Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 74.2 Brimming with confidence (2)

Mu Chongyan felt embarrassed being stared at with such a gaze and coughed twice before saying, “It has something to do with the evaluating committee of the star region alliance..”

Dross: “Evaluating Committee?”

“Yes. Truthfully, it’s about the royal family picking out mech warriors and spell card masters to form partner groups. I cannot join it but I need good reason…”


Mu Chongyan conversed with Dross for another half an hour and the two people started discussing and eliminating all sorts of possible excuses before finally settling on one appropriate case.


“Thank you, second brother. It’s decided then.” Mu Chongyan’s face revealed a faint smile as he said, “If now weren’t an inconvenient time, I would’ve invited second brother over to my place for a visit.”

“Then what about letting your second brother treat you to a meal right now?” Dross smiled, patting Mu Chongyan’s shoulder, “Brat, how did you grow? You’re even taller than your second brother.”

“Not by a lot.”

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“Zlp. Mbyv’p bkx. Mbl zkvvzl pvya rlv R xldvksdle yts kp bkx.” Yw Ubsdtuyd pyke nyzxzu. Gqvla yzz, bkp zkvvzl pvya rlv snnwrkle vbl xspv kxrsavydv rspkvksd kd bkp blyav ps bl dllele vs pbso y qaydj yvvkvwel kd qasdv sq bkp plnsde casvbla kd saela vs yhske xyjkdt bkp casvbla vbkdj bkp zkvvzl pvya rlv oyp fwpv y vbkdt okvbswv xwnb hyzwl.

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“Gzaktbv yzaktbv. Zsw pbswze ts cynj. R yzps dlle vs alvwad yde bydezl psxl xyvvlap, pvaldtvbldkdt vbl pwahlkzzydnl sd Wld Zy.”

“Ok.” Mu Chongyan nodded. He hadn’t been able to monitor Fenya inside the palace but now that he had the second prince helping him, it saved him a great deal of trouble.


“Have you gotten anyone to tail Mother Mu yet?” Dross suddenly recalled this and asked Mu Chongyan.

“I did, but not a lot. She mainly resides at the Duke’s manor and rarely goes to Sheng Mu Hospital. It’s also not easy to get people at the duke’s manor as she never looks for new servants. It’s difficult for my men to get close to her.”

“What about monitoring her computer?”

“Her computer is probably installed with the same program the members of those forces have so we haven’t found a way to break through it at the moment. However, my men are very close to cracking it and would be able to completely break through in about 3 days so second brother has no need to worry.”

“Alright. I feel relieved. You’re a lot more amazing than me. To be able to organize such a powerful team without relying on your identity as a royal family member is proof you are stronger than me.” Dross proudly patted Mu Chongyan, “You should return. Be careful of your surroundings.”

“Understood. Goodbye, second brother.”

Dross watched Mu Chongyan leave and the smile in his eyes completely disappeared. He immediately turned his computer on and sent out commands. They dare harm his brother and think of living a luxurious life? Ha, they really treated his men in the royal palace as puppets that they could control at any time!

And it was time for that Fenya…to pay the price.


By the time Mu Chongyan returned, Bai Rong was making spell cards. Mu Chongyan had built a small card making room on the northeast of the bedroom, which consisted of several boxes of spell card materials and a mini card-making equipment.

Even though the card-making equipment had mini in its name, it was only because it was small in size. The size of the card slot as well as the card liquid storage device were no different to real card marking equipment so there was no doubt he could make a normal-sized spell card, albeit with a little more difficulty.

In reality, this miniature card making equipment was a bit big for Bai Rong, however, it didn’t dampen his surging passion and interest. Ever since he broke through 60 centimeters, he had to make normal-sized spell cards, his spatial button already storing 10 S Class Top Grade Intermediate Spell Cards.


Hearing the sound of Mu Chongyan’s return, Bai Rong couldn’t help but quicken his pace. At the thought of the results of the negotiation between Mu Chongyan and the second prince, his heart couldn’t help but feel a little anxious.

The movements of his pen picked up in pace, the slender tip gradually forming a silver shadow like a silver snake that danced nimbly, it moved around mysteriously, appearing and disappearing. The hand Bai Rong had on the crystal tube pen quivered faintly. He astonishingly realized that the speed of his pen was actually continuously breaking boundaries and if he wanted to control the outline of his spell text, he could only either continue maintaining this speed or pick up pace. Otherwise, the card was going to fail and could even explode!

A layer of sweat formed on Bai Rong’s forehead and palm, his wrist starting to quiver slightly as well. As though a crack had appeared in the place where his focus was contained, mental strength flooded out and a piercing pain struck him as though a pin was embedded in his brain. A greyish film also covered his eyes and the feeling of suffocation crept up, Bai Rong panted heavily for breath, clenching the pen that was nearly about to go out of control and continued to draw the seventh stroke…

Mu Chongyan walked towards the door of the bedroom and stopped. Ever since the little star pet had started using the miniature card making equipment, he had cultivated the habit of waiting outside the door. After all, if he were to rashly enter without notice, he could disturb the star pet’s process of cardmaking, leading to danger he couldn’t bear to see fall on his little star pet.

As the piercing pain in his head grew more and more intense, Bai Rong’s little face turned pale, trickling with cold sweat. His eyes could no longer see the details of the spell card clearly and he could only feel the pen drawing the last stroke. The instant he made one last flick with the pen, Bai Rong weaklessly fell to the ground, the sight before him turning dark.

