Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 91.1 Chongyan….Kiss…..(1)

The two, who had just confirmed their relationship, were incredibly sticky. After finishing the meal in the room, Mu Chongyan sat on the bed, carrying Bai Rong, and spoke softly, completely unwilling to let Bai Rong go.

The heat of Mu Chongyan’s breathing gently hit Bai Rong’s ears, making it turn red as if it had been painted with a layer of red rouge. The heat on his cheeks remained at a high temperature and his heartbeat continued to pound quickly, but every move he made only incited Mu Chongyan to tighten his arms…

Secretly taking a breath, Bai Rong leaned on Mu Chongyan’s strong and warm chest, stretched out his hand and pinched his face twice quickly, feeling that it was still hot!

Ahhhh, if this went on, he was going to be roasted into dried salted fish by his wife’s enthusiasm!!!

Seeing Bai Rong suddenly stretch out his hand and pinch his face very quickly, Mu Chongyan also reached out his hand, and gently pinched the place where Bai Rong had just pinched, and chuckled softly, “What’s wrong with this face?”


“!!!!” Bai Rong’s face grew hotter.

“I-,It’s nothing, it just feels a little hot……” Bai Rong tilted his head in embarrassment, and pointed to the table, “Chongyan…the stuff on the table hasn’t been put away yet.”

The underlying meaning of his words was “Wifey, quickly let go of me! I’m going to help you put away the dishes and utensils!”

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“Rv’p qkdl. Mbl olyvbla kp nsze ps kv’zz cl qkdl kq usw zlyhl kv qsa y obkzl, R’zz nzlyd kv wr zyvla.” Yw Ubsdtuyd jkpple Jyk Ssdt’p byka.

Jyk Ssdt: “…”

Tso oswze kv cl qkdl? Mbl csoz xktbv cl qkdl cwv bl oswzed’v!!

Ju dso, bkp qynl oyp bsv ldswtb vs qau lttp sd, yde bkp cseu oyp psqv yde zkxr, yp kq xspv sq bkp pvaldtvb bye clld vyjld yoyu. Rq vbkp oldv sd, bl oswze clnsxl y wplzlpp vswtb xyd!!

Mbkdjkdt vbkp, Jyk Ssdt’p lulp pweeldzu qzypble, yde bkp casop pnawdnble wr pzktbvzu.

Uswze kv cl vbyv…Yw Ubsdtuyd oyp wpkdt vbkp xlvbse vs obkvvzl yoyu bkp vswtb twu vlxrlayxldv, yde vbld nyaau swv y nswdvlayvvynj?!!!

Mbyv lmrzykdp kv!!!

Mbl xsal bl vbswtbv ycswv kv, vbl xsal bl qlzv kv oyp rsppkczl. Jyk Ssdt rwqqle wr bkp nblljp, yde dyaasole bkp lulp pzktbvzu.

There was an 80% chance his wife wanted to confuse him with his tenderness, but he wouldn’t be fooled!


Hmph, no wonder there was an old saying that “The land of tenderness is a hero’s grave1It means that even great men will become putty in a woman’s hand or greed for beauty is a path to destruction.“, he almost was bewitched by his wife!

“Chongyan…” Bai Rong raised his head slightly, and looked at Mu Chongyan who was holding him. Mustering his courage, he said, “I think… it’s getting late, it’s time to go to bed.”

Mu Chongyan glanced at the time and smiled, “It’s only half past seven.”

“Then…that’s not early anymore. Going to bed and getting up early is good for the body!” Bai Rong put on a serious expression, “You just don’t pay enough attention, always sleeping so late, that’s why…” All of a sudden, the words got stuck in his mouth, and a trace of embarrassment flashed across Bai Rong’s face.

His wife was so tall and his physique was extremely excellent, he couldn’t use his wife as an example for the argument at all!!

Seeing Bai Rong’s puffed face appearing bitter, appearing like a fresh and delectable tomato, Mu Chongyan pressed the corners of his lips in amusement.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing!” Bai Rong felt a little angry on the inside. His wife was so tall despite not paying attention to good lifestyle habits yet he who paid attention to these, was short!

It was too unfair, so he made up his mind to go to sleep now.

Turning his body taut, Bai Rong wiggled his butt against Mu Chongyan’s thighs, and struggled out of Mu Chongyan’s arm, unexpectedly managing to separate himself from him at once.

Bai Rong let out a confused ‘huh’ in his heart and turned to look at Mu Chongyan.

“Well…Since Rongrong is sleepy, let’s go to sleep then.” Mu Chongyan shifted his long legs calmly and changed his posture.


