Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 82.3 Do you recognize Big Red Crayfish? (3)

Bai Rong turned around, his face appearing a little pale. This was his first time seeing such scenes with his own eyes, his stomach could not help but turn.

“Brother Bai Rong…….Are you ok?” Lu Ya quickly patted Bai Rong’s back, “They’re even lower than dregs or livestock. Just treat it as if they were rumble beasts. Ah shoot, that’s not right. They’re even less than rumble beasts!”

Even though he had no evidence to prove that the two dozen young boys and girls who disappeared in the past in the gray zone were related to La Dun and Te’er, he inexplicably felt that it was these two who did it. Ma Sa was an even worse person, having harmed countless people. Now that they were dead, he wondered how many people were going to shut their eyes and die contentedly.

Of course, the most hateful and wretched people were Leillard and his men.

“En, I understand.” Bai Rong nodded. He then took another nutrient dose from his stash, and drank it.


Lu Kun wiped the knife clean and walked over, didn’t turn the corpses over for any items, only saying, “Let’s go. I will take you to capture some rumble beasts.”

“Right now?”

“Yeah, it’s almost one o’clock in the afternoon. We should catch one or two rumble beasts as soon as possible. Perhaps we might still be able to rush to the market to exchange for ash coins. Then…perhaps you can go to Meng La to ask for news about your companion.

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“Ebyv? “Jyk Ssdt’p qynl nbydtle yde bl blze y qykdv lmrlnvyvksd kd bkp blyav, bl bwaaklezu pyke, “Ebyv es usw xlyd?!”

“Rv’p yd kdvlzzktldnl sqqknl.” Nw Zy pyke okvb y pxkzl, “G qyxkzu kd yaly P lpvyczkpble yd kdvlzzktldnl sqqknl blal vs lmnbydtl kdqsaxyvksd, pwnb yp oblvbla vbl tyvblakdt rzynl sq xwvydv clypvp byp nbydtle, oblal rlsrzl byhl tsdl xkppkdt, sa oblal vs qkde rlsrzl, lvn. Ebld usw plzz kdqsaxyvksd, usw nyd alnlkhl ypb nskdp. Tsolhla, Jasvbla Jyk Ssdt, kq usw dlle vs qkde psxlsdl, usw dlle vs prlde yv zlypv 3 ypb nskdp obknb kp nskdnkeldvyzzu vbl raknl sq y awxczl clypv.”

Gd Rdvlzzktldnl Xqqknl?! Mbld oypd’v bkp bsrl sq qkdekdt Yw Ubsdtuyd lhld talyvla?!

Jyk Ssdt’p prkakv kxxlekyvlzu clnyxl zkqvle yde bl iwknjzu dseele, “Xjyu, vbld zlv’p ts!” “

Nw Iwd: “Ps usw dlle vs alpv dso?”

“Mblal’p ds dlle. R fwpv alpvle obkzl pvydekdt qsa y obkzl, yde lhld eaydj y dwvakldv espl. R’x dso qllzkdt xwnb clvvla, zlv’p blye vblal ekalnvzu.” Jyk Ssdt oyzjle yblye kd bypvl, “Rp kv vbkp oyu?”

“Zlp, cwv kv tlvp xsal eydtlaswp yblye. Mbl vball sq usw pbswze qszzso xl qasx clbkde qkapv.” Nw Iwd pvlrrle qsaoyae, czsnjkdt Jyk Ssdt clbkde bkx.

“Xjyu.” Jyk Ssdt ydpolale, yde bsdlpvzu qszzsole Nw Iwd okvb vbl svbla vos rlsrzl.



Three hours passed quickly, with Lu Kun’s rich experience in dealing with rumble beasts, Bai Rong’s strong perceptivity as well as Kuku’s crushing martial arts, the four of them returned home with a huge haul. Lu Kun’s gaze towards Bai Rong and Kuku also gradually changed. Now he really appreciated and admired these two teenagers.

And Lu Ya had become even crazier. He originally admired Bai Rong very much, and he wouldn’t stop calling him Brother Bai Rong this Brother Bai Rong that. At the same time, his impression towards Kuku also grew a lot better.

“A total of seven rumble beasts, of which one head is counted as your intelligence expense, and the rest we will split 50-50.” Lu Kun used two ropes to string together seven rumble beasts from their mouths, then dragged them together with Kuku on each end. The head of the rumble beast was about as heavy as the head of a wild boar so the two really didn’t have to use much strength to drag them.

Kuku even easily acted like a baby with Bai Rong, “Brother, was I amazing today?”

“You were extremely amazing!” Bai Rong gently rubbed the top of Kuku’s head, and said to Lu Kun, “That’s not fair, you got too little.”

“There’s nothing wrong with it. Without your help, I would have killed only two rumble beasts at most a day. This is already a lot more.”

“Yes! Brother Bai Rong, you should take it!” Lu Ya’s eyes were shining, having completely turned into Bai Rong’s ultimate fanboy. His idol not only knew how to drive a mech, he was also very good-looking, and his perception was so keen it surpassed his imagination, he was just too…..too perfect!

Seeing Lu Ya start to oogle Bai Rong again, Kuku harrumphed unwillingly, accelerating the dragging speed, and made Lu Kun feel a little out of breath.

Bai Rong watched Kuku drag so many heads of rumble beasts with ease and felt proud and moved on the inside: Ku Ku, who was born with supernatural power, was the tough guy he dreamed of becoming!!!

