Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 66.2 What do you think, isn’t it manly? (2)

Bai Rong’s hand moved and he quickly clicked the article open.

“Hasn’t the Tough Man Shop sold 2 SS Class Spell Cards before?….Why are you still talking about this…”

“Because everybody still doesn’t know which S Class or SS Class Spell Card Master opened the shop?!!!”

“He just posted an SS-Class intermediate spell card a while ago. And I was speed. Just saying.”

“Whhhhhaaaat. I only took my eyes off for a moment and it’s been sold?! Fuuuuck. I wanted to buy one too!!!”


“Surround the rich.”

“Surround +1”


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“Ebknb F sa FF nzypp prlzz nyae xypvla eslp lhlausdl vbkdj vbkp vswtb xyd prlzz pbsr clzsdtp vs?”

“Rv nyd’v cl yd FF nzypp Frlzz Uyae Yypvla. Mblal’p sdzu 2 FF Uzypp Frlzz Uyae Yypvlap kd Fbldtuy. Xdl obs osajp qsa vbl kxrlakyz qyxkzu yde vbl svbla obs byp yd see vlxrla yde bl bypd’v xyel ydu prlzz nyaep kd vbl hkavwyz nkvu qsa plhlayz ulyap, ps kv nswzed’v rsppkczu cl ydu sq vbspl 2 FF zlhlz prlzz nyae xypvlap. Mbkp sdzu zlyhlp vbl 11 F Uzypp Frlzz Uyae Yypvlap…”

“R ytall okvb vbl ycshl wpla. Ysalshla, R vbkdj ol nyd qkapv lmnzwel Qayde Yypvlap Iy Hk, Nlk’la, Elk Yyduy, Mws Yyd yde Tsoyae. Mbl pkm sq vblx osaj lmnzwpkhlzu qsa lkvbla vbl vsr 3 nzydp sa vbl kxrlakyz qyxkzu. Mblu nswzed’v rsppkczu byhl vbl vkxl vs srld wr y hkavwyz pbsr…”

“El nyd lmnzwel Qayde Yypvla Fyk Ly qasx vbl alxykdkdt qkhl prlzz nyae xypvlap, clnywpl pbl nyd’v rsppkczu cl y vswtb xyd bybyby….”

“Lsdsds, ol nyd’v lmnzwel bla zkjl vbyv. Ebyv kq pbl rwarsplzu nbydtle bla dyxl?”

“Mbyv’p aktbv. El nyd’v fwpv lmnzwel cyple sd vbyv. Jlpkelp, kq ol’al tskdt vs cl wpkdt vswtb xyd yp y cypkp, vbl alxykdkdt qkhl prlzz nyae xypvlap esd’v pllx vs cl vswtb yv yzz bybybyb…”

“Ls. Zsw qsatsv vblal oyp sdl prlzz nyae xypvla obs bypd’v pbsod bkp qynl wr wdvkz vseyu. Uswze kv rsppkczu cl bkx?!”

“Jwv kv nswze yzps dsv cl bkx!”



“@ToughGuy2333333, please reveal your identity!!!”

“Yeah, Grand MAster, please reveal your true face @ToughGuy2333333!!!”

“Asking idol for a photo ahhhhh @ToughGuy2333333”




Bai Rong stared at the billions of people tagging him and the number of fans that almost reached 10s of billions and apart from feeling pleasantly surprised, his head felt a little dizzy.

Did his reputation just blow up?!

However, after feeling stunned for a while, Bai Rong decisively exited the virtual star network.

He wasn’t a fool. Wasn’t revealing his identity now equivalent to seeking death?

After comforting his fans on the inside, Bai Rong shut his wristwatch off and headed to the AS Virtual Mech Union.

After training intensively for 8 hours, Bai Rong worked up a sweat and dragged his tired little body back to the villa.


As soon as he stepped through the door, Bai Rong spotted Mu Chongyan sitting on the sofa.

“Welcome back, Mr. Mu.” Mu Chongyan stood up and looked at Bai Rong, a faint smile hanging on the corner of his lips, “Did you just finish training at the AS Virtual Mech Union?”

“Yeah..” Bai Rong nodded, “Were you waiting for me, Mr. Wei?”

“That’s right. I was waiting for the two spell cards so that I could return the mech to you.”

“Oh…ok. I’ll go get it right now.” Bai Rong quickly headed upstairs.

And Mu Chongyan leisurely followed from behind.