The spell card on the console flashed with an incomparably bright light which lasted for a whole 3 seconds before slowly dissipating.

Hearing a weak bang resound in the bedroom, Mu Chongyan’s heart leapt up, thinking that the little star pet must have turned something over or tripped down on his way out, however, after waiting for a few seconds, the little star pet still hadn’t come out. He couldn’t help but feel a little anxious and worried. Thinking that he couldn’t disturb the little star pet, Mu Chongyan pressed his hand on the door and made a gentle push.

Once the door opened, Mu Chongyan’s gaze immediately turned northeast, and he was immediately able to spot Bai Rong’s unconscious figure lying before the console.

His pupils immediately shrank in an instant and with red eyes, Mu Chongyan rushed to Bai Rong’s side in the blink of an eye, picking him up and placing him on the bed.

Seeing the little star pet have a pale face and a cold body, Mu Chongyan nearly felt his heart stop, overwhelmed with helplessness and unease. He croaked words out of his throat, “What happened…?!”

Even though Bai Rong could only see darkness, he was still somewhat conscious. He felt Mu Chongyan holding him and also heard his voice. He quickly pulled his face into a smile and appeased Mu Chongyan, saying, “Chongyan…I’m fine. I’m just a bit tired. You can just get me a nutrient dose….”

“Okokok…Nutrient dose!” Mu Chongyan quickly took out a nutrient dose and supported Bai Rong’s head on the pillow. He unscrewed the lid and fed Bai Rong bit by bit.


Once the nutrient dose entered his mouth, the pain in Bai Rong’s head gradually subsided. This was the first time he felt his mental strength being sapped dry but the boosting ingredients of the nutrient dose worked quite well on him. After drinking a bottle of it, adding on to his natural recuperation abilities, the black film before Bai Rong’s eyes vanished immediately, the only thing lingering was the dull pain in his head.

Seeing that Mu Chongyan looked anxious and red-eyed, Bai Rong reached out a hand and patted his hand, comforting him, “Chongyan, I’m really fine. Quickly take a look at the spell card on my table and test its data…”

Mu Chongyan really wanted to refuse him but seeing the little star pet’s curious expression, he turned around to take the card and took out a spell card detector from his spatial button, inserting the card in.

The screen on the detector blinked, big black characters immediately appearing on screen.

Detected Card: Air Bullet Card

Spell Card Energy: 210,870 Carters

Overall Evaluation: SS Level

SS Level!!!!!

At first, Bai Rong was stunned. Then, his face morphed into happiness and he proudly turned to look at Mu Chongyan, waiting for him to start lavishing praise.

However, Mu Chongyan was merely stupefied. He then recovered his usual expressionless face, no, his face turned even more cold and serious than usual.

SS Class Basic Spell Cards were admittedly very rare but for the sake of making it, the little star pet even put his body in danger, making him worried and angry. If he didn’t discipline him now, he would never learn his lesson.

Seeing Mu Chongyan unexpectedly ignore him, and even give him such a cold look, the proud look on Bai Rong’s face immediately dwindled and he pursed his lips in dejection.


He knew that he had put himself in danger this time but he didn’t do it deliberately.

However, thinking that Mu Chongyan was only acting this way because he was too worried for him, Bai Rong felt a lot more at ease. He reached out his arms and hugged Mu Chongyan’s wrist, softly saying, “Chongyan…don’t get angry anymore. I know my wrongs and I won’t repeat them again…”

Mu Chongyan looked at Bai Rong, his expression unchanging in the slightest, “I originally planned to take you to the AS Mech Union to try out the mech but looking at it now, we should probably postpone it to the day after tomorrow.”

“Ah?!!!” Bai Rong immediately howled in grief, his whole person dumbfounded.

“Take a good rest.” Mu Chongyan covered Bai Rong with the small quilt and made him lie down.

Bai Rong recovered his senses after lying down and sat back up, holding onto Mu Chongyan. With big wet eyes, he pitifully implored, “Don’t do this to me. I’m fine right now. I can go and operate a mech. Chongyan…take me with you…”

“No.” Mu Chongyan’s heart softened at the sight but he didn’t waver in the slightest.


“Take a good rest. I’ll take you there the day after tomorrow. If you don’t rest properly, I’ll push it to next week.” Mu Chongyan steeled his heart in teaching his little sweet cake a lesson. He had been overwhelmed with worry and panic just a while ago so now he was brimming with stubbornness.

“Chongyan..” Seeing that Mu Chongyan didn’t plan to yield, Bai Rong dropped his head in gloom and racked his brain for any other tricks to use…

All of a sudden, Bai Rong thought of an exceptionally great idea, a glint flashing in his eyes.

“Chongyan..” Bai Rong pulled Mu Chongyan’s finger and blinked his big eyes, sweetly and softly saying, “Chongyan…I’ll put on the tough man makeup you designed for me the other day alright?”

This kind of seduction should be alright, right? Since it was done according to his wife’s taste, he was just using his wife’s personally made honey trap so he couldn’t help but think himself to be the most considerate and attractive!

Bai Rong was brimming with confidence, the corner of his lips hooking up slightly in complacency and his eyes were matchlessly bright.


Mu Chongyan’s face turned even more cold in an instant and he pushed Bai Rong’s little body back down, tucking in the two corners of his quilt carefully.

“Go to sleep!” 

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