Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 90.2 “Great Gnawing Cause” (2)

Because Mu Chongyan was only going to “explore the gathering place of the red tiger beasts”, the metal handcart was left to Bai Rong’s side.

After separating with Bai Rong at the fork in the road, Mu Chongyan walked forward for two kilometers before quietly turning back with Lu Kun.

As soon as he entered the city gate, Mu Chongyan went straight to the prosperous center of Zone C. He had already thought about it yesterday. Since he couldn’t afford particularly expensive things, he was personally going to make something for his Little Sweet Cake.

Mu Chongyan entered a flower shop and bought a large bunch of charming blue flowers. The name of the flower was “Mu Huan”. He had heard the clerk say that the flower language of this Mu Huan flower was “to pledge a faithful love”, but after buying it, Mu Chongyan felt a little dissatisfied. He picked out a small bunch of small petal-shaped white flowers named Jingchen whose flower language was “eternal happiness and sweetness”.

Feeling that this combination was just right, Mu Chongyan put away the two bunches of flowers and left the shop under the twinkling gaze of the shopkeeper.


Next, Mu Chongyan went into a jewelry shop. After asking about the service of making homemade rings, he chose a pair of elegant and low-key dark blue rings with five thousand ash coins. Then, under the guidance of the jeweller, he carved a pair of ring molds, but because Mu Chongyan was too skillful, after the jewellery master only briefly mentioned the usage of the tools, he didn’t need to provide any more help.

Recalling the circumference of Bai Rong’s left middle finger in his mind, Mu Chongyan carved a round and elegant ring with moderate width on the mold, and then engraved the abbreviation of his name on the inner side of the ring. He even carved a miniature mecha next to it, and it looked so exquisite as if it were stamped out with a miniature mecha.

Shock flashed across the face of the master next to him. This young man didn’t seem to have done this before. How could he have such superb craftsmanship!!

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Feeling that everything was almost prepared, Mu Chongyan rushed to the house with the things. When he walked in, he had shocked Lu Kun who was exercising in the courtyard.


This this… this man holding flowers in his left hand and vegetables, meat and eggs in his right hand was Mu Chongyan?!!!

Lu Kun’s eyes swept over Mu Chongyan’s expressionless face again, and he paused…En, this was indeed Mu Chongyan.

Taking Lu Kun’s expression into his eyes, Mu Chongyan’s complexion did not change at all. He raised his leg indifferently and was about to enter the house, but a “putong” sound rang out, and a small round red fruit suddenly fell from the bag on the ground.

Mu Chongyan bent over to pick up the little fruit, but paused while reaching out.

There was a small gray stone lying next to the red fruit, but the appearance of this stone…

Mu Chongyan’s eyes changed slightly, and his slender and powerful fingers changed their direction slightly and stretched out towards the stone.

Sure enough…it was glued.

Mu Chongyan narrowed his eyes slightly, and a sharp look flashed under his eyes. After thinking about it, he decisively pinched the monitor with his thumb and index finger, and broke it firmly.

With a “crack”, the monitor was separated from the ground.

Mu Chongyan walked to the entrance of the alley, threw the monitor casually onto the busy road, and then walked back to the small courtyard with his things.

“Why did you go out again?”

“It’s nothing.” Mu Chongyan handed the fruit in his hand to Lu Kun, “Don’t come in for a while.”


Lu Kun: “…”

Don’t think that he didn’t see this fruit falling to the ground just now, he wasn’t that easy to bribe!!

“You don’t want it?”

“Of course I do.” Lu Kun took it decisively. Anyway, he only needed to wash it since it just fell on the ground. He wasn’t that unreasonable.

Twenty ash coins for a red ginseng fruit was a lot of money.

Mu Chongyan carried the things into the house, put the vegetables and the like into the kitchen, and then returned to his bedroom carrying two bunches of flowers.

After unpacking the two bunches of flowers on the table, Mu Chongyan picked out the charming blue Muhuan, and inserted them into the vase one by one. He then picked two white “Jingchen” for every two or three branches, matching them carefully.

In just five minutes, a large bunch of charming blue bouquets with crystal clear small white flowers bloomed in a crystal clear vase. Finally, Mu Chongyan adjusted the position of a few more flowers before placing the vase on the table with satisfaction.

Taking a look at the time, he found that it was already 4:30 in the afternoon. Mu Chongyan quickly speeded up and walked to the kitchen to start washing the vegetables.

He seldom cooked before, but it wasn’t as if he hadn’t done it at all. He knew how to cook some of Shengya’s famous dishes more or less. Since his Little Sweet Cake said he missed Shengya’s dishes, he was going to try his hand at cooking some.

By the time Bai Rong returned home, his entire face was as gray as a tabby cat. However, his face was filled with uncontrollable excitement. His eyes seemingly sucked in countless stars, dazzling people.

“Lu Kun, you’re back! Where’s Chongyan?!” Bai Rong ran over as soon as he entered.


Mu Chongyan, who had just prepared the last dish, hurried out of the kitchen with the dish. He then entered his room and closed the door.

“En. Welcome home.” Lu Kun coughed, “He’s in his room.”

Just as Lu Kun’s voice fell, Bai Rong ran over.

“Chongyan?!” Bai Rong ran across the living room swiftly, his big dark eyes suddenly growing wide, “It smells so good!!!”

Chongyan was actually cooking?!!

Sighing in his heart for the virtuousness of his wife, Bai Rong ran into the kitchen, only to find that there was nothing in the kitchen except for some unwashed pots and pans and leftovers.

“What are you looking for?” Mu Chongyan walked out from the side unhurriedly.

“Chongyan?” Bai Rong quickly turned around and saw Mu Chongyan standing behind him with a smile.

“Chongyan, were you cooking?!”

“This…you’ll know in a while.” Mu Chongyan pinched Bai Rong’s little dirty face lightly, “Go take a bath, why do you look like a stray cat?”

“Let me tell you, I was amazing today. I killed forty-two rumble beasts!” Bai Rong puffed out his chest, “Kuku just killed thirty-eight, I killed four more than him!”

Looking at Bai Rong’s little appearance that was asking for praise, Mu Chongyan couldn’t help but laugh, and rubbed Bai Rong’s head indulgently, “En, my Rongrong is the best, go take a bath, I have something to tell you after.”


“Okay!” Bai Rong revealed two canines, and stuffed a small purse into Mu Chongyan’s hand, “This is the money I earned today, help me keep it!” Then he ran into the bathroom.

Mu Chongyan’s lips hooked up, and just as he was about to go back and continue preparing things, he suddenly remembered that Bai Rong hadn’t changed his clothes and bath towels, but before he could call Bai Rong out, the sound of the shower sounded.

“…” Mu Chongyan thought for a while, and decisively washed his hands first before walking into Bai Rong’s room.

En… he just wanted to help his Little Sweet Cake change clothes, he absolutely had no other intentions!

First taking out Bai Rong’s bath towel and a set of pajamas that had just been dried and folded, Mu Chongyan’s ears were strangely red, and he pulled open the bottom drawer of Bai Rong’s wardrobe.

Sure enough…

Mu Chongyan’s face turned stiff as he picked up a white underwear with reddish ears. He put it on top of the change of clothes, and silently closed the drawer.

…..Ah, so small, so cute…

Feeling as if breathing was getting hard, Mu Chongyan hurriedly walked out the door, and then knocked on the bathroom door.

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