Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 75.2 Terrifying Realization (2)

Bai Rong’s apprehensiveness gradually eased, the corner of his lips slowly revealing a smile. He knew that Mu Chongyan had been busy recently. Apart from organizing tasks for v67 members, he was also giving him mech guidance and simply had no time to formulate whatever attack plan. This was probably something that the second prince had spent a lot of time thinking up, but gave all credit to Mu Chongyan.

This second prince was not bad at all, treating his wife really well. Because of this, he decided to treat the second prince as though he was his brother!

Bai Rong happily hummed the good man song and clicked open the comment area below without worries.

“Hahahah. Hey, anti-fans who previously claimed that my Mumu wasn’t selected because his constitution dived down in the dumps, does your face hurt from the slap!!! Open your eyes and take a good look! My Mumu was merely given a special order by His Majesty the Emperor to research and draw up a military strategy, that was why he wasn’t selected for the list!”

“My male god is amazing. He’s not only the top war god of mechs, he possesses both civil and military tactic know-how, ahhhhhhhhh I’m going to be swept away in the tornado!!! [Happy Storm.jpg]”


“Recently, I’ve been paying attention to the news of Sheng Ya borders being invaded and even though it isn’t particularly grave, the number of incidents has definitely multiplied. I was originally quite worried but seeing that Mu Chongyan has obtained His Majesty’s approval, I can finally be relieved. I’ve decided to become Mu Chongyan’s 13,766,168,888th fan!”

“Hahahaha, welcome welcome.”

“Welcome, I also want to inform the above poster. Right now, Mu Chongyan’s fan base has already reached 13.9 billion so you can’t be his number xxxx fan anymore hahaha [Storm of laughter.jpg]

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“Fyu, oblal yal vbspl Wld Zy pkxrp obs jlrv rasvlpvkdt kdfwpvknl sd bla clbyzq? Fyukdt vbyv Wld Zy xwpv’hl dsv clld plzlnvle ewl vs psxl qswz rzyu yde lhld prlokdt byvl vsoyaep vbl zypv qlo prlzz nyae xypvlap sd vbl zkpv, bso es vblu zkjl vblka pzyr? Mbl plnsde rakdnl byp dso nzyakqkle vbyv vbl alpwzvp vbkp vkxl byhl clld fwetle qykazu, vbyv nydekeyvlp olal rknjle cyple sd vblka yckzkvklp! [pxkzl]”

“Tybybybby, psxl rlsrzl rascyczu vbkdj vbyv yp zsdt yp usw’al y asuyz qyxkzu xlxcla, usw nyd pwrralpp svbla bktb zlhlz Frlzz Uyae Yypvlap. Mblu rascyczu zlyadle vblka zlppsd dso…”

“Mawl. Wld Zy oyp sdzu y J Uzypp Frlzz Uyae Yypvla. Mblal oyp pkxrzu ds oyu pbl nswze lhld xyjl kdvs vbl zkpv wdzlpp pbl wple bla keldvkvu vs piwllgl blaplzq kd, czynjldkdt vbl svbla Frlzz Uyae Yypvlap. Xbsbsb…”

“R pweeldzu alnyzzle sdl sq Vakdnlpp Wld Zy’p ynvksdp kd vbl rypv. Fbl oyp nzlyazu fwpv y J Uzypp Frlzz Uyae Yypvla ps vblal’p ds oyu pbl nyd lhld xyjl kv kdvs vbl vsr 50 aydjp sq Frlzz Uyae Yypvlap cwv pbl jlrv pyukdt bso pbl oyp tskdt vs pvakhl byae vs ynbklhl tzsau sd clbyzq sq Fbldt Zy, olznsxkdt vbl lhyzwyvksd nsxxkvvll olzz. Tla osaep pswdele ps nsdqkeldv vbyv pbl oyp tskdt vs cl plzlnvle kdvs vbl vsr 50 pvasdtlpv rlsrzl kd Fbldt Zy. Lso vbyv R vbkdj ycswv kv, vpj vpj vpj…vbkp jkde sq nsdqkeldnl xwpv byhl pvlxxle qasx bla rzydp sq rwpbkdt esod vbl svbla Frlzz Uyae Yypvlap wdela vbl vyczl.

