Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 78.2 What good thing he did (2)

“Isn’t our own home at Du Han and Ma’er’s?”

“Well, it’s not…” Mu Chongyan’s heart turned sour and he firmly held Bai Rong with his left hand, saying. “We’re going to our own home. I’ll buy a big house and we’ll live there together, okay?”

“Oh, okay but there is no need for a big house, a small one enough for the two of us to live in is fine…”

“Alright…” Mu Chongyan lowered his head slightly, and said softly, “Will you pick it for us then…?

“Hmm…” Bai Rong raised his head slightly and looked at Mu Chongyan earnestly, “Chongyan…how about we pick it out together?!”


“Alright…” A warm smile appeared in Mu Chongyan’s eyes, and his voice became even more gentle. “Let’s pick it out together…”


A team of men and horses soon arrived at the palace. Mu Chongyan first sent a message to Dross and not long later, and a person rushed over.

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Yw Ubsdtuyd: “Bdelapvsse. Mbld rzlypl yaaydtl qsa psxlsdl vs vyjl vblx vblal.”

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“Gzaktbv.” Yw Ubsdtuyd eashl vbl xlnby yde pkxrzu qszzsole vbl xkeezl-ytle xyd qwavbla kdpkel.

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“Mr. Mu, this is the lodge of the inner hall. The second prince has mentioned that you may wait here, and he will soon come out and pick you up.”


“I see. Sorry to trouble you, you may return.”

“It’s no trouble. You’re too polite.” The middle-aged man smiled quickly and bowed slightly, “Then I’ll be leaving, Mr. Mu.”


Mu Chongyan didn’t wait long when he spotted the figure heading his way from a distance. Dross immediately jumped out of the mecha and stored it inside the spatial button.

“Thanks for your hard work today…” Dross patted Mu Chongyan on the shoulder, and upon catching sight of the little star pet he was holding in his arms, he was surprised for a moment, but didn’t say much, merely nodding to Mu Chongyan, “Come with me.”

“Alright.” Mu Chongyan responded and quickly followed.

Dross took Mu Chongyan to the inner hall, activated the defense setting, and then led Mu Chongyan to the restricted area of ​​the palace’s inner hall—— a small corridor on the highest floor of the inner hall.

After Dross walked into the corridor, he tapped three empty spaces on the wall three times in a row, and activated the defense control of the restricted area. Then he said, “Third brother, today’s events must have been hard on you.”

“Second Brother, you don’t need to say that. It was nothing hard.”

Mu Chongyan shook his head, glanced at the dim small corridor, frowning slightly, “This is…?”

“This is the restricted area of ​​the inner hall. In the past, father never let me come here. Today is also the first time I’ve ever been here.”

Mu Chongyan’s eyes flashed with surprise, and he paused for two seconds before saying. “His Majesty is…”


“Third brother, in here, just call him father.” Dross’s voice was mixed with a touch of sadness and exhaustion, “After Father had learned the truth, he felt very guilty towards you. Third brother, please…don’t blame father. In fact, father also loves you very much… After he learned that the vod drug had come from you, he didn’t even hesitate and consumed it, even telling me to take good care of you…”

Mu Chongyan lowered his eyes, concealing the complex emotions within them, he unconsciously gathered his hands before slowly letting go. After a long while, all the thoughts in his heart were pressed back to the bottom of his heart.

“Second brother… I don’t have any complaints. There is nothing to complain about….How is the empe-…. Father doing now?”

Hearing Mu Chongyan also call him father, Dross ‘s face briefly eased up before he brought up, “Father has taken the vod drug ten minutes ago and is now recuperating in the recovery cabin.”

“…I see.” Mu Chongyan felt a little relieved. Then, he paused for a moment and asked, “How…long did Father last?”

“Eighty-eight seconds.” Dross clenched his fist tightly, “Father’s injury was too serious this time, otherwise…he could’ve held up a little longer…”

“Too serious?!” Mu Chongyan frowned, “I remember when I took you guys away from the area of explosion, father…only received some minor injuries.”’

A hint of ruthlessness quickly flashed through Dross’s eyes, his voice extremely cold, “It was a minor injury at the time, but…In addition to father being infected with the virus that could erode his aptitude, he was also infected with a virus that would aggravate his internal injuries!”

“What?!!!” The look on Mu Chongyan’s face changed, “How did that happen?!”

“Who else could it be other than that vicious Fen Ya who injected the virus into father’s meals.” If it wasn’t for the slow spread of oral administration, father would’ve already been…”

Dross’s eyes were red, and he gritted his teeth, punching the wall hard, blood streaming down his bruised knuckles.

“I really want to kill that vicious woman!!!”


“Second brother!” Mu Chongyan hurriedly stopped Dross who raised his fist again, “Where is Fen Ya?”

“Fen Ya? Heh… she’s been confined in her room.” Dross sneered, “but under the guise of protecting her safety’!”

A light lit up in Mu Chongyan’s eyes, and he immediately understood the purpose of such a decision, “Second brother, actually…when father recovers, Fen Ya and Mother Mu’s matter can be dealt with as I’ve already driven away the forces out of Sheng Ya.”

“Have you discovered where those forces are from?!” Dross raised his head, his eyes flashing red.

They had harmed his dad and third brother and now, they had also harmed his father, these people….deserve to die!!!

“I haven’t interrogated those people. The other clues I have found so far faintly show that they are people from the Er Ma Star Region…” Mu Chongyan frowned subconsciously, feeling that something was wrong.

“Er Ma star region?! The Er Ma Star Region that previously encroached the Sheng Ya region and shot light bombs at you?!!”

“The clues that we have found so far indicate that, but I don’t think we should come to that conclusion so quickly.” Recalling the man who had managed to escape today, Mu Chongyan’s face turned gloomy, and the feeling that something was amiss in his heart grew slighty, “…Moreover, the possibility that other forces have framed and shifted this blame, can’t be ruled out.”

Dross’s face grew even more cold. “…You’re right, but…the matter of the Er Ma Star Region encroaching on Sheng Ya Star Region is a certainty! And I won’t let Er Ma Star Region off so easily for that!”

The gloominess in the atmosphere grew heavier in the silent corridor, influencing Bai Rong’s emotions to also grow more dispirited.

Keenly detecting that Bai Rong’s mood was gradually feeling a little wrong, Mu Chongyan gently patted Bai Rong’s back and broke the silence, telling Dross, “Second brother, are you going to interrogate Mother Mu and those mech warriors right now?”

“I am!” Dross’s eyes turned cold and he immediately responded, “Third Brother, come, you and I shall go there together.”



The two soon reached the underground room where Mother Mu and several other mech warriors were imprisoned. Mother Mu was placed in a different cell from the other mech warriors and Dross first stepped into the room where Mother Mu was detained.

“Mu Chongyan, you little beast! Unfilial! Beast!!! You actually imprisoned your mother, do you even know how to write the words ‘filial piety’?!!! I should have strangled you, you damn beast! Trash! Black-hearted bastard! Cruel and heartless thing! Let me go right now! Let me…”

Before entering the room, Mu Chongyan heard this familiar sharp and unkind voice and raised his eyes to sweep a look, seeing Mother Mu’s twisted face and disorderly hair behind bars.

Having not expected to hear all kinds of foul language being spouted from Mother Mu as soon as they entered, Dross’s anger was immediately provoked, and the guard next to him immediately understood and pressed a button attached to the iron doors.

“Ahh——!!!” A pitiful and shrill anguish rang through the whole room.

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