Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 67.2 His Majesty the King (2)

“Lotto Auction?” Bai Rong blinked, “What’s a Lotto Auction?”

“A Lotto Auction—— is an auction that keeps its items a complete mystery. They might auction rare goods like high level mechs or high level spell cards but they could also auction ordinary products like household androids, they could even auction goods that are broken or cheap.”

“That sounds like fun!” Bai Rong’s interest was immediately piqued and he asked excitedly, “However, would anyone really bid for a broken item?”

“Even if they were to bid, it would only be for fun, otherwise, no one would place a bid at all.” Mu Chongyan prepared Bai Rong’s meal and rubbed his head, “Quickly eat up. Once we’ve finished, we’ll head over there.”

“Ok!” Bai Rong nodded. He then held up the bread and took a big bite of it.


Once the two had finished their meals, they quickly hurried over to the Blue Emperor Auction house, and by the time the auction started at 8pm, they had entered their booth.

Bai Rong, who had put on the makeup of an ordinary youth, sat on Mu Chongyan’s arm, burying his face glumly against Mu Chongyan.

Bai Rong was not happy…He was finally able to use his makeup tools but he could only draw on such an unmanly face.

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“One platter of desserts.” Mu Chongyan handed the digital menu back.


“Noted. Please wait for a while.” Having not expected that such a handsome and tall man actually ordered a dessert platter, the worker was taken aback at first before soon putting on a meaningful smile.

Mu Chongyan turned his head back and lowered his gaze to look at Bai Rong. He was just about to say something when he suddenly noticed his little sweet cake’s depressed face. His eyes were locked firm on the screen and were brimming with a complex look.

“What’s wrong?”

Bai Rong slowly retracted his gaze front the screen and straightened his back, leaning back onto Mu Chongyan.

“It’s nothing. That auction host…was the person who hosted the auction I was in previously…”

Bai Rong’s listless voice floated in the tip of Mu Chongyan’s heart, making him instantly feel distressed. He covered the little star pet and asked with a voice so gentle and warm, it could melt the iciest water.

“We’re already a family, aren’t we?”

“A family…” Bai Rong mumbled as he raised his head, his eyes looking into Mu Chongyan’s. He was quiet for a few seconds before suddenly breaking into a smile.

Like a delicate flower that bloomed instantly under the bright spring sunlight, youthful vitality seeped back into his voice, ”Yeah! A family!”

“Yeah, a family.” Mu Chongyan lowered his head slightly and gently pecked Bai Rong’s head, “Today, as long as you show the slightest interest in something, we’ll immediately make a bid for it, alright?”

“Ok!” Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan’s confident countenance and let out a chuckle. The lingering shadow and fear he previously had finally completely vanished.

“Chongyan, don’t you regret your words!”


“I won’t regret them…” Mu Chongyan kneaded Bai Rong’s hand pampering, “The first item is already up, why don’t you take a look and see if you like it?”


The auction lasted for nearly 4 hours. With the intention of completely blowing off the lingering fears he had, Bai Rong did as Mu Chongyan said, putting a bid on several things.

A round purple spatial button, a large sized suit he still couldn’t fit in, a SS class devil vine, a small sized intermediate spell card equipment, a spell card detector, a box of spell card materials as well as an optical computer.

Mu Chongyan didn’t even pause or hesitate throughout the whole period. As long as Bai Rong’s eyes shifted slightly, he would immediately call out a price.

As such, “credits” for such a bountiful harvest from this war not only belonged to Bai Rong but Mu Chongyan’s complete and utter accommodation.

When the staff workers brought all the successful bids over in exchange for 280 million star coins, Bai Rong finally snapped out of his “nonstop buying and bidding” state.

——and felt distressed.

“So expensive…” Bai Rong looked at the heap of items, his eyes turning round and round. He started to rack his brain for a way to return these items without embarrassing themselves.

“It’s alright. Don’t feel sad. It wasn’t expensive.”

Upon seeing Bai Rong’s appearance, Mu Chongyan immediately knew what he was thinking and stifled a smile. He placed everything inside the purple spatial button and handed it over to Bai Rong to carry.


“Be good.. And hold it tight. We’re going home.”

It was already 12:31 in the morning when the two people reached home. Mu Chongyan first placed Bai Rong and his spatial button in the crystal case together before taking a towel and heading to the washroom.

