Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 78.3 What good thing he did (3)

Mother Mu who had been brimming with vitality just now spasmed on the ground. Her hands which previously held the iron doors were scorched black by electricity, appearing like two shriveled chicken feet that had been fried pitch black and scorched.

Bai Rong was frightened by this scene, and Mu Chongyan covered the back of his head and gently pressed him on his shoulder.

“Be good, don’t look.”

“Since you’ve decided to harm my third brother! Betrayed Sheng Ya! And conspired with the enemy! You should have known this day would come!” Dross’s complexion remained unchanged, his angry gaze fixated at the incessantly spasming Mother Mu, “Speak! Who were those forces?!!!”

“…You..You should all just die…Mu Chongyan, you beast, you cruel and evil thing…you…” Mother Mu lay on the ground twitching, her hair drenched in cold sweat, her vicious and evil eyes staring straight at Mu Chongyan, insults and curses spewing out of her mouth nonstop, “Beast…Swine! Malicious trash…you don’t…”


Dross gave an angry look at the guard next to him, and that person quickly took out a gun and aimed it at Mother Mu who was cursing viciously on the ground.


Anguished wails once again rang out in the basement once again, a charred bloody hole appearing in Mother Mu’s thigh, exposing burnt flesh and blackish red blood, her figure convulsing on the ground for a while before she lost consciousness.

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“Zsw……Zsw jdso ycswv kv?!!!”

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“Tlk Oauy, vbkdj nyalqwzzu! Rq usw esd’v nsdqlpp, vbl czyxl okzz qyzz dlmv sd uswa eywtbvla!!!”

“Wh-…what did you say?!” Mother Mu panicked for a moment but soon, Wright’s cold and snake-like smile resurfaced in her head. She hadn’t forgotten what they agreed on. Wright said that if she dared to leak a single bit of info, her daughter Fen Ya would definitely turn into a pool of pus!!!


She believed that Wright would definitely do it. As for… people like Dross, the worst they could do was only up until here, they simply wouldn’t endanger their lives at all!

Moreover… she knew Emperor Luo Ersi. That man valued feelings the most, and he had spoiled Fen Ya as his daughter for more than 20 years. He couldn’t possibly deal a ruthless hand against Fen Ya, in fact, he might not even impose this punishment on her at all!!

The corner of Mother Mu’s lips hooked up and formed a cold sneer. Even though she wasn’t a good person, she could withstand everything for her daughter. Moreover, what happened to Xia Qingshu back then was much worse than what she was suffering today, she was already getting off easy!

So what if he was Shengya’s top mech warrior? So what if he became queen? Wasn’t he already dead and his corpse was missing? Hahahaha!

“What are you laughing at…” Seeing Mother Mu reveal a mad smile, Mu Chongyan narrowed his eyes and said, “What promise did those forces give you…or was it a  threat?!”

Mother Mu’s eyes froze. She didn’t expect the little beast’s guess to have hit the mark but before she could even react, someone suddenly entered the room.

“Second prince, something has happened. Lieutenant General Mu has brought his elite squad over!”

“Mu Fenglan?!”

“Yes, he said he wanted to see Hei Erya!”

“Wait a second.” Mu Chongyan held back Dross who was about to go out, his expression remained unchanged, “I’ll go.”

Dross disagreed, “It’s better for me to go, I’ll just go and…”

“No.” Mu Chongyan interjected, “Mu Fenglan was once my father, and besides, the strength of the elite squad is comparable to SS-class mecha warriors. At present, only I can suppress them.”


“…Alright then.” Seeing Mu Chongyan’s determined eyes, Dross sighed, “But you should be careful.”


Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s hair lightly, and his voice instantly softened, “Be good…and wait right here, okay?”

“No, I would be scared if you left me here, I want to go with you.” Bai Rong buried his face in Mu Chongyan’s chest, his little hand holding Mu Chongyan’s clothes tightly, “Please?!”

Feeling Bai Rong’s determination not to separate, Mu Chongyan hesitated for a bit before decisively compromising.

“…Alright then.”

Dross watched Mu Chongyan walk out with his little star pet and the scrunch of worry in between his brows grew tighter.

As soon as Mu Chongyan went out, he saw more than a dozen mechas that had spanned reaching the west hall. The large gray-black mecha standing in the middle was the mecha “Evening Heaven” of his “father” Mu Fenglan.

Mu Chongyan narrowed his eyes at the person inside the cockpit of the mecha, “Father, we haven’t seen each other for almost two months, won’t you come out and greet me?”

“Where is your mother?! Bring your mother out!” A solemn and heavy voice rang out, and immediately afterwards, a figure jumped out of the gray-black mecha.

Bai Rong turned his head and took a look, discovering that even though Mu Fenglan was past his middle-ages, he still stood tall and straight, not any inferior to the majestic, and handsome emperor.

“Father, Ms. Hei Erya has colluded with the enemy forces that attacked the central city. The crime of collaborating with the enemy and betraying your home is undoubtedly the highest crime in Sheng Ya. It will be impossible for you to take her away.”


Mu Fenglan clenched his fist tightly and glared, “Your mother is innocent and simple in nature. She doesn’t have such a twisted thought. She must have been confused by those forces or had some misunderstanding. It’s impossible for her to have conspired with them and betray our home! Bring her out, and I will personally ask her myself!”

“Father, there is evidence for this matter. I can’t bring the suspect out without good reason.”

“Suspect?!” Mu Fenglan’s face grew angry, “You dare call your mother that?! Little Yan, do you still have a conscience?!!!”

“Father.” Mu Chongyan’s expression remained unchanged, as if he hadn’t heard the words just now, however, his eyes grew colder, “You’ve gone too far. Are you planning a rebellion by barging into the emperor’s court with your elite squad?!”

“Little Yan!”

“Father, take your elite squad away. I believe that the emperor and the second prince wouldn’t look into you too much.”

“That’s impossible!” Mu Fenglan’s eyes turned red, “I won’t leave without taking your mother.” In fact, he was clear in his heart about what Hei Erya had done, but he didn’t want to believe it. Besides, even if Hei Erya had really done so, he would throw away his title as lieutenant general and become the most wanted criminal of Sheng Ya, taking Hei Erya away with him!

Back then, when Hei Erya saved him from the brink of death, he swore his life and whole heart to Hei Erya, and regardless of whatever that happened, he would never abandon her!

“Father.” Seeing Mu Fenglan persistent on staying, Mu Chongyan’s voice grew colder, “Hei Erya committed the crime of collaborating with the enemy and betraying the nation, I’m afraid it would be impossible for you to take her away. Don’t make any further mistakes!”

“Little Yan. Your words sound so nice…” Mu Fenglan suddenly smiled, “Since you keep saying that one must be imprisoned for the crime of collaborating with the enemy and betrayal, what about your little star pet?! Why are you still carrying it so intimately? Isn’t it a spy who’s in cahoots with the enemy?!!!”

“What do you mean?!!!” The look in Mu Chongyan’s eyes changed, and a bad premonition suddenly arose from the bottom of his heart, even forgetting to address him as “father”.

“What do you mean?!” Mu Fenglan tore off the optical computer from his wrist and threw it in front of Mu Chongyan, saying sternly, “Why don’t you take a good look at what your little star pet has done! The entire Sheng Ya already knows it and you still want to conceal it for its sake?!!”


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