Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 75.1 Terrifying Realization (1)

After being forcefully pushed down by Mu Chongyan, Bai Rong was forced to live the bed life for two days and during that period of time, he tried to carry out several honey traps schemes but none were all too successful.

It even made him suspect whether his tough man air had weakened or whether his Mu Chongyan’s aesthetics had changed or whether they were finally experiencing an itch in their relationship?!!

It worried him so much that he didn’t even feel that the strawberry milk cake he ate was delicious!

“What are you thinking about?” Mu Chongyan handed him a bowl of congee topped with minced pork, taking out a small table from his spatial button and placing it in front of Bai Rong. He gently placed the bowl down and rubbed Bai Rong’s head, saying, “Quickly eat.”

“I don’t have the appetite.” Bai Rong said listlessly.


“What’s wrong?” Mu Chongyan looked at the gloomy Bai Rong in concern but he knew the reason clearly in his heart, merely pretending to put on an unassuming look.

“I want to operate a mech. You previously said you were going to take me today!” Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan angrily, his two hands clenched into fists placed on the table, posing an attitude that said “I’m angry and I want to negotiate.”

“Oh..,you wanted to go to the AS Mech Union..” Mu Chongyan chuckled, his voice was so soft like cotton as he stared calmly at Bai Rong, “Sure.”

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Jyk Ssdt’p zkvvzl casop pnawdnble wr. Uswze kv cl vbyv bkp okql oyp ekqqlaldv qasx svbla xld? Tl eked’v zkjl plewnvksd tyxlp yde sdzu zkjle zkhkdt vbl rwal ypnlvkn zkql?

“Gal usw tskdt sqq kdvs y eygl ytykd?” Yw Ubsdtuyd tldvzu rkdnble Jyk Ssdt’p qynl, “Rq usw’al dsv tskdt vs lyv, ol’al dsv tskdt yduxsal.”

“Gb yb yb, R’x lyvkdt R’x lyvkdt!” Jyk Ssdt iwknjzu pvwqqle y ckt prssd kdvs bkp xswvb, bkp nblljp cwztkdt. Tl iwknjzu nblole sd vbl qsse obkzl yv vbl pyxl vkxl, ekttkdt ydsvbla prssd &dcpr;vbyv zkle kd oykv clpkelp bkp xswvb. Tl nswze cl pyke vs cl lmvalxlzu vkxl-lqqknkldv.

Gp qsa bkp ralhkswp vbswtbvp sq Yw Ubsdtuyd’p zkhkdt y rwal yde ypnlvkn zkql, bl bye yzalyeu vbasod kv qya qya yoyu kd vbl xkepv sq bkp fsu.

Gqvla Jyk Ssdt qkdkpble bkp calyjqypv, Yw Ubsdtuyd vssj swv y plv sq nzsvblp okvb y rsnjlv sd vbl cynj vs pvsal vbl pryvkyz cwvvsd kd yde blzrle Jyk Ssdt nbydtl kdvs kv clqsal rlapsdyzzu yrrzukdt xyjlwr sd bkx.

Guessing that Mu Chongyan was going to give him the disguise of an ordinary youth, Bai Rong pursed his lips on the inside but obediently closed his eyes, standing in wait, not daring to show the unhappiness in his heart.


Hmph, as someone who lived under other people’s roof, he had no choice but to lower his head.

Once his disguise was complete, the two hurried to the AS Mech Union. Bai Rong held the silver spatial button in his arms and the purple ordinary spatial button on his back, looking left and right at the surroundings in excitement, appearing very frenetic.

Mu Chongyan quickly opened up a special training room and once the two people walked inside, the training room door automatically shut.

“When you enter your mecha, remember to take your purple spatial button in with you.” Mu Chongyan advised Bai Rong, “After entering, remember to put all the spell cards and other things you can use inside the cockpit of the mech inside. However, when you come out, don’t forget to bring the purple spatial button out, Otherwise, the mech wouldn’t be able to go into the mech spatial button since it can’t contain everything.”

“Alright.” Bai Rong nodded obediently, his eyes shining with an uncontrollable excited light, and his fists clenched tightly, “Can I now take out the mech?”


Mu Chongyan’s words had just fallen when Bai Rong immediately pressed the mech spatial button and a majestic and elegant white mech instantly appeared in the center of the training room.

Bai Rong’s eyes turned cold, his brows raised upwards and he quickly leapt into the cockpit.

Mu Chongyan took a look on the stopwatch in his hand.

[0.78 seconds.]

Not bad.

A look of admiration and content appeared in Mu Chongyan’s eyes but in the next moment, he recalled the figure of the little star pet’s bulging rear figure and his serious expression immediately crumbled, revealing a helpless and doting smile.


Once Bai Rong seated himself in the backseat, he couldn’t help but take an excited and careful look around the cockpit once and realized that the interior was no different to that of a virtual mech’s. The only difference was that the structure was slightly different, allowing someone of his height to smoothly operate the mech.

