Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 92.2

“Yeah.” Bai Rong looked at Kuku, a little envious. Kuku seemed to have almost reached 178cm, so would reaching 180cm be far away?!

“Brother, you might grow upto 1.8 meters…no, 1.9 meters!” Kuku glanced at Mu Chongyan and changed his words.

Perhaps his brother could even grow taller than this playboy and press him down instead?!

“En, I will!” Bai Rong clenched his fists and was full of confidence. As long as this speed persisted for another week, he could easily reach 190cm without any difficulties. Who knows…he might even reach 2 meters tall!

By that time…hehehe, Mu Chongyan will appear cute and helpless-looking, leaning against his broad chest!


Seeing Bai Rong reveal a silly smirk again, Mu Chongyan shook his head helplessly and pressed the corners of his lips.

The group of people quickly finished their breakfast and left, driving off from their home.

Two and a half hours later, the border separating the habitat of Thunder Wolf Beasts appeared into view. The dry yellow land was covered in pits and was colored in scorched black everywhere.

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When the three Thunder Wolf Beasts jumped up and were about to land a fatal blow to the three survivors, Mu Chongyan’s eyes glinted, and two broken blades appeared at the edge of his cuffs. With a twist of his wrist, he tossed them out!


“Swish swish!” Two blades cut through the air and shot precisely into the eyes of the two Thunder Wolf Beasts.



Two angry howls immediately rang out, and the two Thunder Wolf Beasts that jumped into the air, came crashing down violently. The two survivors who were running for their lives in front, stared in shock at the scene, the joy that had eluded them, froze them into place.

“Quickly run!” Bai Rong strongly pushed the two people who were in the way, and then rolled on the ground quickly, avoiding the attack of a Thunder Wolf Beast.

Mu Chongyan cast a look towards Bai Rong’s direction, his heart jumping in fear. He hurriedly accelerated his attack speed, his long sword’s slashing movement only leaving behind shadows. Among his attacks, several had collided with the Thunder Wolf Beast’s attacks, producing sparks against his ink blue blade.

The thunder wolf beast was extremely nimble and agile. When its claws hacked down, a purple lightning bolt would flash. Its sharp fangs were especially powerful. The moment it bit down, the lightning sparks from the tips of the fangs left behind a gaping hole in Mu Chongyan’s long sword!

Mu Chongyan’s gaze changed slightly. He turned his body abruptly, and leapt up, turning his long sword quickly, drawing a flower. When the Thunder Wolf Beast wandered to the east, its long legs were suddenly cut off and its body turned over. At this, the long sword in Mu Chongyan’s hand plunged into the beast’s neck!

“Awoo——!!!” A anguised howl suddenly resounded through the wilderness.

Mu Chongyan clenched his long sword tightly, leaning forward to avoid the Thunder Wolf beast’s counterattack. It then suddenly slashed again, and with a turn of the tip of his sword, a bloody hole was pierced open from Thunder Wolf Beast’s throat.

Seeing that the Thunder Wolf Beast was dying, Mu Chongyan immediately rushed to Bai Rong’s side, and suddenly lifted his long leg, kicking away the Thunder Wolf Beast that was charging towards Bai Rong.

Under the extremely tacit cooperation of the two that didn’t require any exchange of words, the second Thunder Wolf Beast was also smoothly dealt with.


“Rongrong performed very well this time.”

Mu Chongyan rubbed the top of Bai Rong’s hair and praised without hesitation.

Bai Rong revealed an excited yet shy smile before turning to look at Kuku and Lu Kun who were on the other side, “Chongyan, should we go help them?”

“No, let them temper themselves. Let’s go ahead and carry these two Thunder Wolf Beasts back first.”


Not long after the two hoisted the Thunder Wolf Beasts into the carriage, Kuku and Lu Kun’s fight ended. The aftermath was that Lu Kun’s left arm and left shoulder were scratched by the Thunder Wolf Beast’s claws, sporting three 30-centimeter long and deep wounds, nearly revealing the bone.

Mu Chongyan took out the treatment device and treated Lu Kun with it for a full half an hour, only then was he able to barely heal the terrifyingly severe wound.

Lu Kun took out a new bottle of intermediate-level wound medicine and sprinkled a layer of powder on it, saying “It should be fine now. Let’s continue.”

“Brother, are you really all right?” Lu Ya scrunched his brows in worry, “Your injuries haven’t even fully healed…”

“It’s okay, it’s only the surface that hasn’t healed yet. It should be almost healed after sprinkling the medicine. This medicine is expensive, costing about 300 ash coins for a bottle.” Lu Kun patted Lu Ya’s shoulder in comfort, “Brother didn’t notify you that I bought it, don’t blame Brother.”

