Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 89.2 White Cabbage has grown legs (2)

“It won’t be.” Mu Chongyan sighed inwardly, feeling a little aggrieved about his Little Sweet Cake’s sensibility. He reached out a hand and gently rubbed Bai Rong’s hair, saying softly, “Aren’t you already able to run quite a bit now? You should be able to get used to it in 7 or 8 days and there would be no problem in fighting. I remember how fast and amazing Rongrong was in the virtual city before. I believe that after a period of time, Rongrong will have no problems fighting the firetooth beast.”

“Really?” Bai Rong’s eyes became brighter, and his black and translucent pupils were shining with a brilliance that could not be ignored.

“Really.” Mu Chongyan said with a smile, “Buy this machete, Rongrong, besides, I took a liking to a long sword. Rongrong, wanna take a look at it?”

“Ok!” Bai Rong nodded, following Mu Chongyan to another counter.

Kuku sighed watching his cabbage grow farther away from him, and hurriedly followed.



In the end, Mu Chongyan chose a long sword made of high-grade blue and black metal, and Kuku chose a bow and forty arrows made of the same material. Adding the pair of machetes that Bai Rong took fancy at first glance, it came to a total of 420 ash coins. Lu Kun picked a long knife and Lu Ya chose a dagger, both of the same material, totalling one hundred and sixty ash coins.

“Do you want to keep it in one account? This will help you accumulate the amount of 800 ash coins faster.”

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“Zswa taswr dyxl kp?”

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As soon as they walked out into this street, Mu Chongyan suddenly said, “Rongrong, I kind of want to go to the toilet.”


“Go to the toilet?” Bai Rong raised his head, “Chongyan, is your stomach feeling uncomfortable?!”

“No….. I just want to go.”

“But there isn’t any toilet nearby?”

“I saw a public toilet at the corner of the street just now. Just wait for me here.” So as to prevent Bai Rong from following him, Mu Chongyan hastily pointed to a dessert shop in front, “I suddenly want to eat some cake, Rongrong, can you buy me a piece?”

“Sure, but do you not need me to accompany you over?”

“No need. I’ll be quick.” Mu Chongyan turned around, and sped up.

Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan’s back for a while before turning to the dessert shop. Since his Chongyan wanted to eat cake, he was going to buy a large piece.

Mu Chongyan went into a lottery shop, and spent ten ash coins on a note scratch. He then told the store manager, “Hello, what’s the highest prize of this lottery?”

“There’s a lot, totalling seven prizes. The first prize is winning a million ash coins!” Seeing a tall and magnificent young man suddenly come in, and even wanted to talk to him, the boss became chatty, “You can win 200,000 ash coins for the second prize, and 30,000 ash coins for the third prize!”

“That’s a lot.” Mu Chongyan smiled and scratched the card in his hand, but was suddenly taken aback.

He saw three bold characters printed on the scratch area.

——[Fourth Prize]


Fourth Prize…

Mu Chongyan’s eyes gleamed, and he was a little surprised. He originally wanted to come over and try to buy a redeemed lottery ticket, but he didn’t expect to have casually won a prize on his first try.

After putting on a feigned look of happiness, Mu Chongyan handed the scratch note to the boss, “Boss, how much is the fourth prize worth?!”

“Oh!!!” The boss’s eyes suddenly widened, and he abruptly stood up from the chair, “You sure are lucky you won the fourth prize! The fourth prize is a reward of five thousand ash coins!!”

“That much?” Mu Chongyan also put on an overjoyed look, “Boss, can I redeem it now?!”

“Yesyesyes, you can redeem it, but there will be a 10% tax deduction.”

“It’s okay, Deduct it, won’t there still be 4500 after deduction?” Mu Chongyan smiled and said, “Boss, by the way, your winning rate here is not low.”

“How could you say that? The winning rate is not high. In this month, only you and one other guy won, the rest were below the fifth prize or nothing.”

“Oh?” Mu Chongyan pretended to be interested, “How much did that person win?

“That guy’s luck was a little better than yours and won third prize.” The boss pointed to a card with a torn corner pressed under the glass of the table, “See, look at…

“Hey, boss, do you have to recycle the lottery ticket?”

“Not really, but the young man didn’t take it away so I squeezed it under the table and used it to gather some luck.” The boss quickly withdrew the money from a machine and placed a bag of ash coins on the counter, “All 4500 ash coins are here, do you want to count it?”


“No need, wouldn’t the machine count be much more accurate than mine?” Mu Chongyan smiled, but didn’t take anything and merely said, “Boss, I have a favor to ask.”

“Favor?” The boss frowned slightly, “What favor?”

“I want that third-prize card.” Mu Chongyan smiled, “I also want to accumulate luck.”

“This…I can’t.” The boss shook his head, “This is against the rules.”

“I know it’s against the rules, so for this reward, I only need four thousand, and the remaining five hundred…” Mu Chongyan looked at the boss and said, “can be treated as my payment for the card, how about it?”

“You… “A gleam flashed in the eyes of the boss, and he squinted, “Are you for real?”

