Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 68.2 Where is the boat? (2)

The picture before him was of the emperor and Mu Chongyan’s father Mu Fenglan, and their appearances also shared the same degree of similarity, particularly their eyes and nose!!!

Bai Rong’s little head froze in shock.

What was going on???

Was Mu Chongyan’s father related to the impartial family’s ancestors?!

Two little ravines were quickly erected between Bai Rong’s brows as he hurriedly tried to clarify the relationship between the king and Mu Fenglan.


In the end, he found that there was not the slightest biological relationship between them and that they merely shared some degree of likeness in appearance.

Once the trail of clues had come to an end, Bai Rong let out a breath of anxiousness. He had been scouring the net for a long time in irreconciliation and only found proof that the two didn’t share any relations but he still felt anxious and continued searching.

After a whole hour of searching both the web and the dark web, Bai Rong still couldn’t find anything.

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However, Feng Mulan’s wife Heng Erya, had a great relationship with His Majesty the Queen, often being invited to the imperial palace to meet up until His Majesty fell sick.


Bai Rong looked at the dense number of words on the screen with scrunched brows, unable to completely unfold them.

He actually didn’t know that the Mu Family and the imperial family shared so much history. However..even after digging all these up, it still wasn’t able to help him with regards to Mu Chongyan’s origins

Bai Rong sighed, preparing to continue browsing when he suddenly heard the footsteps indicating Mu Chongyan’s return.

He cast a look at the screen before turning his head at the windows. In the end, he put his hands together and jumped off the bed to run outside.

The information can wait but his wife couldn’t be ignored!

After Bai Rong ran out of the villa, he saw Mu Chongyan enter the bedroom and walk towards him.

“Chongyan!” Bai Rong ran a little faster and leapt up, waving his two little arms. He then continued to run forward as his soft black hair was swept back by the wind, revealing his wheat colored forehead.

“….” Mu Chongyan’s footsteps paused before he continued advancing forward with a calm face.

This wheat-faced tough man makeup was evidently a lot more acceptable than his previous bearded dark tough man makeup.

However, what Mu Chongyan failed to realize was that, his acceptance towards the tough man version of little sweet cake had been steadily growing stronger.

“I’m sorry I came home late again today.” Mu Chongyan gently picked Bai Rong up on his arm and asked, “Are you hungry?”


“No, Chongyan..Why did you come back so late today?” Bai Rong shifted his little butt skillfully on Mu Chongyan’s arm, finding the most comfortable posture.

“The organizing committee of the mech competition decided to hold a meeting at the last minute and I was dragged into it. The meeting started at 7:30pm.” Mu Chongyan gently kneaded Bai Rong’s little hand, “I already bought meals from Di Zhi, shall we go eat now?”

“Ok!” Bai Rong lifted his little head and asked with glittering eyes, “Did you also get the strawberry honey milk cake?”

“I did.” Seeing how Little Sweet Cake also wanted a “little sweet cake”, Mu Chongyan was immediately filled with smiles, “I even got two plates but you’re not allowed to eat a lot. If you eat too much tonight, you’ll get indigestion.”

“Ok..” Bai Rong looked helplessly at Mu Chongyan, his eyes filled with generosity and indulgence. His wife was only being naggy because he loved him. This he knew for a fact!

Mu Chongyan brought Bai Rong to the living room and placed him on the table.

Bai Rong ran towards his little desk and chair and sat down like a good boy, raising his little to look at Mu Chongyan in expectation.

Mu Chongyan gave Bai Rong a warm smile before taking out the dishes from the spatial button and skilfully preparing Bai Rong’s portion.

Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan’s charming face and a thought popped up. “Chongyan..I saw a picture of His Majesty the King on the net today.”

“Oh?” Unsure of where the little sweet cake was planning to take the conversation, Mu Chongyan calmly asked, “What of it?”

“I noticed that you and His Majesty look a bit similar…particularly your eyes and nose!” Bai Rong held his head and blinked his big black eyes, “Are you going to investigate the relationship between you and His Majesty?”

Mu Chongyan responded, “There’s no need to.”


“Huh?” Bai Rong frowned, “Why is that?”