Bai Rong took out 3 D Level Spell Cards, 3 C Level Spell Cards, 5 S Level Spell Cards as well as the SS Air Bullet Card he had made the previous day out of his spatial button. He originally wanted to gift the SS Card to Mu Chongyan but was firmly refused.

Bai Rong heaved a helpless sigh, putting the spell cards into the storage area of the cockpit, thinking to himself that the next time he made a spell card, he would give them to Mu Chongyan.

After putting away the spell cards, Bai Rong took out the nutrient doses and placed them in a small compartment in the cockpit. This was something Mu Chongyan had specially brought for him to allow him to replenish his physical and mental strength.

After doing a complete round, Bai Rong felt that he had finished making preparations as there weren’t any more spaces to put things in. He carefully closed the spatial button and put 3 D Level Spell Cards into the card slot.

The slender yet awe-inspiring white mech immediately started moving.


Bai Rong trained for 5 hours before reluctantly leaving the training room with Mu Chongyan. His entire body was sticky with sweat as he laid in Mu Chongyan’s arms wearily.

As the interior of the white mech was custom made, becoming slightly different from the virtual mech and other normal mechs, he had spent half an hour to completely adapt to it. However, once he did, his actions became as smooth as that in the virtual city, and his speed and skills even rose indistinctly.

“Chongyan…” Bai Rong lazily shifted, finding an even more comfortable position, “Do you think I can advance into C Class this time?”

Mu Chongyan smiled. Even though the little star pet’s current level wouldn’t pose a problem in taking the certification for C Class Mech Warrior, he still didn’t approve of him taking it now.

“You’re not bad but you’re still lacking slightly, you need to train for at least another week.”


“Ah…” Bai Rong covered his little face in gloom and sighed, “Ok.”

Mu Chongyan smiled as he pinched Bai Rong’s little face, gently saying, “Don’t rush it. You’re already growing at a fast speed.”

The two people had dinner upon returning home before going back to their respective rooms.

Bai Rong went to take a bath with his little treasure cubs after arriving at the crystal case and ran into his bedroom with a towel wrapped around him, changing into his pajamas.

Turning his computer on, Bai Rong logged into the virtual city and prepared to attempt making a few SSS Level Virtual Basic Spell Cards.

As making only SS Level Real Intermediate Spell Card or SSS Level Virtual Intermediate Spell Cards would be counted as advancing into a SS Level Spell Card Master, he was not worried about suddenly rising ranks and causing another stir.

After spending two hours making 3 energy cards, 2 air bullet cards as well as an air net card, Bai Rong was extremely satisfied with his results of 1 SS Class and 5 SS Class Cards. It looked like his level of making basic spell cards had already stabilized.

After putting away the cards, Bai Rong logged out of the virtual city and logged into the star network.

Ever since various things happened in the past, he had already culminated a habit of looking at the news everyday before bed time. Moreover, his wife Mu Chongyan, was the third prince of Sheng Ya. As the emperor’s….son-in-law, it was only right for him to concern himself with any events happening in Sheng Ya.

After logging into the star network, Bai Rong clicked around fervently, firmly filtering out any celebrity gossip before he started scrolling. This skim of his led to his dark eyes instantly widening and his heart clenching.

[Sheng Ya’s Strongest Partner List Fresh Out of the Oven!!!”

Even though he didn’t know if Mu Chongyan’s name would be included in it, Bai Rong couldn’t help but feel nervous, quickly clicking inside the article.


“Xiao Mu and Margot, Hall and Meng Gela, Timothy and Korla, Ma…”

After carefully reading the list twice, he realized that Mu Chongyan’s name didn’t show up. Bai Rong heaved a breath of relief but upon thinking that pesky flies might appear in the comment area, his little face scrunched up again.

After seeing that 80 billion comments had been posted in just a short one hour, Bai Rong nervously gulped and didn’t open it directly. Instead, he returned to the hot news page and looked at other articles.

After reading the other articles, Bai Rong once again returned to the hot news page and clicked refresh.


Bai Rong looked at the three new search terms trending, his expression stupefied.

[Mu Chongyan’s War Strategies]

[Second Prince Dross]

[Princess Fenya failed to get chosen]

What happened, why did these three people trend on the hot searches altogether?

Bai Rong quickly clicked on it and after skimming it over, he realized that this news…was most likely planned by the second prince.

Sheng Ya Star Region Dross: “Seeing that so many people suspect why the list doesn’t contain Mu Chongyan, let me explain it simply. Recently, the borders of Sheng Ya have been encroached on in increasing frequency. The whole star region is deeply worried about this turn of events so as a warrior, Mu Chongyan has specially taken it upon himself to draw up a defense and attack plan. My father and I have decided to approve this decision and have tasked Mu Chongyan to specially look into improving military tactics, hence, his removal from the list. As for the other participant who failed to get chosen, I can only say that there was no special reason. We have selected the top 50 ranks only. Please do not use this opportunity to attack other candidates as the standard used to make the selection was based on each and every Spell Card Master and Mech Warrior’s ability. I ask everyone to respect these Spell Card Masters and Mech Warriors as they will be fighting on behalf of Sheng Ya and striving for honor on behalf of our Sheng Ya Star Region!”

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