Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 88.2 A tough guy who knew how to protect his privacy (2)

Joining the arena with Mu Chongyan was a muscular man with a height of more than two meters. Malevolent-looking muscles covered his whole body and his face revealed a scornful grin. Comparing Mu Chongyan who possessed eight packs of abdominal muscles, but with muscles well-proportioned and smooth, Mu Chongyan was immediately called thin and weak.

“The players in this game are rookie player Mu Nan and our victorious general Lei Mande!” The coquettish female voice sounded again with an excited vibrato, “Lei Mande has won nine consecutive games, so this is the crucial tenth round for him. Will Lei Mande be able to succeed in this round and jump into the intermediate ring, let us wait and see! Ladies and gentlemen! Please place your bets!!”

“Do we even need to guess, this is clearly a bonus question!” A man who had thrown a hundred ash coins on Lei Mande’s win yelled, “If you have a bet on whether that Mu Nan would be dead or rendered disabled, that I might have to think about. Hahaha…”

The people next to him also laughed maliciously, “I’ll definitely bet that Mu Nan would die, hahahahahaha, do you have to doubt this, he’s just a rubbish newcomer!!”

“I also bet that he would die. The dealer might as well change his bet and bet how many seconds it would take for Mu Nan to die. That would be a lot more interesting…”


“Hahahaha that makes sense. Why don’t we guess by ourselves?”

“I guess twenty seconds!”

“Twenty seconds?!! La’er, there must be something wrong with your brain. The most he could last is probably ten seconds. After that, he’s definitely a dead man!!!”

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“Eso, Ts Nypk, yzz uswa qyxkzu clzsdtkdtp? Gzz uswa clzsdtkdtp yal osavb sdzu vball bwdeale ypb nskdp! Lso vbl seep sq clvvkdt sd Nlk Yydel vs okd yal ps zso, usw nyd sdzu xyjl voldvu sa vbkavu yv xspv, cwv usw pvkzz eyal vs hsvl.”

“Rq vbl seep yal zso, ts yde hsvl qsa vbl dlonsxla vs okd! Mbl elyzla’p blyav oyp ps eyaj vbyv pllkdt Nlk Yydel jllr okddkdt, bl elprlayvlzu vakle vs pwrralpp bkp seep! Tybybyby, cwv vblal’p ds wpl, Nlk Yydel’p hknvsau kp elqkdkvlzu tskdt vs xyjl wp rasqkv!!”

“Mbyv xyjlp pldpl. Xq vbl qswa bwdeale R lyadle, vball bwdeale olal xyel cu clvvkdt sd Nlk Yydel’p hknvsau!”

“Mbyv’p aktbv, Nlk Yydel byp osd lhlau aswde R’hl plld, kv’p ps alqalpbkdt! Oprlnkyzzu pllkdt bkx pvlr sd yde calyj vbspl rlsrzl’p yaxp yde zltp sdl cu sdl, kv’p alyzzu alfwhldyvkdt!!!”

“Tybybybyb ytalle, ytalle…”


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But before he could even do anything, the female voice rang again, “The warm-up time is over and the round will now begin! Three…two…one…start!”


As soon as the word “start” fell, Lei Mande rushed over with a sinister smile. Mu Chongyan’s face turned cold, and he immediately leapt, his legs stepping on one of the four pillars of the ring, hoisting himself up 3 meters high in the air. After raising his leg, he then ruthlessly sent it down on Lei Mande’s head! Lei Mande was shocked. A fierce light flashed across his eyes, and his cuffs moved, three black sleeve arrows swished through the air!

Mu Chongyan’s gaze changed slightly, and he hurriedly leapt up, the arrows passing through his chest and neck. Then, his long legs suddenly turned, and he sent an oblique kick, dislocating Lei Mande’s head from his neck!

“Bang–!” Lei Mande fell to the ground in severe pain, his eyes turning black. His face grew distorted, and he hurriedly raised his hand to launch the poisoned sleeve arrows again!

“Whoosh!” Seeing the three sleeve arrows shoot through the air again, Mu Chongyan turned his ankle and quickly rolled over and escaped, but before he could take a break, he saw Lei Mende fire another six arrows over!

Was he trying to put him to death even if it meant that he would be fined?!

Mu Chongyan sneered. He promptly turned over and jumped up, lifting his long legs and avoiding six sleeve arrows in succession. A broken blade then appeared in his hand, and with the slackening of his knuckles, the blades flew out quickly!

“Puchi–” A knife of less than five centimeters suddenly stabbed into Lei Mande’s throat, and a very thin stream of blood spurted out. Lei Mande’s throat bobbed twice before losing his breath.

The audience was silent for a moment, and then the coquettish female voice rang sharply, with a trembling sound of disbelief.

“Th-….The round is over!! Mu Nan wins——!!!”

“Bang——!” The minds of countless people in the audience were a blur. Although Lei Mande’s odds were low. But because he had always won, several people bet their belongings on him, but after this round….

It was all gone!!!

Lu Kun was also so shocked that he didn’t recover for a while. Mu Chongyan’s speed…unexpectedly got faster again!!!


Mu Chongyan stepped off the ring, regaining his previous indifference. He walked straight to the side of the betting counter, and asked the staff member, “How much did I win in total?”

“The…total…..” The staff member quickly returned to his senses and made the calculations, his eyes immediately shaking as a result!

Because this was Lei Mande’s tenth round in the low-level arena, every time he won, thousands of people on the site would more or less bet on him, so the total amount he won was 36,800 ash coins in which 36,000 of them were bet on Lei Mande’s win!

Therefore, even if the odds of Mu Man winning increased to 9.6, after removing those 80 pieces and multiplying them by 9.6, the dealer still made a net profit of more than 35,000 ash coins!

