Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 68.1 Where is the boat? (1)

“What’s wrong?” The emperor’s face remained unchanged, his tone not the least bit different from before, his gaze fixed on Bai Rong’s face, “What is Mr. Mu thinking about?”

“Ah..It-It’s nothing.” Bai Rong quickly recovered his senses and felt flustered and embarrassed, “I’m sorry. I’ve acted discourteously.”

“It’s alright. Please take a seat, Mr. Mu.”

“Thank you.” Bai Rong sat to the left of the king. His spine was straight and his legs were put together, appearing very nervous and reserved.

He couldn’t help it. There were a total of four seats and the remaining available seats were both beside the emperor.


Even if he didn’t want to sit close to the emperor, he couldn’t do so.

Very quickly, another knock resounded on the door. The last SS Class Spell Card Master had arrived. Bai Rong let out a sigh of relief on the inside, however, the instant the door opened, that breath of relief swooped right back into his lungs, causing him pain. Before he could make a fool of himself again, Bai Rong shut his mouth firmly and did not make a peep.

The spell card master who sat farthest away from Bai Rong cast a glance at his flushed face, his eyes revealing pity.

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A crack once again appeared on the king’s face, “….”


Bai Rong sat straight at the side like a good student. After getting over his surprise at the exchange of the two, his face looked a little blank.

He couldn’t help but take a look at Grandmaster Xiao Mu again, worshiping yet lamenting his bird’s nest hairstyle, his dark, rugged face, his almost braided-looking beard as well as his strange clothing that looked like it was made from…bedsheets.

To be able to tease the king like this, this Grandmaster Xiao Mu must not be an ordinary person!

“Oh? And who’s this little guy?” Xiao Mu finally noticed Bai Rong and raised a brow.

Bai Rong opened his mouth and turned to look at the king.

“This is the Spell Card Master who just advanced into S-Class, Mu Nan.” The king restrained his facial muscles before looking at the time on his watch and saying, “It’s about time. Let’s start.”

Once the other Spell Card Masters heard these words, the expression on their faces turned serious.

Xiao Mu looked at the king who had once again put on a cold, grave look and the smile on his face dimmed slightly, heaving a sigh on the inside.

Ever since his niece had fallen ill, he had never seen Luo Lei reveal such a look before…


The meeting lasted for an hour and 3 minutes. Bai Rong watched the king and Grandmaster Hall leave first before leaving with the others.

As he was in a hurry to leave, he didn’t notice two pairs of probing eyes behind him.


After reaching the villa, Bai Rong spotted Mu Chongyan who was standing in the living room with his back to the door, just upon entering and his face revealed pleasant surprise and delight.

“Mr. Wei, why are you here?”

“I see Mr. Mu has returned.” Mu Chongyan turned around and the grave look on his face instantly melted away, revealing a warm expression, a trace of mirth in his eyes, “The meeting with the king ended quickly.”

“Yeah, His Majesty the King acted swiftly and decisively so the meeting efficiency was very high.”

Mu Chongyan walked over and sat down on the sofa, saying, “Mr. Mu should also sit. Tell me what you discussed.”

“Alright.” Bai Rong sat down to his right and started speaking, “The meeting consisted of three agendas. One was the matter of Sheng Ya star region being ranked. His Majesty the King wanted us to be at the imperial palace a day before the Star Region Alliance Presidium arrives since the number of Spell Card Masters star regions have and their levels is one of their judging criterias so we have to be on site by then.”

Bai Rong felt a little ashamed saying this and lowered his head, “But…my circumstances aren’t good so I can’t be there and the king and the others forgave me.”

“Not being able to go isn’t a big matter. You alone won’t be able to affect the ending assessment.” Mu Chongyan comforted, “Unless there was an SSS Class Spell Card Master, Sheng Ya Star Region can’t advance into a Level 8 Star Region, that’s why this time, we’ll probably still remain at Level 7. There wouldn’t be a big difference even if you missed it.”

Bai Rong: “….Alright.”

For some reason, he didn’t feel comforted.

Mu Chongyan: “What’s the second matter?”

“The second matter is that His Majesty the King wanted to acquire a large amount of SS Level Spell Cards and SS Level Virtual Spell Cards.”


Bai Rongn blinked and said, “His Majesty said that the borders of the star region have been repeatedly attacked so for the sake of strengthening the army’s training, he asked us to make some high level spell cards. I and five other spell card makers were tasked to make at least 8 SS Class Basic Spell Cards as well as 2 SS Class Virtual Intermediate Spell Cards per day and deliver it every 3 days. The other 7 S Class Spell Card Masters and two SS Class Spell card Masters were tasked to make real spell cards of S Class and SS Class level. As for the specifics, I’m still in a fog.”

