Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 92.1

But without waiting for him to reach out to “help” Mu Chongyan, he suddenly felt a pinch on his waist, immediately rendering him weak. A strange tingling sensation scuttled from his waist to his four limbs, as though sucking his strength. Bai Rong opened his eyes in a daze, a misty glow tinting his slightly red eyes as a mysterious heat arose from his body. The unfamiliar feeling reached his blood vessels and caused his body to grow hot, his exposed collarbone turning into a shade of seductive red…

The ambiguous atmosphere continued to ferment on the bed as warm and passionate lust slowly surrounded the two people. Mu Chongyan supported Bai Rong’s cheek with one hand, and held his waist tightly with the other. The heat from his palm stuck close  Rong’s waist, repeatedly stroking up and down…

His lips were kissed strongly, the corners of his mouth explored thoroughly by Mu Chongyan. Bai Rong’s breathing became more and more labored, and his cheeks turned red from the lack of oxygen. The traces of milk-scented toothpaste vanished from his lips, replaced by a cool minty taste. His whole body had turned limp, particularly his waist that was paid “extra attention to”. The heat his body felt was like the rush of electricity, numbing yet itchy. In the end, Bai Rong was unable to hold back a moan, softly begging for mercy.

But what he didn’t expect was that, Mu Chongyan, who had always listened to him, seemed to have not heard him. Not only did he press him down even harder, his movements became more intense, even the thing that was pressing against his thigh, grew harder….

“… Chong, Chongyan… Don’t… Mm…” Bai Rong endured the numbness and tried to push Mu Chongyan away, however, he didn’t budge a single inch at all. Feeling that the thing that was poking his thigh was getting hotter and hotter, the strange feeling that coursed through his body grew more intense and a sense of fear arose.


But when he recalled that tough guys couldn’t show they were afraid, Bai Rong’s black eyes only grew mistier, appearing wronged.

It was really hard to be a tough man…

Bai Rong’s emotions were keenly noticed by Mu Chongyan, and his movements stopped immediately. Rubbing Bai Rong’s cheek lightly, Mu Chongyan asked in a low, hoarse voice, “I’m sorry…did  I use too much strength? Where does it hurt?”

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Tso pvaydtl…

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“Be good…this is normal…”


Seeing Bai Rong’s embarrassment and panic, Mu Chongyan gently kissed Bai Rong’s eyes and cheeks, and took him into his arms, his hand stroking Bai Rong’s back, “Rongrong…is this the first time you felt something like this?”

“!!!” Bai Rong grew stiffer, his cheeks turning into a shade of deep red.

W-w-w…What did it matter if it was his first time. He was very healthy. He had taken several physical examinations at the research institute when he was 18 years old and all the indicators showed that he was very very normal!

The doctor only said that he had no desires at all!!!

“Even if it’s the first time, it’s still… normal.” Seeing Bai Rong’s appearance, how could Mu Chongyan not see through him. In any case, he didn’t think much of it, only feeling a bit worried that his Little Sweet Cake might have grown up slightly late.

As for whether he was physically normal or not… he didn’t think Bai Rong was abnormal at all. After all, he himself rarely had physical reactions and solving “it” with his hands was only to maintain a balance in his physical indicators, allowing him to reach optimum fighting condition. He didn’t think there was anything special about the sensations and would rather achieve the same feeling through mech training.

But…this was all in the past.

Since having established a relationship with his Little Sweet Cake, this reaction had suddenly…cough, exploded, and it felt completely…different from before.

It was indeed easy for man to…become completely addicted to…

“Wh-who said it was my first time?!” Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan with a sullen face, searching for the things he studied about physiology and loudly proclaiming without shame, “I’m vigorous and energetic. Sometimes, I would do it several times a day!!!”

Looking at Bai Rong’s guilty conscience with a tight red face, Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s hair amusedly, with a helpless smile on the corners of his lips.

“Okay…you’re energetic and strong, I know.”


“You…” Inexplicably feeling that Mu Chongyan’s reaction was a bit wrong, but also unable to say anything, Bai Rong pouted. However, something flashed in his mind, and he recalled that he wanted to help him with a certain “something”. He reached out a hand and grasped the “lethal weapon” that was poking his thigh.

“!!!” Mu Chongyan froze, the heat rushing down to his lower body.

Seeing Mu Chongyan’s reaction, Bai Rong felt a little proud. The corners of his lips curled up, and a sweet and soft little dimple appeared on his cheek. He gently squeezed his right hand.

Mu Chongyan let out a low groan, his breathing becoming heavier. His intense eyes stared fixated at Bai Rong, his magnetic voice low and hoarse, “Rongrong…what do you think you’re doing?”

