Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 89.1 White Cabbage has grown legs (1)

In the blink of an eye, a week had passed and the gang packed up their things. They to the housing management office to hand in the keys, and gave Lin Shu and Lin He two months worth of ash coins all at once, before rushing to Zone C.

The entrance fee in Zone C was several times more expensive than Zone D, costing about 36 ash coins per person, and the daily cost of staying in the city reached six ash  coins. It was truly not a place that ordinary people could afford to live in.

After entering Zone C, Bai Rong went to the housing management office to rent a five-bedroom, two-living room, one-kitchen and one-bathroom for 300 ash coins, and then took a leisurely walk to their home. Pulling the handcart, they attracted the gazes of several people on the road, their eyes stained with contempt.

After all, the number of mercenary groups using such low-level tool vehicles in Zone C was too few.

“Zone C is really different, it’s much more prosperous than Zone D, and the air is better.” Bai Rong took a deep breath, feeling the air extremely fresh. He smiled at Mu Chongyan, “Chongyan, let’s go buy some new weapons. After settling in, both yours and Kuku’s weapons have worn out too much.”


“Okay, we’ll do as you say.” Mu Chongyan pinched Bai Rong’s face with a smile, “We’ll go buy some clothes after buying the weapons, alright?”

“Okay.” Bai Rong nodded after thinking about it. In order to save money, he had always worn Mu Chongyan clothes, and although the quality of his wife’s clothes was very good, durable and nice-looking, it was still a bit too big in size for him.

Thinking of this, Bai Rong suddenly became a little depressed. Even though Mu Chongyan kissed his hair every day, his growth rate had clearly slowed down as of late. Yesterday, he didn’t even grow a single millimeter and when he measured his height this morning, it was actually only 171.01 centimeters!

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“R’x dsv wdbyrru…” Jyk Ssdt pbssj bkp blye, “R’x fwpv y zkvvzl elralpple. R’hl clld tasokdt pzsola yde pzsola vblpl rypv qlo eyup.”

“Rv’p tlvvkdt pzsola yde pzsola?” Yw Ubsdtuyd pxkzle pzktbvzu, “Jl tsse…esd’v nyal vss xwnb ycswv tasokdt vyzzla yde obs jdsop, yqvla y qlo eyup, usw xktbv taso iwknjla ytykd.”

Tl alxlxclale vbyv bkp Nkvvzl Follv Uyjl pyke vbyv vbl nzspla bl ynvle vsoyaep bkx, vbl qypvla bl oswze taso. Eyp vbkp Qse alxkdekdt bkx… vs bwaau wr okvb vbl pnblewzl yde qsaxyzzu nsdqlpp vs bkx?!

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Ju vbl vkxl vblu olal xsal kdvkxyvl …… bkp Nkvvzl Follv Uyjl oswze taso qypvla, vbkp oyp pkxrzu jkzzkdt vball ckaep okvb sdl pvsdl……

“Zsw’al ps vyzz uswaplzq, dyvwayzzu usw esd’v dlle vs nyal!”

Speaking of Mu Chongyan, Bai Rong became even more depressed. Mu Chongyan had actually grown two centimeters taller, and was now 195cm. When on earth was he going to surpass Mu Chongyan and completely suppress him?!!


“I care.” Seeing that Bai Rong was about to explode, Mu Chongyan hurriedly stroked his ruffled feathers, “The faster you grow, the happier I am!”

“Really?” Bai Rong eyed Mu Chongyan suspiciously.

“Really!” Mu Chongyan’s eyes appeared extremely sincere.

After all, the faster his Little Sweet Cake grew, the more it represented how close they were…cough, so naturally, he couldn’t ask for more.

“Hmph, that’s good.”

Seeing Mu Chongyan appear serious, Bai Rong’s lips curled slightly, showing that he was very satisfied with Mu Chongyan’s attitude.

Under the bombardment of dog food for half a month, Lu Kun and Lu Ya had learned how to become invisible people and silently looked up to the sky.