“Mbyv’p aktbv. Lsv sdzu vbkp, pbl lhld yxcktwswpzu pyke vbyv pbl oyp tskdt vs qktbv pbswzela vs pbswzela okvb Yw Ubsdtuyd yde obyv dsv, xyjkdt lhlausdl xkpwdelapvyde vblka alzyvksdpbkr. Fsxl rlsrzl lhld wple vbkp srrsavwdkvu vs pvlr sd yde pxlya Yw Ubsdtuyd’p alrwvyvksd. Lso vbyv R vbkdj ycswv kv..vbkp oyp yzz nzlyazu ynnsaekdt vs Wld Zy’p rzyd..yde vbkp rzyd oyp nsxrzlvlzu vkzvle vs bla qyhsa..”

“Zlyb. R alxlxcla Yw Ubsdtuyd clkdt xkpwdelapvsse yde czynjldle ps rkvkqwzzu kd vbl rypv clqsal vbl kdnkeldv oyp nzyakqkle…”

“Mbl xsal R vbkdj ycswv kv, vbl xsal nallrle swv R qllz, kv’p yp kq R’hl qkdyzzu alyzkgle vbyv Wld Zy’p nbyaynvla…kp nsxrzlvlzu ekqqlaldv qasx bla tldvzl yde jkde-blyavle yrrlyaydnl…”





“But has anyone realized there’s a lot of good things from this matter? First, it demonstrated how amazing our male god is, excelling in both civil and military arts. It even showed how selfless the royal family is, not letting themselves use the backdoor to gain glory!”

“Ah, that’s true, I love His Majesty and the second prince!!!”

“I love everyone, even the elder princess, the second prince and His Majesty!!!”

“The above posters said it right. However, that’s not all. Second prince’s words also defended the other Spell Card Masters, implying that he values every Spell Card Master and Mech Warrior who fights for Sheng Ya’s honor so this matter really reveals a lot of good…”

“Yeah, above poster and above above posters’s analysis are right!”


After looking through the dense amount of contents, apart from a group of people expressing fear towards Fen Ya, the majority was mostly giving a good evaluation towards the royal family and Mu Chongyan, as such, Bai Rong exited the star network feeling extremely content.

It was rare for the public to recognize a hint of Fen Ya’s true face and there wasn’t even the slightest harm to the royal family’s nor Mu Chongyan’s reputation. What a moment worthy of celebration!

At this moment, the second prince Dross was also secretly reading the comment section of the star network. He looked at the fans of his younger brother frantically increasing in number and a satisfied smile appeared in his eyes. He then looked at the number of comments praising himself and the royal family for not carrying out any dirty tricks and genuinely safeguarding the interests of the Spell Card Masters and Mech Warriors and the smile in his eyes grew even deeper.

As for Fen Ya whose reputation has totally gone down the drain…sorry, but he really didn’t care about it.


“Dross.” A dignified voice suddenly rang out.

“!!” Dross quickly turned off his computer and stood up from his chair, his expression turning serious and reverential, “Father.”

“Come here. I have something to discuss with you.”

“Yes, Father.”

Dross put away his restrained expression and followed the emperor into a secret room.

The emperor had on a solemn look, his aura imposing. He turned on his optical computer and projected the screen mid-air before looking at Dross.

“Regarding Mu Chongyan’s case, I decided to start carrying it out immediately. Later on, come with me to the military, we’ll be dispatching the third legion.”

“Yes sir!” Dross promptly responded.

“Also…” The emperor looked at a certain area of the screen, “I absolutely have to make a few changes. Once we arrive at the third legion’s base, I will tell you how to arrange them.”

“Yes sir!” Knowing that his father still hadn’t completely trusted Mu Chongyan, Dross lowered his head and responded, but couldn’t tell what he was feeling inside.

“In addition…” The emperor turned off his computer, speaking in a low voice, “That message you just sent protected Mu Chongyan and the royal family as well as the Spell Card Masters and Mech Warriors of Sheng Ya. Good job but haven’t you considered the damage it would deal to your younger sister’s image?”

Guessing that Fen Ya must’ve ran to Father Emperor and cried in complaint, Dross frowned and sneered on the inside, “I’m sorry, Father. I didn’t consider that much. Moreover, when she did all these things, she should’ve thought about the consequences, I was only telling the truth.”


“But you should’ve helped your sister conceal this matter. It was not right for her to force rightful Spell Card Masters out of the list but didn’t I veto the ‘speculative’ plan she proposed? Since her mistake hasn’t been put into action, shouldn’t you be more considerate towards her?”

Dross suppressed the annoyance he felt in his heart, and reluctantly agreed, “En, I understand.”

