Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 79.2 Spy (2)

“Can this star pet be killed quickly?! Why hasn’t the spy star pet been captured yet?!!!”

“My cousin was killed by a light bomb!! Motherfucker, I want this little star pet to pay with its life!!! I request the Sheng Ya government to live broadcast the process of it being scrapped once it’s been caught! Cut out its flesh piece by piece! Cut out its limbs piece by piece, and then pull his bones out and crush its chip!!!”

“Agreeing with the above poster!!! My younger brother was also injured. Seeing my brother in pain, I wish that spy star pet would be tortured slowly to death!!!!!!”

“Where is the Sheng Ya Government?! The royal family? Are they pretending to be dead?!!! Have they all fucking died?!!!”



“Why hasn’t this spy star pet been caught yet?!!! Condemn the live broadcast! Die to compensate for the lives that were lost!!!”

“Paying with its life is too light of a sentence!!! It originally doesn’t have any life!! Even if you torture it to death, it would’t feel any pain!!! How frustrating!”

“Not necessarily, this little star pet clearly acts more lifelike and has a higher IQ. It doesn’t look any different to a human being so perhaps it also has a pain sensory system!!!”

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“Tlb, kv’p clvvla kq kv’p bwxyd! Rq bl kp, osd’v kv qllz y zsv clvvla sdnl bl’p jkzzle!!!”

“Tso nswze kv cl bwxyd?! R alxlxcla vbyv vbkp zkvvzl pvya rlv oyp vbl xspv lmiwkpkvl yde clywvkqwz yxsdt vbl dlo vurlp sq pvya rlv yv vbl Jzwl Oxrlasa Gwnvksd. Rd vbl cltkddkdt, sdzu y qlo rbsvsp valdele sd vbl pvya dlvosaj qsa y ollj!! Gv vbyv vkxl, kv oyp sdzu lktbv nldvkxlvlap vyzz. Ebyv jkde sq rlapsd nyd pbakdj wr vs lktbv nldvkxlvlap?! Mbyv’p dsv pnkldvkqknyzzu rsppkczl!”

“Tyby, altyaezlpp sq oblvbla kv’p y bwxyd sa y pvya rlv, kv nyd’v lpnyrl! Rv’p yzps dsv cye kq kv olal y bwxyd clkdt, ol nyd pzsozu jkzz bkx yde vbld wpl vbl alnshlau nbyxcla vs valyv bkx, vsavwakdt kv ps xwnb vbyv kv okpblp kv olal elye kdpvlye!!! Yu taydeqyvbla oyp czsod wr vs elyvb ps R oydv vbkp pru vs ryu okvb kvp zkql!!!!”

“Fsxlsdl pvyavle y rlvkvksd qsa vbl tshladxldv vs zkhl casyenypv vbl ynv sq vbl pru pvya rlv tlvvkdt pnayrrle. Ohlaucseu, ts yde hsvl sd kv. Mblal’p yzalyeu clld xsal vbyd 30 ckzzksd hsvlp! Ohlausdl, ts!!!”


Looking at the overwhelming number of curses and all kinds of malicious execution proposals. Bai Rong felt his whole body turn cold, the arteries in his body seemed to be tightly choked by countless hands, making him unable to breathe. The optical computer in his suddenly titled and hit the ground with a “bang”.


Mu Chongyan lowered his head and saw that Bai Rong’s face had grown pale and frightened, and he immediately panicked, “What’s the matter?!!!”

Bai Rong stared blankly and remained motionless. Three seconds later, he raised his head stiffly and looked towards Mu Chongyan, “Chongyan, give me my mech spatial button and crystal glass case…”

“What’s wrong?!” Mu Chongyan was really getting anxious. Why did something look wrong with his Little Sweet Cake!

“It’s nothing…Since Lieutenant General Mu also believes that I am a spy, he definitely won’t let me off easy unless Chongyan lets them break in and take away Mother Mu.” Bai Rong suddenly curled up his lips, revealing a smile but his voice was ice cold, “But that’s impossible. Mother Mu has committed the crime of collaborating with the enemy and betraying the nation. What awaits her will only be the death by chemicals or life-long labor.”

“You——!!!” Mu Fenglan abruptly grew furious after being mocked by Bai Rong, “Who do you think you are, spy?!!!”

Bai Rong’s smile grew even bigger, and his perfectly composed attitude made Mu Chongyan who was next to him, feel a little uneasy.

“Lieutenant General Mu, I have to say some things. In this incident,… there was evidence of Hei Erya colluding with the enemy and betraying the nation, this is something that cannot be denied! Secondly…. I am not a spy. Even if that so-called evidence has been spread throughout Sheng Ya, even if all 100 billion civilians of Sheng Ya voted to give me the death penalty! I am not a spy, and the words that were said in the video did not come from my mouth but were fabricated by those forces who wanted to take advantage of the chaos to turn the people against me and by extension, Mu Chongyan while at the same time, shifting the blame to Er Ma Star Region. It can even be said that this is killing 3 birds with one stone!”

“You truly are such a unique star pet! To be able to speak so eloquently!!” Mu Fenglan raised his wrist, and an optical computer appeared on his wrist. “However, your words are of no use. No one can prove that what you said in the video was fabricated, and even if it were fake, combining with the evidence in the video, you can’t get rid of the suspicion!”

“Other evidence?” Bai Rong curved his eyes and revealed a sweet smile, “Was Lieutenant General Mu referring to the so-called IP address and star network search history?…It’s only with my “self-narrating evidence” that those search records only seem ‘suspicious’. If there weren’t no such “self-narrations”, did you think that would be able to declare me guilty?!”

“How could it not?” Mu Fenglan looked coldly at Bai Rong, sneering, ”What did you think the people of Sheng Ya needed at this moment?”