Kuku also said nothing, scanning the surrounding shops.

He was now 176 centimeters tall, growing much faster than his brother. But was tactful enough not to say anything…

The gang walked for an hour, and finally arrived at the house they rented. Bai Rong felt that this “small courtyard” was not considered small anymore, capable of storing at least eight black handcarts in the courtyard.

The gang entered the house, put down their things, assigned the rooms one by one, and then went back to their respective rooms to clean up.

Mu Chongyan’s room was diagonally opposite to Bai Rong’s room. He originally wanted the room next to Bai Rong, but it was snatched away by the troubled Kuku. He then thought about it and found that the room diagonally opposite was actually even better. As he could know what his Little Sweet Cake was doing without needing to head out.


Kuku, who had his head lowered, unpacking his things: “…”

Why did he suddenly feel cold? He didn’t do anything wrong just now… right?

After unpacking his things, Bai Rong ran to Mu Chongyan’s room and rushed to Mu Chongyan from behind, an uncontrollable joy heard in his voice, “Chongyan!”

“Be good, I haven’t started unpacking yet.” Mu Chongyan hurriedly supported Bai Rong, and said with a smile, “Wait for me to fold my clothes, okay?”

“Okay…I’ll help fold it for you too.” Bai Rong let go of his arm, and leapt off of him, going to the bedside to fold clothes with Mu Chongyan.

Mu Chongyan smiled, giving Bai Rong a gentle look, and accelerating his movements.

Seeing his brother rushing into the playboy’s room happily, and hugging the playboy abruptly, even taking the initiative to fold the playboy’s clothes, Kuku suddenly felt a pang in his heart.

He inexplicably felt as if the cabbage that he had raised with difficulty, had grown and had happily run into the pigpen on its own initiative…

With Bai Rong’s help, Mu Chongyan’s room was quickly cleaned up. Now, Bai Rong walked to Kuku’s room and called Kuku to come out together.

The three met Lu Kun and Lu Ya in the living room and rushed to the weapon shop together.

Upon entering the city, the guards gave Bai Rong a map brochure introducing Zone C. The gang followed the road marked on the atlas and walked to the prosperous center of Zone C half an hour later.

The prosperous center of Zone C was similar to that of Zone D, but was more prosperous. The shops were more comprehensive too. The mercenary guild building, which was 100 meters tall, was magnificent and intimidating. The whole body was pitch black and metallic, which made people feel even more stifled than the one in Zone D.


The place that stood out most differently was probably that there was a weapons manufacturing center in Zone C, but entrance was only accessible to weapons makers.

The gang first went to the department tool store across the mercenary guild and picked up some miscellaneous gears. Then, they went to the clothing store. They each chose two or three sets of thick clothes suitable for winter while Bai Rong also sneaked a few pieces of underwear on the side.

The clothes in Zone C were not cheap. After this trip, Bai Rong paid more than 400 ash coins, and only 601 ash coins were left in his hand.

Seeing Bai Rong’s pained appearance, Mu Chongyan smiled helplessly. It seemed that he had to find an excuse as soon as possible to use the money he had earned in the underground fighting arena out in the open.

In the past week, he would fight one round every day. At the beginning, he made a lot of money, but because the odds were gradually suppressed, and more and more people bet on him to win, as such, the final share he earned was far less than the first time.

After playing one round every day for the past seven days, he had only saved up more than 23,000 ash coins in total.

Twenty-three thousand seemed to be a lot, but there wouldn’t be much money left to organize the ceremony and buy a gift worthy of surprise for Little Sweet Cake.

“Chongyan…Let’s go to the weapon shop.” Bai Rong pulled Mu Chongyan’s arm.

He had heard that the same kind of weapons found in Zone D was sold at a much cheaper price in Zone C, so he had to pick out some good weapons for his wife and Kuku.

“Okay.” Mu Chongyan turned his hand over and squeezed Bai Rong’s hand, “Let’s go.”

