Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 82.2 Do you recognize Big Red Crayfish? (2)

“Okay, Ma Sa, don’t pretend to be a big-tailed wolf, who doesn’t know you’re afraid of your mother tigress at home!”

“You can’t say it like that…what’s wrong with having a mother tigress? My wife had a fight with Ma Ya yesterday and snatched back a sack of cauliflower, enough to eat for half a month. Do you two who have no wives, know of this blessing? No matter how handsome the young man is, he wouldn’t be any capable…”

“Huh?! Your wife went to pick a fight with Ma Ya? Ma Ya has a bad temper, to be able to allow your wife to snatch from her…Tsk, your wife won’t kill someone, right?!”

“What’s wrong with killing? Isn’t her man injured, she won’t be able to ask us to settle this account either!”

“Haha…Your wife is the same as you…ruthless and poisonous!”


“La Dun, you’re just humble. You don’t lose out to me that much. If the ones who were standing beside the two teenagers weren’t Lu Ya and Lu Kun, you might have already taken them away, haha ​​don’t think I don’t know of the dozen or so teenagers you secretly kidnapped and played to death…”

“Hahahahaha, you know me so well…”


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“?!” Astonishment flashed across Bai Rong’s face, looking a little angry, “So those groups of people were unwilling to resist?!”


“That’s right, as long as those people can survive, they would rather be robbed than resist. They’re afraid that they would be killed or injured after resisting. After all, if the injury is serious, they will quickly meet their death here soon.” Lu Ya snorted, “And Ma Sa and Leillard’s people are very cunning. He wouldn’t steal from you every day. He would only do that every three days or five days so that the people won’t be able to survive, and as long as you give in to him, he wouldn’t hurt you so those people slowly stopped resisting. Instead, they started flattering him and sometimes, they even gave him gifts too, ptoo!”

Bai Rong suddenly didn’t know what to say. He just thought about letting Kuku deal with these vicious and disgusting people. Now it seems…that there were some things that needed to be discussed. If they charged and killed those scumbags at once, provoking dozens of other people to come and look for trouble with them, and no one helped them, then it would be difficult for them to escape unscathed.

“Did you want to clean them up?” Lu Kun suddenly said.

“I…” Bai Rong had just wanted to say something, when he suddenly heard a few curses in the distance.

“Damn it! Where is he?!! Why is he missing?!!”

“Didn’t I tell you… that person has most likely left….”

“Ma Sa, don’t worry, why don’t we look for him again?!”

“Look my ass! If we go further west, it’s the territory of the rumble beasts, do you dare go there?!”

The other voice sounded displeased, “Ma Sa. What you’re doing is wrong. Why are you venting your anger on us?!”

“Ahhh ptoo, if it weren’t for you dawdling, would the newcomer have left?! Fuck!! A great opportunity to make a fortune is gone!!”

“Ma Sa, don’t you fucking push your luck…”

“La Dun, don’t be angry, Ma Sa didn’t mean it… We brothers should get along. What are we fighting for? What if we get hurt…”



The three figures in the distance entangled, and Bai Rong frowned slightly, feeling a little disappointed, his face turning gloomy. He thought he would be able to see Mu Chongyan, but didn’t expect his efforts to have been dashed.

“Brother, are you going to hunt for the rumble beast. This place is very close to the gathering place of the rumble beast.” Lu Ya tugged Lu Kun’s sleeve, but Lu Kun squinted his eyes and it was unknown what he was thinking. After a while, he asked Bai Rong, “Are you ready to deal with those three?”


“I know you just wanted to deal with these three people. If you want, I am willing to cooperate. Besides…you don’t have to worry about being retaliated. It will take at least three days for these three people to be confirmed to be dead once they have gone missing. By that time, we would have already entered the safe zone. “

“Have you saved enough ash coins?” Bai Rong noticed that the three people had already started to head their way, but saw that Lu Kun didn’t have any intentions to leave, so he didn’t say anything..

“I’ve saved up to thirty. I originally wanted to save more ash coins to rent a house in the safe area, but the chance to deal with the three of them is very hard to come by. I would rather be more tired the day after tomorrow than sleep on the streets in the safe zone.”

