Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 83.1 Bai from the word white birch, and Rong from the word banyan tree

“I do!” Immense joy spurted from the bottom of his heart, instantly filling his chest and rushing to his limbs. Mu Chongyan’s heart beat violently, his fists trembled slightly, and his voice was urgent and nervous, “Can I ask…… where that person is right now…”

“…Hold on, let me look for it, the boy left his address just now…” The girl turned around and rummaged through the cabinet, taking out a big brick book. She flipped it to the very end and slid her finger down on the surface, “Ah, it’s right here!”

“Address: 103 Wooden Street, Ash District, and the correspondent: Big Crayfish.”

“Thank you!” Mu Chongyan’s dark eyes suddenly flashed with a bright color of excitement. He immediately took out an ash coin and placed it on the counter in front of him before turning and walking off. His pace picked up very quickly, nearly breaking into a jog.

The girl at the counter happily put away the ash coins, humming jovially while putting the book back in its original place.


She hadn’t expected to meet two beautiful people on her first day at work. Not only were they pleasing to the eyes, she even received a tip. She was too lucky! So happy ah so happy!

On the other hand, Bai Rong and the others had already returned to their ash wooden house. Lu Ya started cooking happily as soon as he entered. Bai Rong saw that the chopping board was full of grayish looking vegetables, and brought over the chirping beast they had caught before.

“Lu Ya. Cook some chirping beast meat today. Everyone has worked hard today so we all need some meat to replenish our energy.”

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“Fwal, cwv…Jasvbla Jyk Ssdt, yal usw dsv tskdt vs plzz kv? Rq usw nyvnb vos sa vball xsal sq vblpl, usw nyd plzz vblx qsa sdl ypb nskd!”

“R’x dsv tskdt vs plzz kv, kv’p clvvla vs lyv kv.” Jyk Ssdt pxkzle yde vwadle vs Nw Iwd, pyukdt, “Nw Iwd, nyd usw blzr rllz kv?”

“Fwal.” Nw Iwd alrzkle yde kxxlekyvlzu pvsse wr, oyzjkdt shla vs vyjl vbl nbkarkdt clypv yde rwvvkdt kv kd y osseld cypkd, nyaaukdt kv swv vbl essa okvb y rsavyczl jdkql kd vbl svbla byde.

Jyk Ssdt oydvle vs ts swv yde pll bso kv oyp tskdt vs cl rllzle, cwv kv pweeldzu eyodle sd bkx vbyv bl byed’v esdl bkp aswvkdl blktbv pnyd vseyu, ps bl oldv cynj vs bkp clepkel yde vssj swv y ckt pynj, rwzzkdt swv y pxyzz rbupknyz lmyxkdyvksd elhknl qasx vbl kdpkel.

“Iwjw, nsxl blal.” Jyk Ssdt clnjsdle vs Iwjw.

“Ebyv kp kv, casvbla?” Iwjw bwaaklezu praydt wr qasx vbl pxyzz cldnb yde ayd shla, bkp lulp pryajzkdt, “Ebyv’p vbl xyvvla?”

“R’zz pnyd uswa blktbv.” Jyk Ssdt ralpple vbl pnyd cwvvsd kd qasdv sq Iwjw.

G dwxcla iwknjzu yrrlyale sd vbl rbupknyz lmyxkdyvksd elhknl.

——[170.01 cm]


“Wow, Kuku, you’ve grown taller again, and you’re growing so fast!” Bai Rong looked at Kuku with some surprise, his eyes curving as he laughed, “Kuku, you’re already 170.01 cm. It’s 0.01 centimeters taller than I was yesterday. That’s great! Perhaps you might even surpass me!”

Having said that, Bai Rong secretly reckoned that he himself must have gotten taller as well, and impatiently turned the physical examination device to scan himself.

The screen of the physical examination device flashed, and a new number was displayed.

——[170.00 cm]

Bai Rong’s expectant smile immediately froze up.

“Brother, what’s the matter?” Seeing Bai Rong’s face stiffen, Kuku hurriedly stuck his head out, “170.00 cm…it’s quite good, brother, are you unhappy?”

Of course he was not happy!!

Bai Rong stared at the number in front in anger, his lips pressed tightly. He didn’t understand how Kuku had grown one centimeter taller after one day yet he! hadn’t! grown! a! single! centimeter! at! all!

QAQ This wass too much!!!

“Brother Bai Rong, what are you guys talking about?” Lu Ya walked over with a kitchen knife, asking curiously.

Bai Rong gloomily swatted the bed depressed, and said weakly, “We were scanning our heights…Would you like to have yours scanned?”

“Alright sure, I don’t know how tall I am yet!” Lu Ua nodded cheerfully.


Bai Rong picked up the physical instrument and scanned Lu Ya.

The screen on the physical examination device flickered, and the numbers once again updated.

——[169.69 cm]

He wasn’t as tall as him!!

Looking at the numbers on the screen, Bai Rong couldn’t help but secretly reveal a hint of joy, but he didn’t show it on his face. He merely turned the screen of the physical examination device towards Lu Ya and cleared his throat, saying, “Not bad, Lu Ya, if you can eat a little more, you can grow taller!”

