Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 93.2 Reckless Provocation (2)

Because the gang had some combat experience dealing with Thunder Wolf with the exception of Lu Ya, this time, Mu Chongyan adjusted the battle strategy again.

As long as the thunder wolf beasts that gathered together did not exceed four, Bai Rong would not deliberately avoid them.

Today’s hunt was a little harder than yesterday’s, but it was not too difficult. Apart from  one of the strongest in the group, Mu Chongyan, Bai Rong and Kuku had also improved a lot. By the time the hunt reached the fourth wave, Bai Rong was caught in a precarious situation.

Just as Mu Chongyan was about to help Bai Rong, he saw his Little Sweet Cake leaping forward, throwing a machete with extreme precision, and cutting the Thunder Wolf’s throat using a very tricky angle. Mu Chongyan was stunned at first before a proud smile slowly surfaced on his face.

Three hours after their arrival at the thunder wolf beast’s gathering place, the rear compartment of the carriage was completely filled. The gang packed up and prepared to go home until they suddenly heard several miserable calls for help.


The voices were filled with urgency. Bai Rong turned his head and looked at Mu Chongyan, his eyes carrying an inquiring gaze.

“Let’s go take a look.” Mu Chongyan held the long sword at his side, “The voice doesn’t sound as if the person’s completely weak. If we saved them, it wouldn’t be considered a waste.”

“Okay.” Bai Rong picked up his machete and got out of the car together.

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Seeing that Mu Chongyan quickly killed three beasts, and had begun to attack the other three injured ones. The wolf king roared angrily, it kicked back its strong limbs and pounced forward, leading 8 other wolves towards the gang.


“Give me four arrows!” Mu Chongyan shouted sternly, and Kuku immediately drew out four arrows. After Mu Chongyan took it, a flash of sharpness flashed between his eyebrows, his wrists turned, and his knuckles loosened!

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!!

Four arrows dashed out and shot into the eyes of the four thunder wolf beasts to the left of the wolf king with terrifying precision!




The four thunder wolf beasts immediately howled in anguish, tripping on their front legs, and falling to the ground hard.

“Awoooo——!!!” The wolf king was so angry, its eyes turned red. It immediately picked up speed and rushed towards Mu Chongyan!

Mu Chongyan pushed Bai Rong to the side, “Rongrong, go help Bai Ku and the others!”

Then with a leap, he started fighting with the wolf king!

The wolf king’s agility and strength were three or four times higher than other thunder wolf beasts. Mu Chongyan’s long sword was quickly nicked five times by the wolf king’s claws, but the wolf king didn’t get off easy either. Mu Chongyan had pierced a bloody hole in its left forelimb and left eye.

The long sword in Mu Chongyan’s hand turned into a phantom, hacking through the air. The wolf king kicked its forelimbs and leapt into the air, its body quickly twisting. It continuously avoided Mu Chongyan’s six moves, and opened its bloody mouth to attack Mu Chongyan, wanting to take his neck, but in the next instant, Mu Chongyan held the long sword and plunged it into its heart!


“Awoo——!!!” The wolf king’s anguished howl resounded through the wilderness, and the remaining few beasts quivered after hearing it. They hurriedly turned around and desperately fled to the distance.

“Don’t give chase.” Mu Chongyan called out to Bai Rong, gently wiping off the blood stains on his cheek, “Have you gotten addicted to fighting?”

“No…” Bai Rong clenched the machete. He raised his face and said, “It’s mostly because the rest of them aren’t intimidating so it’s a pity not to hunt them down.”

“It’s not a pity, there’s a lot more of their kind and we might not be able to transport all of them back.”

“…..” Bai Rong swept a look at his surroundings and counted twelve bodies of thunder wolf beasts lying on the ground, his little face secretly lighting up in joy..

Just the number of these was enough to fully pay back the loan for the carriage!!

“Thank you for your help. We don’t have anything to thank you for saving us so we’re willing to become your followers!” The two people who had escaped by their skin’s teeth, half-kneeled in front of them. Their backs were straight, their expressions were firm, their eyes were clear, and they looked like two decent men.

As expected, they did not save the wrong kind of people…

Bai Rong secretly expressed his satisfaction before looking up at Mu Chongyan.

Mu Chongyan held Bai Rong’s hand and looked at the two people in front of him, speaking with a cold gaze, “We don’t need any followers, you can go.”

“No, we must repay you!” The two people bowed down and uttered anxiously, “Otherwise, we wouldn’t feel at ease!”

Mu Chongyan frowned slightly, and looked at the two of them, “I don’t like taking in strangers as followers, especially those with insignificant strength.”


“No. No!” One of them quickly refuted with a resolute face, “We can hunt thunder wolf beasts by ourselves. In fact, each one of us can take on six or seven beasts. It’s only because we were framed this time that we fell into such danger!”

“Six seven beasts?! A gleam of shock flashed through Bai Rong’s eyes, and he quickly asked, “Then what happened to you guys?!”

“We…” The resolute-looking man suddenly clenched his fists, a trace of resentment flashing through his eyes. He gritted his teeth and said, “Actually, I’m the leader of the Fire Thunder Mercenary Corps, my name is Bo Ke, and this is my brother, Na Erya. The Fire Thunder Mercenary Corps is a fifth-level mercenary group, and I took charge this time, accepting the task of hunting the wolves, all because I actually wanted to give the members a chance to rest, so I chose a relatively easy task, but I didn’t expect that my other…” Bo Ke gritted his teeth as he uttered the word “brothers”, blue veins popping on his forehead, “would tamper with my weapon. Hence, when I was confronting the wolf king, my weapon immediately broke so that when I was fighting against the Wolf King, my weapon was directly damaged, allowing the wolf king to injure my shoulder and arm. If it weren’t for Na Erya staying by my side and helping me block the attacks, I would’ve already been inside the wolf king’s stomach long ago.”

“Fifth-level mercenary group?! What about the other members of your group?”

“This time we only brought twelve people. Nine of them were Luo Lei’er’s recommendations but they’d been in cahoots since long ago!” The man named Na Erya seethed with anger, “So the moment something happened, they all ran back with Luo Lei’er into the car and drove away!”

“Then…” Bai Rong frowned, “Then how many members did your group have in the first place?”


“’re not going back to them?”

Bai Rong narrowed his eyes. If he guessed correctly, Bo Ke was implying that even if  he returned, he wouldn’t be able to regain his position as leader and might even be plotted against once more, so he would rather follow their group?

“Requesting benefactors to take us in!”

“Impossible.” Mu Chongyan refused directly, with a grim expression, “Aren’t you most clear about the extent of your injuries? We don’t have enough money or medicine to treat your wounds.”

“We wouldn’t dare inconvenience our benefactors!” Bo Ke directly took out a spatial button from his pockets and presented it with both hands. “There are three bottles of high-grade wound medicine I recently bought and more than 300 ash coins. These are almost sufficient enough to cure my and Na Erya’s injuries. I won’t drag down my benefactors!”


“Spatial button?” A glint appeared in Mu Chongyan’s eyes.


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