Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 79.3 Spy (3)

“Boom——!!!” The cockpit of the entire mecha was almost torn open, and Mu Chongyan yelled at Bai Rong anxiously, “Quickly pilot your mecha to the inner hall!” Then he took out a mecha from the spatial button again and leapt up.

Seeing that Mu Chongyan had already leapt forward to start battling Mu Fenglan alone, and that Mu Fenglan did truly ignore him, Bai Rong decisively summoned the mech and leapt ahead.

While operating the mecha to force Mu Chongyan back, Mu Fenglan tried to fly towards the inner hall, but once he released the tight attack on Mu Chongyan, Mu Chongyan immediately held him back, to the extent that he became even more used to the attacks of the SSS-Class Top Level Spell Cards, his evasions getting more and more skilled.

A ruthless look flashed through Mu Fenglan’s eyes, and he immediately operated the mecha to launch dozens of air nets and dozens of light bombs, but didn’t expect Mu Chongyan to evade them all. He prepared to open fire again when the mech’s card slot suddenly let out crackling sounds, little sparks appearing accompanied by the scent of burning.

The card slot had burned!!!


Mu Fenglan’s complexion changed, a hint of panic flashing through his eyes. Even though he knew that the SSS-Class attack spell cards could only be used safely with the support of the SSS energy cards, otherwise the card slot would be burned due to insufficient energy power, but he still held hope. After all, the burning wouldn’t happen immediately but he didn’t expect it to happen this quickly!!!

A thousand thoughts immediately went through his head and Mu Chongyan’s eyes sank, immediately turning back and retreating.

He didn’t capture the little star pet before because he thought that the means were too contemptible, however, now, he had no choice but to use it, otherwise, he had no way of rescuing Hei Erya!!!

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However, the mecha who caught him didn’t seem to have any intentions of dragging him out of the mech, merely stuffing him inside a big space. Was it because he was reassured that he couldn’t escape?!


“Ba Lute, did you report to Duke Lechter?” The people in the cockpit of the flying ship looked straight ahead and pressed the “stealth mode” button without even turning their head.

“I’m just about ready to report.” Ba Lute took out a black miniature optical computer from the spatial button and clicked on the secret communicator.

The communicator quickly connected, and a cold voice transmitted over, “Ba Lute?”

“It’s me, Duke Lechter, I have escaped with Mu Chongyan’s star pet in hand. We’re now leaving Sheng Ya Star Region.”

“Very good.” Duke Lechert’s voice revealed a hint of delight, and he paused for two seconds, “Ba Lute, I heard that Mu Chongyan’s current level is no different from that of an SSS-class mech warrior. If you were to go up against him, how long would it take for you to win against him?”

Ba Lute thought of Mu Chongyan’s terrifying performance today and even though he didn’t want to admit it, he still honestly said, “If I were to go up against him…I’m afraid the chances of winning are slim.”


The voice on the other side suddenly rose, tinted with sharp anger, “Ba Lute, you are a mech warrior who’s been promoted to SSS Class ten years ago! Have you now regressed to this point?! You’ve disappointed me!!!”

“I’m sorry, Duke Lechter.” Ba Lute lowered his head slightly, “I have not regressed, in fact, I have actually improved, but Mu Chongyan’s constitution and potential are terrifyingly high. If I go up against him, I truly cannot…guarantee any chances of winning.”

“Silence!” Lechter colded angrily, “Once you return, you better train to death!!”

“Yes sir!” Ba Lute’s brows stood sharp, his posture promptly straightening as he acknowledged loudly.

Not a sound came from the other side anymore but Bai Lute didn’t dare hang up. It was only when the ship had left Sheng Ya Star Region that a cold voice resounded from the other side again.


“What happened to the star network?”

Knowing that Lechter was asking about the little star pet’s matters, Ba Lute quickly replied respectfully, “Everything went as Duke Lechter expected. Almost all the people of Sheng Ya believed that Er Ma Star Region was the perpetrator, and they also believed that the little star pet is a spy.”

“Heh…” A chuckle finally rang from the other side.

Ba Lute let out a breath of relief on the inside.

Lechter played with the cup in his hands as a dark light flashed across his eyes, “Quickly…come back as soon as you can.”

If he hadn’t had a backup plan, Wright and Lei Ya’s troops would have been completely annihilated. Fortunately, the top Lei Meng hacker he hired with ‘means’ didn’t disappoint him. Since it had come to this…he’ll leave a finger of that hacker kid intact.

Though he did feel quite regretful as that child’s joints were extremely exquisite, thinking it extremely collectible at first sight…

“Yes sir. If we travel at superspeed and leap into the wormhole, we’ll be able to reach in about a day…..” Boom boom boom——!!!

Violent explosions suddenly sounded, and the entire ship shook fiercely!

“Meng Duo, what’s going on?!”

“This is bad. That Mu Chongyan actually caught up!!! The air vent was blown up….It’s been blown open!!!” The pilot, Meng Duo, put on a panicked face, anxiously trying to gain control. But this was an SSS Class airship. How could Mu Chongyan easily make a dent on it?!!!

Moreover, the stealth mode he had been initializing all this time, is able to avoid any type of scanning. How was Mu Chongyan able to pursue them and why hadn’t he realized it?!!


“I’ll go out and stop him. You hurry up and jump into the wormhole!” Ba Lute’s face turned grim as he immediately took out his mecha.


Bai Rong was carefully observing the material of the room that he was encased in, pondering how to blast the room out when he suddenly felt the ground beneath his feet shake violently!

Was it Chongyan?!!

Bai Rong’s eyes lit up and he immediately cheered up, hurriedly driving the mecha to bomb an area that looked slightly thinner, but with a “boom” resounding, nearly half of the explosive energy bounced back!

Bai Rong was suddenly hit back by the repelled force, crashing against the opposite wall before falling on the ground and rolling around several times.

“Hiss——” Bai Rong sucked in a cold breath and gritted his teeth, wiping the fresh blood trickling down his forehead and staggering to his feet.

It was unsucc-…Huh?!!!

Surprise suddenly appeared on Bai Rong’s face, and he stared at the wall in front of him. Even though he looked a little bit tragic, a tiny crack had appeared on the wall!

Bai Rong gritted his teeth, prepared to make persistent efforts.

Outside the flying ship, Mu Chongyan was completely ruthless, like a killing machine. He sent out extremely cruel and merciless shots, repeatedly forcing Ba Lute to retreat!

“Pftttt——!” After being struck with another air bomb to the chest and abdomen, Ba Lute spouted a mouthful of blood. He hurriedly turned on his optical computer and yelled at Meng De furiously, “Quickly jump into the wormhole!!!”


“I can’t!!!” Meng De was also very anxious and panicked, “I haven’t reached the fixed wormhole route yet. The several wormholes here are all ‘random wormholes’, and I don’t know where we’ll be teleported to!!

“Hurry up and jump! I can’t hold him back anymore. If you don’t want to die, just jump!!! “

The roar on the other side agitated Meng Duo and so, with shaking hands, he looked at the wormhole that suddenly appeared in front of him and gritted his teeth, rushing towards it.

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