The gang went to the largest weapon shop in Zone C. This weapon shop had three floors, the first and the second had hundreds of low-level weapons of various kinds, far more abundant than the weapons in the weapons store in Zone D. Bai Rong even saw the same machete they bought in Zone D on a shelf on the first floor, actually only costing eighteen ash coins.

The gang went around on the second floor and were about to go up, but were suddenly stopped by a man.


“Sorry, the third floor can’t be entered for the time being.”

“Why?” Bai Rong looked at the man who stopped him and frowned, “Isn’t the third floor another place for weapons to be sold?”

“It’s a place for selling weapons, but you can’t enter for the time being.” The man smiled politely and looked at the boy in front of him with peachy eyes, “The third floor is a place where intermediate weapons are sold and it only entertains certain groups.”

“What do you mean?” Bai Rong was a little unhappy. “Are you also the type to discriminate against your customers?”

“No, you misunderstood.” Seeing that the exquisite youth in front of him was looking at himself angrily, Nuo De felt that being glared at for the first time was kind of amusing, and the patience he had never been able to find before, suddenly appeared.

But he couldn’t break his shop rules so quickly for a teenager whom he had only met for half a minute.

“Intermediate weapons on the third floor are more expensive and can’t be visited casually. Only customers who spend more than 800 ash coins in this store can enter. Of course, not only this store, but other stores with intermediate weapons have similar regulations.” Nuo Er smiled and took out a business card, handing it to Bai Rong, “I am the store manager. If you meet the conditions in the future, you can find me at any time. I will recommend an intermediate weapon that is most suitable for you.”

Bai Rong frowned, and just as he was about to reach out his hand, he saw Mu Chongyan take the business card.

“Nuo Er Kraft?” Mu Chongyan glanced at his business card and looked at the man, “A member of the Kraft family?”

“…That’s right, but not directly related.” Feeling unhappy that another man had stepped in and snatched the card away, Nuo Er’s patience ran out in an instant, “Why? Is this gentleman interested in the Kraft family?”

“No. I just heard a little about one of the three families in Zone B.” Mu Chongyan put away the business card, “Since we can’t go in, then we’ll just select something on the second floor.” He then lowered his head and said gently to Bai Rong, “Is that okay?”

“Okay.” Bai Rong nodded.

“Lucy, go entertain these gentlemen.”

Disappointed by Mu Chongyan’s behavior, Nuo Er directly called a salesperson, and then walked to the third floor with a dark face.

“Everyone, please follow me.” A tall blond woman came over, smiling politely, “What kind of weapons are you looking for?”

“Made of advanced metal, something that’s harder and tougher. It’s better to have a higher melting point.” Bai Rong thought for a while.

“Okay, no problem.” Lucy smiled. “You must often deal with firetooth beasts. I recommend weapons made of composite blue and black metal, such as those on the counter here.”

Following Lucy’s hand, Bai Rong saw a pair of machetes at a glance which were about forty centimeters in length. The blades had smooth arcs, moderate thickness, and were gleaming with a mysterious and elegant blue-black luster. At first glance, one could tell they were more advanced than black metal!

“The price of this machete is very good. It only requires one hundred and forty ash coins.” Lucy took the machete down. “Please take a look. This is definitely one of the advanced metal weapons.”

Bai Rong’s eyes gleamed, and he quickly took it, immediately taking a liking to it. This cold and soft touch, this light weight, it was simply perfect for him!

“If you like it, buy it.” Mu Chongyan looked at Bai Rong’s appearance, and felt a little guilty. Before, because Bai Rong’s martial arts was a little lacking, he didn’t personally fight the mutant beasts, so Mu Chongyan didn’t take the initiative to buy a weapon for him. He had been negligent.

“Should I?” Bai Rong touched the hilt of the machete, and looked up at Mu Chongyan, “But I haven’t really fought with mutant beasts. Isn’t this too wasteful?”

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