Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 79.1 Spy (1)

The star network’s whole screen was brimming with news. The top ten hot searches were all embellished in black and red explosive characters, and the amount of traffic received was so large that the star network nearly started lagging!

[Terrorist explosion in Central City!!!]

[Star Region Spy Pet!!!]

[Mu Chongyan’s Spy Star Pet]

[Mu Chongyan tries to turn the tide!]


[Tens of thousands of casualties in Central City!!!]

[The government building was attacked!!!]

[The spy star pet was protected!!!]

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“Fktb, vbl xkppksd vbkp vkxl oyp ps ekqqknwzv, R nswzed’v qkde ydu kdqsaxyvksd yv yzz…”

“If only that fool Mu Chongyan also took me to the meeting. In that case, not only will we be able to attack the central city this time. We’ll also be able to blow up the Star Alliance’s Evaluation Committee and by then, Sheng Ya will have made a lot of enemies!!”


“Sigh.. Having to pretend to be cute for these stupid Sheng Ya civilians is really annoying!”

“I really want to go back to Er Ma Star Region. I miss Dr. Dad…”

“Ahhhhhhhh, please quickly eliminate Sheng Ya!!!”


“My optical computer seems to be under surveillance. How can I send the info back to Er Ma…”

“Hey, Shengya’s makeup tool sure works pretty well…”


“This… …This is all fake!!!” Bai Rong, who was sitting in Mu Chongyan’s arms, looked at ‘himself’ in the video with horror, and shook his head hurriedly, holding Mu Chongyan’s clothes tightly with his little hands, “Chongyan, I didn’t say any of this! These were not my words!!!”

Mu Chongyan did not speak, however, his hold around Bai Rong became even tighter.

“Chongyan?!!!” Thinking that Mu Chongyan didn’t believe him at all, Bai Rong felt his heart drop. He held onto Mu Chongyan’s clothes a little tighter as panic and anxiety overwhelmed him, his voice quivering as he asked, “Chongyan… don’t you believe me?”

Mu Chongyan still remained silent with a cold face, but his hand that was holding Bai Rong’s hand turned into a fist.

In addition to the Little Sweet Cake’s make-up and muttering in the mirror, there were also pictures marked with various explanations in red letters, listing Little Sweet Cake’s computer IP, star network account, and star network browsing history which consisted of—— Sheng Ya News, the royal family’s past, information about spell card masters and mecha warriors, the situation of the various districts of Shengya, etc., all to prove that the spy star pet was “sinister”. In addition to these, there was also the scene of the government building being attacked at the end of the video. When the building was attacked, the photo of the little star pet rolling on the ground was marked with red letters next to it, “This spy star pet was indeed in the meeting room and had passed the message to the Er Ma Star Region.” The final video took 18 seconds to conclude that this star pet was not an ordinary star pet at all, but a new type of spy whose IQ was no different from that of a person, and who at all times, had to deliver important info about Sheng Ya!


Heh… this “evidence” was really rich, and the logic was “comprehensive and well-knit.”

Seeing Mu Chongyan’s lips reveal a cold and stern smile, Bai Rong’s heart suddenly sank down into the bottomless abyss, and the hand holding Mu Chongyan’s clothes unknowingly loosened…

Did Mu Chongyan really believe in the video…Was he going to “take care of him”?

“Are you finished?” Mu Fenglan stared intently at Mu Chongyan, “Your star pet is a spy! His crime is no less than your mother’s! Since you can’t bear to lock him up, I naturally can’t give up your mother!”

“I’m not reluctant.” Mu Chongyan’s cold voice hit the air word by word.

Bai Rong’s heart fell completely into the abyss, suffering severe pain from being corroded by the bottomless darkness, and the corners of his lips hooked up into a self-ridiculing smile and he turned his face away from Mu Chongyan.

Mu Fenglan’s heart tightened and he clenched his fists calmly, “Xiao Yan, are you going to hand in your little star pet?”

Mu Chongyan sneered, “Why should I hand him over?”

Mu Fenglan twisted in anger, “Since you aren’t reluctant, why are you still protecting this spy?! You even want to protect a dispensable little star pet, but you won’t allow me to take your mother away?!!!”

“I said I wasn’t reluctant, because I don’t believe in this video at all!” Mu Chongyan grabbed Bai Rong tightly, “I don’t believe he is a spy so why would I be reluctant?!”

Both Bai Rong and Mu Fenglan were taken aback however, Mu Fenglan’s frozen expression soon morphed into fury whereas Bai Rong’s eyes started turning red, “I almost thought…”

“Thought what…” Mu Chongyan looked down at Bai Rong, and upon seeing that a layer of mist quickly welled up in his Little Sweet Cake’s eyes, his heart clenched and he quickly asked, “Did you just misunderstand?”


“I’m okay…” Bai Rong reached out an arm and rubbed his face crudely, the corner of his lips hooking up to form a smile. The huge blow and devastating pain he had just received in his heart a while ago seemed to have never existed, but his eyes were still covered with a thin layer of grievance though it slowly dissipated…..

“Sorry, it’s my fault for not making it clear.” Mu Chongyan gently rubbed Bai Rong’s head, feeling slightly guilty, “I was too angry when I watched the video, so I couldn’t respond to you.”

“It’s okay…” Bai Rong shook his head, and blinked his eyes quickly to dry the thin layer of tears. His little hand gripped Mu Chongyan’s clothes again, and he secretly blamed himself on the inside for showing such an unmanly side.

“The evidence was conclusive and you still don’t believe it?!!!” Seeing Mu Chongyan and the spy star pet exchanging sweet words in front of him, Mu Fenglan choked with anger and reprimanded, “How did you become like this? Do you think you’re behaving appropriately?!!”

“What’s wrong with me?” Mu Chongyan turned on his optical computer and quickly sent a message to Du Han. Then he looked up at Mu Fenglan and said with a smile, “Father, you have just barged into the royal palace with an elite squad. Do you think you’re behaving appropriately?”

“You–!” Mu Fenglan’s eyes turned red with anger, “Well, well, well. It seems you’ve finally grown up. Since I can’t persuade you, I won’t bother with you anymore! But as your father, let me remind you, what you saw on the star network is conclusive evidence! Tens of billions of people are on an angry crusade, petitioning to have your pet scrapped! If you continue to protect him, are you willing to become the public enemy of the entire Sheng Ya!!!”

Mu Chongyan’s expression remained unchanged, as if Mu Fenglan was now praising him for winning the mecha competition as he did in the past, but Bai Rong’s heart dropped down and he quickly took the optical computer in Mu Chongyan’s hand, clicking on “Spy Star Pet”, which had leaped to the top of the hot search rankings.

The initial news of “Exposing the Spy Star Pet” had been reposted more than 60 billion times, and the following comments have reached more than 90 billion. Bai Rong gritted his teeth and opened the comments, and dense curses immediately flooded his eyes.

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