Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 83.2 Bai from the word white birch, and Rong from the word banyan tree (2)

“Brother Bai Rong, is he the person you’ve been looking for?” Lu Ya saw a tall, handsome and imposing person follow behind Bai Rong and a flash of surprise and envy flitted across his eyes.

“Yeah.” Bai Rong smiled. “His name is Mu Chongyan. You can call him by his name, or you can call Big Brother Mu. He’s a very powerful mech warrior that even a hundred of me can’t beat one of him.”

“That powerful?!!!” Lu Ya’s eyes promptly grew big, the flame of worship lighting ablaze in his eyes.

“Yeah.” Bai Rong stuck his chest out with pride, and told Mu Chongyan, “Chongyan, this is Lu Ya, and that’s his brother Lu Kun. They have been helping me these past few days.”

“…I see.” Mu Chongyan ignored Lu Kun and looked at Lu Ya, sincerely thanking him, “Thank you for taking care of Little…” Mu Chongyan hadn’t finished speaking when Bai Rong suddenly tugged on his sleeves, “Sit down…haha, let’s sit down and talk…”


How could he try to call him Little Sweet Cake in front of Lu Kun and Kuku?!!

Was he going to start losing face!!!

“Alright…” Knowing that his little sweet cake was avoiding this term, Mu Chongyan revealed a helpless and doting look with his eyes, which happened to be caught by Lu Kun who was across them. Lu Kun’s complexion changed slightly, and he clenched his right hand, quickly sweeping a glance at the two people, After a while, as if he had made a decision, his nerves began to turn lax.

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“It’s alright, you did the right thing.” Although Mu Chongyan initially had a bad impression of Lu Kun, now that he had learnt of his reason, his impression of him changed slightly, not to mention, they had also helped his Little Sweet Cake so his attitude towards them naturally grew better.


“Chongyan…eat this, this is chirping beast meat.” Bai Rong picked up a piece of meat and placed it in Mu Chongyan’s bowl, staring at Mu Chongyan with bright eyes.

He was incredibly happy right now! In the past, his wife was always the one who picked vegetables for him, but now, he could pick vegetables for his wife!

“En, you should eat as well…” Mu Chongyan’s originally serious face immediately grew gentler, making Kuku purse his lips. What a fickle-faced man. No wonder his brother was charmed so easily…This couldn’t do! Such a fickle-faced man wouldn’t be a playboy right? He needed to give him a check for his brother’s sake!

Even though it was hard for him to have clear thoughts, he had just managed to think clearly, now that big brother had grown, he wouldn’t listen to his younger brother anymore and it was certain that he was going to settle down, but his brother was silly and foolish, he had to worry for his sake in order to save him from being fooled by others…

Mu Chongyan picked up the meat his Little Sweet Cake gave him, put it close to his lips and took a bite, the taste of soil immediately exploded in his mouth, mixed with a faint bitterness, but seeing Little Sweet Cake’s smiling face, the strange taste immediately became negligible, leaving behind only rich sweetness from his mouth to the bottom of his heart.

Seeing Mu Chongyan eat it, Bai Rong also happily picked up a piece of meat and placed it into his mouth. His face started to twist from the taste of the soil but upon recalling that this was something Lu Ya had made with difficulty, he forced himself to swallow it down.

“Brother Bai Rong…is it too inedible…?” Lu Ya blushed a bit at the sight of Bai Rong’s expression.

“No, no, it’s good… I just choked a little.” Afraid of hurting Lu Ya’s feelings, Bai Rong took another piece of meat, and took a big bite, even masticating exaggeratedly. He revealed a small dimple and smiled, saying. “…Yup, it’s quite good.”

Lu Ya’s face turned red, the chirping beast’s earthy taste was very heavy. Only by adding red chrysanthemum vegetables can the smell be removed. But his house no longer had red chrysanthemum vegetables, so he probably was clear of what it tasted like yet his idol was too kind… actually comforting him like this.

Lu Ya bit the vegetable cake and clenched his fist in secret. Next time, he was definitely going to make the chirping beast meat delicious!

Bai Rong quickly finished the half piece of vegetable cake, and started drinking soup from the bowl. After taking a few sips, he couldn’t help but turn his head and looked at Mu Chongyan to ask, “Chongyan…How have you lived these past 2 days?”

“I…” Mu Chongyan swallowed a bite of the food and replied, “I met a couple after I fell, and they helped me.”


“A couple?” Bai Rong blinked, “Who are they?”