“I’m sorry. How long have you been waiting for me?” Bai Rong took the two spell cards that were laying on the console in the spell card room and handed them over to Mu Chongyan.

“Not long, it’s been less than 10 minutes.”

Mu Chongyan put the spell card aside and handed a dark blue mech spatial button to Bai Rong.

“Mr. Mu, your virtual mech.”

“Alright. Thank you.” Bai Rong’s eyes lit up in happiness and a chuckle nearly escaped his lips as soon as he saw the spatial button.

Sooner or later, he was going to return it to his wife. Hehehe.


As if having seen through Bai Rong’s thoughts, the smile on Mu Chongyan’s lips grew deeper and he finally couldn’t help himself from rubbing Bai Rong’s head.

“Mr. Mu, you’re too polite. I still have other matters to attend to so I’ll be leaving first. Goodbye.”

After saying this, he immediately left the spell card room.

“Oh…Goodbye.” Bai Rong stared blankly at Mu Chongyan’s figure and didn’t notice anything unusual.

Had he perhaps gotten used to Mu Chongyan rubbing his head?

After bathing his virtual body, Bai Rong exited the virtual city and shut the computer off. He then got off his bed and ran to the bathroom holding a little towel.

This new crystal home had an even bigger tiger bath treasure so he was now able to soak an extremely unparalleled, mighty and domineering bath!

Bai Rong rushed towards the bathroom and looked at the little cub bath treasures hanging on top of the tub, his eyes glittering with excitement.

He then immediately took down the pouch and reached in to take out a cub bath treasure that was at least half the size of his head, planting a kiss on its forehead.

Afterwards, he quickly filled two-thirds of the tub with water and threw the cub treasure he was holding as well as the remaining small ones he used before, all into the tub.

Laying between all the floating cub bath treasures in different sizes, Bai Rong let out an extremely comfortable sigh and picked up a few bath treasures to rub, brimming with pride.

He was probably the world’s most ferocious and majestic man right at this moment!


To be able to soak in the bath surrounded by these mighty kings of the forest and without a change in his expression too!

He was so impressive and fearless that he couldn’t help but admire himself!!!

Bai Rong hummed the good man song proudly while rubbing the cub, soaking for a good half an hour in extremely good spirits.

In the end, after reckoning that Mu Chongyan was soon going to return, Bai Rong who had turned fragrant and fair after his bath, stepped out of the bed reluctantly, drying himself with the towel.

Just as he returned to his bedroom having already worn clothes, Mu Chongyan’s familiar footsteps rang out.

However…there also seemed to be another pair of chaotic footsteps.

Bai Rong assumed that Mu Chongyan must’ve brought Dai Suo or his friends and quickly ran out of the villa.

Mu Chongyan let Dai Suo and Walter sit in the living room and quickly walked to the bedroom.

Upon entering, he immediately spotted Bai Rong who was running towards the entrance of the crystal glass case.

“Why did you change your clothes?” Mu Chongyan walked over and picked him up, allowing Bai Rong to sit on his arm with one hand covering his back.

“I just finished taking a bath.” Bai Rong lifted his little face and revealed his canines, appearing a bit proud of himself, “Chongyan…can you tell what’s different with me from this morning?”

Wasn’t he a much mightier and imperious tough man than this morning!!

Mu Chongyan looked at his face that still emitted a heated flush, his big black eyes staring at him unblinkingly as a fragrant smell wafted across, turning his ears a little hot.

However, soon after, the look in Mu Chongyan’s eyes changed slightly.

Inside, he was clamoring with regret and vexation.

Why did he bring Dai Suo and Walter over today!!

“Chongyan?” Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s little head, “Be good. Later on, don’t mind Walter and the others. They’ll be leaving after we’ve finished discussing matters.”

Walter and Dai Suo who all heard this without missing a single word in the living room, “….”

“Ok…” Bai Rong nodded hesitantly, his face still a little flushed.

The bedroom and the living room were so close and there weren’t even any soundproofing, they must’ve heard his words…

How embarrassing it was to let other people know how strong his wife’s possessiveness of him!

Mu Chongyan brought Bai Rong out of the bedroom and when Bai Rong turned his head, he spotted a pouting Walter.

Walter saw Mu Chongyan come out and his sights instantly locked onto Bai Rong who was sitting on top of Mu Chongyan’s arms, his eyes immediately lighting up.

“Oh, Little Sweet Cake has already grown so big and you’re becoming more and more good-looking!”

