Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 72.1 Are you going to kiss him or not? (1)

Regardless of how displeased Walter sounded, yelling in the restoration chamber, Mu Chongyan took Bai Rong away without looking back.

Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan, whose face turned black as soon as he went out, and withdrew his gaze, feeling somewhat amused.

Wasn’t it just a kiss? In reality, he didn’t care about it too much. After all, it was just a kiss on the head. A real man shouldn’t care too much about it!

After returning to the bedroom, it was already 2:15 in the morning. Mu Chongyan put Bai Rong on the bed, and then sat down beside him. He lowered his head and said, “Do you want to go back to sleep inside the crystal case or sleep here?”

Bai Rong wobbled towards Mu Chonyan’s side and held his arm, saying softly, “Chongyan, are you going to sleep?”


“I still have some things to settle, so I’m not sleeping for now but I’m also not leaving. ” Mu Chongyan took Bai Rong into his arms and whispered softly: “Why don’t you…sleep on the bed first while I take care of things while accompanying you. How does that sound?”

“…Okay.” Bai Rong nodded his head, and didn’t want to return to the crystal case just yet.

“Then lie down.” Mu Chongyan took out two thick handkerchiefs from the spatial button, with a light yellow base and baby blue grids, folding one into a pillow, and the other to be used as a quilt for Bai Rong.

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Unwittingly, the light that sprinkled into the room gradually grew brighter. Mu Chongyan took care of his official duties for four hours before looking down at the star pet who was sleeping soundly, then he pulled the second thicker curtain down.

When time drifted to 7:30am, Mu Chongyan turned off the computer, got out of bed gently, and simply washed up.

On his return, he drew the thicker curtains open, allowing bright and warm sunlight to immediately pour in from the windows.

As if perceiving the particularly bright light on his eyelids, Bai Rong shifted slightly and moaned softly before opening his eyes in a daze.

“Are you awake?” Mu Chongyan’s voice that sounded specially soft floated over.

“…Mmm.” Bai Rong stretched out his hands and rubbed his eyes. His expression remained a little confused as he turned his befuddled face at Mu Chongyan, “Chongyan….?”

Mu Chongyan was struck by his cuteness that his actions dulled.

“Chongyan..what time is it?” Bai Rong struggled twice in his heart to sit up with a head of bed hair, his voice even carrying a soft dazed tone, “Chongyan….did I wake up late?”

“!!!” Mu Chongyan felt his heart quiver from his charms and felt something hot surging to the tip of his nose.

“…It’s not late, it’s not late at all, do you want to sleep a little more?” Mu Chongyan’s tone was so soft it was as if he didn’t dare make a sound. The smile on his face was so gentle that his whole person emitted the glittering air of spring.

“No need to. Chongyan…what time is it?” Bai Rong shook his head and rubbed his face to get rid of his drowsiness.

Mu Chongyan looked at the time, and quietly responded, “It’s 7:42.”


“That late?!” Bai Rong immediately sobered up. He usually got up at 6 o’clock yet today, he actually slept until it was nearly 8 o’clock!

It was the first time…No, it was the second time he had gotten up late after sleeping in the same bed as his wife. This was too undisciplined of him!

However… he seemed to recall some people on the Internet saying that after sleeping together with their wife, the majority of them started to wake up late, so it should be considered normal. He was…no different to those men who had married their wives right?!

That’s right, they were completely the same! Bai Rong shook his fist, feeling like the more he thought about it, the more this was truly the case. He sighed quietly on the inside, feeling that his tough guy image shouldn’t have taken much damage.

Watching his sweet cake’s colorful expression and not knowing what he was thinking, Mu Chongyan smiled helplessly and said, “Actually…I also got up late too.”

“Huh?!” Bai Rong quickly returned to his senses, looking up at Mu Chongyan, “Chongyan, you also got up late?”

“En, I only got up at half past seven.” Mu Chongyan gently rubbed Bai Rong’s head, “So it’s normal for you to get up late too. Quickly go wash up.”

“…Okay.” Having not expected that his wife would also get up so late. Bai Rong felt a lot more at ease. With a wave of his hand, a crystal glass case appeared beside the bedside cabinet.

Seeing that the sweet cake’s face had visibly brightened up, Mu Chongyan felt a bit amused, and immediately picked up Bai Rong, putting him inside the crystal glass case, informing him gently, “I’ll wait for you here, once you come out, let’s have breakfast together.”

“Ok!” Bai Rong revealed his dimples, nodding his head vigorously before turning around and running back to the villa.

After washing his face, brushing his teeth and measuring himself in a span of 8 minutes, Bai Rong took off the towel he had just placed on his shoulders, wiped his face very crudely before quickly returning to the bathroom, and then running out, humming the good man song.

Mu Chongyan picked Bai Rong up and walked out with him sitting on top of his arms.


After the two of them had breakfast, they happened to come across Dai Suo who was rushing over.

“Mu Chongyan, would you like to see Walter?”

“Hm?” Mu Chongyan gestured for Dai Suo to sit down, “What’s the matter? Did something happen to Walter again?”

“‌……” Dai Suo looked at Mu Chongyan, who seemed to be completely fine, and the little star pet who was holding a napkin as big as a flower petal, dabbing his mouth politely and was suddenly struck speechless.

Mu Chongyan: “What’s the matter, speak.”

“…” Dai Suo coughed, saying ill at ease, “Walter was yelling early in the morning that he wanted to kiss your sweet cake and that if you don’t go there soon, he would start dancing in the restoration cabin.”

The word ‘dancing’ originated from Ma’er who felt it was a very fitting description.

“Then let him dance, don’t forget to record it when he does so that all the v67 members can watch it to lower their stress levels.”

Dai Suo, “…”

He suddenly realized how terrifying his good friend actually was.

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll be going to Du Han’s place.” Mu Chongyan picked up Bai Rong who was sitting on the table and prepared to leave.

Dai Suo was stuck in place, wondering if he should return and watch Walter dance or follow Mu Chongyan.


“Chongyan…” Bai Rong tugged Mu Chongyan’s clothes, “I want to go back and bring the spatial button and crystal glass case along.”

He had already learnt his lesson and thought it best to bring along his spatial button and Kuku just in case.

“Alright.” Mu Chongyan agreed with a warm voice, and took Bai Rong back to the bedroom. After putting the crystal glass case inside his spatial button, he took out a handkerchief to wrap the spatial button and tied it, turning it into a burlap sack for Bai Rong to carry.

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