Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 72.2 Are you going to kiss him or not? (2)

“Chongyan, this method of yours makes it so much better!” Bai Rong carried the round yellow sack with him effortlessly, happily jumping twice, and smiling with his eyes, “This way, I don’t need to carry it, making it much more convenient!”

“Yeah.” Mu Chongyan smiled and picked the person up into his arms, wondering in his heart whether to buy Sweet Cake some clothes with pockets on the back that could hold the spatial button.

Mu Chongyan drove the aircraft and reached Du Han’s residence in just an hour.

As for Dai Suo… perhaps because the temptation to watch Walter dance exceeded the thought of ​​working with Mu Chongyan, he had returned to the treatment room early on and had silently taken out a video recorder.



“Boss!” Seeing that Mu Chongyan came back, Du Xiao quickly rushed over, “Are you all right?!”

“I’m fine.” Mu Chongyan patted Du Xiao on the shoulder, “Where’s Du Han?”

“In his work room!”

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“The police found a mecha training room in a villa near the bombing point. The traces in the training room were found to be more than 80% consistent with the training methods of those in Er Ma Star Region. Moreover,…” Du Han paused before continuing, “Moreover, three days ago, a warship that sneakily invaded a certain border star region of Shengya belonged to the Er Ma Star Region, so the government ascertained it to be from them.”


“Er Ma Star Region?” Mu Chongyan repeated in a low voice, his dark complexion emitting a chilly air, “I remember that Er Ma Star Region had only been promoted to a seventh-level star region ten years ago.”

“That’s right. I really can’t believe how ambitious they are!” Du Han bitterly spat in contempt.

Er Ma Star Region not only infringed on Sheng Ya Star Region, but also harmed their boss. They deserve to be destroyed!

“Du Han, how is your firewall coming along?” Mu Chongyan raised his eyes to look at Du Han, the coldness in his gaze dissipated slightly but his voice remained serious and cold as usual, as though he hadn’t realized the true faces of those forces.

“It…it hasn’t been finished yet, but it shouldn’t take a long time, I still need three or four days…” Du Han replied quickly, his body straightened involuntarily, as if he was a student who had just been called out, completely confused at how his Boss changed topics so quickly!

“Then finish it as soon as possible.” Mu Chongyan glanced at the center screen again before turning to leave.

Even if the government found out that it was Er Ma Star Region, he still had room in his heart for the truth.

After all, Er Ma Star Region attacked Shengya’s Border Territory star, and suddenly an explosion occurred, even finding traces of Er Ma’s training in a villa, apart from the fact that it was Er Ma Star Region who did it, the thought that there were other possibilities couldn’t be denied.

If those forces were one of the certain forces in Sheng Ya Star Region to receive information, framing Er Ma Star Region would be a simple matter to them.

Mu Chongyan brought Bai Rong back to the room, and was about to put him down to go out and do some things when suddenly, Bai Rong grabbed his sleeve.

He then discovered at first glance that his Little Sweet Cake’s face had turned pale. Mu Chongyan quickly took Bai Rong’s hand, “What’s wrong, what are you worried about?!”

“…Chongyan.” Bai Rong squeezed a voice from his throat with difficulty, feeling panicked in his heart, “Since yesterday’s incident was a major event, were there… were there any other casualties?”


Bai Rong’s face gradually grew paler, if… if they had indirectly caused the loss of someone else’s life yesterday, wouldn’t it…

“What nonsense are you thinking about again…” Mu Chongyan squeezed Bai Rong’s hand, interrupting his wild thoughts, and said: “It was claimed to be a major event because the entire building had been bombed, and light bombs had been launched, so it was serious in nature and equivalent to a terrorist attack. The houses in that district were all specially selected by me, so there were no other people living in that whole building, and there were very few residents in the whole district.”

“Ah?! Why?” Bai Rong was taken by surprise before slowly letting out a sigh of relief, recovered the healthy flush on his face.

“I didn’t want to tell you at first.” Mu Chongyan was helpless and embarrassed, and said, “The district actually…has another name.”

“Another name?” Bai Rong was stunned, “What do you mean?”

“Sigh…” Mu Chongyan looked at the star pet’s innocent yet also confused eyes, and suddenly felt disdain for himself, “To put it in words, that district had just been established half a month ago when a big case happened. That big case involved real estate builders and several officials. After the case was dealt with, the government auctioned the entire district, and then it was sold to a rich man who wanted to hoard the houses. I assume he bought the area to demolish it or had some other ideas so even if he put on signs that the houses were for rent, the rent was far more expensive than the rent for normal houses. For a place where a big case had previously occurred and was infamous for high rents, naturally no one was willing to rent a house here.”

“What big case?” Bai Rong was even more puzzled. Why didn’t he know about this?

“It’s bloody and cruel. It’s alright if you don’t know.” Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s head, “So, can you stop worrying?”

“Yeah.” Bai Rong finally revealed a faint smile on his face. “But, did anyone compensate for that person’s loss?”

“The government took care of it.” Mu Chongyan kissed Bai Rong’s hand, “Be good. Don’t think about it in the future and if you have something to ask, just ask.”

“Ok!” Bai Rong nodded, hugging Mu Chongyan’s wrist, and gently rubbed his cheek against it.

“Good boy. I’m going out to do something. You stay here and rest, okay?”


“How long will you be gone for?” Bai Rong raised his head, not loosening his hold on Mu Chongyan’s wrist.

“I’ll come back before dinner.” Mu Chongyan lowered his head and kissed Bai Rong’s head, “Be good and wait for me here, alright?“


After Mu Chongyan left, Bai Rong tossed and turned on the bed, spreading his body out and thinking about all sorts of things until he slowly drifted to slumber.

Du Xiao had originally agreed to deliver food at his boss’s order, but upon seeing the little star pet sleep soundly, he quietly retreated.

By the time Bai Rong woke up, it was already past four o’clock in the afternoon, and he woke up to a dim sky, feeling dizzy.

Sitting on the bed and staring blankly in a daze, Bai Rong opened his burlap sack and took out the spatial button as well as the computer he had bought from the auction before.

There was still a piece of paper stuck on the computer camera from last time. Bai Rong turned the computer on and searched for some information. He did not log into the star network or search for the contents of spell cards for fear of inadvertently alerting the enemy.

After simply searching the latest news, Bai Rong heard the footsteps that indicated Mu Chongyan’s return and his face immediately broke into a smile as he quickly turned off the computer.

When Mu Chongyan walked in, he saw the little star pet standing on the bed and looking at the door and a hint of smile appeared on his face.

“Were you bored?”

“I’m good…” Bai Rong skillfully climbed up Mu Chongyan’s arm and entered into Mu Chongyan’s embrace, “Actually, you came back earlier than I expected.”


“Because I’ve settled some matters quickly. “Mu Chongyan held the sweet cake in his arms, glanced at the time, saying, “It’s already five o’clock. Du Xiao said that you didn’t have anything to eat in the afternoon. Let’s have dinner a little earlier. Are you fine with eating now?

“Ok…” Bai Rong rubbed his sunken little belly, certainly feeling a little hungry.

When the two had finished eating their meals in an hour, Mu Chongyan took Bai Rong back to the room, and placed a report in front of Bai Rong.

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