“I……” Being watched by Mu Chongyan’s invasive eyes made Bai Rong feel a little guilty and frightened. He subconsciously shrank away and leaned against the pillow, his slender neck tinted pink, “L-let me help you…”

Even though he hadn’t had any practical experience, he still had read physiology textbooks so he didn’t lack any theoretical knowledge. Didn’t the whole process basically consist of holding it….th-then moving it up and down…

As soon as his voice fell, Bai Rong felt that the “lethal weapon” in his hand abruptly grew bigger, his heart clunked down and he suddenly felt a little regretful.

“Rongrong…Are you sure you want to help me?” Mu Chongyan stretched out his arms, and held the person tightly, kissing Bai Rong’s ear.

“I…” Bai Rong inexplicably felt more guilty and frightened. His palms grew hotter and he suddenly didn’t feel like helping out Mu Chongyan any longer…

I-It wasn’t because he was afraid of Mu Chongyan’s reaction. It was because he didn’t have much practical knowledge at present and was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to help him properly, thereby affecting his macho man impression!!

Realizing that Bai Rong was a little frightened, Mu Chongyan didn’t know whether he felt relieved or regretted. He hugged Bai Rong tightly and kissed him strongly behind his ear, “Be good…I’m going out for a while.” And he immediately got up and went to the toilet.

Seeing Mu Chongyan leave, Bai Rong sat on the bed in a daze, then suddenly patted the bed, and quickly got off, running back to his room like the wind.


Phew, he had a foreboding feeling that staying in that place could put him in grave danger.

When Mu Chongyan came back, he looked at an empty bed and felt a feeling of regret, yet at the same time, also felt a little grateful.

He couldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t do anything in the atmosphere just now.

But if he really did act, that would’ve been too beastly…

Bai Rong went back to his room and got under the quilt, covering his face with his hands.

Ahhh he was too…too wild today!!

Now that he was reflecting on it…it was so embarrassing!!!

Spreading flat and turning over and back on the bed, Bai Rong finally ended up sprawled on the bed and fell into slumber.

A night passed by.

Early next morning, Bai Rong slapped the alarm clock off, and got up in a daze.

When he stood up and passed by the mirror, Bai Rong was so taken aback, catching sight of the tired-looking youth reflected in the mirror that he nearly jumped back.

Ah, ah, had he been sucked out of vitality?!!!


Sure enough, beauties were dangerous!!!

Rubbing his eyes in a complicated mood, Bai Rong subconsciously took the physical examination device next to him and pressed the scan button.

——[175.01 cm]

Fortunately, he had grown two centimeters taller!

Bai Rong’s complexion lightened slightly. He put the physical examination device back, and walked out the door humming the good man song.

Humph, even if he was sucked out of vitality, he could still pass the entire day easily as a tough man!

After washing up, Bai Rong changed his clothes and sat on the dining table with his weapon in hand.

“Brother Bai Rong, you’re the earliest person today.” Lu Ya brought a large plate of braised pork slices on the table and said, “Shall we go hunting Thunder Wolf Beasts today?”

“En.” Bai Rong nodded, “Yesterday’s Red Tiger Best hunting went quite smoothly so we can attempt to hunt Thunder Wolf Beasts today.”

“Alright…” Lu Ya turned back to the kitchen and brought a plate of small pancakes and vegetables over, his face wrinkled slightly, “But Thunder Wolf Beasts usually gather in a pack so I’m still a little worried.”

“It’s gonna be ok, Lu Ya. Don’t worry about this, I’ll detect them early on. If more than 3 of them appear, we’ll return.”

In the middle of their conversation, a familiar sound of footsteps came over. Bai Rong turned his face to the side and coincidentally met Mu Chongyan who was walking towards thiem. The scene from last night suddenly flashed in his mind, and he quickly lowered his head to cover his flaming hot cheeks.

Ahhhhh, why did he act so wild yesterday?! Even though being wild was a trait of a tough man, how could he face Mu Chongyan now!!

Taking all the changes in Bai Rong’s expression into his eyes, Mu Chongyan smiled slightly, walked to Bai Rong’s side. He pulled out a stool and sat down.

A gentle voice sounded, “How much taller have you grown today?”

“I..I grew two centimeters again today!” Bai Rong raised his head and exclaimed with bright eyes.

“I see…that’s amazing.” Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s hair with a smile.

“Of course.” Forgetting all the restraint and shame he felt just now in an instant, Bai Rong puffed out his chest proudly.

Mu Chongyan’s smile grew deeper, but he realized something else in his heart. Yesterday…cough, he and Little Sweet Cake were obviously closer than the day before yesterday, but Little Sweet Cake still only grew two centimeters taller, making him highly suspect that his growth rate was weakening again.

“Brother, you’ve grown taller again?” Kuku walked over from the side, looking at Mu Chongyan with slight annoyance.

How dare this playboy eat his brother’s tofu1To eat someone’s tofu means to get touchy with someone early in the morning!

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