Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 78.1 What good thing he did (1)

Mu Chongyan controlled the mecha to fire dozens of air bombs at the flying ship. Even though the flying ship used a full-body counterattack to evade them, the dozens of air bombs still landed accurately on the spot as if they had grown eyes.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom…”

Seeing that the SS-class flying ship was bombarded by dozens of SS-class air bombs, Mu Chongyan was about to increase firepower and continue attacking but saw that the top of the flying ship suddenly opened, and a transparent protective cover was stretched out.

Standing in the protective shield was a person he hadn’t seen for a long time, Mother Mu!!

Mu Chongyan’s movements turned sluggish, but his face grew colder. A hint of mockery and ruthlessness flashed across his eyes. Did they think he was going to go soft on them just because of Mother Mu?!


Ha, they wish!!!

Mu Chongyan’s eyes sank and he was just about to launch a light bomb until he saw the protective shield protecting Mother Mu suddenly break away from the flying ship, opening half a gap.

Mother Mu’s familiar, sharp voice immediately rang out, “Mu Chongyan, stop what you’re doing right now!!!”

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Phosphorus powder?!!!!!


Mu Chongyan’s complexion suddenly changed, a trace of redness flashed in his eyes, blue veins on the back of his hand popped out, his whole person on the verge of exploding in extreme rage.

“You should have heard of phosphorus powder. The particles are extremely small and have strong metal adhesion and explosive properties. You only need to set it off with yanling powder and it would burn everything into black powder!!!” The smile on the mother mother’s face looked a little twisted, “Mu Chongyan, I believe that the chip and “frame” of your little star pet are now covered in phosphorus powder hahahahha…”

Mother Mu then tsked twice after laughing, “Speaking of which, this is an extremely rare SSS-level card-making material. I heard that it is also extremely hard to come by in the 9th-level star region. Even though this thing was given to me by someone else, I really feel that it was a waste using it on your little star pet…”

Hearing this, Bai Rong understood what Mother Mu was talking about. He looked at Mu Chongyan whose veins were showing on his arm, and quickly appeased him, “Chongyan, I’m fine, you don’t need to worry about me! I’m not…”


Before Bai Rong could even finish his words, a red round shadow suddenly shot out of the flying ship. The look in Mu Chongyan’s eyes changed drastically, panic sweeping through his body instantly. His actions almost turned into shadows, the mech instantly drawing a blue figure, retreating thousands of miles away.

Bai Rong’s voice couldn’t help but pause and he watched the red round shadow explode mid-air, a large swath of red smoke immediately filled the surrounding sky.

This is…yanling powder?!!

Bai Rong stared at the bright red mist, cursing the evil force in his heart. He quickly grabbed Mu Chongyan’s arm and said anxiously, “I’m okay, Chongyan, don’t believe them, they’re going to run away, chase them!!”

Mu Chongyan seemed to have not heard him, suddenly grabbing the star pet with one hand and holding him tightly in his arms, his warm and firm hand shaking slightly.

“They’ve already gone, there’s no need to chase them anymore…”

Mu Chongyan lowered his eyes. Even though he went straight through the red fog to chase the flying ship, he wasn’t completely unable to catch up, but he didn’t dare gamble at all. Even though phosphorus powder has always been an extremely rare existence, what if the forces…really found phosphorus powder and used it on his little star pet?!!


He didn’t dare think of the consequences…

“Chongyan…” Feeling Mu Chongyan’s arms grow tighter, Bai Rong felt a little uncomfortable. He stretched out his little hand and patted Mu Chongyan’s back lightly, comforting him, “Chongyan, don’t worry, I’m completely fine. Those people were lying to you, I don’t even feel any phosphorus power on my body…”

Mu Chong Yan’s palm lightly covered the back of Bai Rong’s head, shutting his eyes tightly.

“Phosphorus powder particles are extremely small, you won’t feel anything.”


“Be good …… Don’t speak, let me hold you for a while……”

Feeling Mu Chongyan’s erratic heartbeat and slightly trembling fingers, Bai Rong swallowed the words in his mouth, and silently shut his slightly hot eyes, hugging Mu Chongyan’s back with his little arms.

He was touched by Mu Chongyan’s concern for him but, after what happened this time.. he didn’t know how he was going to admit his real identity to Mu Chongyan…

The red fog formed by yanling powder was eventually cleaned up by Du Xiao, the others and the firefighters who came three minutes later. Bai Rong knew that the yanling powder was also a relatively rare SSS material, and couldn’t help but feel a little distressed, but upon recalling that those forces had expended a lot of manpower and money just to obtain it and had to use it in vain, he felt much more comfortable.

Bai Rong was right. Even though Wright had managed to escape, his heart was choking with anger. He had been collecting this yanling powder for ten years, and had wanted to use it to please the spell card master who had just advanced to SSS Class a few days ago, You Erla, but now, it was all used up!

“Mu! Chong! Yan!” Wright’s long red eyes narrowed slightly, and he gritted his teeth, spitting out three cold words. The white jade cup in his hand was crushed with a “crack”, and wine trickled down his fair hand like blood…



“Boss, how do we deal with… your mother?” Du Xiao dragged a protective ball behind him with his mecha and inside that ball laid the unconscious Mother Mu.

Du Xiao’s expression looked very complicated. He felt particularly bad for his boss. His mother was in the same group as the forces that had been harming him. How miserable did the boss feel?!!

Mu Chongyan raised his eyes and glanced at the protective ball, saying coldly, “Drag her to the palace later, the royal family will send someone to deal with her.”

The voice that rang out in reply was cold and calm, completely without the pain and confusion Du Xiao thought it would have. Du Xiao was stunned for a moment before quickly replying, “Understood!”

“Chongyan…” Bai Rong who was sitting in Mu Chongyan’s arms, turned his head and said, “I’ll go back and wait inside the case, otherwise, I’ll just be a burden to you. You still have to drive the mech…”

“It’s okay.” Mu Chongyan rubbed the top of Bai Rong’s hair, “You won’t affect my driving that much.”

“Okay… Bai Rong nodded, “Chongyan, where are we going now, are we going home?”

Now that those forces were finally chased away, they could rent or buy a house at ease…

“We’re going to go home later. Right now, we’ll be going to the palace to meet second brother.”

“You mean the second prince?”

“Yeah.” Mu Chongyan pecked a kiss on Bai Rong’s hair, saying, “Some things need to be discussed and planned. Once we’ve finished our discussion, we’ll then go home, okay?”

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