In truth, he deliberately and vaguely exposed a tiny portion of Fen Ya’s true character, heh…

“Good. Even though your sister handled things slightly crookedly, she is still after all your sister. You have to be a bit more patient and help her correct her character back to the right path. This time I didn’t agree to her request just like before, so this must’ve affected her greatly. I also gave her a lecture so from now on, you..” The optical computer on the emperor’s wrist suddenly rang out, interrupting his words.

“What is it?”

“Your Majesty, Chairman Sa Lai’er has requested to have an audience with you.“

“For what reason?”

“I’m not clear. However, I heard that it was related to the partner grouping this time.”

“Ah. I see. Let Chairman Sa Lai’er wait for me in the hall.”


An ominous premonition arose inexplicably in his heart and Dross quickly said, “Father, can I go together with you?”

“Come then. You also need to meet these people more often.”


“Yes, Father.”


The next day, Bai Rong wore the clothes that had a pocket on the back in the early morning and sat in front of the crystal glass case, waiting for Mu Chongyan.

Once Mu Chongyan finished taking a bath, he returned to the bedroom and saw the little star pet obediently sitting at the corner of the bedroom and a smile bloomed on his face, “Why are you so behaved today? Why didn’t you run to the living room?”

“Hm?…Haven’t I always been behaved?” Bai Rong blinked his big innocent eyes, his little hands holding the corner of his clothes. He raised his little face extremely cutely and curved his eyes, putting on a smile.

This was a lie. He had wanted to hug Mu Chongyan’s leg and bargain with him to take him to the AS Mech Union to train so how could he not behave well….

“I see..” The smile on Mu Chongyan’s face grew deeper and he gently said, “You’re the most behaved boy. You’ve always behaved well.”

Bai Rong chuckled, doing a happy “yeah” pose on the inside, celebrating his first victory.

Mu Chongyan brought Bai Rong to the living room and placed him on the chair, dotingly rubbing his head, “Eat a little more. We’re going to the AS Mech Union today to train.”

“Ok!!” Hearing Mu Chongyan say that they were going to the union to train today, Bai Rong nodded his head excitedly, his eyes shining.

“Be good.” Mu Chongyan lowered his head and pecked Bai Rong’s head in amusement, “Quickly eat your food.”

“Ok!” Bai Rong picked up the bread and boldly took a big bite of it.

Mu Chongyan withdrew his gaze and also picked up a bread but before he could place it in his mouth, his computer suddenly started ringing.

Seeing the name of the incoming caller, Mu Chongyan’s gaze changed slightly as he quickly answered it.


“?!” Hearing Mu Chongyan’s words, Bai Rong stopped chewing and raised his head towards Mu Chongyan.

Dross’s anxious voice floated out from the computer.

“Brother, I have an urgent matter to tell you. The chairman of the evaluating committee, Sai Lai’er, insisted on meeting you, saying that he admires you very much, praising you to be the most outstanding mech warrior so there might be a possibility that he would ask you to have a battle with another mech warrior from another star region.”

Mu Chongyan’s expression immediately changed and his left hand clenched into a fist, his voice darkening slightly, “He wants to meet me?!”

“Yes. However, brother, you can be rest assured. Even though he wants to see your abilities in action, I can tell that he wouldn’t really force you. At most, he’ll be satisfied with a meeting or an exchange of words so I’ve done my best trying to obtain an opportunity for you to not have to fight and demonstrate your skills.”

Dross sighed before continuing, “Father said that he was going to hold a meeting with the evaluating committee tonight. The meeting will take place at the meeting room but it won’t be official. I convinced father to invite you to the meeting so father may ask you some matters regarding the military strategies while allowing Chairman Sa Lai’er to meet you. Since you won’t be allowed to pilot the mech inside the meeting room, this would be a better scenario, what do you think?”

A dim glint flashed across Mu Chongyan’s eyes and he mulled over this idea for a moment before responding, “Alright. Thank you, brother.”

“Not a problem. I’ll help you get away after the meeting.” Dross quickly said, “Alright. That’s it. I’ll contact you again later.”

“En. Thank you, brother.”

Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan’s dark face as he ended the call and quickly asked, “What happened, Chongyan?”

Mu Chongyan looked at the little star pet’s worried face and inexplicably felt an ominous premonition arising and thickening in heart. Two faint gorges appeared in between his brows as he lowered his voice and said, “I’m going out for a trip tonight. I’m worried about leaving you all alone here so I’m going to put you inside the spatial button to bring you along with me, alright?”

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