thunderstorm Mercenary Group members as fools?!”

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“Don’t say anything for now, I’ll avenge you, don’t worry, okay?”


Jia La’er glanced at Lei Nade, a little unwilling to refuse, but after thinking about it, he gritted his teeth and nodded.

“Since you want to settle this with a competition, it’s better to make it formal.” Lei Nade raised his head, a vicious light flashing across eyes, and he smiled at Mu Chongyan, “Since you’re new here, you might not know much about the mercenary guilds in Zone B. The mercenary guilds in Zone B have an official battling arena on the tenth floor and you’re required to sign a life or death contract, do you dare?”

Mu Chongyan gave Lei Nade a cold look and sneered, “Tenth floor, life or death, is that it? Are there really no other bets?”

“Bets?” The look in Lei Nade’s eyes changed slightly, and he suddenly realized that the man in front of him was not as simple as he thought, but he still didn’t put it to heart, “Of course there’s a bet, what do you want to bet on?”

“80,000 ash coins.” Mu Chongyan said casually.

“Eighty thousand?!” Lei Nade wore a shocked expression before narrowing his eyes towards Mu Chongyan. “You have that many ash coins?”

He had led the Thunderstorm Mercenary Group for more than ten years before he managed to save one hundred and thirty thousand ash coins. This person seemed to only be in his twenties and had even come from the retrogressed Zone C but was actually able to save eighty thousand ash coins?!

“Are you chickening out?” Mu Chongyan put on a mocking look.

“Heh, I, Lei Nade, chickening out? I’m the one who’s afraid you can’t afford to lose!” Lei Nade smiled contemptuously, taking out a spatial button and withdrawing four bags of ash coins from inside. The bags fell down on the ground, making thump sounds. “Each bag has 20,000 ash coins.”

“What bag has 20,000 ash coins?” Bai Rong had already returned from registering for the task, raising his face to look at Mu Chongyan.

“It’s a bet for the competition, totaling 80,000 ash coins.” Mu Chongyan lowered his head slightly, “Will Rongrong rebuke me for raising the stakes too high?”

“No.” Bai Rong shook his head decisively.


He wouldn’t feel distressed no matter how much Mu Chongyan spent. After all, it was only natural for a tough man to raise his wife, he just couldn’t help but feel a little worried…

Bai Rong also took out 80,000 ash coins from his spatial button and threw them on the ground.

Seeing that the bet had been settled, Lei Nade walked to the elevator without saying a word. Before leaving, he turned around and started Bai Rong’s neckline surreptitiously.

Lei Nade’s movements didn’t escape Mu Chongyan’s eyes at all. Mu Chongyan’s fists instantly clenched, the veins on his arms threatening to burst. A fierce look immediately flashed across his eyes.

He originally thought that since he had just come to Zone B, he shouldn’t go all out so fast, dragging the fight a little long, but now…

Darkness surged in Mu Chongyan’s eyes, and he lowered his head, kissing the top of Bai Rong’s hair, saying gently, “Rongrong, guess…how many moves it’ll take for the competition to end?”

“…Three?” Bai Rong was a little perplexed, but still answered subconsciously.

After all, he hoped that his Chongyan could beat that bastard quickly.

“Alright… just three moves then.” Mu Chongyan gently squeezed Bai Rong’s hand, and the moment he raised his head, the elevator opened with a “ding”.

The arena of this mercenary guild and the arena underground the black market did not differ much. The surrounding audience seats were already filled up with people who were red from excitement, and many had begun to place bets on who was going to win. However, the dealers here had nothing to do with the people in the ring. The competition between mercenary groups and the stakes were agreed upon between competitors.

The bet between Mu Chongyan and Lei Nade was 80,000 ash coins, and the bet was already taken away, stored and publicized by the staff of the Mercenary Guild.

After signing the life and death contract, Mu Chongyan held the long sword and walked to the arena. He turned his head to cast a soothing look at Bai Rong before quickly recovering his cold demeanor, looking at the Lei Nade across him with dark eyes.


Lei Nade glanced at Jia La’er, who had a worried look under the stage, and seeing his pale face frowning, he grew even more gloomy, feeling slightly restless.

“Will both competitors start preparing? The competition will begin immediately.” The referee in the arena glanced at them, then retreated to the edge of the ring, “Three…two…one, the competition begins!”

As soon as the referee’s voice fell, Mu Chongyan’s eyes turned cold and with a shift of his foot, he carried out an alter arc step he used during mech battles. Lei Nade was unable to catch sight of Mu Chongyan’s action and merely felt a cold gust hit him on the neck. He hurriedly raised his sword in a flurry and the crisp sound of swords clashing rang beside his ears!

Feeling fear creep up, Lei Nade started having cold sweat. The man’s movements were so strange and swift that he couldn’t see them clearly. How was he supposed to stop them?!!!

Knowing that he had only managed to avoid them by a fluke, Lei Nade’s mien turned pale and he immediately prepared to admit defeat, but even before he could utter the words, he felt a sudden pain in the back of his neck. When he opened his mouth again, all that came out was a mouth of black blood.

With a “bang”, Lei Nade fell down on the ground, losing his breath.

The entire competition venue was plunged into a strange silence for a moment before overwhelming cheers rang out!

The referee under the arena was also shocked and stunned. It hadn’t even been five seconds yet but… the battle had already ended?!!

And the one who died was the head of the Thunderstorm Mercenary Group, one of the four seventh-level mercenary groups?!!!!

Mu Chongyan stepped off the stage with a cold face, and with a turn of his wrist, a broken knife blade swiftly spun out, drawing a thin wound on the neck of Jia La’er, who was rushing towards him desperately. Jia La’er’s face paled and his hands quivered, collapsing down on the ground in the next instant.

Ignoring the reactions of the people around him, Mu Chongyan walked directly under the audience’s seats, opened his arms, and welcomed Bai Rong who had pounced on him.

“Chongyan’s amazing!” Bai Rong’s eyes were as bright as the night sky full of stars, he threw himself into Mu Chongyan’s arms and raised his head, his face flushed with excitement, “Chongyan, you were so handsome just now!!!!”


Bai Rong’s tone was filled with pride that could not be ignored. His wife was such a powerful and attractive man!!!

“Then…does Rongrong have a reward for me?” Looking at his Little Sweet Cake’s excited and admiring face, Mu Chongyan felt inexplicably satisfied, and tenderly kissed Bai Rong’s forehead.

“Reward…?” Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan who tilted his head deliberately to emphasize his cheeks and first blinked in confusion. He then chuckled, and planted a kiss on Mu Chongyan’s right cheek.

“Is this okay?”

“En…just barely though. When we return, I’ll have to collect interest from you.” Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s hair gently, “Let’s go and retrieve the winnings.”

Several gazes were cast their way but Mu Chongyan ignored them all, failing to notice that two of those gazes contained shock.

“Second…Master, let’s go back soon, I beg you.” In the corner, a round-faced young man begged another handsome young man with a complex expression. “If you were found to have secretly run off to Zone B, I’ll be in trouble…”

“Wu Ze…” the young man who was called “Second Master” suddenly said, “I was originally going to return after watching this fight.”

“Then…” Wu Ze’s face lit up with joy, “Master, we can now…”

“However, I’ve changed my mind,” the young man turned his head slightly and looked in Mu Chongyan’s direction, narrowing his eyes slightly, “I’ve decided to investigate this man before leaving.”

To be able to carry out the move his teacher had taught him so skillfully-Alter arc step, meant that this man definitely had secrets. After all, some of the things his teacher had taught him, including the Alter arc step, was something that none of the people living in safe zones from D to S knew about.

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