“En, I know.” Lu Ya was not at all unhappy. His idol was only less than half a centimeter taller than him so he didn’t think he was short at all. He cheerfully replied, “My brother said that the radiation here has a very strong impact on physical development. When we enter the safe zone in the future, I’ll grow much faster!”

They could grow even faster?!

Bai Rong appeared dumbfounded. If Lu Ya grew taller than him, wouldn’t he become the shortest among the group?!!

Suddenly feeling a little suffocated, Bai Rong stood up without saying a word, and walked towards the door depressed, preparing to get some fresh air.

But before he reached the door, Lu Kun’s indifferent and guarded voice rang over.

“There is no one called Big Crayfish here. You should go.”

Big Crayfish?!!!


Bai Rong’s heart quivered, and his hands instantly squeezed and tightened. A speculation that made him extremely excited, nervous and frightened all at once instantly burst out of his mind, and his body moved faster than his brain, rushing out towards the door in extreme urgency.

His eyes grew wide, and his gaze swept straight to Lu Kun, who was skinning the chirping beast at the rear side of the house. When his gaze came across the figure of a person, Bai Rong’s pupils promptly shook and a layer of mist quickly filled his eyes.


Mu Chongyan was about to knock down the man in front who persisted in blocking his way when he suddenly heard the voice of the person he had been fretting over all this time. Surprise and disbelief had just swept through his body when a figure suddenly rushed into his arms.

“Wuu…Chongyan, Chongyan…” Bai Rong hugged the person in front of him tightly, his face buried in Mu Chongyan’s chest, tears pouring out with extreme joy. He couldn’t tell if the sensation was real due to overexcitement so he could only increase his strength and hug Mu Chongyan tighter. When he felt the two warm and tight arms on his back, his tears fell even harder.

“…Little…Sweet Cake?” Mu Chongyan couldn’t believe it. The person in his arms was just under his chin. How could he be 1.7 meters tall, it was simply beyond his knowledge and imagination but the excitement and joy he felt couldn’t deceive him at all. That bit of “shock and surprise” couldn’t even make a splash against the joy of finally finding his Sweet Cake. He could clearly feel his violently beating heart unloading a lot of worries, his whole person seemingly thrown into a boiling pot of water, feeling so hot his eyes started to burn and his heart hurt.

At the side, Lu Kun watched the two people hug each other tightly, his face changing slightly, but in the end, he didn’t say anything, picking up the basin and leaving.

“’s me…” Bai Rong rubbed his small face, and did not want to correct Mu Chongyan’s address any more. He was so happy that he cried like this. He wasn’t a tough guy anymore so there was no need to care about these minor details. In any case, it was not as if it was impossible for his tough guy front to make a comeback in the future..

A soft and warm breath gently hit Mu Chongyan’s chest with a slight tremor, and Mu Chongyan’s chest promptly felt scalding hot. The depths of his heart had turned into a puddle of mess, and the arm that was wrapped around Bai Rong grew increasingly tighter, binding the person his arms securely, and he couldn’t help himself from pressing a light soft kiss on Bai Rong’s hair….

Feeling the cautious yet precious kiss on top of his head, Bai Rong’s face couldn’t help but gradually turn red. This feeling was not the same as when he was short before. It inexplicably made him feel feverish, as if a fluffy ball had formed in his heart, not only vibrating and making his heart beat quickly but itching it with its fur…feeling very strange….

The two of them quietly hugged there for a while, without a single word uttered, until Kuku suddenly ran out of the ash wooden house, “Brother, dinner’s ready…Brother?!!!”

Kuku looked at his brother being in another tall man’s embrace and his eyes immediately grew into the size of saucers. He immediately ran up to the two of them in a rage, and shouted at Mu Chongyan, “Who are you, let go of my brother!!!”


Bai Rong was a little embarrassed when he heard the sounds of Kuku’s arrival, and he quickly struggled out of Mu Chongyan’s arms. Mu Chongyan swept a look at the young man who looked slightly similar to his little sweet cake, and scrunched his brows slightly, but didn’t say anything, only asking, “Who are you?”

“I’m his younger brother!” Reckoning that the man in front of him was the one his brother was anxiously searching for, Kuku felt very unhappy, “Who are you?!”

He guessed that this man was the “giant” who used to steal his brother from him before!

“Younger brother?!” The look in Mu Chongyan’s eyes changed slightly, and he narrowed his eyes. “Since when were you his younger brother? Have you recently met?”

Kuku: “Nonsense, we’ve already…”

“Kuku!” Bai Rong felt his heart clunk, and quickly interrupted Kuku, pulling Kuku’s arm back, “Be good. Go back and eat first, we’ll talk about this after dinner…”

It was better for him to clear up a big secret like this. What if this sudden action caused him to lose his wife inadvertently?!

Mu Chongyan watched his little sweet cake pull another man’s arm and walk back, not even waiting for him, causing thick sourness and displeasure to appear on his face.

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