“The man’s name is Pierre, and the woman’s name is Mu Ya. Both the man and the woman were injured at the time. The man was seriously injured and couldn’t walk, and the woman couldn’t carry him, so I helped carry him to their house.”

Looking at Little Sweet Cake’s big black eyes staring at him intently, Mu Chongyan couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and rubbed his head, his heart extremely soft, sigh…. His Little Sweet Cake still looked so cute even after growing tall, and even became more delicate and good-looking, it was simply asking for his life…

“That couple…” Lu Ya endured the risk of being blinded by the two people across from him and looked straight at Bai Rong and Mu Chongyan. “Those two aren’t very good people, they probably deceived you.”

“It’s alright. They’ve told me about the general situation here, and asked for four chirping beasts as compensation.”

“Four chirping beasts! That’s too much!! If you find someone else, one or two would have been enough. Moreover, you even carried them on your back. If it weren’t for you, Pierre would have definitely died.” Lu Ya snorted in dissatisfaction, “As expected of them, it was clearly you who helped them, yet they still schemed against you like this…”

Mu Chongyan didn’t feel much about it. It was also good this way, settling all debts cleanly.

“What happened then?” Bai Rong tugged Mu Chongyan’s sleeve, “Did you live in their house?”

“…No, there’s a small yard outside their house. I slept in that yard.” Seeing Bai Rong’s face appear distressed, Mu Chongyan smiled, “It’s alright, the yard was pretty good, and it also allowed me to adapt to the gravity here as soon as possible.”

“But…” Bai Rong had just wanted to say something, but suddenly thought of a grim problem. Now that he and Kuku were sleeping together, it was very crowded. What was his Chongyan going to do…

Lu Kun obviously also thought of this problem, and told Mu Chongyan without beating around the bush, “We still have a set of extra bedding. If you don’t mind, you can sleep on the floor. Besides, we’ll be going to the safe zone in two days, so by then, you won’t have to do that anymore.”

“Okay, I’ll be troubling you two.” Mu Chongyan thanked him without hesitation, but he had some doubts about being able to go to the safe zone in two days. After thinking about it, he simply pressed it down in his heart and decided to ask his sweet cake later on.


After the group of people finished their meal, the sky had already turned dark outside. Lu Kun and Lu Ya washed up and rinsed quickly as usual, and then went back to bed to rest. Bai Rong graciously helped Mu Chongyan make his bed before running off to brush his teeth with half a cup of water and scrubbed his face. There was no other way. The water here was too expensive, so he couldn’t use much of it.

After watching his brother run back and forth so virtuously, Kuku felt extremely gloomy. His married brother really couldn’t be obtained back…No! That’s not right! His brother hadn’t even married yet!!!

After Mu Chongyan had gone to wash up, Bai Rong went back to bed and sat down. Seeing Kuku stare at Mu Chongyan’s back with resentment, he couldn’t help but rub Kuku’s head, “…What are you thinking about?”

“…” Kuku blew on his hair gloomily.

“…Be good, go to sleep.” Bai Rong smiled and pinched Kuku’s face before patting Kuku’s shoulder lightly, “We still have to get up early tomorrow.”

“Brother, you should quickly go to sleep too.” Kuku quickly patted the small pillow next to him.

He wanted to prevent his brother from being alone with that man when the night was dark and the wind was high!

“I have something else to attend to, Kuku, you should first…” Before Bai Rong could even finish his words, Mu Chongyan, who had finished washing, walked over, his face unconcerned, but his voice was surprisingly gentle, “…. I have something to ask you.”

How can his Little Sweet Cake sleep with an unfamiliar man!!!

In the days when he was not around his Little Sweet Cake’s side, just how much was his Little Sweet Cake taken advantage of!!!!

“Alright…it just so happens that I have something to say.” Bai Rong exhaled, clenched his hands, and couldn’t help being a little nervous. He had just thought about it for a long time, and decided to confess everything to Mu Chongyan. After all, Kuku’s existence couldn’t be concealed, and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, they will have to go hunt exotic animals. If he ever gets injured and bleeds, he wouldn’t be able to cover for it.

“Brother, I’ll come with you!” Kuku promptly stood up.


“No.” Bai Rong pressed Kuku down firmly and covered him with a quilt, “I have to talk to Chongyan about this alone, be good…and go to sleep.”


“No buts, be good…Go to sleep.” Bai Rong stroked Kuku’s little forehead.

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