Lu Kun paused, and then said, “In these two days, allow Bai Ku to follow me and kill some rumble beasts. With Bai Ku’s martial arts, it won’t be difficult to kill the rumble beast. You can definitely save enough ash coins to go to the safe zone in two days.”

“…Okay.” Bai Rong turned around and looked at the three people on the opposite side who had walked more than 20 meters away. A slight smile appearing on the corner of his lips. “It looks like you hate them very much.”

“There’s no one here who doesn’t hate these scums.” Unknown what he had just thought of, Lu Kun’s face became increasingly cold.

“That’s true.” Bai Rong turned his head and patted Kuku’s shoulder lightly, “…Kuku.”



“I’ll leave the matter we just discussed to Lu Kun and you. Help Lu Kun hack them to unconsciousness and you don’t have to worry about other things, okay?” A light flashed in the depth of Bai Rong’s eyes. He could see that Lu Kun wanted them to fall together, otherwise he wouldn’t have raised the matter out of the blue, though he was really sick of these scumbags, so he was willing to help, but……this didn’t mean that he was willing to accept being the mastermind of this plan.

A light flashed across Lu Kun’s eyes, but he didn’t say anything, instead, a trace of mirth appeared in his eyes.

He felt that his opinion of Bai Rong seemed to have risen slightly…..

“Ok.” Kuku nodded, “Brother, don’t worry!”

“…Don’t worry?” Not far away, La Dun walked over with a perverted smile. Damn, when he saw the boy in the middle smiling at him just now, even though the foggy mist made his view vague, it still charmed him to the point of making his body turn limp. It was a pity he couldn’t hear what they were talking about but he could guess it wasn’t anything good. After all, the people who were standing beside them were Lu Ya and Lu Kun.

But this did not prevent him from having a good chat with this little brother about feelings…. Or about their ideals in life.

“I haven’t seen these two brothers before… Lu Kun, why don’t you introduce them to us?” La Dun looked at Bai Rong with a smile, “How old is this little brother?”

Bai Rong was almost about to barf being stared at by his gaze. Fortunately, before he could say anything, Lu Kun and the extremely angry Kuku next to him had already started to move.

Without warning, the silver knife in Lu Kun’s hand suddenly cut down, and Te’er who was standing next to him, was caught completely unprepared, his head instantly falling to the ground, the bloody head rolling seven or eight meters away while still maintaining the wretched smile on his face.

“You–! ! ! !

“Ma Sa and La Dun were immediately taken aback and appeared furious. They hastily drew the knife and dagger from their waist, and did not wait for them to attack. The angry Kuku leapt up and streaked across, leaving behind a phantom figure, the knife in his hand hacked into La Dun’s neck, making him spit out blood and white foam before falling unconscious to the ground.

Lu Kun’s expression turned serious and with a flick of his wrist, the silver sharp knife fell down. With a spitting sound, fresh blood spurted out of La Dun’s neck.


“You…you. Aren’t you afraid of revenge?!! L-Leillard and the others won’t let you go!!!” Having not expected that Lu Kun would suddenly turn violent, nor did he think that the white and skinny youth would have such formidable martial arts, Ma Sa’s face turned completely pale, his pupils shaking in fear. He held his short knife and backed away, quivering in fear.

“E..even if you enter the safe zone, you’ll always have to come out to hunt, by then it’ll be over for you!!! But as long as you don’t kill me…I can go back and say that they were killed by rumble beasts, I, I won’t let them come to you…d, don’t kill me…don’t kill me!”

“Don’t kill you?” Lu Kun stepped forward with ruthless eyes, “Then when you killed so many people before? Did you ever think about leaving their lives?!”

“I…I…” Seeing Lu Kun’s unrelenting look, Ma Sa’s eyes flashed red with hatred, his face twisted for a moment before he turned around and ran, “…..Lu, Lu Kun, if you kill me, you won’t have a good end, you…ah——!!!”

A burst of black and red blood sprayed out on Lu Kun’s knife,

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