Bai Rong narrowed his eyes slightly, the mirth hanging at the corner of his lips not dissipating in the slightest. He naturally knew what the people of Sheng Ya needed, that was why he didn’t hold much hope in trying to wash off the “suspicions” against him, but he also knew what Mu Fenglan currently wanted, which was why he talked about such “nonsense” with him.

Mu Chongyan was furious when he listened to their exchange from the side. He quickly stored the crystal glass case into an ordinary spatial button he had used before, and then placed Bai Rong’s mech spatial button and the ordinary spatial button into his hand. Then, just as he was about to summon his mecha, right before he acted, his optical computer suddenly flashed.


“Du Han: Boss, I’ve analyzed the video. The sound was fabricated and the mouth shape had also been adjusted. However, the technology used to do this is very advanced. It may take me two or three hours to clean up the disguised data. I suspect it was done by an even better hacker than the previous Lei Meng hacker and the address from where this video originated from was also forged, the real address isn’t in Sheng Ya but outside the star region. However, I still haven’t managed to track down the specific location and it will take some time.”

“Find it as soon as you can!!”

“Understood! But I have to say, boss, what the people need at this time is not the truth. The reason why those who are sad and angry are most likely to be incited was because they needed something to vent on, so they’ll eat up any “proof” given to them. Moreover, there are also mobs who like to fan the flame and turn this into an even bigger matter. It was unfortunate that Little Sweet Cake was the target of their vent! Even if I deconstruct the fabricated parts of this video three hours later step by step and put it in a video to be posted on the Internet, as long as someone claims that I forged it, the majority will also believe it!”

“That’s why… Boss, against nearly 100 billion people are here furiously venting on Sweet Little Cake, I advise you to either take yourself out or hide Little Sweet Cake.  Under this limelight, whatever you say will be misconstrued as they have already tacitly determined Little Sweet Cake as the target of their anger!”

Mu Chongyan quickly read his message but did not reply. Then, with a cold expression, he turned off the computer and narrowed his eyes at Mu Fenglan.

He naturally knew that at this moment, it was almost useless to reason with a crowd that had gone crazy, but since it was only ‘almost’, it proved that there were still some rational people left so what he only needed to do now was to bring the truth to light and slowly wait for the people to believe.

“What are you looking at?” Mu Fenglan was actually already approaching his limit, itching to take away Hei Erya, however…he didn’t plan to wait too long in the first place anyways.

“I’m not looking at anything.” Mu Chongyan’s tone was calm as his fingers streaked across the mecha spatial button. “Father, in fact, I don’t understand why you are so persistent…loving such a foul-mouthed, nasty and malicious woman who colluded with the enemy and betrayed the nation, putting others’ lives at risk.”

“You don’t have the right to say that about her!”

Mu Fenglan had grown completely furious, instantly leaping back to his mecha and operating it to fire several rounds of light bombs at Mu Chongyan, “She used to be very kind-hearted before, her character was warm and gentle. If it weren’t for Xia Qingshu, she wouldn’t have turned into the way she is now! You actually dare to act in cahoots with the royal family!!!”

“?!” Mu Chongyan’s expression changed, intuitively feeling that he must be hiding something, however, Mu Fenglan no longer spoke and piloted the mech to send continuous attacks at Mu Chongyan.

As Mu Fenglan was a lieutenant general who had participated in several star region wars, he was extremely well-versed with offensive attack skills, however, he was still unable to capture Mu Chongyan within 3 attacks and as such, felt stunned, having never thought that the several years of combat experience he accumulated was actually nothing in front of Mu Chongyan!


A hint of fierce determination flashed through Mu Fenglan’s eyes. Since that was the case, then one shouldn’t blame him.

Signaling the elite squad to deal with the royal guards who had arrived to surround them, Mu Fenglan quickly took out two spell cards that were covered in dust from not being used for so long from the spatial button, and replaced the two cards in the card slots, his actions quickly turning into phantoms. Several transparent air nets spanning nearly a kilometer suddenly shot out, followed by three consecutive light bombs capable of destroying SSS mechs.

Mu Chongyan was keenly aware of the huge threat from the oncoming attack, and hurriedly turned over and jumped. His mech drew several messy arcs in the air, dodging two light bombs, but the shoulder of his mech got entangled in the corner of the huge air net that continuously came at him.

Seeing that the third light bomb was about to hit him, Mu Chongyan quickly cut off the air net caught on the shoulder of his mecha, and quickly leaped back in the opposite direction.

“Boom——!!!” The light bomb streaked past the mecha’s left arm, and the fierce force instantly shattered the entire mecha’s arm as well as the left shoulder altogether. Mu Chongyan let out a stifled groan, his entire left arm charred black and red!

“Chongyan——!” Bai Rong’s pupils trembled, and he quickly took out a hemostatic agent to feed Mu Chongyan while looking at Mu Fenglan’s approaching mecha in anger, “This…this is a SSS Class Top-Level Air Net Card and Air Bullet Card?!! WWhy does Mu Fenglan have such high grade cards!!!”

“Take your spatial button and get ready to start piloting the mech!” Under the suppression of SSS level spell cards, Mu Chongyan intuitively felt that he couldn’t get out unscathed this time, fortunately, Mu Fenglan was coming towards him and not his Little Sweet Cake so the chances of him escaping completely with his mech were high!

His actions were so fast he couldn’t even catch the shadows. Mu Chongyan dodged dozens of humongous nets and light bombs with his extremely nimble maneuvering skills and precise counterattack, but after a portion of his mech had been blasted off, operating the mech inevitably became more and more laborious.

Until finally, an air net once again entangled the right ankle of Mu Chongyan’s mecha. Mu Chongyan quickly cut the air net and leaped backwards urgently, but was still struck with a light bomb on the right shoulder.

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