Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 85.1 Tough Guy Mercenary Group (1)

Mu Chongyan did not have the awareness of a wife. Not only did he hit Bai Rong’s butt, he had also wrapped him in a quilt. Bai Rong glared at him, and arched his body strongly like a caterpillar, appearing to struggle out of the confinement. With a puff of his face, he pounced on Mu Chongyan who was about to open the door and leave!

Strong actions! Fierce aura!

Mu Chongyan suddenly felt an intense bloodlust strangling his throat.

“…Cough-! Cough cough…Rongrong….Rongrong, are you attempting to assassinate me…” Though he uttered these words, Mu Chongyan’s first reaction was to raise his hand and gently grab Bai Rong’s wrist, for fear that he would fall, then he placed one hand under Bai Rong’s buttocks, and held it tightly, gently lifting him up. Bai Rong was easily carried onto Mu Chongyan’s waist at once and his two arms wrapped around Mu Chongyan’s neck, his chin happening to touch Mu Chongyan’s head.

In an instant, the tiger who was hunting a prey had turned into a little wife who was being carried. Bai Rong was stunned for a moment before his face tinted red, feeling embarrassment creep up…


Why did this situation go the opposite of what he had intended it to be!

Shouldn’t he have pounced fiercely on Mu Chongyan and disciplined Mu Chongyan until his eyes reddened and he called out softly with tears, “Hubby, I was wrong…please forgive me…” ?

What was going on right now!!!

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Tl…Tl eked’v alyzzu xyjl bkp okql xye, eke bl?…

“Ahhhhh!” Bai Rong fell down on the bed and pulled the quilt to cover his head.


He was done for. He had made his wife angry so he was no longer a perfect husband…

After Mu Chongyan returned to the living room, his face was red and heavy. Lu Kun who was about to go to the bathroom, was frightened upon seeing this but considering that this matter was definitely not something he could solve, he silently shut his mouth and walked over.

Mu Chongyan leaned back on the sofa and slowly closed his eyes, his long slender fingers pressing on his temples.

Shit. He wasn’t a beast, was he….Why did he have thoughts of pressing Little Sweet Cake on the bed and kissing him on the lips…

Bai Rong’s ruddy smiling lips flashed his mind, turning his throat parched. He immediately felt that he was certainly just like a beast, his fingers pressing on his temples a little harder…

Lu Kun had just come back from the toilet and was once again frightened seeing this kind of Mu Chongyan.

Seeing him press his temples so hard… He almost thought that Mu Chongyan was going to commit suicide….


The next day, Lu Ya got up first and started cooking in the kitchen..

There was no other way. After taking a bath and sleeping in a super soft bed, his sleep was so sound that he had gotten up naturally at the crack of dawn, unable to sleep any longer from excitement, and since he didn’t have anything to do, he could only start cooking.

While Lu Ya was cooking, the rest of the people got up and washed one after another. By the time Lu Ya set the food on the table, they’d all gathered in the living room.

The table was a rectangular table, Bai Rong and Kuku sat on one side while Lu Ya and Lu Kun on the other side. Mu Chongyan wanted to sit next to Bai Rong subconsciously, but suddenly remembered what happened yesterday, so his steps came to a halt and he walked to Lu Kun and sat down beside him.


He could no longer indulge himself in this way, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to guarantee that he would turn into a beast and kiss Little Sweet Cake…

The smile on Bai Rong’s face froze a little, and a layer of grievance gradually filled his eyes, his lips pursing into a straight line.

As expected, Mu Chongyan had really gotten angry yesterday.

Kuku glanced at Mu Chongyan, who finally didn’t flirt with his brother, and then looked at his brother’s grievous appearance of drinking porridge silently, and his heart became even more angry.

This playboy actually got tired of his brother so quickly. As expected, he wasn’t any good person at all!!!

Mu Chongyan looked at Bai Rong’s sad appearance and immediately felt his heart clench. He couldn’t help but reach out a hand to rub Little Sweet Cake’s head to comfort him but upon recalling the decision he had made yesterday, his palm that had just opened slowly clenched into a fist again.

Lu Ya silently swept a glance at the two people who were acting evidently unusual and silently took a bite of the pancake, lowering his head and eating in bitterness.

Ahhhh, what was going on? Was his idol and Big Brother Mu having a relationship crisis?!!

Bai Rong felt guilty and sad. He held his bowl and didn’t lift up his head, his face nearly burying inside.

His wife was actually really angry, and wouldn’t even sit next to him…How depressing….

But…how could he coax his wife…

“Eat a little bit more.” A pair of chopsticks suddenly appeared in his bowl.


“!!!” Hearing the familiar gentle voice, Bai Rong suddenly raised his head, his big black eyes widening slightly, and a trace of joy flashed across his eyes.

“Be good, eat a little more, we’ll be going out soon.” Looking at Bai Rong’s smiling face slowly brightening, Mu Chongyan’s heart was soft and sweet, but also he started to ridicule himself.

After having just made up his mind to stay away from Little Sweet Cake, he was unable to hold himself back so quickly, he really was a beast…

But there was no other way. Seeing Little Sweet Cake’s withered look, he was unable to control himself. Looks like he could only diminish the number of intimate actions and…picking some dishes for him probably…didn’t stand out much….

Seeing Mu Chongyan look down and stop talking after just giving him a gentle smile, Bai Rong’s cheeks puffed up and he scooped a big spoonful of porridge and stuffed it into his mouth.

It seemed that his wife still hadn’t forgiven him completely, but it didn’t matter, he would slowly melt his wife!

After the group of people finished their breakfast, they packed up and walked out the door, rushing to the busiest central area of Zone D.

In the most prosperous area of Zone D, there were a dazzling array of restaurants, ready-to-wear shops, exotic animal purchase points, fur trading points, entertainment malls, department store tool stores, a few weapon shops scattered around as well as the most bustling and eye-catching Mercenary Guild Building.

The Mercenary Guild Building was located in the center of the prosperous area, covering an area of tens of hectares and was more than 100 meters tall. The whole building shone with a black metallic luster and there was not a speck of motley. From afar, it looked like a sleeping beast, its invasive and oppressive feeling was very strong. According to Lu Kun, the mercenary group guild buildings in all zones in the safe zone were all like this, following the same style designated by the rulers of this place.

Inexplicably feeling that the taste of this ruler was somewhat depressing, Bai Rong frowned slightly and looked up at the dark building before following Mu Chongyan and the group inside.

There were more than a thousand mercenary groups registered in the Mercenary Guild, far more than Bai Rong imagined, but it was not a surprise since Zone D was a city with 8 million people, of which one million were mercenaries. Aside from the fact that being a mercenary was the highest-paid profession in the safe zone, anyone who was physically fit would try to apply for the position because they would be able to deal with tides of mutant beats. The rules of this area seemed to encourage people to become mercenaries to kill mutant beasts and has hence granted them a lot of special privileges ,and the higher the level of the mercenary, the more their privileges grew.

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