Bai Rong carried the spatial button and wobbled back to his bedroom. Then, he took out all the things he got from Hua Xia mall from the tiny little spatial button.

——A milk candy wrapper, a pen, a lab coat, red long johns, and makeup tools.

Bai Rong carefully counted them twice before nodding his head in content. He then placed all of them into the purple spatial button.

After placing the button on his bedside cabinet, Bai Rong then quickly ran to the bathroom with a smile and washed up.

5 minutes later, he ran back in a whoosh and climbed under the soft covers of his bed.


The next day.

Because he had slept late from the excitement, Bai Rong dilly-dallied for three minutes before getting out of bed.

After he got up, Bai Rong stood before the mirror criticizing himself for breaking his “tough guy principles”, before going off to wash up.

After having breakfast together with Mu Chongyan like usual, Bai Rong then returned to the crystal case.


Upon returning to his room, Bai Rong exhaled and turned the computer on, logging into the virtual city.

Today was the day he was supposed to meet with His Majesty the King and he felt a little jittery.

Seeing that it was finally 1 in the afternoon, once Bai Rong logged into the virtual city, he was about to buy some clothes to better present himself but just as he was about to select a size, he suddenly realized that he hadn’t reverted back to his original physical data. He quickly logged out and contacted the hacker.

Fortunately, the hacker was easy to get in touch with and had responded back with just a knock.

Moreover, he was easy to talk to. Just as he gave his request, the hacker immediately agreed.

On the other side, Du Han looked at his inbox with a big smile on his face.

He quickly replied, “It’s not a problem. You’re too polite.”

Haha, Big Boss’s wife was really soft. He was going to curry favor with him so that if Boss pushes him to do something difficult, he’ll just ask boss’s wife to rescue him!

While Du Han was modifying his physical data, Bai Rong had opened up some spell card information and started studying. However, before a while had even passed, he suddenly remembered something else. He immediately left his optical computer and took out the makeup tool from the spatial button.

In any case, Mu Chongyan wasn’t here so he’ll put it on for himself and admire the view!

After putting his tough man makeup on, Bai Rong admired his reflection in the mirror before going back to his optical computer and continued studying.

The tough man makeup he had on was adapted from a movie called “Shengya’s First Tough Man”. He realized that the tough male lead in the movie didn’t have a beard but his character was especially fierce. As such, he omitted the beard and adjusted his skin color to a wheat shade just like the male lead in that movie.

After making the changes, Bai Rong continued studying and didn’t realize that his optical computer’s webcam emitted a flash of white light.

Half an hour later, Du Han sent a message, notifying Bai Rong that he had finished modifying his physical data.

Bai Rong gave him his thanks again before proceeding to log in the virtual city.

Upon seeing his manly body once again, Bai Rong sighed in relief. He then quickly put on his uncle makeup and chose an extra large suit from the Shengya Virtual Shopping Mall.

By the time the suit was delivered, it was already 12pm. Bai Rong quickly put it on and combed his hair. He also adjusted his expression and put on a mask before hailing a car to the city center’s government building.

Bai Rong had just entered the government building when a shrewd and experienced-looking middle-aged man walked over and asked with a hushed voice, “Hi, are you Spell Card Master Mu Nan?”

”Yes and you are?”

“I am His Majesty’s subordinate. Please follow me. His Majesty is now waiting for all spell card masters at the meeting room on the top floor.”

Having not expected that the King had already arrived, Bai Rong’s eyes grew wide in surprise and he quickly gave his apologies, “I’m sorry I came late.”

“You didn’t come late. His Majesty just came 10 minutes early. You don’t need to apologize.” The man smiled, “There’s still another SS class Spell Card Master who hasn’t arrived yet.”

Bai Rong smiled sheepishly. He wouldn’t dare compare himself to an SS-Class Spell Card Master.

The two quickly reached the topmost floor and the man led Bai Rong to the end of the hallway, stopping before a brown door and respectfully saying, “Mr. Mu, this is the meeting room. Please go inside.”

“Alright. Thank you.”

Bai Rong secretly took a deep breath before raising a hand to knock on the door. Once he received consent, he pushed the door open.

“Spell Card Master Mu Nan?” A man’s voice much deeper than the previous floated over.

“Yes.” Bai Rong nervously clenched his hands before lifting his head.

In the next instant, he was immediately stumped for words.

His Majesty’s eyes and nose…..looked extremely alike his Chongyan!

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