What a pity…that only his temperament was more manly than Kuku’s, sigh…

At five or six in the afternoon, the four people rushed to the place where the mutant beasts were purchased. Altogether, they sold for 21 ash coins, and 12 of them were given to Bai Rong.

“Lu Kun, where is the intelligence office?” Bai Rong asked anxiously, holding the dusty little bag of ash coins.


“Not far from here, I’ll take you there. I coincidentally have some things to ask as well.” Lu Kun stored the purse away, and said to the group, “Let’s go.”

Seeing Lu Kun stride away in big steps, Bai Rong hurriedly followed, but didn’t know that a tall figure walked in shortly after he had just left the doors.

“How many ash coins can these chirping beasts be exchanged for?”

“….Place it there and I’ll take a look…” The person at the purchase office glanced at it with a touch of contempt and inexplicable anger on his face, responding in a mystifying manner before continuing to cut his nails leisurely.

Che… Originally, when he saw such a tall, handsome man walk in, he thought he was going to sell a third-level or even higher-level beast, but it turned out to be the lowest level chirping beast, ah ptoo… It was such a waste on his tall height and handsome face. It was all his fault for thinking he was going to encounter a big figure. What a waste of his expectations.

After taking the man’s expression into his eyes, Mu Chongyan’s expressionless face became even more cold, and he pulled open the mouth of the bag, pouring out all ten plump chirping beasts inside, and asking, “How much ash coins can these be exchanged for?”

“Hey, who told you to pour them out?!” The person’s face grew angry, feeling that he had been challenged by a low-level person in the gray zone, and suddenly became even more annoyed, “I won’t accept your chirping beasts, scram!”

Mu Chongyan’s eyes became filled with anger, a stern expression flashing across his face, but before he could do anything, a little boy with a round head suddenly ran over, and when he saw the chirping beast on the ground, he suddenly yelled “Wow, these chirping beasts are so fat!”

“Aiya, young master La’er, why did you run into the gray zone again?” The man’s face changed abruptly, as if a layer of skin was peeled off, and he greeted him with a smile that was flattering and greasy, “This gray area has such heavy radiation that it’s not good for your health. I will send you back to the safe zone, alright young master…”

“No, I managed to sneak out with much difficulty.” La’er ignored the man, knelt down poking the chirping beasts, and laughed, “They’re soft one and still warm too! How much are these, I want them! It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten the meat of chirping beasts. I’m getting tired of eating third level beast meat all day.”

“Why don’t you quote me a price?” Without waiting for the person involved in purchasing to answer, Mu Chongyan asked without hesitating.

“Young master, don’t, this person is not a good person, don’t buy his things…”


“I want to buy it. Can’t you leave me alone?!” La’er glanced at the man in displeasure, taking out a handful of ash coins and handing it to Mu Chongyan, “That’s it, I didn’t bring much this time, is this fine?”

“Little Master, you have given too much!” Three gray coins are enough for those chirping beasts!” The eyes of the person next to him had already turned red, and he immediately cried out again.

“I’m happy to. Why are you so annoying!” La’er looked up at the tall man in front of him, and couldn’t help sighing. He had never seen such a tall man before, and he was so good-looking as well. He was even more handsome than the god of war Ao Si her sister talked about every day! If he were to grow as tall as him, that would be nice!

Mu Chongyan put the beasts back into the bag, then picked up the bag of coins and left.

La’er ran to the door and watched the tall man disappear from his field of vision. He then lowered his head and returned to the purchasing office with his small face wrinkled.

Sigh…to grow to such a tall height…he needed to eat a lot more.

On the other side, Bai Rong described Mu Chongyan’s appearance and paid three ash coins before walking out of the simple and crude intelligence office one step at a time.

“Brother Bai Rong, don’t be too anxious. It usually takes at least three or four days.” Lu Ya comforted Bai Rong, “But don’t worry, as long as your companion is in the gray zone, there is a high probability that you will find him. Just wait for the news.”

“But…we’ll be leaving in two days.” Bai Rong’s face was gloomy.

“It’s going to be fine. When that time comes, you can come and change the address of where you want to receive the information. Besides, there’s also an intelligence office in Area D. You can also send a request there again. The people there are more professional.”

“……Alright.” Bai Rong replied, heaving a long sigh in his heart, “I understand. Let’s quickly go back then.”



Shortly after Bai Rong left, Mu Chongyan arrived at the intelligence office, took out three gray coins from clothes, and said immediately, “I’m looking for someone.”

“Who are you looking for, tell me- …Huh?!!!” The girl with her head down, tidying up her things, had just raised her head and her eyes grew wide like saucers. This man was so tall and so handsome, ah, that’s not right! This man seemed to fit the details of the person the young man was looking for just a while ago!!

Being stared at so fixated by the person in front of him, Mu Chongyan was a little unhappy, but the next moment, he suddenly heard news that made him excited..

“Just now, someone had come in looking to find a person and his description sounded very much like you. Can I ask if your surname is Mu?”

Mu Chongyan’s pupils trembled, his fists clenching tightly. He didn’t realize that his voice actually sounded faintly hoarse, “Yes…my surname is Mu.”

“That’s about it.” The girl squinted her eyes and laughed. “But that boy is a little strange. The name he left was Big Red Crayfish, do you by any chance recognize it?”

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