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Chapter 85.2 Tough Guy Mercenary Group (2)

For example, a third-level mercenary could reduce the cost of staying in the city for seven days every month, and the entrance fee for entering Zone C would also be reduced by 20%. This would save them a lot of ash coins. These privileges were indeed very tempting but once you received injuries, you’re no longer allowed to continue being a mercenary, and privileges given along with the job would also immediately be rescinded.

More than 1,000 mercenary groups in Zone D were all below the third level, among which there were ten third-level mercenary groups, more than 200 second-level mercenary groups, and the rest were all first-level mercenary groups, the disparity of people in a group was also quite large, the largest being two to three hundred people, and the smallest number being only seven or eight people.

Some of the mercenary groups were independent, and some were sub-groups under some big families. Mu Chongyan was not going to join any mercenary group as the struggle for authority and political fights in a group were aplenty and he was not interested in becoming a stepping stone for those people.

However… being in a mercenary group did have its benefits, so he was not prepared to give up this approach.

“Chongyan…Shall we apply to be a mercenary group too?” Bai Rong looked at the continuously updating information on the huge screen in front of him, feeling a little nervous. Although he was very perceptive, his movements were slow, would he be looked down as a member of the group because of this?…


Moreover, he didn’t believe that after encountering a strange beast that he couldn’t beat, the group of people wouldn’t help him escape.

“Of course not.” Mu Chongyan looked at the mercenary group registration rules at the very top, and a light flickered in his eyes. A mercenary group had to have at least seven people, but at the moment, they only had five. Even if they wanted to register as a group, they were still lacking two people.

“Do you want to register as a mercenary group?” Lu Kun saw that Mu Chongyan had been staring at the rule information above, a flash of surprise flitted across his eyes.

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“Fktb…Yyd Py’la, usw’al vss awel.” Akvyp qasodle, bkp tldvzl casod lulp pvyakdt yv bkx kd ekprzlypwal.

“I’m… I’m sorry master, I…I was just angry… This group of inferior people were too ignorant!!” Ma Da’er immediately nodded and bowed to apologize, putting on the appearance of an indignant loyal protector, “You shouldn’t have come to this zone, there are too many low-quality people here.”


Seeing this man scold them as trash and indirectly point out that this young master had come from a higher zone in just a few words, Bai Rong nearly started laughing out of anger, the corners of his lips curled up beautifully, dazzling Vitas.

“Since you’re the young master of a higher zone don’t come to Zone D. The eight million people living here can’t afford your grand presence.” Bai Rong gave Vitas and his group a cold look before turning to look at Mu Chongyan, “Chongyan…Let’s go.”

“Heyheyhey…Don’t go away, Little Cutie…” Vitas glared at Man Da’er and quickly stopped the group of people with a stride, “Just…just now, that was my fault, don’t be angry, you probably just entered the safe zone, although the minimum limit for forming a mercenary group is seven people, it’s not impossible to achieve this…”

He finally saw a person who caught his eyes, so he couldn’t just offend him and let him run away!

“We aren’t finding it difficult!” Bai Rong took Mu Chongyan’s arm and was just about to leave. He had just realized something. If the registration of a mercenary group only required a certain number of people, he could just find 2 more honest people to name and promise them some benefits.

“Heyheyhey, I already admitted that I was in the wrong, isn’t that enough?” Vitas stretched out his hand to try to pull him, but Mu Chongyan grabbed his wrist and threw it off.

To dare touch Little Sweet Cake in front of him, he was simply looking for death!

“Ahhhh!” After being ruthlessly thrown off, Vitas felt as if his tailbone was about to break. A flash of anger flitted across his eyes as well as a hint of vigilance. For this man to actually throw him off with such ease, it looked like his battle prowess was strong and was not to be underestimated!?

“Are you looking for death!!!”

The people next to Vitas immediately rolled up their sleeves and were about to come up to restrain Mu Chongyan, but Vitas angrily held them back, “Come back!”

These people kept acting roguish over and over again. If it weren’t because this wasn’t the right time, he would’ve dealt with them himself!

“Young Master…this rubbish dare to act against you, I must teach them a lesson!!” Man Da’er helped Vitas up, putting on an extremely loyal look, his face angry and distressed, appearing as though he even wanted to help Vitas rub his tailbone.


“If it weren’t for you, would they have gotten so angry?!!!” Vitas narrowed his eyes to look in the direction where Bai Rong and the others had left and snorted before a frivolous sneer appeared on the corners of his lips again, “Go and investigate those people. Be careful and don’t alert them nor make it hard for them.”

“I understand…I understand, I’ll send someone to investigate right away.” A dim light flashed across Man Da’er’s eyes, and he felt relieved, smiling as he said, “Young Master…The information about the beauty you were investigating before has been collected. Would you like to take a look and…”

“Forget it… I’m not in the mood today.” Vitas looked haggard and heartbroken, turning around to leave, “Let’s return, I’ve lost the desire to walk around..”

“Understood, Master Vitas… .. The food and bathroom in the villa have already been prepared, please enjoy it on your return…”


Mu Chongyan’s whole body was surrounded by extremely low pressure until he left the building. His face was so heavy, one could wring out ink. He also didn’t expect that he could be so angry just from a few jokes made by someone. At the same time, his heart was so sour, it was as if a boiling pot of old vinegar had been turnt over, scorching his heart.

“…Cough, Chongyan…” Seeing that no one dared to speak to Mu Chongyan, Bai Rong coughed and pulled Mu Chongyan’s arm, “What are we going to do now??”

“ …What do you want to do ……?” Mu Chongyan lowered his head, his face immediately turning soft upon coming into eye-contact with Bai Rong.

“Didn’t he say that we need seven people? We can find two more people to name. All mercenary groups start from the first level, and aside from the leader, all the members in a first-level mercenary group are first-level mercenaries, the other members can only be considered at most intern mercenaries, and mercenaries below level three have no privileges, so the review shouldn’t be very strict. We can find two honest people to name, or two strong people who aren’t bad tempered…….” Bai Rong shook Mu Chongyan’s arm, “What do you think…”

The irritation and tumultuous jealousy he felt coursing through his whole body disappeared with this one tug, causing the air around Mu Chongyan to immediately soften, “Alright..let’s do as you say…”

Mu Chongyan’s momentary change made the people next to him stunned. Lu Kun glanced at the sky, and said, “…If we’re going to name people, I have someone I’d like to recommend.”

“Huh?” Bai Rong turned his head to look at Lu Kun, “Who?”


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