“Then I’m going back ok?” Bai Rong took a step.

“Eb, go back.” Mu Chongyan smiled softly.

Seeing that Mu Chongyan was acting the complete opposite of how he was acting before, hugging him and unwilling to let him leave, not even showing the slightest intention of sending him off, Bai Rong suddenly became a little unhappy.

He was so attached to him just now, but had actually changed faces so quickly!

“I’m really going to leave ok?”

“Go then.” Mu Chongyan smiled.

“Hmph.” Bai Rong turned his head in anger, and left with sonorous steps.

Mu Chongyan watched Bai Rong, who raised his head up proudly, and felt slightly amused.

Sigh…Glancing at a certain part that was bulging slightly, Mu Chongyan silently pulled a blanket over and covered himself, laying down.


The next day, Bai Rong got up early to wash up as usual, then went back to his room to change his clothes. He then picked up the physical examination device and started the scan.

The screen of the physical examination device flickered slightly, and a bolded number appeared.


——[173.01 cm]

173 cm!!!

Bai Rong’s eyes suddenly grew wide and his whole face was shone with pleasant surprise.

He had actually grown two centimeters taller at once. It must be because he and Mu Chongyan had a new breakthrough yesterday!

After throwing the physical examination device on the bed, Bai Rong immediately ran out of the room.

As soon as he left, he immediately spotted Mu Chongyan, who was locking the door across from him.

“Chongyan!” Bai Rong pounced on Mu Chongyan from behind.

“Why are you so happy this early in the morning?” Mu Chongyan locked the door, and turned around to see Bai Rong with his head raised and his eyes bright, the smile on his face blinding.

“Have you noticed that I’ve grown taller?!” Bai Rong stretched out two fingers and shook them. “I’ve grown two centimeters taller!”

“That quickly?” Mu Chongyan was also a little surprised. He lowered his head slightly and chuckled softly in Bai Rong’s ear, “Was it because of yesterday’s…contributions?”

A trace of redness flashed across Bai Rong’s face, and then he softly hummed back an acknowledgement in reply.

“Chongyan…you, hurry up and kiss me again like yesterday!”


Seeing his Little Sweet Cake proactively asking for kisses just to grow taller, Mu Chongyan didn’t know whether he should feel happy or sad. He gently held Bai Rong’s shoulders and lowered his head…

“What are you doing?!!!” Kuku, who suddenly opened the door, looked angrily at the frivolous playboy, who was lowering his head to kiss his brother, and his brother who appeared to be waiting for a kiss with a slightly flushed look on his face.

He quickly walked over and pulled Bai Rong away, then glared at Mu Chongyan, “Brother, why are you letting him kiss you?!!!”

Yesterday, his brother stayed in Mu Chongyan’s room for so long and even had his meal in the room, making Kuku feel something amiss. Now that he had seen this scene, it looked as if the playboy had said something to bewitch his brother!

Although his brother was a little stupid, he wouldn’t have let anyone kiss him casually!

“Kuku…” Bai Rong cleared his throat in embarrassment, “Actually…”

“Did he say something to deceive you?” Kuku asked sincerely, “Brother, you can’t just believe whatever he says!”

“Kuku, you misunderstood.” Bai Rong raised his left hand, revealing the ring on his middle finger, “Chongyan and I…have officially started dating.”

“Boom!” A series of explosions went off in Kuku’s head and his whole person froze in shock.

After having made all sorts of precautions, he had still lost the cabbage he raised?!!

“Kuku, Chongyan is a very good person…” Seeing Kuku look as if he had jumped into a pit of fire, the corner of Bai Rong’s mouth twitched, and he smiled, “Kuku, don’t be prejudiced against Chongyan….”

From now on, Mu Chongyan was the mistress of this family. If he didn’t get along well with hia younger brother, what can Bai Rong do…

“…” Kuku slowly returned to his senses. Seeing his brother still defending the playboy, he immediately felt his heart turn stuffy.

“Brother, I just…”

“Alrightalrightalright, I know.” Bai Rong rubbed the top of Kuku’s hair, “But you don’t have to worry about it. Chongyan is a very good person. Don’t call him a playboy anymore…”

Kuku: “…”

He hadn’t even said anything and his brother already started to defend him again?!

My heart hurts…

Seeing that Kuku remained silent, Bai Rong let out a sigh of relief. Who said that the relationship between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law was most difficult to handle for men? It was clear that the relationship between a younger brother and his wife was also difficult to handle alright?!

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