Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 85.3 Tough Guy Mercenary Group (3)

“The neighbor I met in the safe zone before, their family has good character and can be trusted. They’ve also helped us before back when my father was injured.” Although the help was only akin to a cup of water poured on a burning cart of firewood, he still felt grateful.

“…En, sure…” Bai Rong nodded, “What’s the situation with the family?”

“It’s a father with two children, and the two children are twins. Both a year older than Lu Ya, the elder brother and sister aren’t in good health. Generally, they can only do some light work, so… they probably haven’t joined any mercenary group.”

“Then… let’s go and take a look, where does the family live?”

“They live in the Southern District, it would take more than two hours to walk from here.” Lu Kun had just finished speaking when a car-like vehicle passed by just next to him. The silhouette of the people looked very bleak…


“Isn’t the Southern District very close to the entrance of the safe zone? Why don’t we go hunt some mutant beasts first?” Bai Rong didn’t glance at the car at all, but checked the time, “It’s only nine o’clock now, enough for us to go out of the city to kill rumble beasts.”

“I agree.” Lu Kun nodded.

“I agree too.” Kuku and Lu Ya also followed.

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A thin girl with a yellow face stared at him, excited and delighted, her eyes reddened slightly, “It’s really you, Brother Lu Kun and Brother Lu Ya?!”


“It’s us, Sister Lin Shu, where are Brother Lin He and Uncle Lin? Lu Ya was very happy when he saw his previous companion, revealing a big smile.

When Lu Ya mentioned the other two people, Lin Shu’s eyes suddenly turned red, and the hand holding the door frame suddenly became a little weak. “Brother is now working in La Ruo restaurant, and father…has already left us.”

“Uncle Lin he…” Lu Ya’s eyes grew wide in astonishment, and his mouth gaped in shock. Lu Kun raised his hand and patted Lu Ya on the shoulder, asking, “Why did Xiao He go to La Ruo Restaurant? That’s a famous exploitative shop that works people to death but only gives half an ash coin for a day, how are you two living?”

“There was no other way, Xiao He couldn’t find other jobs. The owner of La Ruo Restaurant has become better recently, allowing Xiao He to bring some food back…” Lin Shu wiped the foam on her hands, “And I was just washing clothes for the laundry shop. They would also give me half an ash coin for a day’s work so adding them together is just right….for the city fee and the rent.”

But everyone knew how fragile maintaining this kind of “enough payment” was. Once a small accident happened to either one of them, the two people would undoubtedly be driven out of the safe zone.

“Lin Shu…Hello, we have come here to ask you for help.” Bai Rong smiled and said softly, “Would you be willing to talk to us?”

“You’re asking me for help?” Lin Shu looked at this exquisite and beautiful young man with a smile like a spring breeze, and was very surprised, “Wh…what help?!”

Although she subconsciously felt that this young man would definitely not harm her, she couldn’t figure out their intentions.

“It’s like this, we want to register as a mercenary group, but we still need two candidates. Can we put in yours and Lin He’s name? We would give you two ash coins every day in exchange for this.”

This was the decision the two people had formed on the way, thinking that sixty ash coins a month shouldn’t be too small.

Two ash coins a day?!!!

Lin Shu’s eyes grew wide immediately. She couldn’t believe how such a good thing could happen to her. Although she had heard that mercenary groups would give names to acquaintances, they were generally close relatives of the head of the mercenary group and the benefits given were usually not that substantial, otherwise, other members of the group would start speaking out. Now, this young man actually said that he wanted to name them and was even giving them ash coins for it?!!!


“Well, are you willing?” Bai Rong smiled lightly, “You don’t have to worry about us deceiving you, because we just wanted to find someone who knows their positions and Lu Kun recommended you so here we are. If you don’t agree to it, it’s fine.”

“I…” Lin Shu thought of his younger brother being worked to the point where he couldn’t straighten his waist and her eyes turned red and she gritted her teeth, “I agree.”

In any case, they couldn’t keep living on like this. Even if this youth was deceiving them, they wouldn’t lose much…Moreover….Big Brother Lu Kun was there so they probably weren’t scammers.

“That’s great.” Bai Rong revealed his canines and smiled, making Lin Shu’s cheeks turn warm, “Lin Shu, can you go look for Lin He and come with us to the mercenary guild right now?”

“Now is not a good time…My brother is still working.” Lin He could only come back at ten o’clock every day, but it was only four o’clock now.