It was simply more than the net profit of an intermediate ring!!!

“Mr. Mu, please… wait a minute, I will immediately calculate the money and give it to you.”

The staff’s attitude was so respectful that it almost sounded like a promise. The shock and deterrence that Mu Nan had given him had surpassed the participants of the intermediate level, similar to the terrifying contenders on the advanced arena, to the extent where….he thought that if those people in the advanced rings didn’t use dirty dirty tricks, they wouldn’t be able to beat this man.

The staff quickly calculated the earnings and withdrew the ash coins. The coin withdrawing port under the betting tray dropped the ash coins noisily. After a while, it filled up a bag measuring 60 centimeters long and 30 centimeters wide.

The staff lifted the heavy bag, fastened it and handed it to Mu Chongyan, “Mr. Mu, there are 7,044 pieces here in total. Would you like to count it?”

“No, thank you.” Mu Chongyan accepted the bag, asked Lu Kun who was approaching him, “Did you take your winnings?”

“No, I’m here to take it.” Lu Kun handed the betting card to the staff. Feeling thousands of angry resentful gaze directed at him, his body turned stiff for a moment.

There were even mournful sounds echoing around them. Lu Kun accepted the ninety-six ash coins from the staff and carefully placed them in his pocket, “Let’s go?”


“Yeah.” Sweeping a glance at the people who had lost horribly from the bet and were now looking at them with evil gazes, Mu Chongyan’s eyes revealed a cold sneer, and he turned away with a cold expression on his face.

When they left the entrance, the two men who scorned Mu Chongyan also became little chicks, sending them out respectfully, and not daring to breathe loudly.

It was already 4:30 in the morning when the two returned home. Mu Chongyan pretended to put the bag in his hand into the box when in fact, he stored it in the spatial button. He then took out a set of clothes and went to the bathroom.

After taking a shower, it was already 5:10 and a golden color melted slightly from the horizon. Mu Chongyan took a towel and wiped his hair, sitting on the bed without a tinge of exhaustion. The joy and excitement in his heart could not be restrained.

This money was more than he imagined. With these ash coins, he could take Little Sweet Cake to rent a larger house in Zone C, arrange a less shabby ceremony, and buy a few better weapons.

In this way, it would be much safer to bring Little Sweet Cake to carry out tasks in the future.

Mu Chongyan wiped his hair, his heart filled with unfettered imagination about the future life. The corners of his lips couldn’t help but raise into a soft and doting smile, making Lu Kun who accidentally looked at him, quiver.

However, after this shock had passed, Lu Kun secretly sighed, and couldn’t help but feel a trace of envy…

Mu Chongyan dried his hair and was about to take a short nap for a while, but before he could lay down, the sound of footsteps rang out. Mu Chongyan looked sideways to see Bai Rong, who was so sleepy that he hadn’t opened his eyes, walking to the toilet in a daze.

He cocked the corners of his mouth up, feeling helpless and amused. Mu Chongyan put on his shoes, walked in front of Bai Rong, turned on the toilet light in advance, and then merely stood still.

With a “bonk”, Bai Rong’s little face crashed against him.

Thinking that he had hit a wall, Bai Rong let out a soft “Ah”, and rubbed his forehead in a daze, furrowing his brows and opening his eyes.


But he saw his Chongyan looking at him with a smile instead.

“Chongyan…?” Bai Rong thought that he was still dreaming, and blinked in a dazed manner. His pupils were not focused, and his hand was still on his forehead.

Feeling his heart tremble because Little Sweet Cake’s cute display, Mu Chongyan gently embraced the person. He then reached out and took off Bai Rong’s hand that was still on his forehead, and gently said, “You have to open your eyes no matter how sleepy you are…… What should I do if you hit the wall?”

“I won’t…” Bai Rong raised his head slightly, his face still blank, “Chongyan…Do you want to use the bathroom too?”

“…..” Mu Chongyan was speechless for a moment, rubbing Bai Rong’s hair. A trace of pampering and helplessness flashed through his eyes, and he sighed, “You…”

“Chongyan…I want to use the toilet.” Seeing that Mu Chongyan was not going to the toilet, Bai Rong broke free from Mu Chongyan’s arms, walked into the toilet, and closed the door behind him.

Hmph…Even if he was extremely sleepy, he was a tough guy who knew how to protect his privacy!

Mu Chongyan who was staring at the bathroom door: “…”

Did he seem like the type of person who would spy on his wife using the toilet?!

After using the toilet, Bai Rong washed his hands in a daze, and then walked towards the bedroom step by step, completely ignoring Mu Chongyan who was waiting at the side.

Mu Chongyan: “…”

He felt distressed once again.

Quickly speeding up his pace and walking over, Mu Chongyan stretched out his arms and held Bai Rong’s shoulders, walking towards Bai Rong’s bedroom together.

Feeling the weird look Lu Kun cast at him from behind, Mu Chongyan’s face turned taut, and he became more calm.

He was doing this to protect Little Sweet Cake from falling. He didn’t have any other thoughts.

Yup, that’s right, he had no other thoughts at all!

As soon as he walked into the bedroom, Bai Rong closed his half-open eyes immediately, and then walked to the bedside, plopping down.

Mu Chongyan stroked Bai Rong’s hair before grabbing his calf and shifting him straight. He then put the quilt tightly on him, and pecked his forehead.

“Chongyan…Thank you…”

Bai Rong’s whisper promptly floated over.

Mu Chongyan was taken aback, but found that his Little Sweet Cake still hadn’t opened his eyes. He smiled helplessly, feeling his heart turn soft.

“En…” Mu Chongyan patted Bai Rong lightly. He then lowered his head, and couldn’t help himself from kissing Bai Rong’s cheek for the first time.

“Be good… go to sleep.”

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