Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 91.3 Chongyan….Kiss…..(3)

“6% per month? Why is the interest rate…so high?!” Bai Rong was shocked, and quickly calculated the numbers, “Except for the down payment, a total of 9,222 gray coins will be paid for one month’s principal and interest?!”

The staff hurriedly calculated the numbers on the calculator, and a hint of surprise flashed on his face as he nodded and said, “Yes, that’s the case, Because mechanical cars belong to consumables, adding onto the unstable life here with possibilities of getting chased into C or even D Zones, we calculate our interest on a monthly basis.”

“Then take a loan for one month.” Mu Chongyan suddenly said.

“One month?” Bai Rong raised his head to look at Mu Chongyan, the words “Wifey, don’t talk nonsense, we probably can’t afford to pay more than nine thousand in a month!!” written in his eyes.

“Don’t worry, it’s not a problem.” Mu Chongyan smiled and patted Bai Rong on the shoulder. He then nodded to the staff member, “We’ll take just a month’s loan then.”


After sweeping a glance and seeing no one raise an objection, the staff hastily said, “Okay, please come with me to pay and register your information.”

The gang paid a 70% down payment, and reported their mercenary group information and housing information to the staff for registration. After a while, the formalities were completed.

After finally being promoted to a car owner, though he felt a lot of pressure having a loan, Bai Rong couldn’t help feeling happy. After Mu Chongyan got into the driver’s seat, he happily got into the passenger’s seat.

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After receiving the task, the time was already 10:20. Fortunately, driving a car saved them a lot of time. After half an hour, the gang arrived at the gathering place of the red tiger beast.


Like Mu Chongyan predicted, the gang did not have much difficulty in dealing with the red tiger beasts, especially under Bai Rong’s “perception radar” scan. Not only did they manage to perfectly avoid large red tiger beasts, they also caught the red tiger beasts that came out in twos and threes to hunt for food in one go. They even exceeded the required amount of beasts needed by seven or eight more.

The gang opened the metal plate in the rear compartment, lifted all the red tiger beast’s body up and tied them up tightly. Looking at the metal plates that had been piled up full and even shaking slightly, Bai Rong proposed to go back first and hand in the requirements for the red tiger beast quest and hunt the thunder wolf beast the next day.

Without any question, all the other members agreed.

After returning to the mercenary guild in Zone C, Bai Rong first went to the task hall and accepted a few more red tiger beasts quests. The seven or eight surplus of red tiger beasts were perfectly allocated among these quests. The commission he received when he finally handed in the quest requirements was very gratifying as he was paid a full eight hundred and eighty ash coins.

In order to celebrate their triumphant return from the first hunting of a fourth-level beast, Bai Rong bought a lot of rare ingredients, and as the main cook, Lu Ya made a big meal.

After eating and drinking their fill, Bai Rong went to take a bath. He then put on his pajamas, and then sneaked into Mu Chongyan’s room.

Mu Chongyan was still taking a shower when Bai Rong slipped in stealthily, and ‘inspected’ all the corners of Mu Chongyan’s room like a cat patrolling his territory.

En, very good. It was spotlessly clean and tidy. His wife sure was efficient!

After strolling around, Bai Rong suddenly felt a little sleepy and yawned. After thinking for a bit, he laid down on Mu Chongyan’s bed, and reached his hand out to pull the small blanket to cover his belly.

In order not to forget to ask Mu Chongyan for a kiss before going back to sleep, he should rest his eyes here for a while.

When Mu Chongyan came back, he saw a white, tender and fragrant sweet cake lying on his bed. His heart immediately softened at the sight, and a gentle smile appeared in his eyes.

Realizing that Bai Rong’s hair still looked a little wet, Mu Chongyan walked over and gently picked up the person. He took him in his arms, and wrapped an arm around him whereas he held a towel in the other, gently wiping Bai Rong’s hair.


Because he hadn’t fallen asleep, Bai Rong quickly opened his eyes in a daze. Seeing that Mu Chongyan had come back, his first reaction was to stretch his arms around Mu Chongyan’s neck and ask softly, “Chongyan… kiss…”

Feeling the tip of his heart suddenly turn numb. Mu Chongyan looked at the ruddy lips that were no more than ten centimeters away from him, and lowered his head decisively, aiming at Bai Rong’s lips as he went down.

“…Mm!” Bai Rong became unsteady after being kissed, and fell down on the bed.

Mu Chongyan immediately leaned over with one hand holding Bai Rong’s shoulders, and the other wrapped behind Bai Rong’s waist. He kissed Bai Rong’s lips strongly and tenderly, his heart beating fiercely and his body heating up. As if there was something about to break through, Bai Rong was so dizzy from the kiss, but the tough guy in his heart was not stunned at all. He subconsciously circled his arms around Mu Chongyan and pulled him closer towards him.

Mu Chongyan’s movements became more and more enthusiastic, and he even stuck out his tongue in greed and parted Bai Rong’s teeth. He hooked his tongue around Bai Rong’s slippery little tongue, causing Bai Rong to become stiff, his head buzzing loudly. His already confused brain grew even dizzier, but his determination to win rose instead of falling, breaking through his muddy thoughts and directly rushing to Bai Rong’s nerves.

Bai Rong’s arms immediately became tighter, but he felt that such a counterattack was too weak. He simply couldn’t lock Mu Chongyan firmly in his arms, so he stretched out his two long legs and hooked them around Mu Chongyan.

Feeling Little Sweet Cake’s legs circle around his waist and even feeling his body rub against him, the blood in Mu Chongyan’s body exploded and rushed into his head like crazy. At the same time, there was an uncontrollable heat that rushed to his lower abdomen…

Discovering that Mu Chongyan had become frozen for a moment, Bai Rong was overjoyed, feeling that his method had worked. He quickly twisted his waist and stretched his legs forward, hooking and locking Mu Chongyan’s waist tighter.

But after twisting and locking, Bai Rong suddenly realized something was wrong…

Why was he feeling something hard pressing against his thigh…

Subconsciously reaching out a hand and touching it, Bai Rong suddenly heard Mu Chongyan groan, and his hand was suddenly held in place.

“Be good…Don’t move…”



Bai Rong was stunned for a moment, but then suddenly came to a realization, and his whole person was washed over with extreme shame, his skin turning completely red!

He, he… he wouldn’t have just touched Mu Chongyan’s… there, had he!!!

Bai Rong blushed so hard he felt his heart immediately about to explode. Feeling his body tightly pressed down by Mu Chongyan, his back sticking closely to the bed without any space to move, Bai Rong was frozen for a while before a responsible thought popped up into his head.

Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan with a red face, pursing the corners of his lips.

Now that his wife was facing ‘difficulties’, as his husband… shouldn’t he give Mu Chongyan a hand?!!

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