“Lin Shu, I suggest Lin He change his job, otherwise, his body wouldn’t be able to stand it.” Lu Kun suddenly said, “I will go to La Ruo to ask leave for Lin He, otherwise at this rate, he’ll never be able to register with us, however…whether you want to change jobs or not by then would be all up to you.”

“…Okay.” Lin Shu lowered her head and nodded.

In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that they had no other choice, how could she be willing to let Xiao He go to work in that dark and swarthy restaurant, but now…with such a large income, there was indeed no need for Xiao He to work there any longer.

The group of people went to La Ruo restaurant, which in reality, was just a small lodging. Under the pressure of Lu Kun, the owner of La Ruo decisively let off Lin He. When Lin He spotted Lu Kun and Lu Ya, he was even more excited than Lin Shu, his pale face looking much more energetic.

After finding Lin He, the seven people immediately rushed to the Mercenary Guild, and finally completed the registration information exactly one minute before the secretarial department of the Mercenary Guild was ready to leave work.

The name of the mercenary group was Tough Guy Mercenary Group, and the group leader is of course the toughest guy among the seven– Bai Rong!

In truth, Bai Rong wanted Mu Chongyan to be the head of the group, but Mu Chongyan said that this group was named by him, so he should be the leader, and after thinking about it, he felt that as the toughest guy, he was indeed the most suitable for this. To continue refusing would only be impolite.


The level of the mercenary group was the same as the mercenary level of the group leader, and the rest of the group members must be downgraded by one or two levels. For example, the group leader in the second-level mercenary group is a second-level mercenary, and the group members can only be first-level mercenaries or intern mercenaries. This was for the purpose of avoiding some team leaders who would name their relatives to obtain a high level to reap benefits. After all, this would affect the other group member’s level rankings. If it happened once or twice, it would be easily dismissible, however, if it happened several times, it would only incite conflict.

After first taking out fourteen ash coins and giving them to Lin Shu and Lin He, they then agreed on giving them money once a week. Bai Rong asked the two weak individuals to first go back and rest first, and then walked out of the mercenary guild gallantly, flame alight in his eyes.

As the head of the tough men mercenary group, he felt it necessary to say something to boost the morale of the group members!

After returning home, Bai Rong gave a passionate speech about how “The sky is high and the clouds are light, the golden breeze is refreshing”, boosting the morale of the members and getting Kuku and Lu Ya all fired-up, one becoming a hardcore fanboy and the other beocming a hard-core brother-con.

However, Mu Chongyan was smiling the entire time, looking helplessly and dotingly at Bai Rong who waved his small fist.

Among them, Lu Kun, who had facial paralysis, seemed out of place, and was glanced at by Bai Rong several times.

At the end of the speech, Lu Ya went to the kitchen and cooked a simple dinner, and after the group of people had finished eating, they lined up to take a bath again.

After taking a shower, Bai Rong scanned his height and found that he had grown 0.1 cm taller like yesterday, now reaching 170.20cm.

Not understanding how he had grown more than ten times slower than in Shengya, Bai Rong sighed tiredly, took a towel and started to rub his hair, then, he suddenly remembered something very serious.

Mu Chongyan hadn’t kissed him today yet!

This won’t do!

It would affect his rate of his growth!!


Bai Rong’s face suddenly became serious, and he quickly put the towel down and rushed outside the bedroom door.

…On the other side, Mu Chongyan was laying on the sofa with a gloomy expression, staring at the ceiling.

The scene of Vitas teasing Little Sweet Cake today came to mind. causing Mu Chongyan to clench his teeth, and the veins on his arm to pop out. Not far away, Lu Kun felt a cold murderous aura suddenly prick him, and silently pulled the quilt up to his mouth.

After his anger had passed, Mu Chongyan suddenly felt a little flustered. His Little Sweet Cake was growing more and more good-looking, certain to attract more and more perverts…cough, suitors in the future.

At that time, he wouldn’t be able to stop it no matter how much he tried, especially when his Little Sweet Cake turned into an adult a year later, he also had no reason to stop them.

The image of his Little Sweet Cake and another person holding hands and acting sweet suddenly manifested in his thoughts, causing Mu Chongyan’s eyes to turn red with anger, and dense needle-like pain surged in his heart, followed by another pot of boiling acid filling his chest, the intense pain causing him to run out of breath.

An extremely clear thought surged deep in his heart, making Mu Chongyan clench his fists. He would not allow Little Sweet Cake to act sweet with another person and leave him, never!!

But…what reason did he have to think that way?!!

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