“Why would I?!” Lu Ya asked incredulously in a slightly higher voice, “Brother, it wouldn’t even matter if you buy something a bit more expensive!”

“Alright.” Lu Kun looked at his own sensible brother and smiled before turning to Mu Chongyan and saying, “Let’s go.”



Under Bai Rong’s “radar” scan, the gang successfully hunted and killed three waves of Thunder Wolf Beasts in the wilderness. Adding onto the three beasts they hunted before, they had successfully hunted 11 beasts in total.

Seeing that the rear compartment was almost stuffed full, Bai Rong raised his hand and announced that they should head back.

After returning to the mercenary guild, Bai Rong ran to the task hall and accepted a few more tasks. He then arranged the ten Thunder Wolf Beasts they had just hunted neatly, and then submitted them for the task. As for the extra Thunder Wolf Beast they had, he handed it over to the guild, advancing their Tough Guy Mercenary Group to a fourth-level mercenary group.

Bai Rong advanced into a fourth level mercenary whereas Mu Chongyan and Lu Kun were upgraded to level three mercenaries. Kuku and Luya were upgraded to level two mercenaries, and even Lin Shu and Lin He were upgraded from interns to level one mercenaries.

After submitting the task, Bai Rong received a total of 1,400 ash coins, of which 1,000 were used as loan savings, and the remaining 400 were divided according to the “Nine-One ratio” proposed by Lu Kun. However, Bai Rong later gave 250 ash coins to Lu Ya to be used as food expenses for the month.

Of course, if it wasn’t enough, Lu Ya could ask him for more.

Upon returning home and seeing that it was still early, Mu Chongyan picked out a few people from the team and took them to the courtyard. He demonstrated to Lu Kun, Lu Ya and Kuku a set of special training programs he had designed for Walter and others back in Shengya. He then watched everyone do the same action again.

In the future, the level of the beasts they would hunt would only get higher and higher. If these members did not improve, they would only hold them back, in particular, Lu Kun and Lu Ya, who haven’t received any systematic training at all. As for their qualifications,….he could determine that they were around B Grade. If they didn’t train well, they wouldn’t be able to land a single blow on mutant beasts level 5 and above.

As for his Little Sweet Cake, he had adjusted his training program back when they were in Shengya, but taking the current situation into account, he still needed to make a few minor adjustments.

However, when adjusting, he definitely wouldn’t make it torturous like he did for hte others. Instead, he would make the most professional and meticulous adjustments all solely for his Little Sweet Cake.

After sending the rest of the people to practice, Mu Chongyan carefully went through all the minor adjustments he made in Bai Rong’s training program with him, ensuring that the results of the training would be doubled with just half the effort put in.


After the practice, the group of people became worn out. They laid slumped down on the ground with no energy to move. Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s sore muscles very professionally and tenderly, making him the target of envy of the others.

Especially after drinking two bottles of nutrition doses, Bai Rong’s energy immediately recovered by half.

However, the envy and jealous eyes did not include Kuku. Towards the meticulous care Mu Chongyan had shown towards Bai Rong, Kuku showed a rare father-like smile of appreciation.

After getting back on his feet, Bai Rong immediately went back to take a bath with a change of clothes.

After showering, whilst wiping his hair leisurely and eating fruit, Bai Rong looked at the few people lying in the middle of the living room, and felt a little embarrassed on the inside.

But there was a limit to his embarrassment, after all, he couldn’t ask Mu Chongyan to personally go and massage every one of them, he was his wife!

After finishing the plate of fruits, Bai Rong thoughtfully washed two more plates for Lu Ya and placed them on the dining table in the living room. Then, he went back to his bedroom, humming the good man song.

As soon as he reached his room, he went under his quilt and narrowed his eyes in content. However, after a period of time passed while he was lying in bed, he suddenly remembered an extremely important thing.

Mu Chongyan hasn’t kissed him today yet!!

Bai Rong immediately jumped out and quickly got out of bed, running out of the room like the wind. Coincidentally, he bumped into Mu Chongyan who was on his way back from the shower.

He leaped forward, and wrapped his two arms tightly around Mu Chongyan’s waist. Raising his head, he blinked his moist eyes, and his hot breath blew on Mu Chongyan’s chest. He asked softly, “Chongyan…kiss me quickly,,.you…you have to do it the same way as you did yesterday…”

Mu Chongyan embraced the Little Sweet Cake in his arms strongly, and planted a gentle kiss on his slightly damp hair, feeling elated and helpless on the inside.

Sigh…If this continued, the one who would be doing “it” several times a day wouldn’t be his Little Sweet Cake.

It’d be him.

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