Mu Chongyan cast Walter a cold glare, “Scram.”

“Che…I’ve never seen you this petty before, even asking little sweet cake not to pay attention to us.” Walter’s sight shifted onto Bai Rong again, smiling like a husky. Dai Suo who was looking at the side, couldn’t stand to watch this and wanted to shut his eyes.

“Little Sweet Cake. Come over to this brother right here. Brother will give you good things to eat and play with~”

Bai Rong shifted his butt and turned his head. “No.”

Smiling like that and even coaxing him to play? He wanted to protect his eyes from the sight!

“Sigh…” Walter let out a gloomy sigh and looked left and right unreconciled. In the end, he stared at Mu Chongyan, “Mu Chongyan, I know that Little Sweet Cake looks so adorable that he might encounter a pet-stealing thief so you watch over him closely for his safety, but I’m your best friend. Why don’t you trust me! I’ll also dote on little sweet cake!”

Mu Chongyan gave Walter a cold look.

“What? You don’t believe me?” Walter immediately took out a white machine that was half the size of his palm, from a spatial button, “I’ll give this to Little Sweet Cake. Aren’t I sincere enough!”

“What is this?” Bai Rong couldn’t hold back his curiosity and blurted out this question before quickly realizing what he had just done and covering his mouth.

“This is a mini pet makeup tool released by Blue Canon. It wasn’t easy for me to have nabbed two of the first batches and I’m giving one to Little Sweet Cake!” Walter exposed his big white teeth, “What do you think, aren’t I good?”

Mini Star Pet Makeup Tool?!

Bai Rong’s eyes shone. With this, would he be able to wear a disguise together with Mu Chongyan when they go out?!

Mu Chongyan also seemed to share the same thought and asked, “How much was it?”

“It was 300,000 for one. However, the first batch is already all sold out.” Walter looked a little arrogant, “This was very hard to get.”

“Sell me one.”

Walter, “No! I want to carry Little Sweet Cake!”

“Then lend it to me.” Mu Chongyan didn’t seem to care at all and immediately took the makeup tool, handing it to Bai Rong.

“Damnit, Mu Chongyan, you thief.”

“I’m not as much of a thief as you.” Mu Chongyan expressionlessly started to list, “Di Zhi, Virtual Spell Cards, Mech Repair, Training Room…”

“Okokok, I was wrong!” Walter cried out, pounding his head against the sofa. “I was wrong. I’m the thief. I’ll give it to you and I take back the words calling you a thief…”

Mu Chongyan gave Walter a look that said “As long as you know your place…”

Dai Suo, ”….”

En, it does look like Walter deserved it….

Bai Rong happily received the makeup tool and held it tightly in his arms, his eyes glittering with excitement, “Chongyan, I want to return to the crystal glass case.”

He couldn’t wait to try out this makeup tool.

“Alright.” This was exactly what Mu Chongyan had intended to do so he quickly brought Bai Rong back to his bedroom.

Bai Rong excitedly ran to the villa upon reaching the crystal glass case and stared at the makeup tools repeatedly before applying them with much focus.

After Mu Chongyan and the others discussed for about half an hour, Dai Suo and Walter left. Mu Chongyan waited for the two to leave before heading to the bedroom and knocking gently on the door of the crystal glass case.

“Dinner is going to be served soon, be good and come out to eat.”

At this moment, Bai Rong looked at his reflection in the mirror with shining eyes. Hearing Mu Chongyan call him, he yelled loudly, “Alright, I’m coming!”

Bai Rong sent a flying kiss towards his makeup tools before quickly running out.

He was very satisfied with these makeup tools. However, the most important thing right now was his application!

He was confident that this time, his Mu Chongyan was going to go crazy for him!

Mu Chongyan stood in front of the crystal case and was pondering whether to instruct the household android to make a dessert for little sweet cake but before he could reach a conclusion, he suddenly saw his little sweet cake walk out gallantly and valiantly with a very dark tan and a full lush beard.

Mu Chongyan “!!!!!”

Mu Chongyan: “?????”

Bai Rong saw Mu Chongyan wearing an astonished expression and assumed that he had been charmed so much he couldn’t utter a word and he quickly smiled, exposing his teeth. He shook his two fair fists and asked proudly with twinkling eyes.

“What do you think? Isn’t it manly?!!”

Mu Chongyan, “….”

He suddenly had the urge to beat Walter to death.

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