Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 67.1 His Majesty the King (1)

Bai Rong puffed out his chest arrogantly, swaggering out of the crystal case doors. He aloofly tried to restrain a smile, drawing his lips taut as he raised his head and waited for Mu Chongyan’s praise and admiration with glittering eyes.


After a whole minute had passed, not a peep came from Mu Chongyan.

Seeing Mu Chongyan’s expression morph slowly from shock to odd, Bai Rong knit his brows in doubt but he soon curved his eyes in realization.

Looks like he had certainly shocked his wife greatly this time. Looking at his wife, it seemed as if he had charmed his wife into doubting his own eyes.


In fact, there was no question that Mu Chongyan was doubting his own eyes. However, the reason as to why was completely different from Bai Rong’s assumption.

Even though he thought that correcting his little sweet cake’s understanding of a tough man would be a tough job, he didn’t expect it to reach this degree of difficulty.

His little sweet cake’s behavior today served as a ‘wake up call’ to him and it had arrived just on time despite giving him a little headache.

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Yw Ubsdtuyd eked’v prlyj, bkp qynl pvkzz alxykdle tzssxu yp bl pktble sdnl ytykd.

“Chongyan…what’s going on? Why aren’t you speaking?”


Bai Rong’s dark face scrunched up, looking like a dark steamed bun that just came out of a pot.

Mu Chongyan looked at Bai Rong and retracted his gaze. His face unchanging in the slightest, his lips pursed firmly.

Feeling that his Mu Chongyan must’ve encountered a worrying matter, Bai Rong couldn’t sit still, he jumped off his chair and ran towards Mu Chongyan, asking in a worried tone, “Chongyan, tell me. Are you facing any troubles? You can tell me, I’ll help you come up with a way!”

Mu Chongyan lowered his head slightly, his gaze falling on his dark face filled with worry and concern and he nearly broke into a smile but he cleared his throat and drew his face taut.

“….It’s nothing.”

“You definitely have something!” Bai Rong unhappily and worriedly smacked Mu Chongyan’s hands, his voice carrying fury, “Why are you not telling me?!”

“Because…this matter can’t be blamed on anyone.” Mu Chongyan’s eyes drooped down, “I can only blame myself.”

“Blame yourself?” Bai Rong became even more befuddled but was more distressed. He reached out a hand to gently tug Mu Chongyan’s sleeve, “Chongyan. What’s going on? Can you tell me? I’ll help you think of a solution, alright?”

Mu Chongyan looked at Bai Rong and paused for 10 seconds before slowly saying, “There’s a famous line in Shengya’s most reputed “Theory of Feelings”.

“Hm?” Bai Rong blinked his eyes in confusion, “And so?”

“That line was, when a person starts to disguise himself to a person he’s on close terms with, it means that he is no longer close with that person.”

“….Huh?” Bai Rong was stunned. He carefully ruminated over Mu Chongyan’s words twice before breaking into a chuckle.


Hahahhaha, was his Mu Chongyan worried that he no longer liked him?

How could his wife be so cute!!!

Mu Chongan endured the urge to react to Bai Rong’s “You poor little minx” gaze, nearly losing control of his facial muscles as he reminded himself on the inside that this sacrifice would be worth it.

“Hahaha…Chongyan, you think too much. It’s not that I want to distance myself from you. I like you the most so don’t think too much and don’t feel sad anymore…”

Bai Rong looked up at Mu Chongyan with a helpless yet doting gaze. He gently tugged Mu Chongyan’s sleeve, saying, “We can only grow more and more close.”

Mu Chongyan responded with a hum and proceeded to execute his plan, “Then why are you dressed up like that?”

“Because this face matches my tough guy character. What do you think? Don’t I look specially powerful?!”

Mu Chongyan looked at the proud little star pet and couldn’t help but chuckle on the inside. If he hadn’t gotten to know of the little star pet’s “tough man heart” in the virtual city, there was no doubt he would have been frozen from shock.

“Even though your appearance looks tough, it doesn’t suit you at all. Your previous face matches your character the most…”

Bai Rong was a bit unhappy when he heard this, he was just about to refute his words when he heard Mu Chongyan add, “And in my eyes, your original appearance is the most good-looking and the most perfect. Other people can’t even compare to a 0.01% of you no matter what they look like.”


Not expecting this sudden confession from Mu Chongyan and such an intense one at that, Bai Rong’s little head emitted a poof sound, his face turning crimson.


“So, don’t put on makeup in front of me alright?” Mu Chongyan picked Bai Rong up gently and pressed a kiss on his hand.