Buying a scrap card for 500 ash coins was definitely a profit. Not to mention that he didn’t keep that card because he wanted to accumulate luck, it was his daughter who was being naughty and had stuck the lottery ticket there, and he had merely forgotten to take it out.

“Of course.” Mu Chongyan counted a hundred ash coins in his hand and placed it on the table first, “Why would I lie to you?”

“Alright!” The boss slapped his thigh and smiled, “I’ll give you that card for 500 ash coins.”

“No problem.” Mu Chongyan quickly counted five hundred ash coins and piled them on the counter.

“Here.” The boss took the scrap card out of the glass on the tabletop and handed it to Mu Chongyan.

“Thank you.” Mu Chongyan stored the card away, and then left with the bag. He turned to a corner and placed the bag of money into the spatial button.


“Chongyan!” Seeing that Mu Chongyan finally came out, Bai Rong stuffed the cake box into Kuku’s arms, and hurried to Mu Chongyan’s side.

“Why were you so slow? Was it a big one?!”

Mu Chongyan’s face suddenly froze, “…”


Covering the mouth of his Little Sweet Cake who seemed to be unaware of his surroundings, Mu Chongyan “ruthlessly” pinched Bai Rong’s face until it turned red and his eyes turned teary.

“Chongyan…?” Bai Rong raised his face, his dark and translucent pupils were wet, appearing puzzled and wronged.

“…” Feeling his heart soften from his adorable appearance, Mu Chongyan suddenly felt a little guilt in his heart, and just rubbed his sweet cake’s face with a bit of regret, but the feeling in his hand was very good…..cough, he had to admit this.

Mu Chongyan lowered his head and kissed Bai Rong’s forehead, “Be good…I just saw that your face was a little gray so I rubbed it for you.”

Bai Rong raised his head and blinked, then wrinkled his brows again, looking at Mu Chongyan with a little dissatisfaction.

Did he think of him as a fool?!

Moreover, the most important thing was that Mu Chongyan might not have washed his hands just after going to the toilet, and he dared to rub his face!

He was…too much!!!

Inexplicably aware of what Bai Rong was thinking judging from the look on his face, Mu Chongyan was taken aback, and then quickly made a fist with his right hand and pressed the corner of his lips, holding back a smile and explaining, “I washed my hands.”

In fact, he hadn’t even been to the toilet!

“…” Bai Rong was a little distrustful.

“Really.” Mu Chongyan spread his hands. He was obsessed with cleanliness. When he walked out of the lottery shop just now, he had wiped his hands with the wet towel from the spatial button.

Staring at Mu Chongyan’s hand, he smelled it and let out a “hmph” and turned away with a blushing face.

Mu Chongyan was a little amused, and hurried to catch up with him, “Rongrong, I was wrong, won’t you stop being angry?”


Mu Chongyan and Bai Rong’s “fight” strangely made people feel a teeth-eroding sweet atmosphere in which Lu Ya and Lu Kun pretended that they did not see it at all.

It was really hard to live next to a couple who was always spreading dog food…

As for Kuku…

Well, Kuku finally felt that his cabbage had become smarter, knowing that he had run out of the pigpen and was playing a love game with a pig!

Sigh… Kuku put on the heartbroken smile of a father.

After returning to the house, Mu Chongyan won the forgiveness of Bai Rong by  admitting his mistakes.

Afterwards, the two once again completed the arduous, complicated and special task of “using a spoon to eat cake together”, causing the entire living room to emit a scorching pink glow, shining on the gloomy faces of the other three groupmates.

“Hiccup~” After eating the cake, Bai Rong felt a little full, and hurriedly walked to the yard for a walk.

Mu Chongyan also followed decisively, walking around while asking, “Rongrong, do you have anything you want to buy the most?”

“The most?” Bai Rong was thinking about how to get out of the city quickly, so he casually said, “If only we had a car.”

“Car?” Mu Chongyan frowned slightly. In fact, he also had ‘buying a car’ in his plan, but everyone would be using the same car so it wouldn’t be a special gift for his Little Sweet Cake, so he passed on that idea.

“Is there anything else?”

“And…” Bai Rong shook his head, “There’s nothing more, but I want to eat Shengya’s food, the food here is a bit strange.” Saying this, the corner of Bai Rong’s lips raised slightly, “Chongyan…you wouldn’t want to buy something for me, would you?”

“…..” Mu Chongyan’s heart jumped, and he calmly said, “Yes. ….. It’s a pity that I earn too few ash coins.”

Hearing Mu Chongyan say this, Bai Rong felt a little sweetness in his heart, as if the cake he had just eaten had reached his heart, and he smiled immediately, curving his eyes and saying, “It’s okay… Let’s make money together, besides I want to buy something for you.”

“You’ve already bought it for me.” Mu Chongyan pinched Bai Rong’s face, smiled and said, “Isn’t the cake just now something you bought?”

“That doesn’t count.” Bai Rong raised his face and hugged Chongyan, showing a small dimple, “I want to buy you a big one!”

“Okay. Then I’ll wait for Rongrong to buy me a big one.” Mu Chongyan took Bai Rong into his arms and kissed the top of his head. A glint flashing across his heart, deciding the first step of his plan.

He couldn’t wait any longer, everything was ready…he just needed to take action.

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