Mu Chongyan nodded his head after listening to this. He was familiar with this kind of training. When S Class and SS Class Spell Cards aren’t enough to fulfill the military’s high ranking officers needs, they would use virtual spell cards as an adjustment measure to train with. After familiarizing themselves with the skills in the virtual city, they’ll be able to directly use real life spell cards in the battlefield and save a lot of time.

After all, the difficulty level of making virtual spell cards was equal to making real life spell cards that were a level lower. The cooperation of both sides would save both time and cost while raising the army’s training efficiency.

Mu Chongyan surmised that A Class, B Class and even C Class Spell Card Masters must’ve also been tasked with the same duty.

“What’s the third matter then?”

“The third matter is about the Spell Card Competition. His Majesty the King said that because we all didn’t register for it, he asked us to pick out two or three good seedlings from the top 30 participants and treat them as our students, we don’t have to officially accept them as disciples.” Bai Rong then supplemented, “This didn’t involve the two SS Class Grandmasters, just us 11 Spell Card Masters.”

Seeing Bai Rong look very discomfied, Mu Chongyan chuckled.

“What’s wrong? You don’t want to pick out seedlings?”

“It’s not that.”

Bai Rong shook his head. He quite liked helping other Spell Card Masters improve. He just felt that as a 19 year old, having 70 year old or even 100+ year old uncles, aunties or even grandparents respectfully call him Teacher was odd and felt quite embarrassed about it.

Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan and asked earnestly, “If I do by then, can I ask them not to call me Teacher?”

“Of course.” Mu Chongyan immediately understood why his little sweet cake was acting awkward and his amusement grew deeper, “Even though you will have taken them in as students, you don’t have to restrict their term of address for you too strictly.”


“That’s great!” Bai Rong heaved a sigh of relief, revealing a smile on his face.

“What does Mr. Mu plan to do next?”

“I’ll make some virtual spell cards for His Majesty!” Bai Rong curved his eyes, proclaiming without the slightest hint of hesitance. The compensation His Majesty promised was very impartial, in fact, it was even higher than the price he gave Mu Chongyan.

“Since you’ve already decided, I won’t disturb Mr. Mu any further then.”

Seeing that all three matters weren’t disadvantageous to Bai Rong, Mu Chongyan finally felt completely at ease.

“Alright.” Bai Rong nodded. Even though he felt a bit unreluctant, he didn’t show this on the surface, only saying, “Mr. Wei, you should hurry and attend to your matters.”

Sigh. It wasn’t easy to have reverted back to his buff body and he was only able to show it to his wife for 8 minutes…

It was only when Mu Chongyan’s figure couldn’t be seen that Bai Rong returned to the Spell Card Room. He spent 4 and a half hours making 10 SS Level Virtual Basic Spell Cards and 2 Virtual Intermediate Spell Cards.

Even though His Majesty said they could officially start working on the task tomorrow, he decided that there was no harm in stocking up on them.

Moreover, adding onto the cards he made last time, his virtual spatial button had a total of 30 SS Virtual Basic Spell Cards and 10 SS Level Virtual Intermediate Spell Cards. Bai Rong thought for a moment and decided in the end to take out 24 SS Level Virtual Basic Spell Cards and 6 SS Level Virtual Intermediate Spell Cards and set them aside to be sent at a specific time.

For the next three days, he only wanted to train his virtual mech and take his mind off of virtual spell cards.

After he finished his tasks, Bai Rong then logged out of the virtual city. It was already 6:34pm but Mu Chongyan hadn’t returned.

Bai Rong thought for a moment and simply went to the living room to grab a pack of potato chips. He tore one open and ate as he went back to his bedroom.

While chewing the fragrant shrimp flavored chips, the king’s appearance he saw today, suddenly popped into Bai Rong’s mind and mulling over the eyes and nose that looked particularly like Mu Chongyan, he suddenly lost his appetite and immediately put down the bag of chips, turning on his optical computer to search for an answer.

A picture of the emperor quickly appeared and Bai Rong’s face gradually turned serious. There was a degree of likeness between Mu Chongyan and the king’s appearance, and when he connected this to the matter of Mu Chongyan’s forged genes, the look in Bai Rong’s eyes instantly changed, a massive shocking conspiracy slowly started to form in his head.

As anger bubbled up in him, his face started to turn red and his hands clenched into a fist. Bai Rong faintly guessed how the scheme came about and he started racking his brains on a way to expose this scheme and clarify the matter between his Chongyan and the imperial family, but all of a sudden…

Bai Rong’s furious appearance morphed into astonishment.

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