Forgive him for he was unable to bring himself to press a kiss on his dark bearded face for the time being.

“I can’t get enough of your original appearance everyday so can you…forgive me, please?”

Mu Chongyan’s voice was low and gentle, his “words of endearment” floating into Bai Rong’s ear, turning his face even more flushed, his heart feeling hot.


Bai Rong stuttered. On the inside, he magnanimously and pamperingly raised his chest, deciding to fulfill his Mu Chongyan’s request.

Even though his wife didn’t know how to appreciate his current appearance, since he was too captivated by his original appearance, he still felt very happy….more than how happy he felt knowing his wife liked his tough man appearance.

Moreover…wasn’t he clearly telling him that his original appearance was already manly enough?!

Seeing his plan take effect, Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s head and gently said, “Alright, since you agreed to do so, don’t regret it.”

“I won’t. Once a tough man makes his word, he keeps it no matter what!”

“Alright then..” Mu Chongyan looked at Bai Rong’s dark little face with mirth overflowing from his eyes and he said dotingly, “I know you’re a tough man..”

Once the two had finished their meals, Bai Rong went back to the crystal glass case and turned his optical computer on, studying spell card data for 3 hours before reluctantly going to wash his tough man makeup off.



Bai Rong stroked the makeup tools and let out a heavy sigh.

Looks like he could only put this on when he was all alone at home for himself to see and admire.


Time passed by and in the blink of an eye, the day of the Sheng Ya Global Mech and Spell Card Competition arrived.

Even though Mu Chongyan was recommended to participate directly in the semi-finals due to his SS Level Mech Warrior status, he was still invited by the organizing committee of the mech competition to go to the venue and assume the role of an idle judge.

In truth, Mu Chongyan did not want to go but those old men from the military academy kept saying “if you don’t go, we won’t approve your application for graduation”. As such, he could only agree on to take this errand.

The early stages of the mech competition weren’t held in different districts. They were all carried out at the City Center’s biggest mech stadium. The first stage was a three round battle. Each person had to compete with three different people and those who have won two rounds would proceed to the next stage of the competition.

Since there were numerous people participating, the first stage spanned a total of 3 days. Mu Chongyan would head to the competition stadium in the wee hours of the morning every day and only got home when the sky had turned completely dark.

Not only was it boring and a waste of time, the salary they gave was also pitifully little.

Truly a worthless errand!

Today was the last day of the preselections and it had ended a little earlier than usual as Mu Chongyan had reached home by just 7pm.

He first ordered the household android to prepare food before quickly returning to his bedroom and picking up Bai Rong who was waiting at the door of the crystal glass case, letting him sit on his arm.

Bai Rong had just washed off his “improved tough man version makeup”, his dark long lashes still carrying water droplets.

“Chongyan. You came back much earlier than the last two days. How nice.” Bai Rong reached out two arms and hugged Mu Chongyan’s biceps, shifting his little rump to sit more securely.

“En. Today was the conclusion of the preselections. The next stage consists of cutting down 30 million participants to 500 thousand.” Mu Chongyan sounded at ease, “The next stage is also a two out of three wins system”, however, now it comes with an added judging mechanism so it should take less than two days to conclude.”

Bai Rong raised his brows, eyes growing wide, “That quick?!”

“Middle to large scale competitions only have a total of 8000 seats in the competition stadium, small scale competitions only have about 16,000 seats so two days are enough.”

Bai Rong exclaimed in surprise, “The competition stadium must be huge!”

“Of course it is.” Mu Chongyan pinched Bai Rong’s face gently and chuckled, “The mech competition stadium was built collaboratively by the imperial army and the three biggest forces. Its size is about half of an E-Class City. If you want to go take a look, I can take you there.”

“Ok!” Bai Rong said excitedly, “Wait til I grow big enough to operate a mech, I’ll go participate in the competition too!!”

Mu Chongyan inwardly said to himself “Like I’d let you.” but on the surface, he merely smiled and said, “Alright. When that time comes, I’ll let you join the competition.”

“Hehehe…” Bai Rong smiled happily, revealing sweet and soft dimples, and glittering eyes.

He was currently 37.6 centimeters tall, he only needed to grow 30 centimeters more!

Mu Chongyan brought Bai Rong to the table and gently rubbed his head. “I was busy the last two days and wasn’t able to accompany you. To make up for that, I’ll take you out to play, alright?”

“Yeah! Where are we going?” Bai Rong immediately raised his head in anticipation.

“Tonight at 8pm, the Blue Emperor Auction House in the city center will be holding a Lotto Auction. I’ll take you there for some fun. You can see whether there’s anything you’d like.”

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