Mu Chongyan placed the bowl of rice on Bai Rong’s table, “I would have to apologize to you if I…speak about it.”

“Apologize?!” Bai Rong’s nose immediately crinkled up, “What do you mean?!”

“This..” Mu Chongyan gently rubbed Bai Rong’s little head, “You first have to promise me that you won’t get angry at me, alright?”

Bai Rong puffed his little cheeks in dissatisfaction, wanting to disagree, but under the attack of Mu Chongyan’s warm and apologetic gaze, he came to a compromise after persevering for 30 seconds.

“Alright but you’re not allowed to commit the same mistake in the future!”

To be able to forgive and discipline at the same time shows how understanding of a husband he was, humph!

The smile in Mu Chongyan’s eyes only grew warmer. He put out three fingers and raised them beside his head, swearing with a serious look on his face, “Alright, I pledge that I will never commit the same mistake again!”

Looking at this Mu Chongyan made Bai Rong inexplicably blush. He turned his head away somewhat angrily and said without the slightest tint of menace, “I didn’t tell you about this but I’ve already looked into my relationship with His Majesty and it turns out that he’s…my father.”


Bai Rong turned his head and looked at him incredulously with eyes as wide as saucers, “Are you serious?!!”

“Yes…” Mu Chongyan felt even more guilty…


“Why didn’t you tell me this early on?!” Apart from being shocked, Bai Rong also felt quite angry. His face puffed up, turning into a beet red shade, looking particularly adorable in Mu Chongyan’s eyes.

Mu Chongyan rubbed his nose awkwardly, feeling that he had become even more “beastly”…

“It’s my fault!” Mu Chongyan’s face turned taut again as he raised three fingers and admitted his errors extremely sincerely, “At that time, I felt that there were still a lot of things to uncover so I had planned to tell you later on. I now recognize my mistakes so please..forgive me ok?”

“Hmph!” Feeling the urge to laugh after seeing Mu Chongyan’s apologetic face, Bai Rong’s face turned taut and after pausing for half a minute, he aloofly raised his chin, “Alright. I’ll forgive you. I’m a magnanimous person after all, my belly can even hold a boat1To have a belly that can hold a boat means that a great person must be magnanimous by nature.!”

“En…” Seeing Bai Rong’s haughty and adorable look tickled Mu Chongyan’s heart itchy and soft, and he was unable to help himself from picking up Bai Rong and reaching out a hand to rub Bai Rong’s little belly, chuckling, “Let me try to get a feel of where the boat is…”

Mu Chongyan’s magnetic chuckle floated into his ears, turning Bai Rong’s ears hot and his head dizzy. However, soon after, when he felt a rub on his belly, the tickling sensation made Bai Rong want to laugh and he quickly tried to push Mu Chongyan’s fingers away, “Hahaha don’t touch me, do-…hahah don’t tickle me..”

Mu Chongyan acted as though he didn’t hear this and only said, “Let me try to get a feel of where the boat is…”

Bai Rong felt ashamed but also wanted to laugh. His little face immediately turned crimson, “Hahaha, i-in any case, I’m not letting you touch me anymore! Hahaha don’t tickle me anymore…”

Bai Rong’s tears were about to come out and he tried to think of a way to escape from his clutches when he suddenly saw Mu Chongyan’s wristwatch blink.

“Chongyan..hahah, you-you have a message…”

Mu Chongyan was too engrossed in tickling him that he originally thought the little sweet cake was trying to trick him. When he turned his head to cast a casual look, he realized that message really did come from v67. Moreover, it was from Du Han. As such, he reluctantly let go of the soft sensation on his fingertips and pressed the optical computer open, clicking the message.

In the next second, the smile on his face instantly vanished.


Seeing that the look on Mu Chongyan’s face immediately turned dark upon opening the message, his aura undergoing a complete change, emitting an extremely cold and ruthless air, Bai Rong couldn’t help but feel startled. Upon recovering his senses, he hurriedly asked, “What’s the matter?!”

“Something happened.” Mu Chongyan’s big hand covered Bai Rong gently as he immediately walked back to the bedroom, “Get your optical computer and spatial button, we’re going out for a trip.”

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